Lina Hitomi

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Lina Hitomi
Japanese Name 人見 リナ (Hitomi Rina)

A magical girl has great power. For that reason, she must do what is right. Yet you have rejected this, and so you must be stopped. - Lina Hitomi, chapter 11 of Sadness Prayer.

Lina Hitomi (人見 リナ Hitomi Rina) is a supporting character appearing in Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer. She is the leader of a group of magical girls hailing from Kazamino City, comprised of Mio, Miyako Saki, and Mai Akane.

General Info

Physical Features
Age Unknown
Eye colour Light purple
Hair colour Blonde
Soul Gem The rectangular gems on the collar of her outfit
Weapon Stun baton
Witch Form Unnamed
Powers and Abilities Attacking Barriers (Made of electricity)
Wish “I wish the memory of my big sister was wiped from my mother's mind.”
Japanese pronoun Watashi ()
Known relatives Unnamed mother, Mana Hitomi (older sister; deceased)
Origins Kazamino City
School Not attending


Lina is shown to be serious and somewhat stoic, though she makes questionable decisions in her leadership skills and morals in the name of justice, which Miyako calls her out on for not admitting her own faults in regards to this. She is also shown to be troubled for being to blame for anything bad that happens to others such as with the deaths of her older sister and teammates.



When Lina was younger, she once had an older sister named Mana (マナ) who died in a car crash when both were in pre-school, as Mana protected her from the car. Her mother was distraught by this and would constantly sit at the table with Mana's picture and grieve for her, ignoring Lina and even mistaking her for her older sister on occasion, saying it's her fault that Mana died. Eventually Lina met Kyubey and made her wish to erase Mana from her mother's memories. Some time after that she formed a group with Miyako, Mai, Mio and Futaba where they fought against Sasa Yuuki to protect Kazamino City from her and her Witches.

During Sadness Prayer

Lina first appears fighting against Sasa with her teammates, though they are forced to flee when Sasa tricks them with a fake soul gem and calls for help from random bystanders mistaking them for muggers. She later appears again with her team when they discover Mio's body where Lina blames herself for not taking Mio's hatred towards Sasa into account and states they must put a stop to Sasa as quickly as possible. The group's backstory is also revealed as they are chasing down Sasa for feeding humans to her Witches and want to bring her to justice not only for that, but to also avenge their fallen friend Futaba who died in one of their many confrontations, and have now tracked her down in Mitakihara. Her group is later confronted by a policewoman in the city where they learn about the recent murders of two girls before meeting up at their hotel room to hunt for Sasa.

Lina and her group discuss the killings, ruling out a Witch and Sasa as the former seems too unusual and the latter was in Kazamino with them at the time it happened. She concludes that there could be someone as frightening as Sasa in the city. They later meet up with Kyubey who gives them more info on the murder being a "black magical girl" and decide to regroup and plan out their next move. Lina notes how close this girl's ethics are to Sasa's and thinks she is trying to make an alliance with them. However they are interrupted by the arrival of Kirika who is later joined by Sasa and Oriko Mikuni. While Mai battles Kirika and Miyako confronts Oriko, Lina takes on Sasa and manages to take down her servant Witch, leaving her defenseless but also herself weakened and begins physically attacking her. After Mai supposedly kills Kirika, she joins up with Lina and offers to take Sasa out for her as her soul gem is nearly covered in impurities. Despite begging for mercy, Lina and Mai refuse to let Sasa go and Mai prepares to kill her before being stopped by Oriko and Miyako. Having been manipulated by Oriko, Miyako calls out Lina's behavior and blames her for the deaths of Mio and Futaba. As Lina flashes back to her mother blaming her for her sister's death, she wonders why everyone is attacking her before becoming a Witch. She then proceeds to kill Miyako before being taken down by Mai, Sasa and Oriko.


Lina wields a stun baton as her magical girl weapon that acts similar to a wand. She is seen being able to generate electricity from it and expand its arc to create a barrier around herself and Sasa during their battle.


  • "人見" is an obscure term meaning a hole in the curtains of a kabuki theater that allows someone backstage to see the audience. It can also mean public observation and a feeling of being watched. It is also part of the term referring to shyness and stranger anxiety.
    • Individually, the kanji mean "person" and "see"/"look", respectively. Read this way, it can be interpreted as "people watching".
  • "Hitomi" can be read as "", meaning "pupil of the eye".


  • Lina's wish is very similar to the wish Haruka Kanade made. However, Lina wished for her mother's memories of Mana to vanish, whereas Haruka wished for her sister to disappear, which apparently removed her from others' memories as well. They both have similar reactions to their wishes, regretting them and eventually becoming Witches over them.
    • They also made wishes involving their older sisters.
  • Lina is the only member of her team whose name does not start with M (excluding the late Futaba).


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