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Goethe quote in episode 2

This page is about facts and various trivia spotted through the episodes



  • Puella Magi is latin for Magical Girl. However, the phrase is wrong since it should be "Puella Maga".

File:Ventilation sign.png
German text in episode 1
Burj Khalifa in real life and in the opening animation of Madoka. This is not the only real building to appear in the show's skylines.

Episode 1

  • Although it may be coincidential, episode 1 "dark scenes" heavily rely on chains and chessboard patterns, which are usually associated with Black★Rock Shooter.
  • The "Anthony" (witch's minions, also called "Gardeners" "Cottonballs" or jokingly "Pringle Monster") in episode 1 are believed to be speaking German. An accurate transcript and translation is yet to be made.
  • A prominant feature of the cityscape is the Burj Khalifa: A skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the tallest man-made structure ever built.
  • The shopping mall Madoka and Sayaka go to after school ressembles the Weltstadthaus, a german shopping mall in Cologne (Köln) with the same architecture
  • The pictured sign, which is half in German and half in Runic script, translates to: "The lush branches impede good ventilation." The red symbol is one of two symbols associated with the witch in Ep 2.

Episode 2

  • The texts on the school building's entrance wall in episode 2 are quotes from Goethe's Faust (see pic) (translations)

Quotes and cameo

What "Anthonies" say in Episode 1

The witch's minions, or gardeners, say the following when they appear in episode 1. Please note that this may not be entirely accurate.

Original Translation
Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen.
Ja, sie sind mir auch unbekannt.
Schneiden wir sie ab.
Ja schneiden doch sie ab.
Die Rosen schenken wir unserer Königin.
Those are unknown flowers to me.
Yes, they are unknown to me too.
Let's cut them off.
Yes, let's just cut them off.
We present the roses to our queen.

Goethe's Faust (episode 2)

Original text Translation
Weh! Weh!
Du hast sie zerstört,
Die schöne Welt,
Mit mächtiger Faust;
Sie stürzt, sie zerfällt!
Ein Halbgott hat sie zerschlagen!
Wir tragen
Die Trümmern ins Nichts hinüber,
Und klagen
Über die verlorne Schöne.
Der Erdensöhne,
Baue sie wieder,
In deinem Busen baue sie auf!
Neuen Lebenslauf
Mit hellem Sinne,
Und neue Lieder
Tönen darauf!
Woe! woe!
Thou hast it destroyed,
The beautiful world,
With powerful fist:
In ruin ’tis hurled,
By the blow of a demigod shattered!
The scattered
Fragments into the Void we carry,
The beauty perished beyond restoring.
For the children of men,
Build it again,
In thine own bosom build it anew!
Bid the new career
With clearer sense,
And the new songs of cheer
Be sung thereto!