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Madoka Kaname
Madoka Chara Sheet.jpg
Japanese Name 鹿目 まどか (Kaname Madoka)
Voiced by Japanese: Aoi Yuuki
English: Christine Marie Cabanos
Italian: Joy Saltarelli
Spanish: Carmen Ambrós
Cantonese: Wong Zi Haan
French: Caroline Combes
Mexican Spanish: Amanda Hinojosa (in Magia Record)
Brazilian Portuguese: Carol Ruis (Magia Record)

"If someone ever tells me it's a mistake to have hope, well, then, I'll just tell them they're wrong. And I'll keep telling them 'til they believe! No matter how many times it takes." - Madoka Kaname, Episode 12.

Madoka Kaname, the viewpoint and title character, is a gentle and friendly 14-year old girl. Living an ordinary life, Madoka has a loving family and is surrounded by good friends. One day she has a dream of a mysterious girl fighting an ominous creature. The next day, Homura Akemi, the girl from her dream, comes to her class as a transfer student.

General Info

Physical Features
Date of Birth October 3rd
Age 14
Eye colour Pink
Hair colour Pink
Height 152cm
Blood type A
Shoe Size 22 JP (Women's 5.5 US, Children's 4 US, 36 EU, 3 UK)
Soul Gem Pink Teardrop located at base of her neck (Original), pink orb at the center of her chest/ribbon (Walpurgisnacht: Rising)
Weapon Bow
Witch Form Kriemhild Gretchen
Powers and Abilities Unknown
Wish Depends on the timeline
Likes Her dad's special hot chocolate
Japanese pronoun watashi (わたし)
Known relatives Tomohisa Kaname (father), Junko Kaname (mother), Tatsuya Kaname (younger brother)
Origins Mitakihara City
School Mitakihara Middle School Eighth Grade

For further details, a 100 Question Survey has been published revealing details about Madoka such as her likes, dislikes, hobbies, and physical attributes.


In episode 10, it is revealed that this Madoka is one of many, each one before her having died in their respective timelines. Due to the changing timeline, Madoka's wish that makes her into a magical girl is different depending on which timeline she is from. However, her wishes have always stemmed from her kindness.

From what we know until now, she contracted with Kyubey in order to:

  • Timeline 1-4 (Film 0, Film 1, Film 2, Film 3): "Please, Kyubey! Save it, Amy's life!" (To revive a cat who had just died in front of her after being hit by a car.) The cat's death was caused by the influence of a familiar (Coco). Her original wish remained identical through the first 4 timelines according to Scene 0.
    • This also seems to be Madoka's wish in Magia Record, as she wasn't prevented by Homura from making her contract – in this Record (universe), Homura continued her loops without changing due to lacking the courage to attempt revealing the truth of witches.
  • Timeline 5 (Film 4): "I don't want that witch to fall into despair anymore." (For Nagisa Momoe to be free from her regrets).
  • Timeline 6 (Film 5): To stop Sayaka from "fighting" against Homura and Mabayu Aki (exact wording unknown).
  • Timeline 7 (Film 6): "Sign a contract with me... Please save Sayaka-chan!" (To recover Sayaka's soul gem after she threw it from a bridge and it got far away from her body).
  • Timeline 8 (Film 7): To prevent Sayaka from turning into a Witch (exact wording unknown).
  • Timeline 9-12 (Film 8, Film 9, Film 10, Film 11): Like in the penultimate timeline, to either save Homura from Walpurgisnacht or obtain the power to defeat Walpurgisnacht. Only the last part of her wish is known: "... I will change the future".
  • Timeline 13 (Film 12): "Please save Mabayu-san from despair!"
  • Unknown Timelines
  • Penultimate Timeline: Either save Homura from Walpurgisnacht or obtain the power to defeat Walpurgisnacht (exact wording unknown).
    • In Scene 0 it's revealed the last part of her wish to be: "... I will change the future". This seems to be the same wish made by Madoka each time Homura fights Walpurgis on her own, having the same outcome of Madoka turning into a witch that will destroy the Earth in 10 days.)
  • Final Timeline (Before the new universe):

"I wish to erase all witches before they are born. All the witches in all the universes, both past and future with my own hands! I don't care what I become. All those who have fought against witches, who believed in hope as magical girls, I don't want to see them cry. I want them to be smiling to the very end. If any rule or law stands in the way of that, I will destroy it. I will rewrite it. That is my prayer... That is my wish. Now! Grant my wish Incubator!!"

She also asked to accompany Sayaka on her witch hunt just so that if the latter was ever in danger, she could make a wish and rescue Sayaka. She nearly made this wish in Episode 8, but was stopped by Homura.


  • Ms. Aoki’s design notes
    • "Even her bow-wielding magical girl form projects an air of kind friendliness. Her choker bears a pink gem."
    • "Of the heroines shown here, Madoka has the most childish body. Her legs are clad in pure, virginal white over-knee socks."
    • "I drew her keeping in mind that as the main character she needs to be average, but also an exceptionally good girl. Hence her puffy, high-placed twin tails. The design and color of her ribbons took a lot of work, but in the end calmed down to something simple."
    • "Magical girl outfit: Madoka was drawn to be the very image of a magical girl. I added an almost fairy tale-ish hints, so hopefully female viewers will be charmed by her as well."
      • "Full of tiny frills, with ribbons arranged at the neck, waist, and on the shoes. It’s perfectly 'cute', and seemingly unsuited for combat, but…"
    • "School uniform: Designed to convey the classy image of a private girls’ school, while not being -too- normal. Its distinguishing point is the small hole at the nape of the neck."


