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Images and art related to the Madoka Magica Online game.

Gameplay Screenshots

Fan Art

Image Translation
1348279574907.jpg1348279574907-english.jpg Way to go, playah!! You got an SS swimsuit!!

BANG + 500

Listen... Kyoko-chan. If it's a swimsuit only I can wear, it's trash. I've told you this eight times already, haven't I, Kyoko-chan? Are you listening?

Ahh!! We got 10 AP now, Kyoko-chan!! Let's go kill us some magical girls, Kyoko-chan!! We gotta earn back those tickets we used!! Hurry up and prepare your equipment, Kyoko-chan!!

FUCKDAMNSHITCUNTS!! Their parties are all 665666, Kyoko-chan!! The hell! What happened to all the solo magical girls!? The hell's going on, Kyoko-chan!? sdfljksfljlsddfsfd Kyoko-chan!!? alsdkjflksadfjsdlkj jlk ksdf l sdfajlk sf a

1348280030551.jpg1348810570220.jpg Mami-san Eating Gyuudon

Mami-san Sucking the Bone Marrow of a Water Buffalo Mami-san Ordering More Beer

Kyoko-chan... The chances of getting S and SS cards went up, and yet all I'm getting are S cards of the meat girl. The only "Enjoying Summer CP" cards I get are Mami-san's too, aren't they? Kyoko-chan? Hey, Kyoko-chan? A lot of the S Skill cards are Mami-san's too, huh. Now... let's drink our medicine and go hunt some magical girls. Okay, Kyoko-chan? Kyoko-chan...

1348306461970.jpg !

Puh-cawww! So excited

Did you think it was an SS card!? Too bad! It was just Sayaka-chan~!

Pahhhhhh ...huh? Why does she look so happy?

Extracted Images

General Gallery