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See Madoka Magica Online Story

Quest 4-1,2


Last world was Mami suffering world. Is this Kyoko suffering world?

Kyoko shows up early to the witch hunt meeting only to find out that the other four were late because they were at Sayaka's preparing for the school culture festival together.

After the hunt, Kyoko tries to invite everyone to go to the arcade with her, but they all have to go back to working for the festival. So instead the five of them go to Mami's place to work.

Kyoko gives them the slip on the way.

Madoka suddenly notices that she's missing and Homura explains that Kyoko took the opposite turn at the last intersection. Madoka's all like "Then why didn't you stop her, bitch?" Turns out they need five people to do a volunteer exhibit at the culture festival, and Hitomi's going to be too busy being a chairman or whatever, so they need Kyoko. Non-students can participate in the festival as long as they're on a volunteer form.

And nobody bothered explaining that to Kyoko.

They explain the situation to Kyoko, who's all

>Well, I guess I've got no choice then. Sounds like a pain, but I guess I can help you guys out.

Sayaka calls her out on being a tsundere. Mami agrees that yes, Kyoko has had that quality for some time. Madoka remembers that the first time she learned about the word "tsundere", she thought "oh so that's the word for girls like Kyoko".

What does Homura think? Homura dodges the question by pointing out that Kyoko's trying to run away.

Sayaka tries to defuse the situation by saying that it's okay to be tsundere, which sets Kyoko off.

Who're you calling tsundere!?

Go ahead and be buddy-buddy with your little culture festival by yourselves! Hell if I care!

Now it's the day they need to turn in the volunteer form for their haunted house.

Madoka tells Sayaka not to laugh it off about how maybe she went to far in teasing Kyoko. But Sayaka reminds Madoka that she teased her too. Even Homura thinks that it's actually more Madoka's fault. It hurts more to be teased by someone who normally wouldn't tease you, and as everyone knows, Madoka's usually the nicest person ever, so not even Homura expected her to join in on teasing Kyoko.

Homura quickly redacts her previous statement as a joke after a "not you too, Homura-chan...", causing Sayaka and Mami to just stare in disbelief.

But they don't need to worry too much. Kyoko probably likes festivals and festival food more than she hates getting teased. Mami will take care of it since the two of them live together (like it should be, fuck you Rebellion)

Mami's making monster clothes and needs an opinion, so she asks Kyubey, who for somewhat obvious reasons can't give an opinion, so Mami wonders out loud if SOMEBODY could maybe help little ol' Mami.

Kyoko's still being tsundere and initially gives her the silent treatment, but eventually just gives a "who cares, they're monster clothes, so it doesn't really matter. Go with a bakeneko or whatever". Which reminds Mami that she made clothes for Kyubey to try on since he's like a cat, and pet fashion is in style nowadays. Kyubey protests because he doesn't need clothes and doesn't understand why humans find enjoyment in dressing up pets, and he's not even a pet in the first place. But Mami wins and gets Kyubey to wear the clothes. When she asks Kyoko to take a look, she takes the bait and bemuses that Kyubey looks more like a baketanuki than a bakeneko.

For the final push, Mami asks Kyoko to try on clothes too. Like a red oni. Kyoko's all "Oh, you've even got enough clothes for me?" but quickly backs out with "ah, no, it's not like I want to participate or anything"

Mami notices that Kyoko said "participate" instead of "help out", which means Kyoko's not-so-secretly getting more interested. Kyoko gets into the red oni outfit (but her sprite doesn't change) and wonders what the others will wear.


Mami tries on an unfinished outfit to show Kyoko, but her butt gets stuck. She tries putting it on from the top, but her bust busts it.

Kyoko laughs her ass off.

>Wow, that ghost's way too sexy! If you go the festival like that, someone will call the cops!

And just like that, Mami's plan to get Kyoko to stop being mad ends with Mami getting mad at Kyoko.

The other girls arrive at Mami's place and ask where Kyoko went, but Mami's still mad and says she doesn't care about that insensitive girl. They kind of figure out what happened from Kyubey's objective but still-not-quite-getting-it explanation.

They send Kyubey out to go find Kyoko.

Kyoko's mad that Mami always likes to tease others in a big sister kind of way, but gets pissed off whenever someone teases her. When Kyubey finds her, she tells him she's not going back to Mami's.

Kyubey asks where she's going next, and she says she hasn't decided yet. Kyubey summarizes that basically she doesn't have any idea of what to do next, which pisses her off. First Sayaka, and then Madoka, and Mami, and now even Kyubey's laughing at her. She agrees to at least let Kyubey follow her since that means he's not tattling to Madoka and the others.

