Madoka Magica Drama CD 3: Farewell Story

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The Drama CD came with the "Puella Magi Madoka Magica DVD volume 5. The official title for this Drama CD is "Farewell Story".

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The story takes place before the events in the anime. This is the story of how Kyoko met Mami for the first time, how she became a proficient fighter, and what lead to Kyoko's disillusionment with her naive ideals. We are also introduced to Kyoko's happy family before their tragic demise.


  • Kyoko saves Madoka and Sayaka from a Witch's labyrinth. This is from a period of time when she still had a family and hadn't become selfish and cynical.
    • The events take place before the beginning of Episode 1, and seem to be taking place in the main timeline of the events from the anime, with Kyoko recounting her past to Homura.
      • The Drama CD indicates that Madoka and Sayaka are in Class 1A, perhaps indicating they're first years (a possible indicator that the events are taking place approximately one year before the anime events, give or take).
      • The timelines diverge on the day when Homura wakes up in the hospital, so events prior to that are unaffected by her resets.
        • We do not know the exact date when Kyoko and Mami met for the first time (but it is suggest it was the year before). The day when Homura wakes up from the hospital is March 16, if the events are taking place prior to that date then they wouldn't be affected by the resets. The likelihood that the events in the Drama CD are taking place after March 16 is small and unlikely.
      • If the events in the Drama CD are taking place prior to the anime series, then this could be considered to be a "short prequel".
        • "Puella Magi Kyoko/Mami Magica" would make an awesome OVA.
  • Mami takes Kyoko under her wing as her 'Senpai' to teach her how to become a proficient fighter.
    • Mami convinces Kyoko to name her final attack, "Rosso Phantasma," (Red Illusion/Phantom). This matches Kyoko's color scheme as well as Mami's choice of Italian attack names. Kyoko finds Mami's naming to be amusing.
      • This isn't the only time Kyoko laughs at Mami's attacks naming habit. Kyoko ridicules Mami's "Tiro Finale" in the Drama CD "Sunny Day Life"
  • After the death of Kyoko's family, Kyoko psychologically blocks out. She blames herself for the tragedy, and decides not to use her illusory powers again. Kyoko becomes disillusioned and loses her ideals, resulting in an argument with Mami over familiars. She wants to leave because they no longer share the same values, but Mami tries to stop her and they end up in a battle. Kyoko wins leaving the defeated Mami in tears, crying over being all alone once more.
  • In the final scene, Homura asks for Kyoko's help in defeating Walpurgisnact, similar to the anime.
    • It is difficult to tell if this scene is taking place during Timeline 5 but it is likely that it is.
  • The shrieking of Witches in this Drama CD is disturbing once you know the truth about Witches.


  • Kyoko's younger sister gets an official name: Momo. This implies that her actual name may be Momoko Sakura (佐倉 桃子).
  • We finally get to hear the voices of Kyoko's family; her father, her mother, and her little sister.
    • Kyoko's father is voiced by [insert name]; Kyoko's mother is voiced by Kikuko Inoue(?); and Kyoko's little sister, Momo, is voiced by [insert name].


  • The first witch to appear in the story may be a reference to the "Minotaur" in ancient Greek mythology. Some fans speculate that the girl who turned into this witch is an illegitimate daughter.



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