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The official Madoka Magica website has released information on a new Mobage Puella Magi Madoka Magica free mobile game. The mobile url is and requires creating a logon.


Fight scene against Walpurgis

The game is set in the same background as that of the TV anime and some of the character relationships are connected. The player adopts the perspective of a magical girl who is found unconscious in Mitakihara Town by the five main anime characters.


It features the magical girl cast from the anime and four new magical girls to defeat witches and Walpurgisnacht. The game uses character designs, animation, and music from the anime as well as incorporating new designs and songs for the dialogue scenes. Characters are superdeformed or "chibi" in the fight scenes.

  • The game appears to use purchasable cards to unlock new attacks and items in the game. Players can also team up as 'Soul Mates' to defeat powerful enemies (which becomes more and more necessary later in the game).
  • The game features at least four new witches, including the witch of giraffes, the witch of sewing, and the witch of springtime.

For character cards, visit here and click the links on the side for each of the characters, Madoka (鹿目 まどか), Homura (暁美 ほむら), Sayaka (美樹 さやか), Mami (巴 マミ), Kyoko (佐倉 杏子), all other characters and witches (その他).

The Hollow Little Mermaid

There is a special Sayaka-centric scenario called "The Hollow Little Mermaid", available as part of a limited-time special event. Four new magical girls appear in the scenario, named Elise, Claire, Hiyori and Komachi.

  • Elise fights with summoning magic. Her personality makes her very well-liked. She became a magical girl to help her parents deal with the grief they had over the death of her sister.
  • Claire fights with lightning. She has a quiet and gentle personality. She became a magical girl because she was lonely from being ignored by her parents.
  • Hiyori fights with music. She has a calm and gentle demeanor. Her wish was to improve musical ability with her harp.
  • Komachi fights with naginata swords. She's a cheerful girl. Her wish was to fix a limited life expectancy from an unknown and incurable disease.

After defeating them in the scenario, their respective cards can be used in battle.

Mobile Game Elise.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 2.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 3.jpg Mobile Game New Girl 4.jpg

The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time

There is a special Homura-centric scenario called "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time", available as a limited-time special event. The scenario covers the events of Homura's time loops as seen in Episode 10.

Story and Gameplay Videos

  • There are several videos of the main story cutscenes, currently up to 'episode' 37.
  • Additionally, there are two videos that cover Sayaka's "Hollow Little Mermaid" scenario, and one that covers Homura's "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time" scenario (downloadable here).
  • Video of battle gameplay and special attacks in various outfits for regular gameplay as well as special events.

Note: If you do not have a Nico account to view these videos, you can use a free viewer or download them here (episodes 1-37 and battle gameplay) and here ("Hollow Little Mermaid" scenarios) and special attack gameplay.

Chapter titles

Main Story

It's possible these titles may change due to gameplay. These are rough translations from the Nico videos.