First things first, Kyoko tries to think of a place to stay. She first thinks of staying at another high class hotel, but remembers Sayaka angrily questioning her use of magic to get the money for that. So instead she decides to camp.

Next day, Kyoko hasn't been seen.

Homura tells Madoka that maybe they should give up on participating since there's not much time left before the festival. But Madoka says she was so looking forward to running the haunted house with Homura. Homura then remembers that there's something she wants to tell everyone: rumors are spreading that a ghost appeared at school at night when students were working on the festival. But what concerns Homura is the details of the rumor: the ghost has a distinct human form and it flew into the third floor. Homura investigated and found footprints on the guardrail facing from outside the window to the inside, as well as a faint trace of magic.

Madoka and Sayaka are worried that if a witch does in fact appear at school, they'll need Kyoko even more.

Kyoko has been attending the patrols, but still doesn't talk much. The girls wonder where she's staying since she seems to be keeping basic hygiene and wearing clean clothes. They don't suspect her of using magic to steal anymore, at least.

In actuality, Kyoko had been living in the school. Which is actually pretty smart since it's got everything you'd need, like showers in the locker rooms. It's free, comfortable, and Kyoko doesn't have to break her promise to Sayaka and Mami. Kyubey tells Kyoko that it's more efficient to live with Mami for witch hunt patrolling, but Kyoko's adamant about not going back there.

Sayaka finds Kyoko in the arcade and asks her where she's been living after getting in a fight with Mami.

Sayaka believes Kyoko that she's not misusing magic, but she's worried that if she keeps living like this, she might have to.

Sayaka apologizes for teasing Kyoko and tells her not to mess around alone anymore since she doesn't want to see Kyoko go back to how she was in the past.

So she should live with Sayaka instead, but only for two or three days until they think of what Kyoko's going to do next.

At Sayaka's, Kyoko makes herself at home and laughs along at a gag manga, which annoys Sayaka since Kyoko was so against staying at her place until she actually came. Kyoko fires back with how Sayaka shouldn't complain after dragging her along and then challenges her to some gaems. Sayaka tells her if she doesn't have any plans of where to go, then just go back to Mami's, but Kyoko's vehemently against that. And if Sayaka's going to just lecture her, then Kyoko might as well leave from there too. But before Kyoko gets to leave, Sayaka says that they chose to do a haunted house so that Kyoko wouldn't have to be left out. Homura suggested that if they hide her face with masks or makeup, the faculty won't get suspicious that a non-school-goer is participating. Kyoko's surprised that Homura cared. Sayaka won't ask Kyoko to go back to Mami's right now, but she should at least participate in the festival. But first, she should stay the night and think things over.

Kyoko's thoughts: I've been an asshat. Everyone does care. Sayaka even went out of her way to look for me and bring me under her roof.

Kyoko's words: >F-fine, I guess I can help out a little with the festival.

But what caused this sudden change of heart?

>U-uh, you know, just thought I should repay you for letting me stay over. I don't want to owe you a favor or anything.

Sayaka holds back on calling her a "tsundere-chan".

They work on making that cursed umbrella thing with a piano string when Kyoko gets hungry. Sayaka goes to look for snacks and tells Kyoko not to goof off just because she's not looking. Kyoko finds the piano string and gets to work.

Sayaka gets back and starts yelling at Kyoko. Turns out the string she found was actually a guitar string that Sayaka was going to give to Kyosuke as a present. And Kyosuke's guitar uses special order strings that have to be shipped overseas. How will Kyoko make up for it?

The next day, Sayaka tells the others how she ended up getting into a fight with Kyoko too, but it wasn't Kyoko's fault. Homura again suggests to give up on the festival and focus on finding out if there really is a witch at school.

But Madoka doesn't want to give up on the festival no matter what, which again causes Homura to back down a little.

Madoka asks Homura if its selfish of her to be so adamant about doing the festival and making up with Kyoko.

Mami says that Homura's right, and that they should put the festival and Kyoko's situation aside and prioritize finding the witch, but Homura steps in and takes charge of Kyoko's side. Because she wants to grant Madoka's wish of participating in the festival. So yeah, Kyoko's gone back to the school after leaving Sayaka. And it's much better to live alone, so shut up, Kyubey. Kyubey shuts up and decides to leave, >Huh? You're going already? Not taking the hint, Kyubey assures her that he won't tell Mami and the others about her location. Kyoko asks him what's the rush and offers him some candy, which he rejects. He tries to leave, but Kyoko doesn't let him go. It's dangerous to go out this late, so he should just stay the night and sleep with her. Kyubey reminds her that normal people can't see him and that he'd prefer to be at Mami's rather than here. Kyoko starts doing the "say aaaahn" thing and feeds Kyubey some candy and Kyubey finally takes the hint and points out that Kyoko doesn't want to be left alone.

