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|(Nemutteru ko ha doko ni iru?)
|(Nemutteru ko wa doko ni iru?)
|(Where is the child who slumbers?)
|(Where is the child who slumbers?)

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An insert song in The Rebellion Story named "Not Yet (まだダメよ Mada Dame Yo)" that serves as the leitmotif of the movie.

Original Romanization English Translation
私は朝の夢を見る Watashi wa asa no yume wo miru I will see a morning dream.
まだダメよ (No! Night)

まだダメよ (No! Night)
何色の朝が来る? (No? Yes!)

Mada dame yo (No! Night)

Mada dame yo (No! Night)
Nani iro no asa ga kuru?

Not yet (No! Night)

Not yet (No! Night)
What color will morning come in? (No? Yes)

まだダメよ (No? No!)

まだダメよ (No? No! Night)
まだ夜は食べかけよ (No? Yes, no!)

Mada dame yo (No? No!)

Mada dame yo (No? No! Night)
Mada yoru wa tabekake yo (No? Yes, no!)

Not yet (No? No)

Not yet (No? No! Night)
The night is still half-consumed (No! Yes, no!)

(眠ってる子はどこにいる?) (Nemutteru ko wa doko ni iru?) (Where is the child who slumbers?)
さぁ おはよう Nightmare

(まだダメよ まだダメよ 何色の)
悪いお夢は これっきり
(悪いお夢は まだダメよ まだ)

Saa ohayou Nightmare

(Mada dame yo mada dame yo nani iro no)
Warui oyume wa korekkiri
(Warui oyume wa mada dame yo mada)

Now then, good morning, Nightmare

(Not yet, not yet, what color) This is the last bad dream
(Bad dream, not yet, not)

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