Madoka Magica Portable Sayaka Route

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The Wish I Prayed For(私が願った、奇跡)


This choice is unlocked after the Mami route cleared without Mami becoming a witch. At the beginning, Mami, Madoka and Homura are already magical girls, with Homura wearing glasses. How does this affects Sayaka's fate?


(This is spoiler)

Observations and Trivia



If Sayaka is meant to be rescued, it is suggested to reserve all resources for her and Kyoko. The resources are including enhancement points, spell books and grief seeds. This also means Madoka and Homura will be given little, so it's better to prevent them to go to scribbling witch's barrier since they are too weak.

In the other side, if Sayaka becomes a witch, Kyoko has to fight against her. The grief seeds should be preserved for Kyoko. Other items can be given to Madoka and Homura to learn more skills.

Choice and effects

(This section list a table which the result of choices are listed)