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These are the Madoka Magica Portable locations found in the map of the game and may or may not reflect the locations of places in the anime. Most, if not all, are located within Mitakihara City. For each location, there are sometime specified areas where events occur. The locations on the right of the map, such as the Sakura Church, may actually be located in neighboring Kasamino City‎. Some locations specify an exact building, such as a residence, while others may be a general area or a specific building and immediate surrounding areas. Some content specific to the game is spoilered. Details known from watching the anime or reading the manga are not spoilered. Many events described here only occur in the game or vary from scenes in other media, such as the anime and manga, in important points.

Please note the following: The names used on this page describe the location, and are not the actual names used for it. Names should be treated as placeholders. Also note locations in the game are not exact in placement nor to precise scale.

Game Locations

Akemi Residence

The personal residence of Homura Akemi.

  • Main Room - Homura has guests to hold strategy sessions on Walpurgis. This is where she confesses the truth to Madoka.
  • Outside the door - Madoka visits here, asking to enter Homura's residence. This happens just prior to Walpurgis Night.


A common area where many events occur. Witches and familiars are frequently found here.

  • Alleyway - The location of many witches and familiars. Kyoko and Sayaka fight in one alleyway before getting interrupted.
  • CD store - Usually where Sayaka will shop for music CDs, although sometimes other characters will shop here as well.
  • Game center - Kyoko plays DDR and other games here. Homura visits here to talk her into fighting Walpurgis.
  • Grocery store - A common place where witches and familiars are sensed or located. Character may meet here. Kyoko sometimes steals food.
  • Hotel room - Kyoko sometimes stays at one. She keeps Sayaka's body here and uses magic to preserve it.
  • Mall area under construction - Where Madoka finds an injured Kyubey on some routes.

Highway Overpass

  • Overpass bridge - Kyoko and Sayaka almost get into a fight here. Either Sayaka or Mami's soulgem gets tossed off the bridge and lands on a passing vehicle. Sayaka also tosses her soulgem into Charlotte's barrier here.
  • Walk paths - Located near the overpass, characters sometime encounter one another here.


The hospital where Kyousuke Kamijou undergoes treatment and rehabilitation. It is also a common location to find witches and familiars.

  • Kyousuke's room - Sayaka visits and talks to Kyosuke, usually about music CDs.
  • Outside - People visiting Kyosuke sometime encounter one another here. Magical girls look for signs of witches and find Charlotte, among others. They also rescue suicide victims jumping off the roof. Sometimes, hospital staff discuss patient information here.
  • Rehabilitation room - Kyosuke is seen here undergoing rehabilitation for his leg injury.
  • Roof - Sayaka makes her contract with Kyubey here. Kyosuke can be seen either playing the violin or attempting to commit suicide by jumping.

Industrial Building

General industrial area, where many witches and familiars can be found.

  • Inside - An attempted mass suicide by people, including Hitomi, under the influence of Elly.
  • Outside - Discussion is held here about the attempted mass suicide, witches and familiars.
  • Weapons depot - In this vicinity, Homura is seen stealing weapons from what appears to be a military weapons depot.

Kamijou Residence

The personal residence of Kyousuke Kamijou.

  • Outside - Sayaka is seen outside, either talking about or hearing Kyosuke play the violin.

Kaname Residence

The personal residence of Madoka Kaname, her parents, and younger brother.

  • Dining area - The Kaname family talk with one another, usually over a meal.
  • Madoka's room - The location of where Madoka has her private thoughts, calls others, talks to Kyubey, gets ready for bed or wakes up in the morning.

Miki Residence

The personal residence of Sayaka Miki and her family, which includes at least her mother.

  • Outside - Madoka and others visit to either meet with Sayaka or use the intercom to talk to her.
  • Sayaka's room - Sayaka talks to Kyubey here or thinks her private thoughts. Madoka has entered here at least once.

Mitikihara Middle School

The school that Madoka, Sayaka, Mami, Homura, Hitomi and Kyousuke attend. Kazuko Saotome is a homeroom teacher at this school.

  • Classroom - Usually the second year classroom for Madoka, Sayaka, Hitomi and Homura. Generally conversations among them occur here. On one occasion, Madoka visits Mami at her third year classroom. Sometimes there are discussions between teachers and students. In Mami's flashback, she's also seen in a classroom talking to friends. It is most likely when Mami was a first year.
  • Hallway - Another location of discussions between students with one another or with teachers. In some routes, Homura and Madoka have their first private conversation here on the way to the nurse's office.
  • Outside - A popular place students meet up either before or after school. On Mami's route, Izabel appears near the school on the route where students walk, threatening Homura. She is defeated by Mami and Madoka.
  • Roof - Private discussions are held here, usually over lunch.

Observation Building

A very high building in the local area, which is frequently visited by Kyoko. She uses a magically enhanced telescope to observe many locations.

  • Observation deck - Kyoko can often be found here observing the city and sometimes talking with Kyubey and Homura. She watches Sayaka listening to Kyosuke play the violin on the hospital roof. Once, Sayaka looks for her here to cry over Kyosuke in Kyoko's arms.
  • Outside high point - Kyoko sometimes likes to stand out here and look out at the city or talk with Kyubey.