  • According to a interview with Gen Urobuchi, the character Madoka was based on Yunocchi from Hidamari Sketch (An Aoki Ume creation), to the extent that he was prepared for seiyuu Asumi (Kana)-san (Yuno's seiyuu) to voice Madoka.
  • He commented that Madoka, the protagonist, is a pretty unusual character for his writing style - "A foreign character that did not exist inside myself."
  • "I imagined all the other characters by starting from “Madoka = Yuno”."
  • "And every time I got Yunocchi to cry I got hated by the Hidamari fans more."


Madoka first appears to a naive, gentle girl from a kind family. Though sometimes shy, she makes friends without much difficulty and treats others gently and with respect. She is shown to be a level-headed person, capable of making decisions on her own. In the pre-broadcast November promotional video, she is described as, "A gentle 2nd year middle school girl who thinks of friends before herself." Madoka's mother, Junko, commented that she has always been a good child and never lies.

She has low self-confidence, and she believes she does not have much to offer the world unless she is helping people, which makes becoming a magical girl appealing to her. She has been known to become flustered easily, and in certain circumstances, she can be easily manipulated by others playing on her insecurity and desire to help. As a magical girl, she is more obviously confident in herself than before her wish.

Madoka always tries to call other main characters their first names with postfix (-chan or -san) if possible, and boys by their family name with the suffix "-kun". It may indicate that she is eager to get close to others. The only exception is Kamijou. Madoka might think it is not a good idea to get too close to him since she believes he could potentially become Sayaka's boyfriend. This is confirmed in the PSP, when Madoka finally calls him by his first name, after Sayaka made advances with him in one of the endings.

Madoka often tries to help and understand others, even if it doesn’t end particularly well. She’s anxious, scared, and doesn’t fully understand The whole situation, but she desperately tries her best to do so.

  • Character Development: Fans have complained that the Madoka character is weak, powerless, and useless. That her inaction caused many of her friends die. However, we later learn that this version of Madoka is complete different from the Timeline in Episode 10 or from the Drama CD Memories of You. This radical alteration is the result of Homura's interference by preventing her from becoming a magical girl that caused a role reversal. Making Homura, not Madoka, the main character until we see a transition or shift taking place during the later part of the series where Madoka truly becomes the main character by trying to change the fate of magical girls.


Madoka in the Anime

  • After Mami's death, Madoka changed her mind about becoming a magical girl.
  • In Episode 6, Junko and Madoka had a conversation on how difficult it is to do the right thing, even when no one is in the wrong (per say). Junko's advice was for Madoka to be on the wrong against her friend to solve the problem, even if it means that her friend would hate her for it.
  • Episode 8: Kyubey claimed Madoka's power to be godlike, to the point where she could even change the laws of the universe if she wished for it.
  • Episode 10: In the first timeline, Madoka along with Mami saved Homura from a familiar. She died during the fight with Walpurgis Night. In the second timeline, Madoka turned into a witch for the first time, revealing to Homura the link between magical girls and Witches. In a later timeline, Madoka killed Mami in order to save Homura, as Mami lost control of herself and had just killed Kyoko. This is also the timeline in which Madoka asked Homura to go back in time to prevent her from becoming a magical girl. Madoka's power increased exponentially after every timeline. The first time showed she was an ordinary magical girl. In later timeline she had enough power to defeat Walpurgis in one shot, was capable of destroying the entire planet within 10 days in her witch form, and satisfied all Kyubey's energy quotas of the Earth.
  • Episode 11: Junko confronts Madoka to stop her from getting into the danger of the storm, Madoka reminds her mother that she is a good girl and never does anything wrong but she tells her she needs to do this, a throwback to their earlier conversation. Madoka knows that what she is doing will worry her family, but she also knows that she must disobey her mother to save her family and her town. This conversation between Junko and Madoka earns her mother's trust.Homura's time repeats had linked multiple parallel universes together with Madoka's fate as their center. With every reset, Homura would force yet another parallel universe to be centered around Madoka. The accumulated karma is the reason why Madoka's potential power is so great. Hearing the revelations from Kyubey regarding the history of Magical Girls, Madoka was deeply hurt and thus wanted to save these girls from despair.
  • Episode 12: Madoka wished to erase all witches in every dimension, in every timeline, with her own hands. This created a paradox because Madoka would eventually erase her own witch self, while she must continue to exist and destroy other witches. This paradox resulted in Madoka escaping the bounds of reality and ascending to godhood as Ultimate Madoka. Since Madoka never existed as a human in this new reality, she is no longer remembered by anyone, except for Homura, and Tatsuya for some reason. Sayaka also remembers her after she passes on and becomes a part of the Law of Cycles, as Sayaka confesses to her in episode 12 that she has caused her best friend a lot of trouble; this could be interpreted as Sayaka having learnt of her unfortunate fate of turning into a witch in the other timelines, an outcome which clearly inflicted a great deal of emotional hurt on Madoka.

