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This page gathers a collection of magazine articles regarding the franchise. Please note depending on the chronology of its publication, there may be spoilers.

Note: Starting from November 23, 2011, the latest major changes to these pages can be tracked here.

  • Please see Other Media for translations of all other sources such as books, newspaper articles, blu-ray booklets and online interviews.
  • Please refer to Tweets for related tweets from staff.
  • If you are fluent in Japanese and would like to help contribute to this collection, there is a wide selection of scans that need translations, posted here. If you have scans you'd like to contribute, you can either create an account and post the scans on the site, or post a link to a zip of them for us to download.

Prior to Airing

October, 2010

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover MM.12.2010.jpgMegami Magazine 2010-12October 30, 2010
1 page: (fully translated)
  • Interview with producer Atsuhiro Iwakami regarding the staff, and production in general.
  • Initial introduction to the series.

November, 2010

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover NT.12.2010.jpgNewType 2010-12November 10, 2010
2 pages: (main content translated)
  • Interview with director Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi regarding script and visual description
Cover MM.01.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-01November 30, 2010Main 4 characters in their Magical Girl uniform
2 pages: (fully translated)
  • Interview with Ume Aoki regarding the character design.
  • Character designs introduction.

December, 2010

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover AN.01.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-01December 10, 2010Main 4 characters "How about becoming Magical Girl?"
2 pages: (fully translated)
  • Akiyuki Shinbo Question & Answers.
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover AM.01.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-01December 10, 2010Main 4 characters with Homura looking this way
2 pages:
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover NT.01.2011.jpgNewType 2011-01December 10, 2010Homura & Madoka "More suspicious than high-schooler"
2 pages:
  • Comments from Akiyuki Shinbo, Gen Urobuchi, Atsuhiro Iwakami, Yukihiro Miyamoto.
  • Introduction to the series
Cover MT.02.2011.jpgManga Time Kirara Forward 2011-02December 24, 2010
1 page: (translated)
  • Manga project announcement.
Dengeki G's Magazine 2011-02 Cover.jpgDengeki G's Magazine 2011-02December 27, 2010Homura & Madoka "Dokidoki Mahou Time♥"
1 page:
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover MM.02.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-02December 30, 2010Madoka in magical girl uniform sitting on orange (cover)
Main 4 characters in school uniform (poster)
6 pages: (brief summaries and a few excerpts translated)
  • Comments from 39 staffs.
  • Ume Aoki illustration.
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo.

2011 (During Airing)

January 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover OA.Vol19.jpgOtona Anime Vol.19January 8, 2011
5 pages: (interview translated)
  • SHAFT Special Coverage
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi & Ume Aoki
Cover AM.02.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-02January 10, 2011Main 4 characters (Kishida Takahiro's art in water painting-style)
2 pages: (brief summary of Iwakami's comments translated)
  • Comments from Atsuhiro Iwakami.
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover AN.02.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-02January 10, 2011Main 4 characters "Friendship Story☆is Our Trump Card"
2 pages: (brief summary of Urobuchi's comments translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover NT.02.2011.jpgNewType 2011-02January 10, 2011Madoka, Homura and Mami "Magical Girl has Begun"
4 pages:
  • Introduction to the series.
Cover MM.03.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-03January 30, 2011Main 4 characters in swimsuit with Sayaka holding beach ball (pinup)
5 pages: (excerpts from Gen Urobuchi's interview translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Episode 3 introduction.
Cover NY.03.2011.jpgNyanType 2011-03January 30, 2011Madoka and Mami in swimsuit (poster)
4 pages: (brief excerpts from Kyoko's introduction and Urobuchi's interview translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Kyoko Sakura character introduction.
  • Madoka☆Majika? (まどか☆マジカ? Madoka☆Is That True?) column.

February 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover AN.03.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-03February 10, 2011Homura and Madoka with Valentine Day's chocolate
2 pages: (part of comments translated)
  • Comment from Chiwa Saitou.
Cover AM.03.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-03February 10, 2011
2 pages:
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Episode 1-5 introduction.
Cover NT.03.2011.JPGNewType 2011-03February 10, 2011Madoka & Homura / Kyoko vs. Sayaka
6 pages: (portions of all interviews translated)
  • Interview with Chiwa Saitou and Aoi Yuuki.
  • Interview with Yukihiro Miyamoto.
  • Comment from Gekidan Inu Curry.
Cover MM.04.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-04February 27, 2011Homura in black dress with Amy (cover)
Madoka in white school swimsuit (pinup)
10 pages: (Miyamato and Inu Curry interviews and Ume Aoki's 4koma fully translated)
  • Interview with Yukihiro Miyamoto.
  • Interview with Gekidan Inu Curry.
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi and Hanokage.
  • Ume Aoki's special 4koma.
  • Official novel (2 pages).
Cover NY.04.2011.jpgNyanType 2011-04February 27, 2011Homura and Madoka in party dress (cover)
Madoka in pajama (poster)
7 pages: (brief excerpt translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo & Gen Urobuchi and Ume Aoki.
  • Handwritten comments from Akiyuki Shinbo & Gen Urobuchi and Ume Aoki.