Episode Original title Translation
1 じきに分かるわ You'll Understand Soon
2 魔法少女同士で…ってこと You're a Fellow Magical the Thing
3 私の嫁にしてやるのだ I'll Make You My Wife
4 もう心配はいらない You Don't Have to Worry Anymore
5 優しいね You're So Kind
6 否定はしないわ I Won't Deny It
7 どこまでバカなんだよ You're Such an Idiot
8 子供なのかなぁ Am I a Kid?
9 わたし、いくね I'll Be Going
10 戻ってきたのね I've Come Back
11 見守ってくれてたの I've Been Watching Over You
12 その子のためにも、ね It's for Her Too, Isn't It?
13 魔法少女の願い事について About a Magical Girl's Wish
14 大事な親友だもん Because She's My Best Friend
15 みんな一緒って、いいなって It's Great That We're All Together
16 私たちにしか出来ないこと Things Nobody Can Do But Us
17 助けられないのかな…? Can't We Help...?
18 みんなのことを助けたいよ I Want to Help Everyone
19 あなたには関係ない It's None of Your Business
20 私が保証するよ I Guarantee It
21 自分自身のこと Myself
22 さやかちゃんの願い事…って Sayaka-chan's Wish
23 たくさん食べてね Eat as Much as You Want
24 そんなわけ、ないか That's Not True
25 魔法少女の契約を取り結ぶ僕の役目 Making Magical Girl Contracts is My Duty
26 逃られない運命 An Inescapable Fate
27 あなたの力が必要なの We Need Your Power
28 みんなに教えてあげよう I'll Tell Everybody
29 みんな、仲間でしょ… We're All Friends...
30 この笑顔を信じたい I Want to Have Faith in This Smile
31 無理はしちゃダメよ You Mustn't Push Yourself So Hard
32 もう二度と Never Again
33 きっと、分かってくれるはず Surely, You'll Understand
34 自分の力だけを信じなさい Believe In Your Power Alone
35 みんなで、頑張ろう Let's Do Our Best
36 私、やり直してみるね… I'll Try to Start Over...
37 こちらも好きにさせてもらうよ Do As You Like Here, Too

Event "The Hollow Little Mermaid"

Episode Original title Translation
1 後悔してない はずなのに Even Though I Shouldn't Feel Regret
2 本当の気持ちと付き合えますか Will You Follow Your True Feelings?
3 あなたたちはだれ? Who are You?
4 魔法少女対魔法少女 Magical Girl vs. Magical Girl
5 どうして戦うの Why Do We Fight?
6 あなたの戦う理由はなに? What Are You Fighting For?
7 心のありか Where Your Heart Is
8 助けたいよ I Want to Help
9 たった一度のチャンス Only One Chance
10 こんな戦い方はダメだよ We Can't Fight Like This
11 あたしっで、ほんとバカ I Really am an Idiot

Event "The Magical Girl Who Leapt Through Time"

Episode Original title Translation
Prologue 彼女を守る私になりたい I Want To Be Someone Who Will Protect Her
1 ふつつか者ですが Even Though She's an Amateur
2 私は私なのに Although I'm Myself
3 名前を呼んで欲しいな I Want Someone to Call My Name
4 頑張れ、ほむらちゃん! Do Your Best, Homura-chan!
5 戦いは怖くない、ですか? Isn't Fighting Scary?
6 奇跡ってのはタダじゃないんだ Miracles Aren't Free
7 後悔してるわけじゃないから Because I Have No Regrets
8 みんな、キュウベえに騙されてる! We've All Been Tricked by Kyubey!
9 こんなの、あんまりだよ…… This is Too Much...
10 みんなで笑い合えるはずだもん We're All Supposed to Smile Together

Screenshot Samples

Mobile Game New Girls SS.png

Some examples screenshots of character dialogues.

Do you now understand the difference in our strength? You guys can't protect the city. Retreat.

Why... I cannot understand the reason I lost.

Huh... No way, to think I lost against them.

I lose.

Mobile Game Elise S1.jpg
I don't understand what you can do with that awkward posture. Good. Let's you see how I fight against it.

Mobile Game Madoka S1.png
Ah! Madoka-chan threw Kyoko-chan's soul gem far away.

Note: This dialogue is an example of how events can differ from the anime. In the anime, Madoka threw Sayaka's soulgem away.

Main Storyline and Limited-Time Event Screenshots

Main Storyline New Witches

Sports Day Special

Sports Day was one of the first limited-time Mobage special events. It features the five anime magical girls in a "slice-of-life" story where they compete in school athletics. Like all special events, there are special character cards and cutscenes.

Sports Day Themed Screenshots and Cards

Halloween Special

There was a special Mami tea-party for Halloween. Only Homura and Madoka had new outfits for this special's cards, with future specials giving special outfits for the rest of the girls.

Halloween Themed Cards

Christmas Special

Mobage had a Christmas special where the five anime girls were dressed up and playing for the festivities in December 2011. Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are in this gallery. You can view the Nico video for it here or here or you can download it from here.