Madoka in Wraith Arc

Madoka only makes a few small cameo appearance in Wraith Arc. In the beginning she is seen bidding farewell to Homura and giving her her ribbons. In chapter 2 she is seen taking Sayaka once she's used up her magic and in Chapter 9 she is seen helping Homura to destroy the time shield and resetting the timeline so the curses of the previous universe don't interfere with the current one.

A mutant wraith disguises itself in Madoka's form and helps to assist Homura throughout the story, even going so far as to join in the battle against the mutant wraiths.

Madoka in Rebellion

Warning, this section contains spoilers about the movie.

At the end of the anime, Madoka becomes known as the Law of Cycles - the power that brings salvation to magical girls. However, Homura tells Kyubey about the witch system, and Kyubey decides to use Homura's Soul Gem in an experiment. Kyubey places Homura's Soul Gem in an Isolation Field - a space that blocks out all external influence, including the Law of Cycles. However, the Isolation Field prevents Homura from being born as a witch, meaning that Madoka's wish is not invalidated. (Although not directly stated, its implied that by creating a space where the Law of Cycles cannot enter, Kyubey blocks Madoka's omniscience.) Ultimately, a witch barrier forms inside Homura's Soul Gem. Kyubey allows the barrier to draw in victims, including Mami, Kyoko, and Madoka's family. Kyubey believes that this will eventually cause the Law of Cycles to materialize in the barrier. Kyubey's goal is to observe the Law of Cycles, which would ultimately allow him to interfere with and control it.

However, Madoka is aware of Kyubey's plan. She enters Homura's barrier with Sayaka and Nagisa Momoe (the magical girl who became Charlotte). Sayaka and Nagisa are now part of the Law of Cycles and are capable of invoking the power of their witch forms (since their witches were also absorbed by the Law of Cycles before they were born.) Madoka entrusts them with her memories and powers in order to fool Kyubey, and allows Homura's barrier to alter her memories and suppress her powers.

Within Homura's barrier, Madoka believes that she is an ordinary magical girl. She is reunited with her family, who were also taken into Homura's barrier and had their memories altered. Along with Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, and Bebe (a disguised Nagisa), Madoka fights Nightmares, monsters created by Homura's barrier. Kyubey recognizes Madoka as the Law of Cycles but is unable to determine the nature of her powers. He decides to stay close to Madoka, pretending to be a harmless animal-like helper. Eventually Homura appears in her barrier and joins the other magical girls. Homura is unaware that she is a witch, but she soon realizes that she's in a witch barrier and resolves to discover the truth.

Homura's journey brings her into contact and conflict with the other magical girls. Madoka comes to Homura and offers to listen to her problems. Homura tries to tell Madoka about her fate at the end of the anime, framing it as a dream she had. Madoka tells Homura that it sounds like a bad dream, and reassures Homura that she would never want to go away to a place where she can't see anyone again. Homura then believes that Madoka isn't happy being the Law of Cycles(or isn't as happy as she could be), and exclaims that she have stopped Madoka from sacrificing herself. Homura then decides to believe that Madoka is real (having wondered if Madoka was an illusion), and begins to realize that she herself is the witch.

Ultimately, Homura learns about Kyubey's plot, and decides to foil it by dying in her barrier. Homura transforms into her witch form, Homulilly, and marches to her death. Fortunately, Sayaka and Nagisa have explained everything to the other magical girls, and they have a plan to save Homura. Sayaka summons her witch self Oktavia and an army of familiars. Madoka and Nagisa use their magic to attack the ceiling of Homulilly's barrier, while the other magical girls, the summoned familiars, and Oktavia hold off Homulilly and her army of familiars. Ultimately, Madoka destroys the ceiling of the barrier, revealing Kyubey's Isolation Field. Madoka then reaches out Homura's humanity and the two girls combine their powers to destroy the Isolation Field from the inside, completely foiling Kyubey's plan.

With the Isolation Field destroys, all the magical girls reappear in the real world. Sayaka and Nagisa return Madoka's memories and powers to her and she transforms into Ultimate Madoka. However, Madoka is still in a human form (which means she lacks omniscience and can be seen by others). As she comes down to take Homura's Soul Gem into the Law of Cycles, Homura grabs Madoka's hands before her Soul Gem can be purified. Homura's Soul Gem turns black, and then fills with a new color. (It's unclear if this color was something that had already existed in Homura's Soul Gem, or if it is the result of Homura grabbing Madoka and interfering with the Law of Cycles). Homura's actions causes reality to crack. Madoka is then separated from Ultimate Madoka (it is unclear if Homura deliberately caused this, or if it is the result of Homura's interference). The colors inside Homura's Soul Gem explode outward. The cracks perpetuate throughout reality, followed by the colors of Homura's Soul Gem, which engulfs the universe.

