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[[File:Mobage game adv.jpg|thumb|Mobage game Ad]]
#REDIRECT [[Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mobage]]
== Summary ==
The [http://www.madoka-magica.com/goods/07.html official Madoka Magica] website has released information on a new Mobage Puella Magi Madoka Magica free mobile game.  The mobile url is http://sp.pf.mbga.jp/12007105 and requires creating a logon.
'''INFORMATION: The game has terminated service since the 19th of November 2012. Trying to use the above URL will result in a redirect to a page saying the below:
『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』(サービス提供:株式会社アニプレックス)は 2012年11月19日にサービス終了しました。'''
== Plot ==
[[File:Mobile Game Madoka Official Site SS.jpg|Fight scene against Walpurgis|thumb]]
The game is set in the same background as that of the TV anime and some of the character relationships are connected. The player adopts the perspective of a magical girl who is found unconscious in [[Mitakihara Town]] by the five main anime characters.
== Gameplay ==
It features the magical girl cast from the anime and four new magical girls to defeat witches and [[Walpurgis_Night|Walpurgisnacht]]. The game uses character designs, animation, and [[Soundtrack|music]] from the anime as well as incorporating new designs and songs for the dialogue scenes.  Characters are superdeformed or "chibi" in the fight scenes.
*The game appears to use purchasable cards to unlock new attacks and items in the game. Players can also team up as 'Soul Mates' to defeat powerful enemies (which becomes more and more necessary later in the game).
*The game features several new witches, including the witch of giraffes, the witch of sewing, and the witch of springtime.
For character cards, visit [http://wikiwiki.jp/mbga-madoka/ here] and click the links on the side for each of the characters, Madoka (鹿目 まどか), Homura (暁美 ほむら), Sayaka (美樹 さやか), Mami (巴 マミ), Kyoko (佐倉 杏子), all other characters and witches (その他).
== The Hollow Little Mermaid ==
There is a special Sayaka-centric scenario called "The Hollow Little Mermaid", available as part of a limited-time special event.  Four new magical girls appear in the scenario, named Elise, Claire, Hiyori and Komachi.
*'''Elise''' fights with summoning magic. Her personality makes her very well-liked. She became a magical girl to help her parents deal with the grief they had over the death of her sister. 
*'''Claire''' fights with lightning. She has a quiet and gentle personality. She became a magical girl because she was lonely from being ignored by her parents.
*'''Hiyori''' fights with music. She has a calm and gentle demeanor. Her wish was to convince her mother of her musical talent. She restrains enemies with harp strings and purifies them.
*'''Komachi''' fights with naginata swords. She's a cheerful girl. Her wish was to fix a limited life expectancy from an unknown and incurable disease. She has excellent reflexes.
After defeating them in the scenario, their respective cards can be used in battle.
[[File:Mobile Game New Girl 2.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Mobile Game New Girl 3.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Mobile Game New Girl 4.jpg|200px]]
== The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time ==
There is a special Homura-centric scenario called "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time", available as a limited-time special event. The scenario covers the events of Homura's time loops as seen in [[Episode 10]].
== Story and Gameplay Videos ==
*There are several videos of [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16155275 the] [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16176379 main] [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16304674 story] [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16632402 cutscenes], currently up to 'episode' 37.
*Additionally, there are [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16385999 two] [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16386015 videos] that cover Sayaka's "Hollow Little Mermaid" scenario, and [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17012487 one] that covers Homura's "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time" scenario (downloadable [http://www.mediafire.com/?vhtfzrcnafb9aqa here]).
*Video of [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15878645 battle gameplay] and [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17068886 special attacks] in various outfits for regular gameplay as well as special events.
Note:  If you do not have a Nico account to view these videos, you can use a [http://mmcafe.com free viewer] or download them [http://www.mediafire.com/?bxgl6lnzl4c38c0 here] (episodes 1-37 and battle gameplay) and [http://www.mediafire.com/?o2iuv7akv84bt7x here] ("Hollow Little Mermaid" scenarios) and [http://www.mediafire.com/?qwqrxiaw3n8lv98 special attack gameplay].