Mobage Holiday 01.jpg Mobage Holiday 02.jpg

Christmas Themed Screenshots and Cards

New Years Special

Mobage New Years Sayaka Horrible Fortune.jpg

Mobage followed up with another special for New Years for the start of 2012. Examples of their dialogue scenes, holiday cards and more cut scenes are in this gallery. Video can viewed here or downloaded.

Mobage New Years 11.jpg Mobage New Years 14.jpg

Translation: Sayaka's Bad Fortune

For context, this takes place after arriving at a shrine for New Year's. Everyone, including you as the player character, got various degrees of good fortune from their omikuji. This scene takes place with Sayaka receiving her fortune.

Kyoko: Oh, good for you. Now let me guess, Sayaka's going to top us all off with a bad luck fortune, right? Ahahaha-...
Sayaka: "Horrible luck"... [Editor's note: dai-kyō, (大凶) is the worst fortune you can get with an omikuji]
Kyoko: ! !
Player: a horrible luck fortune really does exist...
Sayaka: "The person you are waiting for....won't come."
Player: Uwaa... Sayaka's seriously getting depressed...
Kyoko:'s just a piece of paper, it's no big deal! Give it to me. I'll go tie it on a tree for ya!
Sayaka: ...Will I end up alone this year..?
Kyoko: D..don't worry Sayaka, that won't happen. I'll...err...I'll stay with you!
Player: Looks like Kyoko's actually trying to cheer Sayaka up for once. Kind of a weird scene.

New Year Themed Screenshots and Cards

Valentine's Day Special

Mobage had a Valentine's special in February 2012. The limited time event was available from February 10-20, 2012 (JST).

Mobage Valentines HomuMado dialogue.jpg

Translation: Homura Gives Madoka Valentine's Chocolates

Homura: Please take these.
Madoka: This is Homura-chan's handmade chocolate?
Madoka: No, I can't accept them!
Madoka: These are important chocolates for Homura-chan's precious person, right?
Homura: ...Yes, my most important friend.
Homura: If it's alright with you, please accept them.
Madoka: ...Sorry, I was always interested in who is receiving Homura-chan's chocolate.
Homura: You are my best friend. No one is more important than you.
Madoka: I'm not that great. But thank you. I also like/love [TN: daisuki] Homura-chan a lot.
Madoka: Let's split this chocolate and eat them together!
Homura: !? Eh, Eh...
Homura: ...I should be the one to say "thank you." It's thanks to you that I'm having a wonderful valentine's.

Translation: Mami is Popular

Mami: Ara, [Player character]-chan, can I help you?
Player: Uh..Mami-san, here..a token of my gratitude for always being there everyday..
Mami: My! Thank you! I'm so happy...!
Player: Huh..? There's a whole mountain of chocolates on the table over there...
Mami: A, ahh...from friends and know..
Mami: If you don't mind, could you help me eat them? I don't think I can manage on my own...
Kyouko: There's a lot of high quality chocolates here, it's awesome!
Player: Ky-Kyouko-chan!?
Mami: Sakura-san came to help me as well. Hold on, I'll get some drinks.
Player: Wow.. Mami-san's so popular....

Valentine Themed Cards and More

Hinamatsuri Special

Mobage Hinamatsuri Dialogue.jpg

March 2012 Mobage special of Hinamatsuri, otherwise known as Japanese Doll Festival or Girls' Day. The limited time event is available from February 27-March 12, 2012 (JST).

Translation: Being a Bride is a Girl's Dream

Madoka: Wearing a kimono for the ceremony is nice, too. Being a bride is a girl's dream, after all!
Mami: In that case Kaname-san, after the Hinamatsuri, you should hurry up and finish your hina dolls.
Player: If you don't, you'll never be a bride.
Homura: ....Don't worry, Madoka. ....When that time comes...

Hinamatsuri Themed Cards and More

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