Homura has now become a new existence, which she defines as a demon. She explains that she took a piece of the Law of Cycles, which corresponds to Madoka's existence as a person before she became the Law of Cycles. Homura creates a new world where the magical girls can be alive and happy, although she alters their memories to fit with the new world. In this new reality, Madoka believes she has spent three years in America with her family, and they have just moved back to Japan. Madoka transfers into her class from the original reality, reversing her role with Homura's. Homura introduces herself to Madoka and offers to show her around the school. As they walk together, Homura asks Madoka how she feels returning to her hometown. Madoka says it feels familiar, but something feels different. As the keep walking, Madoka realizes that the thing that feels different is herself. Her eyes glow gold, her yellow hair ribbons untie themselves, and reality changes. Homura grabs onto Madoka and says that Madoka is her true self right now, returning Madoka and reality to normal. Homura asks Madoka if she thinks the world is precious, and if she thinks either laws or desires are more important. Madoka thinks that law is more important, saying that selfishly breaking the law is a bad thing. Homura takes off the hair ribbon she received from Madoka and says that she and Madoka might become enemies someday. She ties the ribbon into Madoka's hair, saying that she doesn't care about being Madoka's enemy as she just wants a world where Madoka can be happy. In one of the final scenes of the movie, Madoka is shown happily unpacking boxes with her family.

Madoka in the Drama CDs

  • From Drama CD 1 "Memories of you", the reason Madoka became a Magical Girl in the first timeline is to save a cat which had been run over by a car. Madoka also treated Homura very nicely from the beginning, who at that time was being bullied. We also learn that whenever Madoka made a contract and become a Magical Girl, she would act much more confident since it gave her a sense of purpose. Madoka's kindness in this first timeline towards Homura is one of the major reasons why Homura is so drawn to her. Homura's interventions during the course of the anime prevented this change.
  • In the Drama CD 2"Sunny Day Life" Madoka used to get good grades, but her duties as a magical girl are interfering with her studies.
    • For what is worth, Madoka's grades are still better than Sayaka's.

Madoka in The Different Story

"Mami-san, does that mean to save yourself, you have to give up on all the magical girls who aren't your friends...?" - Madoka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story, Chapter 5.

Madoka first appears at the very end of volume 1, waking Mami up in her apartment in order to get her help stop Kyoko and Sayaka's fight. She has not contracted yet in this timeline, but accompanies Mami and Sayaka on their witch hunts.

  • Madoka is worried about Sayaka, and always thinks how to help her. She tells Kyousuke about how his wrist was healed with Sayaka's wish. This doesn't help Sayaka in the end, however.
  • Madoka makes her wish to revive Sayaka and becomes a magical girl at the very end of this story, this causes Homura to give up on this timeline.
    • Madoka doesn't know the truth about the magical girl system. She thinks Sayaka was killed by witches because Homura told her so.
    • Madoka meets Kyoko after being helped by her and Homura. They become friends secretly and tell each other about another side of Sayaka and Mami.

Madoka in Kazumi Magica

Kazumi madoka.jpg

Madoka's silhouette appeared once during Juubey's explanation about Magical Girl system. She also makes a single-panel cameo in the extra pages in the first volume of the collected edition.

Madoka In Oriko Magica

"How can you act so calm about all this? Why? Why am I the only one you're saving? You've got so much power Homura-chan!!"
"If you plan to let all the others die...then it'd be better if you didn't save me...!"
- Madoka, Puella Magi Oriko Magica, Chapter 5.

  • Madoka appears in Chapter 3, asking Homura to go home with her, along with Sayaka and Hitomi. She is well protected by Homura and isn't aware of Magical Girl system.
  • She appears in Chapter 4 for one page. She is shown with her friends Homura, Sayaka and Hitomi going out for snacks after school.
  • In chapters 5 through 7, Mitakihara Junior High is attacked by Oriko and Kirika. Oriko speaks to the school through the school's broadcast system, and seems to give a threatening look to Madoka as she claims she will defeat a creature of ultimate despair that will descend upon them. As a witch's barrier forms over the school, Madoka is separated from her friends attacked by familiars. Homura saves her in time, but Madoka demands to know why she does not help the other students. Homura knows she cannot save everyone, and wanted to try to save Madoka anyway. Madoka apologizes as Homura puts her in a protective barrier so familiars cannot attack her and leaves to defeat the perpetrators. Madoka escapes from the protective barrier created by Homura and tries to help Homura with Sayaka and Hitomi. Madoka was Oriko's real target. The white magical girl wanted to kill her before she could contract and become a magical girl herself, and then the most powerful witch ever. She is killed by Oriko at the very end. Oriko uses a shard of Kirika's witch body to impale Madoka through the torso. Once Oriko dies and the witch barrier is lifted, Hitomi and Sayaka are seen mourning for Madoka.
  • In the final chapter of Sadness Prayer, Madoka appears in her goddess form before Oriko and Kirika after both of them die at the end of the manga.

Madoka in Tart Magica

Madoka appears in the last chapter (Chapter 21), as Ultimate Madoka when Melissa de Vignolles tells Eliza Celjska that her preach about Tart being saved and redeemed in the future will be possible.