=== Chapter titles ===
''' Main Story '''
It's possible these titles may change due to gameplay.  These are rough translations from the Nico videos.
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;"
!Original title
|You'll Understand Soon
|You're a Fellow Magical Girl...is the Thing
|I'll Make You My Wife
|You Don't Have to Worry Anymore
|You're So Kind
|I Won't Deny It
|You're Such an Idiot
|Am I a Kid?
|I'll Be Going
|I've Come Back
|I've Been Watching Over You
|It's for Her Too, Isn't It?
|About a Magical Girl's Wish
|Because She's My Best Friend
|It's Great That We're All Together
|Things Nobody Can Do But Us
|Can't We Help...?
|I Want to Help Everyone
|It's None of Your Business
|I Guarantee It
|Sayaka-chan's Wish
|Eat as Much as You Want
|That's Not True
|Making Magical Girl Contracts is My Duty
|An Inescapable Fate
|We Need Your Power
|I'll Tell Everybody
|We're All Friends...
|I Want to Have Faith in This Smile
|You Mustn't Push Yourself So Hard
|Never Again
|Surely, You'll Understand
|Believe In Your Power Alone
|Let's Do Our Best
|I'll Try to Start Over...
|Do As You Like Here, Too
''' Event "The Hollow Little Mermaid" '''
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;"
!Original title
|後悔してない はずなのに
|Even Though I Shouldn't Feel Regret
|Will You Follow Your True Feelings?
|Who are You?
|Magical Girl vs. Magical Girl
|Why Do We Fight?
|What Are You Fighting For?
|Where Your Heart Is
|I Want to Help
|Only One Chance
|We Can't Fight Like This
|I Really am an Idiot
''' Event "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time" '''
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:left;border:none;"
!Original title
|I Want To Be Someone Who Will Protect Her
|Even Though She's an Amateur
|Although I'm Myself
|I Want Someone to Call My Name
|Do Your Best, Homura-chan!
|Isn't Fighting Scary?
|Miracles Aren't Free
|Because I Have No Regrets
|We've All Been Tricked by Kyubey!
|This is Too Much...
|We're All Supposed to Smile Together
== Screenshot Samples ==
[[File:Mobile Game New Girls SS.png|thumb]]
Some examples screenshots of character dialogues.
Do you now understand the difference in our strength? You guys can't protect the city. Retreat.
Why... I cannot understand the reason I lost.
Huh... No way, to think I lost against them.
I lose.<br>
[[File:Mobile Game Elise S1.jpg|150px]]<br>
I don't understand what you can do with that awkward posture. Good. Let's you see how I fight against it.
[[File:Mobile Game Madoka S1.png|150px]]<br>
Ah! Madoka-chan threw Kyoko-chan's soul gem far away.
Note: This dialogue is an example of how events can differ from the anime. In the anime, Madoka threw Sayaka's soulgem away.
=== Main Storyline and Limited-Time Event Screenshots ===
File:Mobage Homura 01.jpg|Characters
File:Mobage Mami 01.jpg
File:Mobage Kyoko 01.jpg
File:Mobage Sayaka 01.jpg
File:Mobage Hitomi 01.jpg
File:Mobage Kamijou 01.jpg
File:Mobage Fight 02.jpg
File:Mobage Kamijou with Sayaka 01.jpg|Cut Scenes
File:Mobage Kyoko with Sayaka 01.jpg
File:Mobage Cutscene 01.jpg
=== Main Storyline New Witches ===
File:Mobage New Witch 01.jpg|The witch of sewing.
File:Mobage New Witch 02.jpg|The witch of springtime.
File:Mobage New Witch 03.jpg|The witch of giraffes.
File:Mobage New Witch 04.jpg|The witch that wants to become a bird.
== Sports Day Special ==
Sports Day was one of the first limited-time Mobage special events. It features the five anime magical girls in a "slice-of-life" story where they compete in school athletics. Like all special events, there are special character cards and cutscenes.
