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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online is a multi-player browser-based freemium game based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica settings. It is open for play, with some regional access restrictions. The game is free to play but Platinum coupons for a slim chance to get premium items and Action Point immediate restoration items are purchasable from the cash shop.

Current Events

News and Announcements

Next Maintenance:
{DAY} days {HOUR} hours {MINUTE} minutes {SECOND} seconds
The teaser site has been updated with new info and a video trailer! See the Madoka Magica Online Updates page for details.

For details go here: Madoka Magica Online Events

  • 4/30: A bug which prevented players from entering quests has been fixed.
  • 4/30: You can now send mail to anyone. Open their profile and look for the leftmost of the three buttons at the bottom.
  • 4/26: Due to the numerous delays to the large update, the devs will be rolling out smaller updates piece by piece. The April update will re-implement the Gold Kyubey Box. The friends list has been increased to 70, and inventory capacity has been increased by 10. More updates will be announced at the end of May.
  • 4/25: A review of opinions and requests for new features has been published.
  • 4/27: The mail function will be improved to allow you to send mail to players who aren't on your friends list. A mail button will be added at the bottom of their profile screen.
  • 4/22: New Event Quests have been added featuring Gertrud.

Meguca Guild News

The teaser site has been updated for 2014. See Madoka Magica Online Updates for information about teams, which will serve as guilds.

Guild announcements will go here. There will also be a guide to the guild UI when it's released. In accordance with the spreadsheet ("In the spirit of MaMO, guild leader should be chosen by appealing to Madokami-sama with a die roll.") (The spreadsheet doesn't say that anymore since this all happened last year) I rolled a die and got a 6, so whether by coincidence or fate, a new magical girl story begins.

Discuss details in the thread or contact me directly on IRC (when I'm not idling). Triella ~KM 07:52, 3 November 2012 (UTC)

  • Swords have been declared the official weapons of the Shadow guild.

Guild names suggested last year:

  • Meguca (All servers)
  • Meduka (Rose)
Coobie (Rose overflow)
Brazilian Night (Rose overflow)
  • Kyaku (Silver) (changed from Kyusiko)
  • Seyiku (Shadow)
  • Hameru (Dark)
  • Mumi (Mermaid)

Maintenance Changes:

Maintenance Changes: 9/10

New/Addition Contents:

  • QB Box related:
Platinum Box
Rarity UU:
Weapons: UU Semiramide
Rarity U:
Meguca: U Sayaka Miki
Weapons: U Sayaka's Sword, U Judith's Sabre, U Icicle Sword, U Night Walker, U Goddess' Golden Axe, U Haute Clerc, U Legendary King's Golden Sword, U Highest Purple
Skills: U Struggling Sayaka, U Despairing Sayaka, U Pajamas Sayaka, U Megucas' Care
Rarity SS:
Weapons: SS Rebel's Tooth, SS Armor Crusher, SS Ice Blade Frosty, SS Sun's Sword, SS Sea Beast's Axe, SS Schwarz Ritter, SS Yatou Shindan, SS Library, SS Michael, SS Lucifer
Skills: SS Unlimited Blade, SS Magical Girls' Cheer Dance
Rarity S:
Weapons: S Black Line, S Dragon Slayer, S Life Rover, S Yatou Shinjyu, S Gaia Break, S Saint Flame, S Flame Pain
  • Raid related:
Raid Event "Walpurgis Night 10th Night" will be commenced.
The following Raid-related Achievements will be updated.
  • Raid Points
  • Ranking
Raid Boss Encounter Rate Increase Bonus Time Quest will be appeared.
Rare Raid Boss's Item Drop Rate will be increased to 1.5x times more.
  • System related:
Weapon Fusion 1.5x EXP will be commenced.
PVP points and rank will be resetted.
The following meguca series will be available for "Magical Transformation Tickets" exchanges in conjunction with "Pre 1 Year Anniversary Campaign":
Rarity SS
World Tour Series, Wedding Series, School Girl Series, Winter Series,
Rarity S
Original Megucas, Oriko Mikuni, Kazumi, Yuma Chitose, Umika Misaki, Kirika

Closing Contents:

  • System related:
The following promotion pack sales will be ended.
  • Event Pack 1,000
  • Event Pack 3,000
  • Event Pack 5,000
Lucky Chance 1.5x rate will be ended.

Maintenance Changes: 9/3 (Maintenance End Note)

9/3 New addition cards

New/Addition Contents:

  • QB Box related:
Special Box
Removals: EX New Type Series Vol. 11.
Platinum Box
Rarity UU:
Weapons: UU Gaeta Algenta
Rarity U:
Weapons: U Yggdrasil, U Night Walker
Skills: U Pajamas Sayaka, U End of Mami, U Happily After School
Rarity SS:
Meguca: SS Mami Tomoe (Arabia), SS Mami Tomoe (Cooking Club), SS Mami Tomoe (School Girl), SS Halloween Mami
Skills: SS Magical Girls' Cheer Dance, SS Dazzling Magic, SS Bow-shooting Homura
Additions: UU Semiramide, U Sayaka's Sword, U Judith's Sabre, U Struggling Sayaka, U Sayaka Miki, Anti-Chapter 10 Raid Bosses bane weapons.
Gold/Silver Event Box
Removals: Anti-Chapter 9 Raid Bosses bane musket.
Additions: Anti-Chapter 10 Raid Bosses bane spear.
The following Box will be removed.
  • Chara Box
The following Box will be added.
  • 1st Anniversary Box
The following items are scheduled to be deleted on 9/3 maintenance:
  • Limited Silver Event Tickets
  • Kyubey Medals
  • Quest related:
Event Quest Renewal
Event Quest's Achievement will be added.
  • System related:
Item list that can be exchanged by Kyubey Medals will be updated.
PVP points and rank will be resetted.
Co-op will be released for a limited amount of time.
Co-op duration: 9/3 - 9/10, 7:00 pm JST to 9:00 pm JST.
The following promotion pack sales has been added.
  • Event Pack 1,000
  • Event Pack 3,000
  • Event Pack 5,000