Madoka in Madoka Magica Portable

Madoka's Route

In Madoka's Route, the story plays out similarly to the anime except from the ending where it acts out like in Episdoe 8 where Kyubey asks Madoka to make a wish to save Sayaka. Homura does not make it in time to stop Madoka contracting and she resets. There are also a few minor differences. Madoka remembers her dream of Walpurgisnacht and Homura far more vividly and tells her family at breakfast about it but not Sayaka and Hitomi. She is also visibly distraught about the witch kissed victims - especially Hitomi - after Sayaka defeats H.N. Elly. She encourages Hitomi to pursue her love interest, not realising it's Kyosuke. She encounters Kyosuke's father after Kyosuke tells him to throw away his violin and persuades him otherwise.

Mami's Route

In Mami's Route, Madoka is already a magical girl and saves Mami from Charlotte. They decide to team up with Mami teaching Madoka. It is revealed that Madoka's wish during this route was to save Amy. The route then plays out like Episode 10 with Homura and Madoka growing close.

If Mami calls for Madoka's help with a witch kissed victim, the two of them fight Gisela together. Mami explains her insecurities about Madoka and Homura growing close and perhaps leaving her out and the two of them manage to talk through her feelings, growing closer because of it. Later, the two of them fight Walpurgisnacht together. Mami sacrifices herself to save Madoka and the route plays out just like Episode 10 where Madoka dies and Homura makes her wish.

If Mami does not call for Madoka's help, she fights Gisela alone. Although she defeats the witch, she falls into despair, becoming Candeloro. Madoka has to defeat Candeloro but can also die during the fight, causing Homura to make the same wish as if she dies to Walpurgisnacht. Afterwards, Madoka mourns not being able to find a way to turn Candeloro back into Mami.

Sayaka's Route

In Sayaka's Route, Madoka is already a magical girl alongside Mami and Homura still with her glasses. During the route, the three of them intercept a fight between Sayaka and Kyoko. The team were unaware Sayaka was a magical girl and they team up. Later, after Sayaka and Kyoko escape Charlotte's labyrinth, Sayaka discards her Soul Gem, thinking she is worthless as a magical girl. Madoka and Homura find her unconscious and seemingly dead. The two of them go hunting for Sayaka's Soul Gem which ended up in Charlotte's labyrinth.

If her Soul Gem is found, Sayaka fights Walpurgisnacht with Madoka and Homura. The three of them aren't able to defeat Walpurgisnacht but the town is evacuated in time. Both Madoka and Sayaka die and Homura resets.

If Sayaka doesn't meet with Kyoko after regaining her Soul Gem, she falls into despair and turns into Oktavia. The route plays out similar to Episode 9 where Kyoko sacrifices herself to defeat Oktavia. After this, Madoka falls into a deep depression, locking herself in her room. Homura manages to get through to her and they prepare for Walpurgisnacht but it plays out the same way.

If Sayaka's Soul Gem isn't found by Madoka and Homura, Kyoko finds it instead and Sayaka awakens. However, since so much time had passed, Sayaka's body had begun to rot. She unknowingly visits Kyosuke in this state and very quickly falls into despair with the events playing out like the previous path.

Kyoko's Route

In Kyoko's Route, Madoka first plays a vital role when she throws Sayaka's Soul Gem just like in the anime with the same results. Madoka tries to console Sayaka about the new discovery but Sayaka is already torn up about Hitomi telling her her feelings for Kyosuke. Madoka ponders making a contract with Kyubey but both Sayaka and Kyoko tell her not to. The route then plays out similarly to Episode 9 where Sayaka becomes Oktavia at the train station and Kyoko and Madoka try to turn her back however Homura has already killed Oktavia when they arrive.

If Kyoko's Soul Gem isn't too dark, Madoka manages to stop Kyoko from advancing on Homura and she leaves. Madoka and Kyoko converse in Kyoko's father's church, the two growing closer. Kyoko and Homura attempt to defeat Walpurgisnacht but fail with Madoka contracting and becoming Kriemhild Gretchen.

If Kyoko's Soul Gem is too dark after Homura kills Oktavia, she transforms into her witch Ophelia which Homura kills. Madoka becomes depressed after both Sayaka and Kyoko were killed in such a short time and tries to visit Homura. Homura continues to tell her not to contract and also asks her not to visit her anymore. Walpurgisnacht comes and the events play out similarly to any failed timeline.

Homura's Route

In Homura's Route, Madoka and Sayaka are called by Kyubey to help just like in the anime.

If Homura chooses to capture Kyubey, Homura tells the two of them to leave as she defeats Gertrud in the abandoned building. The next day Kyubey explains magical girls to the two girls, explaining that Homura is a magical girl herself. Homura however soon arrives, sending Kyubey away and warning that becoming a magical girl means giving up on everything else except your wish. Later in the evening, Homura visits Madoka's home to warn her further. Just like in the anime, Mami suggests to Madoka and Sayaka that they join her on a witch hunt to understand magical girls but differently, Homura stops this idea. That night, Homura meets Madoka and Sayaka on the street and has dinner with them. Homura, in her own words, tells them about magical girls. She also tells them that she became a magical girl to save an important friend. If Homura instead chooses to kill Kyubey on the first day, another Kyubey merely appears and approaches Madoka similarly to the anime.

