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Information about quests, PvP, stats, and mechanics in Madoka Magica Online.

Gameplay Mechanics

Probabilities of reaching a target square from different starting squares. The best chance is from 5 spaces away.


  • Always make sure that you have inserted any newly acquired party members before starting a quest. N-class party members and the levels you acquire them are as follows: Lv.2 Homura, Lv.5 Sayaka, Lv.10 Kyoko, Lv.15 Madoka, Lv.20 Mami-san.
  • You will also receive an R-class clone of your party member after reaching these levels: Lv.25 Homura, Lv.30 Sayaka, Lv.35 Kyoko, Lv. 40 Madoka, Lv. 45 Mami. They will have higher stats than your original megucas, and putting the same character (e.g. both R-class and N-class Homus) in your party is possible.
  • Sometimes there are special events that enable you to obtain additional party members by meeting some criteria by some deadline. These include, and not limited to, achieving some amount of PvP points before the PvP reset, collecting a certain set of items, defeating a certain boss, getting lucky when rolling the Platinum Box during the event period, spending a certain amount of real money on the game, etc.


  • It is highly recommended that you spend your level-up stat points on Defense first, and add HP once Defense becomes too expensive. A point of attack increases damage dealt by 1. Defense decreases damage taken by 1.
    • Stat points allocated to attack make very little difference once you have a powerful weapon, since adding 1 damage to a large number is a tiny percentage increase.
    • Defense becomes better as your defense total becomes larger relative to the opponent's attack: 100 defense reduces a 300 hit to 200 (33%) but an additional 100 defense reduces a 200 hit to 100 (50%).
    • Alternatively, if PvP (short-term) survival is the main goal one can put all stat points into HP rather than attack or defense. Increasing the HP stat results in a +20 HP bonus, while raising defense results in a +3 bonus.
  • For normal questing, a DEF stat skill card is recommended because the stage boss usually possesses high HP, deals low damage per hit, and targets the character with the most HP every time.
  • Weapon damage formula: ((Level - 1) x multiplier + 1) x initial value. See the items page for more details.
  • Weapons come in various grades, which have different initial attack levels. The number of gem slots is also randomized, and gem slots can be added while upgrading a weapon.
  • The following are some example effective health values (to kill a character, you must deal pre-mitigation damage equal to her effective health):
    • N-Homu lv 21: 796HP + 159DEF = 955EH, so you'll need at least 955 ATK to one-shot her.
    • R-Homu lv 1: 847HP + 170DEF = 1017EH
    • N-Madoka lv 18 with a +HP card: 970HP + 158DEF = 1128EH
    • Player lv 25 with Madoka CP and a scarf: 1220HP + 251DEF = 1471EH
    • If you're using all RR gear, a level 16 weapon with an ATK card can one-shot the first two or three examples depending on grade.
  • Critical hits deal 25% extra damage.
  • SS characters have 325 atk, 325 def, 1386 hp.
  • Powerup potions, including the ATK and DEF potions found in PvP and A world, only apply to base stats, not stats from your equipped cards. This means potions can change the order in which your characters are attacked in PvP, and ATK potion add only a small amount of damage.


  • Click the target icon at the top of the screen to begin questing. The grief seed over the city leads to a list of quests.
  • You've got 50 max AP. It takes 10 AP to do a quest. AP regenerates 1 per 5 minutes. You also get full AP upon level up. If you have spare AP when you're close to leveling, spend it in battle mode so it won't be wasted.
  • The experience points obtained from each maze increases with the stage level, for example for level 1 the exp. is 100, level 2 is 110, and level 3 is 120.
  • If you fail a quest, the amount of coins and exp you get is proportional to the amount of damage you did to the boss, or 10% if you have exhausted all the turns for that stage without encountering the boss.
  • Defense is an effective stat against powerful bosses. Consider stacking defense if you're having trouble beating a level.
  • In PvE, enemies will attack the character with the highest current HP.
  • A World is a questing area whose levels are A-1, A-2, etc and feature more powerful versions of the bosses of previous areas. This is a permanent addition to the game, but you can receive a limited time only exclusive green dress for beating A-5 by September 26 (dress to be delivered on October 3). A levels give as much experience as the regular levels they are based off.
    • A-1 boss: 511 attack, 788 defense, 34804 hp, 3 attacks per turn
    • A-2 boss: 544 attack, 934 defense, 56040 hp, 4 attacks per turn

