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This page present fan-made theories. These are not considered as facts and should not be taken seriously. It is mainly the result of fans speculating

General Theories

The Global Reset Theory

This theory has appeared as soon as episode one aired. In this theory, it is assumed that the world shown during the dream sequence (at the beginning of episode one) was either a parallel world or a previous instance of the current world. In this text, we will be referring to the older instance of the world (the "dream world") as the Old World, and the current instance (the "real world") as the Real World.

This theory stipulates that, for some reason, the Old World has been destroyed. Post-episode one speculations were that Kyuubey was evil and probably was linked to said destruction. Episode two brought a new possible cause. As is commonly believed at this point of the story (episode 2), magical girls and witches might be the same, in that sense that witches might be "fallen magical girls". As shown during the episode, upon killing a witch, a magical girl's seed gets muddier, and the only way to clean it is to use the witch seed. So, a theory is that a magical girl that didn't clean their seed for too long might be turned into a witch. The Old World might just be an instance of a world where witches outnumbered magical girls and brought chaos and destruction to the world.

Whatever the cause of destruction might be, the point of this theory is that the world actually was at the brink of destruction. As we all know, a magical girl can have one wish granted when she makes her contract. So the most commonly admitted possibility is that Madoka, upon seeing the horror of the Old World, accepted to become a magical girl and wished for the world to be restored.

Another possible interpretation is that it is not Madoka that wishes for the world to be restored, but Homura instead. This theory would explain why Madoka doesn't remember anything aside from her strange dreams, while Homura clearly remembers both her and Sayaka. The reason why Homura seems mad at Madoka could also be explained as a remnant from the Old World, where Madoka possibly made horrible things.

While the reset theory is the most accepted, other opinions have risen as well. Some suggest that the dream Madoka had could have happened just a few days prior to the first episode, where Madoka first met Kyubey and Homura by accidentally walking into a witch world. Later, Madoka thought it was just a dream and forgot about it, but Homura realized that Madoka is now in danger of becoming contracted with Kyubey, so she transfers schools to prevent it. Another possibility is that the dream is a premonition of the future, and that the events could happen as soon as episode 3 where Madoka could make a wish to obtain magical girl powers. Let us see that last one more in detail.

The Time Travel Theory

This theory appeared along with the World Reset Theory, since they are very similar. Depending on the turn of events, it could be proven valid or invalid as soon as episode 3 airs.

This is a variation of the World Reset Theory. We suppose here that the dream Madoka has at the beginning of episode 1 is the future (or "a possible future" in the sense of the Multiverse Theory). We also suppose that the world is the way it is because of Madoka (that is suggested by lines like "If I could become such a helpful person...That sounds wonderful. Or so I thought.", end of episode 2)

Someone (be it Madoka, Homura or a third party) notes that the only to change this outcome is to travel back in time and do things so that Madoka doesn't become a magical girl (doesn't that remind you of The Terminator ?). From here on, two variations exist:

  • Variation A: It is Homura that wished to go back in time and stop Madoka before harm is done. That could explain why she was after Kyuubey in episode one, why she already knows everybody, and why she warns Madoka many times. However, the major flaw of this variation is that Homura already is a magical girl, so her wish has already been granted. This variation doesn't explain the dreams Madoka has either.
  • Variation B: It is Madoka that wished to go back in time, in the hope of making another choice this time and avoiding the fatal outcome. This variation explains the dream, and is consistent if Madoka decided to become a magical girl (and hence use her wish) at the end of the dream. However, it doesn't explain why Homura knows her and try to warn her.

Characters Interaction and Relationships

Witches and Magical Girls

Episode 2 shows that witches and magical girls both possess some sort of gem, which is called Grief Seed in the former case and Soul Gem in the latter. We also know from Mami's explanations that people can become Magical Girls by exchanging a wish for a Gem, while Witches, on the other hand, originates from a curse. It has also been pinpointed that in a way, a curse is nothing else than a "negative wish", i.e. the wish to harm someone.

But the similarity between both gems owners is greater than that. As seen at the end of episode 2, a Grief Seed looks like a muddied Soul Gem. Furthermore, Mami states that by using magic, her Soul Gem became dirty, and that she can use the Grief Seed to absorb this "mud" and make it clean again, therefore restoring its magical powers. As a side note, we learn in the same scene that a Grief Seed can be used more than once (Mami gives hers to Homura stating that "it can still be used once").