Homura has to stop Sayaka from contracting. If Homura asks Madoka to deal with it she visits her home. Although Madoka is busy when Homura visits, she promises to contact Sayaka. Despite both their best efforts, Sayaka contracts anyway. Madoka is surprised and concerned but Sayaka states that she is confident with her decision. If Homura instead decides to stop Sayaka contracting herself, Sayaka refuses Kyubey's offer realising there may be another way to help Kyosuke. The next day Homura finds Hitomi and Madoka along with people affected by a witch's kiss attempting to commit mass suicide. Homura defeats the witch after asking Madoka to leave. Later, Homura stops Kyosuke from committing suicide and decides its best to look after Sayaka. She can either look after her herself or ask Madoka. If Homura looks after Sayaka herself she will contract.

If Sayaka has contracted, Kyubey begins to approach Madoka to usher her into becoming a magical girl to aid Sayaka. Homura continues to stop Kyubey's efforts. Madoka is worried about Sayaka and Homura meets her to talk. Their talk is similar to what occurs in episode five; however, this time, Homura promises to take care of Sayaka and Mami, warning Madoka once again not to make a contract. Later, Homura finds the barrier of the Albertine's familiars, and discovers Sayaka and Kyoko fighting inside. Even worse, Madoka is also present, so she goes to separate them. She then asks Madoka to bring the hurt Sayaka away and consults Kyoko on what to do next. Kyoko says she has no interest in fighting familiars so she leaves everything to Homura. The next evening, Homura finds Madoka coming to her for help. Kyoko and Sayaka are fighting on the overpass. Homura requests Kyoko fight her instead. Kyoko thinks it almost impossible to win, so she pretends to give up. However, she strikes Sayaka's Soul Gem when Homura is off guard. Sayaka's Soul Gem drops onto a truck, continuing the story as per the anime. If Mami is alive, instead, her Soul Gem is knocked away. The next day, Hitomi confesses her feelings to Sayaka with both Madoka and Homura trying to console her but Sayaka insists on being left alone. Homura finds Madoka having an argument with Hitomi. Hitomi refuses Madoka's suggestions and leaves. Madoka wonders if Sayaka won't listen to her because she isn't a magical girl. Homura says that Sayaka wouldn't listen even if she were, and counsels that they just keep watch for now. Later, Sayaka is missing with nobody knowing where she is and her Soul Gem in a darkened state.

If Homura goes to search for Sayaka with Kyoko, Sayaka is found easily and the four magical girls plan for Walpurgisnacht. Kyubey comes to Madoka's house and tells her the history of magical girls and witches and the theory of energy transformation. Madoka visits Homura because she is worried about her and the other girls. Homura acts the same way as she did in the anime, hugging Madoka and confessing her true identity. Walpurgisnacht comes to Mitakihara and all of the magical girls are ready to fight. Madoka is with them, wishing to be of help. Homura then tells Madoka and everyone else that the very person she wishes to save and who she made her contract for is Madoka. Everything is meaningless for Homura if something bad happens to Madoka. Madoka agrees to leave, consoling herself by praying for the girls' safety. The fight against Walpurgisnacht begins. After Walpurgisnacht is defeated, Madoka meets up with the others and is dismayed to see everyone badly wounded. Homura reassures her that magic can heal them all. Sometime later, on the way to school, Sayaka mentions that the number of witches has greatly declined of late. Madoka worries that this might lead to a lack of Grief Seeds, but Homura has ensured that the girls have plenty stockpiled: since they won't have to use their magic to fight witches, the Grief Seeds that are left will last them a long time. Mami holds a tea party, claiming it is going to be an operational meeting. Everyone goes to Mami's tea party and Sayaka forces Kyoko to put on one of Mami's spare school uniforms. The scenario ends with a picture of the girls having their tea party, with the line 'This is my prayer, my wish...' written in English appearing on the screen.

If Homura goes to search for Sayaka with Madoka, the two of them search at a resteraunt where they meet Kyousuke and Hitomi hand in hand. Madoka congratulates them and leaves, upset that Kyousuke doesn't know Sayaka's feelings for him. Homura replies that a magical girl should not expect a reward. The next day, Homura finds Sayaka, who has just finished fighting familiars. Sayaka refuses Homura's offer of a Grief Seed, and she critizes Madoka for not understanding her (as in episode eight). She then runs away, and Homura knows that it is impossible to rescue her.

If Homura goes to search for Sayaka with Mami they find her in the park. This route gives a similar result as if Homura searched with Madoka. Sayaka falls into despair, becoming Oktavia. Homura can either kill the witch immediately or tell the other girls the truth about witches.