=== Sports Day Themed Screenshots and Cards===
File:Mobage Sports Day Cutscenes.jpg
File:Mobage Sports Day 01.jpg
File:Mobage Sports Day 02.jpg
File:Mobage Sports Day 03.jpg
File:Mobage Sports Day 04.jpg
File:Mobage Sports Day 05.jpg
== Halloween Special ==
There was a special Mami tea-party for Halloween. Only Homura and Madoka had new outfits for this special's cards, with future specials giving special outfits for the rest of the girls.
=== Halloween Themed Cards===
File:Mobage Halloween 01.jpg
File:Mobage Halloween 02.jpg
File:Mobage Halloween 03.jpg
File:Mobage Halloween 04.jpg
File:Mobage Halloween 05.jpg
== Christmas Special ==
Mobage had a Christmas special where the five anime girls were dressed up and playing for the festivities in December 2011.  Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are in this [[Mobage_Madoka_Magica_Mobile_Game#Christmas_Themed_Screenshots_and_Cards|gallery]]. You can view the Nico video for it [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16547639 here] or [http://video.niconico.com/watch/sm16547639 here] or you can download it from [http://www.mediafire.com/?22zglvxtvx42u7n here].
[[File:Mobage Holiday 01.jpg|400px]]
[[File:Mobage Holiday 02.jpg|380px]]
=== Christmas Themed Screenshots and Cards===
File:Mobage Holiday Card 5.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday Card 2.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday Card 4.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday Card 1.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday Card 3.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday 09.jpg
File:Mobage Holiday 10.jpg
== New Years Special ==
[[File:Mobage New Years Sayaka Horrible Fortune.jpg|thumb|50px]]
Mobage followed up with another special for New Years for the start of 2012. Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are in this [[Mobage_Madoka_Magica_Mobile_Game#Holiday_Themed_Screenshots_and_Cards|gallery]].  Video can viewed [http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17012487 here] or [http://www.mediafire.com/?dx7axml9ll2a5a8 downloaded].
[[File:Mobage New Years 11.jpg|400px]]
[[File:Mobage New Years 14.jpg|390px]]
=== Translation: Sayaka's Bad Fortune ===
For context, this takes place after arriving at a shrine for New Year's.  Everyone, including you as the player character, got various degrees of good fortune from their [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omikuji omikuji].  [[:Media:Mobage New Years Sayaka Horrible Fortune.jpg|This scene]] takes place with Sayaka receiving her fortune.
'''Kyoko''': Oh, good for you. Now let me guess, Sayaka's going to top us all off with a bad luck fortune, right? Ahahaha-...<br>
'''Sayaka''': "Horrible luck"... ''<small>[Editor's note: dai-kyō, (大凶) is the worst fortune you can get with an omikuji]</small>''<br>
'''Kyoko''': ! !<br>
'''Player''': Wow...so a horrible luck fortune really does exist...<br>
'''Sayaka''': "The person you are waiting for....won't come."<br>
'''Player''': Uwaa... Sayaka's seriously getting depressed...<br>
'''Kyoko''': I..it's just a piece of paper, it's no big deal! Give it to me. I'll go tie it on a tree for ya!<br>
'''Sayaka''': ...Will I end up alone this year..?<br>
'''Kyoko''': D..don't worry Sayaka, that won't happen. I'll...err...I'll stay with you!<br>
'''Player''': Looks like Kyoko's actually trying to cheer Sayaka up for once. Kind of a weird scene.<br>
=== New Year Themed Screenshots and Cards===
File:Mobage New Years 13.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 12.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 01.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 05.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 04.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 02.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 03.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 10.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 06.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 07.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 08.jpg
File:Mobage New Years 09.jpg
== Valentine's Day Special ==
Mobage had a Valentine's special in February 2012. The limited time event was available from February 10-20, 2012 (JST).