A popular place for people to visit. Sometimes witches and familiars may be found here.

  • Benches - This is where Madoka either attempts, or successfully contracts with Kyubey to save Sayaka. It's also where Sayaka sees Kyousuke and Hitomi together. In addition, where Mami attempts to or successfully commits suicide.
  • Bridge - A common place where many characters encounter one another. Many of the Kaname family interactions outside the home occur here.
  • Fountain - The bench where Madoka either attempts or successfully contracts with Kyubey is near here. This is also where Mami and Homura have a hostile confrontation, shortly before Mami fights Charlotte. It is possibly the fountain where Kyoko waves good-bye before leaving Mitakihara.
  • Grassy area - Sometimes witches and familiars are found here, notably Gisela. Mami, as a new magical girl lacking strength, failed to save a child trapped in Gisela's barrier. Years later, under the influence of Gisela's kiss, the child's mother attempts to commit suicide here. Mami becomes Candeloro here.

Route to School

Route to and from Mitikahara Middle School school, frequented by students.

  • Path - This is where Madoka, Sayaka and Hitomi routinely meet up to walk the rest of the way to school. Sometimes other characters join them, such as Homura, Kyousuke and Mami. Kyoko may sometimes be seen here observing them. Other classmates sometime seen here are Student A and Nakazawa.

Sakura Church

Now abandoned, this place of worship once had a congregation led by Kyoko's father. The Sakura family either lived in or near the premises.

  • Inside (past) - Kyoko's father held sermons here. This is also where Kyoko defeated Gisela and was found out to be a magical girl by her father. Kyoko discovered her family dead here in a murder-suicide.
  • Inside (present) - Kyoko talks to Sayaka about her past. She sometimes talks to Homura here. She defends the now debilitated church against threats such as thugs and familiars.

Tomoe Residence

The personal residence of Mami Tomoe, and previously her parents.

  • Main room - Mami talks to others here, usually over tea parties. After her death, Madoka finds and reads Mami's diary. This is also where Mami keeps her family shrine and often talks to her deceased parents.
  • Mami's room - Seen when Kyoko visits after Mami's death, and finds a game center bear she won and gave to Mami, on her bed.
  • Outside - Visitors are seen here when they visit Mami, either before entering or to note she's not home.

Train Station

Train station, where residents can take the train. It's possible the map location is used to indicate the train is taken to go to places that are actually physically located elsewhere.

  • Hamburger shop - A popular hang-out for Madoka and her friends. Many conversations take place over meals. Madoka shares her strange dream involving Homura with Sayaka and Hitomi. Hitomi confesses to Sayaka that she likes Kyosuke. Homura tells Madoka that Sayaka is not suited to be a magical girl.
  • Train en-route - Sayaka overhears a misogynistic conversation between two men.
  • Train stop - This is always the place where Sayaka becomes Oktavia. Kyoko talks to Sayaka here when that happens. She may call other girls to this place in some routes or be observed by Homura.


Not commonly frequented, this location with a hillside covered by windmills is a place where characters think or have private conversations.

  • Grassy hillside - Characters talk or have monologues here. One particularly well-known dialogue occurs here between Madoka and Sayaka, where Sayaka vows to be a hero of justice protecting Mitakihara.


Note: These are only regarding locations in the game and may or may not apply to other media, such as the anime.

  • Based on the description of events, the scale of the map probably varies. For instance, for the students to walk to school, the distance of all their residences to the school are likely very close together, probably less than a kilometer. Whereas the area of downtown is described as highly populated with many different locations shown within it, ranging from a hotel to a game center to grocery stores. It is probably larger than it appears.
  • The location of the Windmills appears to be on the water. Since it is seen actually located on hills near water, this shows how the placement of location icons may be inexact.
  • The distance from the park and the hospital to the Tomoe residence give an indication of how far Mami travels to patrol her territory.
  • The highest rate of witch and familiar sightings occur in the center of the map, where the hospital and downtown areas are located. However, there are sightings throughout the area as far distant from one another as the Park, the middle school and the Industrial Building.
  • At times in the game, Mami is seen meeting Madoka, Homura and others at the Route to School in the morning, and walked with them the rest of the way to school. The map shows Mami walked past the school to join them. It shows those meet-ups were not out of convenience or coincidental for Mami, but most likely done only to socialize.
  • After fighting witches in Mami's route, Mami walks home alone while Homura and Madoka walk in a different direction together to go home. Thus, geography plays a role in their interactions in influencing Mami's perception that Madoka was closer to Homura than to her.
  • The map shows Sayaka accompanies Kyoko a relatively long distance from the Kamijou residence to fight on the Highway Overpass and later on, from the Miki residence to listen to Kyoko talk about her past in the Sakura Church. Thus, their level of hostility was not so great as to prevent them from spending considerable time traveling together.
    • Speculation: This may be an early indication that the two are not as hostile to each other as they appear, particularly Sayaka. Otherwise, it would be strange for her to agree to travel so far with Kyoko only to fight or to have a conversation. It also brings into question why Kyoko would take the extra time and trouble to pass more convenient areas that could be used for a fight, to go to the more distant Highway Overpass.
  • It is noted in the game that everything in the surrounding area would be in danger from Walpurgis, from the Kaname residence to the Sakura church.