If Homura decides to kill Oktavia, she tells the others that Sayaka is already dead, with Oktavia killing her and that they must avenge her. Madoka arrives once Oktavia is dead. Homura tells Madoka to remember the pain she feels upon hearing of Sayaka's death, so that she should never think about becoming a magical girl again. The next day, Madoka and Homura are walking together to school, and they see Hitomi asking if Sayaka has appeared today. They don't tell her that she is gone. Madoka, Homura, Mami and Kyoko hold a funeral for Sayaka. Since Madoka can't say goodbye to Sayaka, Mami suggests they make new resolutions for the future. Some time later, Kyubey comes to Madoka's room to tell her that Sayaka had become a witch, and so too will the other magical girls. Madoka doesn't understand it, so she goes to Homura. Homura explains that Kyubey is an Incubator, an alien with inhuman codes of morality. She then explains what Kyubey should have said to Madoka. Homura says she only hopes to change Madoka's fate and breaks into tears as in episode eleven. After Madoka leaves, Kyubey comes to tell Homura why Madoka can become such an extraordinary magical girl. This route ends with the girls being unable to defeat Walpurgisnacht and Madoka contracting.

If Homura tells them the truth about witches they leave Oktavia's barrier. Madoka arrives with Homura still holding Sayaka's body so she has to tell her the truth as well. Madoak runs away, unable to face the situation. After this, Homura can either kill Oktavia herself or follow Madoka and Kyoko into her barrier.

If Homura decides to kill Oktavia herself, Kyoko is furious and wants to kill Homura for destroying her last hope of saving Sayaka but Madoka stops her, saying it won't bring Sayaka back to life. Kyoko cuts all ties with Homura then and there, saying she never wants to see her again before leaving. The next day, Madoka asks why Homura killed Sayaka. Homura explains that it was impossible to bring Sayaka back and that Kyoko would have just put Madoka in danger for no reason. They have the same meeting as in episode 11. When Walpurgisnacht comes, Madoka comes to Homura. Homura asks her to go to the refuge, but Madoka says she doesn't want to forget her time spent with Homura; that she doesn't want the happiness of an ordinary girl. Homura replies that Madoka is her only hope, so she has to survive. Homura finally defeats Walpurgisnacht and ends up dying to save Madoka. After her last words Kyubey remarks that, although Homura stopped his plans this time, he need only wait until another crisis strikes Mitakihara.

If Homura instead follows the two girls she interferes before Oktavia attacks Madoka. With no other choice, she kills Oktavia. She tells the two that Sayaka's Soul Gem didn't emerge and Kyoko leaves, distraught. Madoka reminds Homura that Mami is shocked, too, so they go to Mami's place. Since she isn't at home, Madoka thinks she must be in the park. When they arrive at the park, they see Mami preparing to commit suicide. Madoka stops her, and Homura reassures Mami that she can always call on her fellow magical girls. They still have a mission: to defeat Walpurgisnacht and protect the people of Mitakihara. Finally Mami is convinced and agrees to prepare for Walpurgisnacht. This route ends with Madoka making a contract.

If Sayaka doesn't contract, Hitomi offers Kyosuke help from a doctor her father knows who has helped an injured musician before. Sayaka realises her feelings for Kyosuke and tells him with him accepting her confession. Now that Sayaka and Kyosuke are together, Madoka grows lonely so one day visits the music store with Homura. Madoka tells Homura that she feels like they have met somewhere before, and recently she has seen Homura in her dreams. Homura answers that they hadn't met one another until she transferred into Mitakihara Middle School. Homura keeps a distance between herself and Madoka, so as not to let Madoka grow attached enough to her to make a contract for her. Several days later, however, Kyoko tells Homura that Kyubey had told her that Madoka has vast potential as a magical girl. Homura interrupts, saying she won't allow Madoka to become a magical girl. Kyoko finally knows the person Homura wants to protect is Madoka. She tells Homura that it is useless for her to convince Madoka not to make a contract. Madoka invites Homura to her home for dinner. Although Homura originally thinks it is a bad idea, she is finally convinced and eats dinner with the Kaname family. After dinner, Madoka tells Homura that she is welcome to come and visit her any time. Homura thinks this will be okay, after she defeats Walpurgisnacht. By now, Kyubey is anxious because Madoka seems to have no interest in making a contract. As such, he decides to tell everything to her. As in the anime, Madoka visits Homura's house afterwards. Homura defeats Walpurgisnacht and Madoka never contracts.

Bonus Route

In the Bonus Route Homura strives to help each girl individually. Madoka sees how everyone has changed themselves and she is worried about herself. However, she doesn't know how she should change. Homura comes to her room and slaps her after Madoka talks about how useless she feels. Homura requests that Madoka not change herself. Although Homura is closer to everyone in this timeline, their efforts are still not enough and she resets.

Madoka in Magia Record

Powers and Abilities

When contracted as a magical girl, Madoka has displayed the ability to create arrows of energy to attack with and even fire several at once to attack several enemies. It is also to be noted that the amount of power she has seems to depend on the timeline her incarnation is located in as in earlier timelines she had less potential. The stronger her potential, the more power and damage she is seen to inflict upon her foes.

  • Madoka can also fire an arrow into the sky onto a huge magical sigil which can fire hundreds of arrows at once.
    • Alternatively, she may charge one arrow which will split into several arrows mid-flight. These trigger a series of explosions once they reach their target as shown in Magia Record.

She can also use her bow in creative ways during challenging battles.