Kyoko at first gets mad that Kyubey's acting like Sayaka, but then gets sad says that if he's really going to leave, then she should at least see him off. Kyubey rejects the offer and tells her it'd be best if she not stir too much in the school since he's been hearing things. Kyoko notices the sound too and wonders if someone else is at the school too.
Next day, Homura cuts straight to the punch and asks Kyoko where she's living. When Kyoko asks why it matters if she's still participating in witch hunts, Homura says they're all worried she's homeless. Sayaka and Mami aren't mad anymore, so please go back to Mami's house. And participate in the festival.

Kyoko gets mad since Homura usually doesn't seem to give a fuck about her. What does it matter to Homura? The answer: it'll make Madoka sad. Which confuses Kyoko at first, but she then asks what exactly Homura suggests she do. The answer: come to Homura's house right now. Homura almost literally drags Kyoko home.

Kyoko's overwhelmed with how classy Homura's house is. She'd be more comfortable back where she was beforehand. Homura stops her from running away again. Homura says she's jealous since the others really care for Kyoko as a friend whereas it took Homura a considerable amount of time before she grew up. Kyoko's confused about that last statement, which Homura tells her to just forget she said that. Homura tells Kyoko to think about how much the others are worrying about her. She will, but she's still decides she can't stay at Homura's house.

Quest 4-3



Homura apologizes to Madoka for not being able to convince Kyoko, but Madoka thanks her for caring. Madoka proposes to invite Kyoko to her house since Madoka's the most gung ho about the festival yet hasn't done anything to help.

Kyoko's back at school. She likens her current situation to how she got stronger in the past by fighting alone. Kyubey doesn't see the point since she still fights alongside them and according to his observations, Kyoko doesn't like being alone. Kyoko goes out for a bit, leaving Kyubey to puzzle over why human emotion makes no sense.

Madoka invites Kyoko to Tatsuya's birthday party. Kyoko sees through her plan and asks if she's then going to have her stay overnight. Madoka doesn't deny the possibility. She mentions how her dad always makes more food than the four of them can eat. Kyoko sees this as bait, but when she hears that they end up having to throw away food after parties, she can't say no. Plus, she can take home leftovers. A certain someone would appreciate it if she brought back some cake.

Kyoko's kind of excited for the birthday party since she hasn't been to one lately. She also thinks it was kind of fun to visit Sayaka's and Homura's houses in hindsight, so running away from home wasn't such a bad thing after all.

Mami would kill her if she heard her say that. She bumps into Madoka, who's shopping for more ingredients with her family. Madoka offers to introduce Kyoko, but Kyoko doesn't want to interrupt such a family outing. After Madoka's left, Kyoko thinks about how well Madoka's family gets along and womders if it's really okay to join their party. What sort of parents would be happy that their daughter is friends with homeless riffraff like her? She's so very happy that Madoka would invite her, but it's best she doesn't intrude.


The next day, Madoka wonders why Kyoko didn't come to the party. Homura says it's not Madoka's fault. Maybe the reason Kyoko ran away from home is more deep rooted than what they had thought. Maybe she's just going back to how she used to be around them, so she's not going to come back. Sayaka doesn't like how a transfer student like her gets off talking like that as if she knows them that well. Madoka gets Sayaka to apologize. Mami wonders what could be going through Kyoko's head.

Kyoko's been giving snacks to Kyosuke. She apologizes that they're just bought, and not handmade. Kyosuke says he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. He asks if it's really okay. He's been at school late at night practicing for his recital at the festival.Kyoko tells him not to worry about it. She goes home first and gets her parents' approval, after all. That's why she's not in her uniform, see?

Kyosuke was surprised the first time they met since he didn't think anyone else was at school that late. Anyway, he's been hospitalized recently, so he's not quite familiar with everyone at school. What year and what class is she in? She hasn't even told him her name yet. She tells him not to sweat the small stuff. She hasn't heard his name either. It's not good to stay at school this late, so she tells him she'll keep his secret if he'll keep hers. He always looses track of the time. She's also staying late to work on the festival, so she knows how he feels. She stays later than him, but she doesn't look like the type to do bad things to the school, so he trusts her with their little secret.

He understands her, unlike a few other people who shall remain unnamed.She asks him to play another song for her since she likes the way he plays guitar. He likes it when people listen to him play.