Battle Mode/PvP

  • To obtain purple kyupons (better chance to get rare cards) in large numbers, the player will have to use "play with others/battle mode" (accessible from the home screen, costs 10AP per play), which is similar to PvP (opponents are the characters of other players, but they're controlled by NPC AI).
  • The number of cards received increases with the number of players defeated and the current rank level, and the rank level point is obtained by defeating at least one player per play. The player will also obtain coins that could be used to upgrade weapons.
  • PVP points reset usually once every 2 weeks (see the front page for the remaining time in the cycle). If it is currently the start of the cycle, it is recommended to get to A rank (1500) points as soon as possible. This way you have more time to reap the excellent quantity of A rank purples and gold, and avoid having to compete in lower ranks with other 6-meguca parties (many speed runners are familiar with the concept of 'soloing').
  • Check the official news page for the PVP point threshold rewards. This may help determine whether to use an AP pot or not.
  • Players are encouraged to only leave one person in the party when not playing, so as to allow other players to win easily in the "play with others" match. This is called ソロ放置 or 紳士放置 by the elevenese players. No penalty will be given if your character lost.
    • To prevent accidentally going into battle with only 1 party member, changing your character's weapon (or clothes) so it stands out in the lobby screen will help to remind you to rearrange your party.
    • There is a trick for making it easier to reassemble your party. First, make a bookmark of the current client browser. Second, open the bookmark using your browser, which should not open a new window. You will now have two clients open, open the "party management" tab using both clients. Using the first client, disband your party, click "apply" then close the client. Using the second client, only "rearrange" the order of your party member (e.g swap homu and sayaka from 2nd to 3rd slot) which will still keep all equipped cards on the party member. You can now only click "apply" when you return to play the game later, and your party settings will be restored. ***NOTE: Disconnection however could cause the original party configuration to be lost.
    • As of 10/11, the PvP system will update your party status even when you're online. It's possible for your PvP opponent list to contain a solo player who adds their party back in after your list was last updated, so you'll end up fighting their entire party, even though the list said they were solo.

  • In PvP, both sides will always target the character with the lowest defense, so you want your characters with better weapons to have some defense. You want your characters with the weakest weapons to have attack or HP cards.
  • One random character in the player's party will always attack first, so making sure all your party members could 1-kill the opponent is a good strategy.
  • When several parties land on the same space, your opponent will be selected according to the order in which they appeared in the PvP selection menu where you chose opponents. The ones higher in the list go first, so if there's two parties of 1 and one party of 6, choose a party of 6 from the bottom of the list so you'll fight the party of 1 first.
  • Characters with special attacks triggering will attack earlier than characters in the same party using regular attacks. This can be used to affect the order in which your girls attack, so you can make your lowest defense character strike first.
  • In PvP, battles usually end up being one-hit KO contests so increasing your ATK (via weapon upgrades or cards) until you can one-hit opponents is the best strategy. Once you're able to one-shot opponents, equip HP cards instead of defense, since the larger HP values are most effective against one or two incoming hits.
  • If your weapons are powerful enough, area of effect (AoE) skill cards can be useful to take out multiple megucas at once. However, be aware that other parties might also be using AoE.
  • Occasionally there is an event period that enables your party to fully regenerate/revive after each fight with an opposing party. This makes it much easier to fight multiple 6-meguca parties.

  • Rank points required to increase the rank level are: Rank C:120 (formerly 200), Rank B:600, Rank A:1500. These values were updated in the 10/10 maintenance, which introduced the new system in which ranks are reset periodically and rewards are given out based on the rating achieved before each reset, and the 11/14 maintenance. See the events page for rewards for each period.
  • If you're losing a match and you're willing to sacrifice the consolation tickets and coins in order to avoid losing rating, restart the game and choose not to continue the quest (left button). You will be sent to the lobby with no rewards or penalties.

Rewards given at the end of each PvP match:

Rank Opponents defeated Rating change Special tickets Coins
D 0 -5 2 1000
D 1 +10 2 3000
D 2 +15 4 5000
D 3 +24 6 7000
C 0 -8 2 1000
C 1 +12 3 5000
C 2 +18 5 7000
C 3 +28 8 10000
B 0 -12 2 1000
B 1 +14 4 7000
B 2 +21 7 10000
B 3 +33 11 15000
A 0 -18 2 1200
A 1 +17 5 10000
A 2 +25 11 15000
A 3 +40 17 20000

Between the first reset and the 11/28 maintenance, PvP opponents were chosen from a master list that orders all eligible characters based on the times when their accounts were created. The higher someone is in the master list, the more likely they are to appear in other players' PvP lists, provided they have compatible ranks and levels. This system results in a small number of players appearing in everyone's lists once ranks have stabilized, but more girls can appear following a rank reset or level cap change.

The 11/28 maintenance changed the way PvP lists are generated. It's not yet clear whether it's simply a display change or whether different methods are being used to select who appears on the list.


  • You get purple kyupons for clearing a quest within 2 turns for most of the earlier quests (The purple kyupons can only be claimed in this manner twice for each level). If you can kill the boss in one round in earlier levels, you can get kyupons for completing these achievements.
    • As of the 11/28 update, witch battles take place continuously instead of taking up one round per turn. This makes it easier to complete these achievements.
  • You get bonuses such as coins, variety kyupons, and weapons for clearing stages multiple times. For level 1 you need to clear 3 times, level 2: 5 times, level 3: 7 times, level 4: 10 times.


  • While rolling dice, if you let the timer run out, in PvP the game will roll for you. Originally, on a Godoka roll it would take whatever was highlighted when the timer ran out (1 is highlighted by default), but an update made it choose 6 by default.
  • You can only have a maximum of 9,999,999 coins.
  • You can only have 999 of each type of kyupon.
  • The rating change following a PvP match is locked in when you click the button on the PvP confirmation screen pictured below. If you leave the game before clicking that button, your rating won't change, even if you were losing.