Now, what we can infer from that is that witches may just be "fallen magical girls". Granted that using magic makes your Gem dirty, and the only way to restore them is to kill witches and steal their Seeds, there could be magical girls that used up all their powers without ever recharging them (because they weren't aware of it or because they refused to kill witches), and so became witches themselves. On the other hand, no explanation has been given so far (episode 2) as to whether a witch can clean their seed (and hence turn back into a magical girl if the aforementioned theory is correct)

Kyuubey is Evil Theory

This is one of the very first speculations that have appeared, and also one of the most commonly accepted. This theory states that Kyuubey isn't as cute and inoffensive as he looks. First of all, he seems a bit too pushy towards Madoka and Sayaka (for example, at the end of episode one, he says "I want you to become magical girls", which somehow shows his true intentions). All the more, it seems suspicious that he will grant wishes and turn people into magical girls without asking anything in return. So the theory is that Kyuubey either acts according to his own interest, or is the "messenger" of a greater entity that has its own whereabouts.

However, although it is commonly accepted that Kyuubey (and therefore Mami since they're allies) is evil, opinions differ as to what his goal are or what benefit he could make from turning people into magical girls.

In fact, this theory evolved with episode 2. We now think it is possible that Kyuubey (or whatever entity he is working for) may be interrested in Grief Seeds, or the "mud" that they contain. Moreover, if the "witches are fallen magical girls" theory is true, then it is possible that Kyuubey creates magical girls so that they supply him with "black mud":

  1. Grant wishes and create magical girls
  2. Wait for these magical girls to turn into witches
  3. Create more magical girls to fight the witches
  4. Collect the "black mud" the new magical girls have found
  5. Repeat process

Please also note that in this theory, the dream shown to Madoka at the beginning of episode 1 may as well be a fake dream, created for the only purpose of making Madoka want to be a magical girl. That supposes Kyuubey can alter people's perception, which is also fairly possible since he's able to communicate by telepathy.

Who Is Kamijou?

Ever since he was mentionned by Sayaka in episode one, Kamijou has caught the attention of fans. Is he a relative of Sayaka? Her boyfriend?

We should also note that, in episode two (as well as in the opening sequence), there appears an unknown silver-haired boy. In the opening, he is seen in a suit playing the violin, while when Sayaka mentions their luck in episode two, he is seen bedridden in what looks like an hospital.

Now, if we put all those elements together, we can infer something of the like: Kamijou was a famous violonist that Sayaka admires. When she goes shopping with Madoka in episode one, she actually goes buying one of his disks (which could be explained by Madoka's line: "Kamijou-kun again?"). However, for some reason, he had to be hospitalized and probably either couldn't play the violin anymore or passed away. Upon getting her wish, Sayaka then feels guilty to be so lucky and thinks about him and his misfortune. If Kamijou did pass away, then that could explain why Sayaka didn't give him her wish (yet).

Another theory states that Kamijou might be Sayaka's boyfriend or relative, but this interpretation isn't very popular because it isn't as consistent (and because it would remove the yuri undertone as a side effect).

Madoka and German literature

Der Steppenwolf

this part will focus on hermann hesse's "der steppenwolf".

a short comparison between madoka and harry haller, the protagonist of "der steppenwolf":

harry haller's personality is torn between introverted/shy/well-adjusted (madoka in her daily life) and the "wolf" side, meaning fighting against the rules set by society (madoka will fight as a mahou shoujo against the rules of the witches; madoka in the underworld).

the first part of the book compares to madoka's school life, dinners with her family etc. it's a simple, level-headed report of his surroundings from his point of view.

the second part of the book is where harry makes contact with three friends (hermine, maria and pablo) who offer him opportunities and make him realize how he has been living his life up to this point. they talk to him about his wishes and desires, they present the antithesis to harry's perpective.

miki as well as mami and kyubey are the circle of friends. miki is the catalyst to madoka's transformation: on the rooftop, she tells madoka that her life is easy-going, meaningless and that other people would actually risk their lives just be offered an opportunity like this. mami is the mirror to madoka's soul: she helps the people in need and defeats the monsters of the underworld, madoka is fascinated by her. her life has meaning. she is the personification of her desires, just like hermine is to harry in "der steppenwolf" (albeit in a different sense).

now the third part, called "traktat des steppenwolfs". it is set in a "magic theater" (tanzpalast "= palace for dancing" in the underworld, which is in fact made to look like hell. it is an abstract world and induced by harry taking drugs (= madoka taking the gem). it is where harry faces his desires, the mirrors of his personality and where he can see where they lead, be it "negative metaphores" or "optimistic images". there are only pictures, there is no reality. what happens there is otherworldly, it's about death, killing, further self-realization and the transformation of his personality. there are enticing, trapping writings on the wall of the entrance to this theater, just like in madoka's underworld.


[TODO; Please write about all the references to Faust that have been discovered so far and how they could connect with the actual story (e.g. in >>44790618 and >>44797549)]