Kyoko complains to Kyosuke about her friends, making sure to give them nicknames like Saya... I mean the short-haired one. Kyosuke understands, but says that it sounds like they really worry about her. They must be good friends. She agrees, and she's thankful for them, but they've just been really getting on her nerves recently. They're looking down on her. If she softens up now, they'll just get ahead of themselves and gang up on her again. Kyosuke asks her if that's really what she thinks will happen. All she talks to him about are her friends. Kyoko asks him if he's ever been in a fight with someone. He says that it was more of an "all his fault" thing rather than it being a fight. Back when he was hospitalized, there was a girl who would always come visit him, and yet he yelled at her. She tells him not to worry about it, but he still hasn't properly made up for it. In the past, she told him that she likes how he plays guitar, and that's why he's going to properly thank her after his performance at the festival. So that's why he's been practicing so late! Kyoko assures him that that girl's definitely gonna forgive him. After all, Kyoko loves his guitar too.

Kyoko visits Kyosuke again.

He asks her if she's ready for the festival. She says it's got nothing to do with her, which confuses him, because from their earlier conversations, it seemed to him that she was going to run something with her friends. She denies ever considering it she reminds him of her story of how she got in a fight with them and now she doesn't ever want to participate in the festival. He says that for someone who doesn't want to participate, she's always at school really late with him. He asks her if maybe she really is interested in the festival, maybe she really doesn't like to be alone, and is just there with him out of boredom. She denies it all and says she's there to listen to him play. He thanks her, but asks her if she's lonely after getting in a fight with her friends. She feels betrayed that even he's starting to say those things. He apologizes, and says that when he was hospitalized, he also went through a phase when he didn't listen to a thing anyone said. He regrets that time because he hurt someone precious to him. Yes, the girl who always visited him. Kyosuke doesn't want Kyoko to end up with the same regrets he has. Kyoko says she won't regret anything since now they're like complete strangers. He says that she may eventually change her mind. Now that that's over, any song requests?


The others can't find any sign of a witch. The rumors about the ghost at school have gotten more concrete. First it was just a shadow, then it was faint music. Now students have even started hearing a beautiful singing voice along with it. The singing voice has been in English, German, and other languages. Which makes it seem even more ghostly. So despite the girls' patrol efforts, the ghost stories have just been escalating. Things are getting tough now that Kyoko's been appearing less and less for the patrols. Mami's wondering if Kyoko's still mad, or if there's some other reason she's being distant. Sayaka wishes the damn tsundere would just get over it.

Meanwhile, Kyosuke praises Kyoko for how well she sings hymns. She was even able to sing Amazing Grace in perfect German and French. She learned from her parents, and just got enticed into singing while listening to his guitar. Singing is so fun, and here in the dead of night, nobody minds how loud she sings (heh). Doing this has helped Kyoko realize that she's more suited to things like this rather than hanging out with the others. She decides to spend every night doing this with Kyosuke.

She doesn't mean to cut ties with her four friends, does she? She does. She was all alone until she came to this town, anyway. But when she met the others, she got off-balance and forgot what it was like to live a carefree life all alone. Humans are born alone, and can rely on themselves alone. Kyoko will live for herself and herself alone now. Kyosuke asks if she really thinks that. She does. After all, it was because she left them that she was able to meet him. Kyosuke's quite disappointed that that's the answer she came to after meeting him. Kyoko tells him to cheer up and play another song. But he refuses and goes home.

Quest 4-4


Sayaka can't find the ghost. What ghost? Kyosuke asks. Looks like Sayaka didn't mean to say that out loud. Kyosuke gets her to explain the ghost rumor she's investigating.

That night, Kyosuke tells Kyoko about the ghost. She doesn't quite get it until he tells her that the ghost is probably her since she's been staying late and is the only one who could fit the "sings in international languages" description. Kyoko gets it, and then tells Kyosuke to stop laughing. He apologizes and says that means he's been hanging out with a ghost this entire time. Kyoko thinks to herself that she's relieved that he's not mad at her since he left abruptly last time after what he said.


Back at Mami's house, the girls all report back their empty results. The rumors keep getting stronger, meaning there must be something, but everything else is pointing to it not being a witch. Now on to the Kyoko problem. Mami says there really isn't any time left, so they might have to cancel their festival entry. Madoka sad.

Kyosuke and Kyoko discuss how she really must be the ghost since even Kyosuke was spooked the first time they met.