===Translation: Kyouko Gives Sayaka Valentine's Chocolate===
[[File:Kyosaya chocolate valentine.png|right|thumb|300px]]
[[File:KyoSaya valentines v2.gif|right|thumb|100px]]
Sayaka: Good evening.<br>
Player: Ah, Sayaka-chan!<br>
Sayaka: *laugh* Am I interrupting something? Just kidding!<br>
Kyouko: ...<br>
Sayaka: W-what?<br>
Kyouko: Did you actually give chocolate to someone?<br>
Sayaka: O-of course I did! Who do you think I am?<br>
Kyouko: Hmmm.<br>
Sayaka: They were so happy, they ate it all!<br>
Sayaka: They were happy...just that...was the...<br>
Kyouko: Here.<br>
Sayaka: !?<br>
Sayaka: T-this is...the chocolate you made?<br>
Kyouko: I've got no one else to give it to, so I'm giving it to you.<br>
Sayaka: Kyouko...<br>
Sayaka: I-<br>
Sayaka: I-I guess I've got no choice! Sayaka-chan will just have to accept it!<br>
Mami: Want to eat it together with some delicious tea?<br>
Sayaka: Thank you, Mami-san!<br>
Player: What a kind Valentine's Day...
=== Translation: Homura Gives Madoka Valentine's Chocolates ===
[[File:HomuMado mobage Valentine edited and translated.jpg|thumb|Original in [[:File:Mobage Valentines HomuMado dialogue.jpg|Japanese]]]]
Homura: Please take these.<br>
Madoka: This is Homura-chan's handmade chocolate?<br>
Madoka: No, I can't accept them!<br>
Madoka: These are important chocolates for Homura-chan's precious person, right?<br>
Homura: ...Yes, my most important friend.<br>
Homura: If it's alright with you, please accept them.<br>
Madoka: ...Sorry, I was always interested in who is receiving Homura-chan's chocolate.<br>
Homura: You are my best friend. No one is more important than you.<br>
Madoka: I'm not that great. But thank you. I also like/love <small>''[TN: daisuki]''</small> Homura-chan a lot.<br>
Madoka: Let's split this chocolate and eat them together!<br>
Homura: !? Eh, Eh...<br>
Homura: ...I should be the one to say "thank you." It's thanks to you that I'm having a wonderful valentine's.
=== Translation: Mami is Popular ===
Mami: Ara, [Player character]-chan, can I help you?<br>
Player: Uh..Mami-san, here..a token of my gratitude for always being there everyday..<br>
Mami: My! Thank you! I'm so happy...!<br>
Player: Huh..? There's a whole mountain of chocolates on the table over there...<br>
Mami: A, ahh...from friends and underclassmen...you know..<br>
Mami: If you don't mind, could you help me eat them? I don't think I can manage on my own...<br>
Kyouko: There's a lot of high quality chocolates here, it's awesome!<br>
Player: Ky-Kyouko-chan!?<br>
Mami: Sakura-san came to help me as well. Hold on, I'll get some drinks.<br>
Player: Wow.. Mami-san's so popular....
=== Valentine Themed Cards and More ===
File:Mobage_Valentine_Mami_is_Popular.jpg|Source for Mami is Popular
File:Mobage gif 1.gif
File:Mobage gif 2.gif
File:Mobage gif 3.gif
File:Mobage Valentine Homura 1.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Homura 4.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Homura 2.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Homura 3.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Madoka 1.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Madoka 2.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Mami 1.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Mami 2.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Kyouko 1.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Kyouko 2.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Sayaka 1.jpg
File:Mobage Valentine Sayaka 2.jpg
== Hinamatsuri Special ==
[[File:Translated and edited lines Being a Bride is a Girl's Dream.jpg|thumb|50px|[[:File:Mobage Hinamatsuri Dialogue.jpg|Japanese version]]]]
March 2012 Mobage special of [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinamatsuri Hinamatsuri], otherwise known as Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day. The limited time event is available from February 27-March 12, 2012 (JST).
=== Translation: Being a Bride is a Girl's Dream ===
Madoka: Wearing a kimono for the ceremony is nice, too. Being a bride is a girl's dream, after all!<br>
Mami: In that case Kaname-san, after the Hinamatsuri, you should hurry up and finish your hina dolls.<br>
Player: If you don't, you'll never be a bride.<br>
Homura: ....Don't worry, Madoka. ....When that time comes...<br><br><br><br><br><br>
=== Hinamatsuri Themed Cards and More ===
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 01.jpg
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 02.jpg
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 03.jpg
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 04.jpg
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 05.jpg
File:Mobage Hinamatsuri 06.jpg
== Hanagasumi Special ==
File:Mobage Hanagasumi Group.jpg
File:Mobage Hanagasumi Mami 01.jpg
File:Mobage Hanagasumi Kyoko 01.jpg
File:Mobage Hanagasumi Kyoko 02.jpg
===Homura and Madoka===
[[File:Madoka Mobage - Homura got lost.jpg|right|thumb|200px|[[:file:Hanagasumi Special homura madoka part 2.jpg|original in Japanese]]]]
H: Madoka...Where are you...!?
