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Madoka Original Art Exhibit flyer - front.jpg

Madoka Magica the Movie Exhibition: Beginnings and Eternal is a traveling event displaying artwork from the first two Madoka Magica movies.


The exhibition was held in the following cities:

  • Osaka (26-29 October 2013), Grand Front Osaka
  • Fukuoka (3-6 October 2013), Hawks Town Mall
  • Tokyo (19 October - 4 November 2013), Tokyo Observatory in Roppongi Hills
  • Nagoya (24-29 October 2013), Maruei Department Store
  • Sapporo (8-10 November 2013), Norbesa Entertainment Center

Regular tickets cost ¥1,000, while tickets with a special carrying case cost ¥3,000 in all cities except Tokyo where tickets were ¥1,500 and ¥3,500 respectively.

Map of the exhibition

The exhibition consisted of five parts plus a shop and a café.

  1. Opening, displaying storyboards from the opening sequence of the movies
  2. Scenes, displaying storyboards from the two movies
  3. Magical girls, presenting key scenes, storyboards and transformation sequences for each of the main characters
  4. Witches, presenting art of the witches and their labyrinths
  5. The world of Madoka Magica, containing a life-sized statue of Ultimate Madoka and a gallery of posters with the different backgrounds used for the international release of Beginnings

Visitors who purchased goods worth more than ¥3,000 at the shop also received a special shopping bag.

Madoka Magica Café


  • Themed drinks, ¥580 each
    • Madoka: Iced strawberry whipped cream milk
    • Homura: Iced coffee float
    • Mami: Orange iced tea
    • Sayaka: Blue blue soda (orange syrup and lemon juice)
    • Kyoko: Blood orange iced tea
    • Kyubey: White chocolate milk


  • Themed drinks, ¥700 each
    • Madoka: Strawberry milk
    • Sayaka: Blue sour
    • Mami: Passion orange
    • Kyoko: Berry tea
    • Homura: Very berry drink
    • Kyubey: White Calpis drink


Ultimate Madoka tart and Kyubey bun
  • Themed drinks, ¥650 each
    • Madoka: Strawberry milk
    • Homura: Pomegranate berry juice
    • Sayaka: Blue lychee soda (lychee and grapefruit)
    • Kyoko: Sea breeze (cranberry and grapefruit)
    • Mami: Mango float (mango juice and vanilla ice cream)
    • Kyubey: White chocolate (white chocolate and whipped cream)
  • Witch of sweets curry, ¥980
  • Mami's tea party cake, ¥780
  • Homura Akemi's shield pie with seafood cream, ¥850
  • Madoka tart and Kyubey bun with red bean paste filling, ¥980

Each drink comes together with an associated coaster.

Beautiful Girls Pictorial Book


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