Kyoko says being a school ghost might not be that bad. It's pretty much the same thing as living by herself. Kyosuke asks her again if living alone is really what she wants. Kyoko doesn't want to be weak enough to have to rely on someone else. She may be partially responsible for the fights she got into, but she's just going to use this chance to return to being a lone wolf. Kyosuke goes more in-depth with his backstory and mentions that he was told that he may never have been able to play guitar again. And that realization made him want to die. But despite all that, that one girl kept coming to visit him. In the end, he became reliant on her to distract himself from his own weakness.

Kyoko makes a look like she's realized something, but asks what that story has to do with her. He answers that she became reliant on her friends to distract herself from her weakness of getting lonely when alone. Kyoko says she's not that weak a human being. (She's a strong magical girl who doesn't need no friends). Kyosuke doesn't want Kyoko to repeat his mistake. He won't tell her to make up with her friends. Maybe she really does need to be alone. But if that's really the case, then she should stop visiting him. He wants to practice by himself to prepare for the festival. She sadly agrees.


Outside the school at night, Kyoko tells herself that she's not weak. She's a strong magical girl who don't need no friends. What makes that guitar guy think he knows everything? Kyoko's lost her reason to come to the school. So should she look for somewhere else inconspicuous? Or just use magic to get into a hotel? She hears a group finding their way into school. Kyoko hides.

Sayaka tells the others to be quiet since they don't want to get caught. Madoka tells her she's being loud too.

Kyoko recognizes the voices.

Mami rushes them and reminds them that they can use magic as a last resort. Homura says her magic can sneak them in, but she'd rather not use it for a break-in like this.

What could the other four be up to?

Mami brought all the clothes and stuff as Madoka planned.

The clothes and the props are done, but the set is still incomplete. Madoka knows they're not ready, but she still doesn't want to give up. If Kyoko does come to the festival, they can have an outfit-disguise ready for her. Without a set, they'd just be doing monster cosplay in a classroom, which Sayaka finds embarrassing. Madoka says she'll wear a costume by herself, and the others can go enjoy the festival without her, but Sayaka says that if Madoka's going to do it, then so will she. Mami agrees that Kyoko would probably sneak her way into the festival anyway, so they should wait for her dressed as monsters. Homura doesn't mind wearing costumes as long as she does it with Madoka. Madoka thanks everyone, but Sayaka reminds her that it wasn't just her, but the whole Magical Girl Troupe that was looking forward to the event. Homura tells her to just please stop calling them that. Mami tells them to stop fighting since they don't want to get caught.


Kyoko's stunned that they're still working on their costumes and stuff even though they can't do the haunted house without her. They're working so hard even though it's her fault they won't make it in time. They still care about her even when she's throwing a fuss over stupid shit. They still care about her even after she's told them she wants to be left alone.

At her home, Sayaka gets a call from Kyosuke.

He asks her if she's going to do anything for the festival. She says she was, but had to cancel it due to circumstances. Kyosuke tells her to come to school with her group the day of the festival, before anyone else. Turns out he figured out that girl was Sayaka's friend right after hearing her story. He wanted to intervene sooner, but thought it would be best that an outsider like him not get stick his nose into their business. Sayaka doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Kyosuke tells her to just shut up and do what he said. Also, look forward to the festival!


Kyoko works desperately to finish preparations for the festival, but can't stay awake any longer so she decides to take a nap. As she sleeps, Madoka and the others arrive and stare in wonder at the finished set. And thus, the school ghost case was solved, and the haunted house case was solved too, just in the nick of time. Mami: Who would've thought the ghost would have such a cute sleeping face? They decide to let her sleep. If they wake her up now, she'd just run away out of embarrassment again. Geez, what a tsundere ghost.

Sayaka "finds" Kyoko at school and tells her to change since the festival's starting up soon.

Kyoko changes without any complaints. Sayaka: Us magical girls really ought to stick together. It just isn't right if one of us is missing! Kyoko: ...y-yeah.

Sayaka asks what's wrong. After a lot of stuttering, Kyoko finally manages to apologize for making Sayaka worry and begs for her forgiveness. But nobody's angry, as long as Kyoko finally understands. The two of them start to go off to rejoin the others, but first, Kyoko says there's someone she wants to bring to their haunted house. Sayaka doesn't mind, but is surprised to find out that Kyoko knows someone at their school. Could it be... a man? A boy? Hohh boy. Kyoko gets a little irritated that Sayaka thinks it's like that. But it's not like that. She just wants to thank them for their advice.

Sayaka: Woah man. Didn't know you were such a smooth operator, Kyoko-chan! So, what's he like?

Kyoko tells her she'll find out as soon as she meets him, since he said he was going to apologize to Sayaka for something after the festival anyway. Sayaka still doesn't know who she's talking about.

Kyoko: There's no point if I tell you, but I'm sure he's your type!

Quest 4-5