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Madoka Magica Online

Secret Project Revealed 02.jpg

In a separate time axis
from the one where Madoka became an extra-dimensional entity.
There, five magical girls still fought against the witches.

They still try to defeat every witch and familiar of this world,
as well as Walpurgisnacht.
Yes, in this time axis,
In order to defeat the witches, the five have become one.

Despair and prayer.
Reality and parallel reality.
Trust and betrayal.
A moment and an eternity.

Your will, and the determination of the five magical girls
will become one
in order to fulfill the wishes of all time.

In this time axis' world, will Mami be saved?
Will it end without Madoka's disappearance?

Come forth, with the world-saving wish in your heart,
Embark on a journey, hand in hand with the five magical girls.

Gameplay style

Secret Project Strategy-p Header.jpg

The game is centered around the anime story. Players will be allowed to create their own magical girl, and form a team with the original five magical girls from the cast. Kyubey is not playable, but exists as an instructor who explains when events occur. The game will feature a 6 player party system, using your original character or the cast characters. Parties can be made of any combination of original characters and cast characters (pending future updates that will implement co-op features).

Players can freely travel around Mitakihara alone or with a party as they finish quests, in a way similar to 'Sugoroku'. There will be quests centered around past and future magical girls. Certain quests may require certain cast characters, or a certain amount of players. Players will be put into separate servers in the game and each instance only contains up to 6 players at a time. When each player finishes all their quests, they may participate in a massive raid against Walpurgis Night that exceeds 6 players (not yet implemented). As the player progresses through the game, their apparel will become stronger and level up as they combine items to create better ones. The game is free-to-play with an item store.

There are 6 parts which can be customized by players. Players can change the weapons, clothes, accessories, and skill cards of their magical girls. Rare clothes and accessories may also improve her abilities. Even the 5 main cast magical girls can change weapons in game. Special finishing move attacks however, can only be used by the player's character and their respective canon characters (e.g. Gun type special attacks can only be used by players and Homuhomu), so if the player wants to use the special attack cards, he will have to equip the canon characters with their original weapons.


You are a newly contracted magical girl. After fighting a familiar, you encountered Mami and her teammates, and were quickly integrated into their circle. Only Homu is as cryptic as ever, and somewhat of a spoil sport. She thinks you could be her secret weapon against Walpurgis.

Together, you and your new friends do heroic things like rescuing puppies from a barrier. Madoka wonders whether witches really kiss their victims. You try on cute clothes and exchange weapons. Life is good, but you never know if there's an episode 3 around the corner...

See Madoka Magica Online Story for in-game dialogue (which contains spoilers).

Game Information

Image Translation
Mmo3.jpg What is your wish?

What would you do if... just if, okay? What would you do if you were told you could be granted any wish if you became a magical girl?

In exchange for getting a wish granted, you become a magical girl and must act upon a certain mission. The mission...?

Bubbles: I want to fulfill my family's wishes

I want to live forever

I want to save those who suffer

Mmo4.jpg Your first step as a magical girl

You've taken your first step as a magical girl. Along the way, you learned about your mission and met magical girls you never knew

Homu: We need your help

The plot develops like the show, but the result...

Mmo5.jpg Now, let's go on a barrier hunt!

The stage is set in the witch-made board game-style map... the Witches' Barriers. Various events wait for you in the places you stop.

Mami: It sorta feels like the dice decide your fate, huh?

Get items from treasure chests! Collaborate to defeat enemies!

Mmo6.jpg Finally, the long-awaited witch confrontation!

Complete each clear condition in the witch's barrier, and confront a witch from the original show!! Clear it nicely, and earn a variety of useful items and rewards.

Kyoko: Just gotta beat the crap outta them, am I right?

Try to conquer the witch together Succeed, and...

Mmo7.jpg Synthesize with cards! Make them stronger and stronger!

You can use the cards and rewards you obtain in witch barriers to strengthen weapons and skills! Won't it be a piece of cake to search through witch barriers with stronger weapons and skills?

Sayaka: You should probably choose your cards wisely

Status up!

Mmo8.jpg Appearances are important for magical girls too

You can strengthen items you obtain as rewards and such. But shouldn't even magical girls care for their appearances?

Madoka: I'll be so proud of you all for becoming the best magical girls

Mmo9.jpg Woohoo with the whole gang

Double the fun with cooperative play!

Simple, but addicting! Make so many friends!

  • By playing alone in solo mode, you become the protagonist, and can enjoy conversations and adventures with characters introduced in the original show. You can even form your own dream party unseen in the anime! You can form a party of you + five others.
Mmo10.jpg So many fun things to do

Weapons and Special Moves (Skills) Defeat witches using special moves, both original, and from the animation!

Synthesis and Growth Synthesize weapons and skills (special moves) and UP your ability to defeat stronger and stronger witches. Strengthen your weapons and they'll glow.

Multiplay Use the internet to connect with other players and search barriers or defeat witches together. Let's chat together to make playing more fun.

Powerful Witches Team up with players scattered across the world to defeat the world's strongest witch, Walpurgisnacht!

  • Content currently in planning
Image Translation
Mmo11.jpg Feature 1

Take along five magical girls and defeat evil witches!

Feature 2 Create your own magical girl out of over 400,000 combinations

Feature 3 All new illustrations!

Technical Specifications

  • Download-free flash browser game
  • Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher, and Google Chrome 3 or higher.
  • Adobe Flash Player

The game is playable on a mobile device using the Puffin browser from iDevices (although music must be muted before closing the game or else it will continue playing), and partially playable (everything except battles) on the Kindle Fire and some other mobile devices.