  • She can use it as a support to descend from ropes, just like in Patricia's labyrinth. Additionally, one more person may hang onto her body to descend with her.
  • She can use it to "fire" her teammates instead as a projectile. The person will be thrown at a high speed leaving a pink streak behind and may trigger the explosive power at contact just like her regular arrows.
  • While in staff mode, she can throw the bow in a javeline-fashion and pierce the enemy.
  • Though not shown in the anime, she can use her bow as a melee weapon just like in the Battle Pentagram.

Madoka's exact main magical ability in Madoka Magica is never shown, thus it is unknown what it actually was. In the timeline Magia Record takes place, it is postulated that Madoka and Iroha Tamaki's magic are very similar. As Iroha has healing magic, and Madoka is known to have wished to heal a cat in previous anime timelines, it is highly likely that she possesses healing magic in this timeline.

In her ultimate form, Madoka is seen to be able to remove the corruption from Soul Gems without the need of a grief seed. This causes the Soul Gem in question to dissipate and the magical girl in question to die but this also prevents her from becoming a Witch. She has also been seen to appear in several places at once as a projection via her arrows. It is assumed that as a Goddess she also has knowledge of other timelines and the ability to observe other timelines without issue. Additionally, it has been hinted in Magia Record that she may be able to interfere with timelines if conditions are right.


  • Up until Magia Record, Madoka is the only one without a transformation sequence as a magical girl within the anime series; however during the anime's opening scenes, she does appear in a transformation sequence.
  • It is suggested that the reason Madoka is so miserable is that she wishes for power in order to be selfless so that she won't be miserable any more. Kyubey uses this to manipulate Madoka's thinking into making her wish through her guilt. He tries to manipulate Madoka into a belief that she can be free from her misery by making a selfless wish.
    • Without the wish and the life experience as a magical girl, Madoka's character never grows and develops into a courageous heroine. However, her life experience as a scared teenage girl, constantly crying and mourning the death of so many, always wanting to do what's right yet feeling powerless, the failure of attempting to save friends and strangers, and the sorrow she feels for the victims of innocent girls deceived by a calculating cold alien allows Madoka to finally develop the courage to confront her fears to save Homura and the world, instead of succumbing to despair and running away. In other words Madoka finally grows up. The scene with her mother in Episode 11 leaves that impression.
  • It is speculated that any wish Madoka ever made would be twisted because of the nature of the wish, according with Episode 11. Kyubey suspects that as long as the motives are selfish, the wish will always be twisted because the wishers' desire would always fail to meet their expectation.
    • Madoka may have realized that as long as her thinking was selfish or incorrect, then her wish would also be twisted. It is suspected that Madoka contemplates what to do to save Homura and her town in Episode 11, without being caught into the snare of the wish's trap. It is suspected that Madoka goes from wanting to be selfless for selfish reasons to wanting to be selfless for selflessness itself. By removing Madoka's selfish desire from her wish, she literally removes her self and her physical presence as a consequence.
      • A philosophical analysis tries to determine Madoka's motive here.
  • An argument can be said that Madoka has two ways to develop her courage. One is through Kyubey by magic (which is the easiest path); the other way is more difficult and hurtful, the painful life experience and lessons she receives through friends, family members, and from strangers. But the most influential character in Madoka's life would be her mother; her source of wisdom, courage, and strength.


  • The characters of her last name mean "deer" (鹿) and "eye"(目), respectively.
  • Her last name can also be used as a first name.
  • Her last name sounds the same as (要), a word which means "keystone" or "hub".
  • Madoka could also mean "wish" or "ambition" or "flower".
    • The name Madoka can be written with the character for "circle" or "round" in kanji (円) reflecting the cyclical nature of the magical girl-witch incubator relationship as well as the circular repetition of timelines that revolve around her. It could also be written with the character for "wish" or "ambition"; the connotations of that should be obvious. Her last name, Kaname, can also be read as "pivot" or "vital point", which is apt to say the least due to Homura's time-meddling making Madoka's existence the pivotal point of every timeline she creates.


  • Madoka owns many stuffed animals in her room.
    • One of Madoka's stuffed animals resembles Lady from Disney's movie "Lady and the Tramp".
  • Madoka loves cats like Homura.
  • According with Urobuchi, he made Junko a strong woman so Madoka would want to emulate her strength and courage.
  • Madoka's last form is known as Ultimate Madoka. Prior to this information, fans called her form "MadoKami", Godoka, or Goddess Madoka.
    • In one of the original artwork designs, it is noted that Madoka is holding a shinai sword or a bow.
  • Wehihihi ♥ "ウェヒヒヒヒ" is an onomatopoeia for Madoka's trademark laughter. You can hear it here. (Or here.)
  • Gen Urobuchi tweeted that he chose October 3 as Madoka's birthday, because that was the day when the ‘Mahou Shoujo Apocalypse Madoka☆Magica Project’ document was created[1].
    • The project was developed under the working title "Mahou Shoujo Mokushiroku Madoka☆Magica" ("Magical Girl Apocalypse Madoka☆Magica"), a reference to Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • There is a petition to change the official name of the NGC 6357 nebula to the "Madokami nebula".
  • As an adult, she looks similar to her Ultimate Madoka form, though without the pigtails.
  • In her design concept she is described as a smart, ideal heroine. However, in the final series, she describes herself as "average".


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