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Walpurgis Night is a global raid event where players get a chance to earn various unique rewards, as well as compete with each other for a chance to earn a special meguca. As announced in the Walpurgis preview page, Walpurgis Night first appeared in Madoka Magica Online on February 26, 2013. The initial raid (Prologue) lasted two weeks, and the second raid (Chapter Two) began on March 26. Later raids have followed a three week cycle, with the ninth raid beginning on August 20th.

Raid Witches

Walpurgis Night summons each of the familiars seen in the anime.

Raid witches, such as Walpurgis Night, have a chance to appear after you do a quest or pvp (even if you didn't clear it). You'll see a cut scene featuring one of the magical girls followed by a preview of the witch. A button will appear in your lobby next to the event banner.

If you fight the witch and don't kill it, other players on your friends list (only people who were in your list before you clicked) will be able to attack it. The button in the lower left of the raid window, which was previously used to make the witch available to your friends, now allows you to escape without fighting the witch at all. To fight witches your friends found, click the button with three megucas in your lobby.

Unlike co-op, the fights are separate, so you should attack the witch immediately. You'll qualify for a share of the rewards after battling her once, so judge the situation carefully before hitting the same witch repeatedly. See the Tactics section for details.


Mmo walpurgislobby.PNG

The lobby during the Walpurgis raid. The banner leads to the raid info window, the middle button allows you to fight witches, and the button with 3 megucas lets you join others in their battles. The grief seed button added on 3/26 allows you to retrieve your loot and raid points. The join button turns yellow when a new battle is available (except sometimes it doesn't turn yellow like it should).

Your first attack against a witch you found yourself costs no AP (down from the original 10 AP), and other attacks costs 5 AP. You'll only get one "turn" of combat per 5 AP, so your fight can be interrupted even if you haven't died. (When combat was changed from separating each turn to happening continuously, they only increased the number of attacks per turn. A long fight will still require multiple turns.)


This is your ultimate reward.
  • Raid Points: You get raid points for fighting witches. When the witch dies, the one who found it gets 25% of its total point value, the MVP gets 25%, and the remaining 50% is divided evenly among the players who attacked it. You get an additional 1 point for every 10 damage you dealt. Rewards will be given via achievements for collecting lots of raid points.
    • Before the 8/20 update, the player who found the witch got the full point value, and everyone who helped got 25%, so the total number of points awarded was proportional to the number of attackers. However, you only got 1 point for every 100 damage dealt.
    • Higher level witches give more points when they die. Walpurgis gives 10,000 more points per kill per level.
      • Before the 8/20 update, Walpurgis gave 400 more points per kill per level (100 more for assists).
  • Silver tickets: Tickets can be collected in the raid rewards tab (click the grief seed button in the lobby) when the witch died. In earlier raids, they were sent to your presents, and rewards may still show up there if your inventory is too full. Spend your tickets, since silvers will expire after the Walpurgis Night witch raid event.
    • You have a random chance to get more tickets than usual. For example, when Walpurgis normally gave 12, sometimes you could get 24. This seems to be completely random.
    • The 8/20 update increased the number of silver tickets awarded for beating witches, reversing a nerf that had been applied to ticket rewards earlier (Walpurgis was only giving 2, 3, or 9 tickets).
  • Ranking: All players will be ranked based on their raid points. If you get a high enough ranking, you'll get extra rewards. Rankings are updated at 3am JST.
  • Some witches, such as Anja, Oriko, Kazumi, Kirika, and Yuma, have a small chance to give special items such as weapons or accessories instead of silver tickets.
  • See the Events page for lists of rewards, including cute military dresses.
  • You should receive all the rewards even if you died or got disconnected and didn't make it back until after the witch was slain.
  • Don't forget to check your rewards tab to collect your loot. You can only have 50 unclaimed rewards at once.


Walpurgis cleaner with scrubbing bubbles.
  • The raid points are split between the players attacking the witch, so you'll get the most points if you kill the witch in one shot yourself. The incubators weren't happy with the old raid system, which rewarded teamwork, so they created a cruel raid system to isolate magical girls and compel them to fight alone.
  • Fighting a witch for the first time doesn't cost any AP, so attack them all and don't bother with the escape button.
  • All witches, including the weakest ones, are worth large numbers of points after only a few level ups. Spawn as many witches as possible so they'll get more valuable.
  • If a witch doesn't die after the first attack, weigh the 5 AP cost of attacking again against the points you get for doing damage, the potential for an MVP bonus, and the way the bonus points for all attackers will be divided up. If you're a heavy hitter or you can lock in the MVP bonus, attacking again may be worthwhile. However, if you're a rookie with low damage, it may be best to let friends kill the witch so you can use your AP to spawn new ones.
  • Only people who were in your friends list before you attacked the witch can join the fight. Your friends are invited to fight automatically after you attack, so fill your friends list before the battle. Use the thread or IRC to find people.
  • Stack just enough defense to survive until the end of the "turn" and then optimize your attack.
  • A raid witch's timer starts as soon as you complete a level, not when you finish clicking on the reward screens, so don't go AFK when attacking a quest witch.

Anti-Walpurgis Weapons

Magic Weapons of Helplessness are raid point rewards and were available in the silver and gold event boxes. The muskets, pictured below, dealt 10x (SS), 5x (S), or 3x (RR) damage to Walpurgis during the first raid. This is calculated after defense, so if you have 3000 ATK and Walpurgis has 2000 DEF, a 5x weapon will hit her for 5000.

Elemental magic weapons deal increased damage to the witch whose nature matches their element. Walpurgis Night's witch card shows that her nature is helplessness, the same element listed on the weapons. However, the weapons specify "Prologue" in parentheses, so they only work on the Prologue version of her. The second iteration of Walpurgis Night, Chapter Two, required a new set of weapons. More recent ones deal extra damage to all raid witches, not just Walpurgis. See the Items: Elemental Weapons section for data about their effectiveness. Quick summary: Don't fuse them away, since even RR ones can be useful.

Boss Stats

The following table shows the HP and total points awarded for the witches of the 9th raid at each level. A witch goes up by one level each time you defeat her. Even the weaker witches grow in value quickly now, so try to spawn as many witches as possible. Mmoraidwitchstats.PNG

Prior to the 8/20 update, Level 1 Walpurgis had 1003-1016 ATK and 797-1000 DEF (average: 898.5). At level 8 she had 1019-1023 ATK, 848 to 1015 DEF (average: 931.5). At 24, she had 1045-1057 ATK, 866-1046 DEF (average: 956). Elly had 830 ATK at level 5, and very little ATK growth at higher levels. The ATK and DEF values may still be the same, but haven't been thoroughly tested. For older HP and raid point values, see the commented text on the Edit page.


Walpurgis Night's real-life date is midnight after April 30, and this is the most likely date for her appearance in the anime, but her timing can vary. Homura, while speaking to Kyoko in the arcade, gave Walpurgis a week-long window. It's likely that Walpurgis can appear even earlier under special circumstances.


  • This is more trouble than you can shoot. Just ask Homura.
  • Only people who were in your friends list before you sent the battle invitation can join the fight. If you have few friends, invite people first and then open Walpurgis after they accept. Use the thread or IRC to find people.
  • Sometimes a witch's HP count will get out of sync and show more HP than she actually has.
    • It's also possible for the total damage dealt by attackers (according to the attack log, at least) to greatly exceed the witch's maximum HP.