Closing Contents:

  • Raid related:
Raid event "Walpurgis Night 9th Night" will be ended.
The following Raid-related Achievements will be ended.
  • Raid Points
  • Ranking
Raid Boss "Walpurgis Night" 1.5x encounter rate will be ended.
  • System related:
Skill Fusion exp 1.5x will be ended.
The following promotion pack sales will be ended.
  • Raid Support Pack 500
  • Raid Support Pack 3000
  • Raid Support Pack 5000
The following meguca series will no longer be available for "Magical Transformation Ticket" exchanges:
  • Historical Play Series


Getting Started

The Home/Lobby UI.

There are five worlds (servers), each named after a witch: Shadow (シャドウ), Rose (ローズ), Dark (ダーク), Silver (シルバー), and Mermaid (マーメイド). Mermaid is only available to Yahoo users, while the other four are available to either GG or Nico users. Once you choose one, your account will be locked in to it. For a list of players on each world, see the Meguca Online Spreadsheet, which also contains the Suffering Calculator and Weapon Damage Calculator.



  • If you get an Apache 2/CentOS test page(previous) or a Forbidden 403 error(current), you may need to use a proxy to bypass IP blocks. Certain blocks only apply to the signup and login areas, so some users have been able to log in with proxies and switch to direct connections after world server selection screen.
  • The game will load a large cinematic the first time you play. This can cause extended loading times in excess of 5 minutes, and you may need to relaunch the game if your connection to the server fails during loading, causing you to become stuck at the loading screen.
  • If the game is freezing when you try to enter pvp or co-op, or when you try to access any feature changed in a recent maintenance, try clearing your browser's cache and restarting the game.
  • If you frequently get the "server can't get status" error while using the QB Box or weapon synthesis, try using a different browser. There has been a case where the error persisted after handling the cache and cookies, but was fixed by switching from Chrome to Firefox. It is speculated that in such cases the error can prevent you from receiving some items, so don't ignore these errors.
  • If the game will not load after re-logging in after your first time, it might be because of your character name. Try creating a new account with a character name using only 'normal' characters (A-Z, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana with no spaces, underscores or other funny characters). Might be related to the following point.
  • The chat and automessage systems don't allow some common characters such as spaces and periods. You'll get an error message if you try to use them. Some English swearing is also blocked. Note that the double width question mark works, but the normal one doesn't.
    • Allowed: ~`!@#&<>=?
    • Illegal: .$%^*()-,/':"?-- space
    • Also allowed: ´・ω・`:。β★◆●【】※・ー一!)(「」┃○‐
  • Mobile users may be able to play by using software such as Teamviewer to remotely run the game on a PC. The browser Puffin from iDevices has been reported to be able to play the full game, including battles that fail on most mobile devices, but you must mute the music before closing the game or else it will continue playing.


  • For people who bought their Charlotte or Walpurgis mini-nendroid, please make sure you empty your accessories slot before entering your serial-number.
  • In-game mail from other players will be automatically deleted after 10 days.
  • Some presents, such as items found in quests while your inventory was full, will expire after a short time. Make sure to retrieve your presents quickly.
  • Presents from special events are often sent some time after maintenance ends, not immediately after the servers come up. Presents can expire before the time listed in the presents window entry.
  • The game constantly transfers data through and any downloads or uploads to it that take too long will cause you to disconnect. The timeout has switched between 5 and 30 seconds, and is currently believed to be 30 seconds.
    • It was 5 seconds until the 11/21 maintenance, 30 until 11/28, 5 until 12/4, and 30 following the 12/4 maintenance. Changes in the limit have greatly affected the number of disconnections players experience.
    • When initially entering the game, you must transfer about 40KB within the time limit. Prior to 11/28, it was 167.17KB. The developers appear to have reduced the size of each transfer to prevent disconnections.
    • Cheat Engine can be used to reduce the game's speed, tricking it into giving players more time to transfer data, which reduces the number of disconnects. This can be particularly useful at the end of a PVP match, when disconnections and freezes are likely to happen.
    • If you are having trouble connecting, make sure that nothing is interfering with your access to the gateway IP.


  • Some users have found that the game runs better in Chrome than Firefox.
    • However, other users have solved errors by using Firefox instead. Try a variety of browsers if you're having trouble playing. Reports indicate that the IE10 and Apple Flash engines may perform better than Firefox as well.
  • Reducing the game's graphics quality can dramatically lower CPU load.
  • If you're getting disconnected frequently, avoid using flash-based sites in other browser tabs or running P2P applications such as bittorrent in the background.
  • High server load can cause issues such as being stuck at a loading screen or getting stuck with a grayed out screen while trying to load a menu.


  • If you get the error pictured below while trying to open a Kyubey BOX, your inventory is full. You can have only a limited number of each type of card (weapons, clothes, accessories, skills). Sell some to make room. The numbers along the side of the Kyubey BOX screen tell you how much space you have left in each card category.
    • If you still can't open the box after making sure you have space in all 4 card categories, check your presents. Open the history screen from the lobby (icon: papers with quill pen). Go to the packages tab and collect the card that was withheld due to the inventory being full. After clearing your inventory and packages, Kyubey BOXes should work again. Presents that must be opened often have the word "BOX" in their descriptions.

Teaser site

Main article: Madoka Secret Project

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