QB: Akemi Homura, looks like you've been separated. Why not use telepathy?
H: ...It doesn't matter. I don't mind going home like this.
H: ...But Madoka wouldn't like being alone. I'm only worried about that...
QB: Worried about Madoka? You are always like that.
H: I'm already lost, from a long time ago...
QB: ...What do you mean...
M: Homura-chan!!
H: ...Madoka?
M: *panting* Great, I finally found you...!
H: Madoka, why...? Where's the rest?
M: Sorry, I don't know. I've only been searching for Homura-chan all along.
H: You are out of breath. You should have left me alone.
M: What are you saying, Homura-chan.
M: If you are lost, you should stay put!
H: Madoka...
M: Homura-chan, please trust me...?
H: ...Eh?
[[File:Hanagasumi Special homura madoka part 1.jpg|right|200px]]
M: If Homura-chan ever becomes lost, like now, I will try my best to search for you.
M: I'm clumsy and slow, so I may take a long time...
M: But I'll definitely find you.
H: Madoka...
M: So please, trust me and wait for me.
M: Until I find Homura-chan, I will never give up.
H: ...Thank you, Madoka, thank you...
M: Tehehe, I'll find you sooner next time!!
QB: *Blablabla contract blablabla*
M: ...That's
H: ...Kyubey, shut up.
QB: Can you stop pointing at me with a gun? My my, humans are really illogical organisms.
M: Homura-chan, let's find the rest.
M: Can I hold your hand, so that we won't be separated again?
H: ...Yes, of course. Let's go, together...
== Summer Special ==
Madoka's Thrilling Summer Camp, a limited-time event available from May 17-28, 2012 (JST).
[[File:Madoka's Thrilling Summer Camp.jpg|thumb]]
File:mobage summer camp cards.jpg
File:witch of frogs.jpg|The witch of frogs, a new witch unique to the event.
File:witch of frogs's minions.jpg|The witch's minions.
== Tanabata Special ==
Summer Wish, a limited-time event available from July 5-17, 2012 (JST).
[[File:Summer wish.jpg|thumb]]
File:Madoka Tanabata Event Pic.jpeg
File:Witch of dreams.PNG|The witch of dreams, a new witch unique to the event, and her minions.
==Shopping Mall Special==
The Magic of Good Cheer, a limited-time event available from July 19-27, 2012 (JST).
[[File:Mobage shopping event title card.jpg|thumb]]
File:shopping madoka card 1.jpg
File:shopping madoka card 2.jpg
File:shopping homura card 1.jpg
File:shopping homura card 2.jpg
File:shopping sayaka card 1.jpg
File:shopping sayaka card 2.jpg
File:shopping mami card 1.jpg
File:shopping mami card 2.jpg
File:shopping kyouko card 1.jpg
File:shopping kyouko card 2.jpg
==Summer Special 2==
Memories of Summer, a limited-time event.
[[File:Summer Mobage special.jpeg|thumb]]
File:Mobage Summer Card Madoka1.jpeg
File:Mobage Summer Card Madoka2.jpeg
File:Mobage Summer Card Mami1.jpeg
File:Mobage Summer Card Mami2.jpeg
File:Mobage Summer Card Kyoko.jpeg
== See Also ==
* [[Translated_Official_Documents_Miscellaneous#Official_Guides.2C_Books_and_Games|Other official books, guides and games]]
* [[Translated_Official_Documents|Translated magazines]]
== External Links ==
*[http://wikiwiki.jp/mbga-madoka/ Mobage Wiki (Japanese)]
*[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dLhRe39sWbQ Official CM]
*[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2011/11/30-1/madoka-magica-mobage-game-reveals-four-new-characters CR on the New Characters]

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