March 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover AM.04.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-04March 10, 2011Same one as Animedia 2011-02 but only Homura is present
4 pages: (brief comment from Chiwa Saito translated)
  • Interview with Chiwa Saitou ("Please watch episode 10 and you will see everything like a whole new series").
  • Comment from Atsuhiro Iwakami.
Cover AN.04.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-04March 10, 2011
3 pages:
  • Interview with Aoi Yuuki
  • Episode 6-8 introduction
  • Madoka bentō.
Cover NT.04.2011.JPGNewType 2011-04March 10, 2011Two Madoka in school uniform and Magical Girl Uniform "The Last Wish"
4 pages:
  • Comment from Akiyuki Shinbo, Gen Urobuchi, Ume Aoki.
  • Comment from Emiri Katou.
  • Episode 6-9 introduction.
Cover KI.Vol33.jpgKikan S 2011-4 Winter, Volume 33March 15, 2011
6 pages: (Excerpt on Shinbo's interview translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo.
  • Several opening keyframe drawings.
  • Several pages from storyboards.
Cover FE.Vol5.jpgFebri Vol.5March 28, 2011
20 pages: (Portion of Urobuchi's interview translated)
  • Gen Urobuchi Special Coverage.
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi, Tatsuya Takahashi (Leaf/Aquaplus), Kisai Takayama (Kimikiss/Amagami).
Cover NY.05.2011.jpgNyanType 2011-05March 30, 2011Everyone's sleepover (poster)
2 pages: (Seiyuu Q&A translated)
  • Characters introduction.
Cover MM.05.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-05March 30, 2011Megane Homura, Madoka, Sayaka and Mami at the beach (pinup)
Novel illustration (poster)
Special Booklet (14 pages): (a few sentences translated)
  • Episodes 1-10 analysis.
Cover LI.Vol4.1.jpgLisAni! Vol.4.1March 31, 2011
4+ pages:
  • Interview with ClariS, Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura.
Cover @2.5-62483-81.jpg@2.5 62483-81March 31, 2011
8 pages:
  • Interview with Atsuhiro Iwakami.

April 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover OA.Vol20.jpgOtona Anime Vol.20April 9, 2011Madoka from Key Visual No.2 (cover)
34 pages: (9 excerpts translated)
  • Episodes 1-10 analysis.
  • Interviews with Akiyuki Shinbo, Gen Urobuchi, Gekidan Inu Curry and Yuki Kajiura.
Cover NT.05.2011.jpgNewType 2011-05April 10, 2011Megane Homura and Madoka (B2 poster)
1 page (back of B2 poster): (5 excerpts from interview translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi.
  • Cast comments.
  • Episodes 1-10 analysis.
Cover AM.05.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-05April 10, 2011
3 pages:
  • Episode 10 introduction.
  • Aoi Yuki (Madoka)'s and Chiwa Saito (Homura) Seiyuu Data Files (translated).
  • Translated Data Files for Eri Kitamura (Sayaka), Ai Nonaka (Kyoko), Kato Emiri (Kyubey), Shintani Ryoko (Hitomi) and Goto Yuuko (Junko) from different Animedia issues.
Cover AN.05.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-05April 10, 2011Madoka in Magical Girl uniform and Megane Homura.
4 pages: (4 excerpts translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi.
  • Episodes 1-10 introduction.
Cover BLT.06.2011.jpgB.L.T. 2011-06April 23, 2011Madoka cover (Gamers)
Sayaka cover (Toranoana)
Homura cover (Animate)
At least four pages on characters.
Cover LI.Vol5.jpgLisAni! Vol.5April 25, 2011Homura and Madoka in Magical Girl uniform (cover)
? pages:
  • Interview with Yuki Kajiura.
  • Interview with ClariS.
Cover MS.06.2011.jpgMegastore 2011-06April 30, 2011
? pages: (Brief excerpt translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
M1.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-06April 30, 2011Key Visual No.2 (poster)
3 pages: (Iwakami comment translated)
  • Episode 12 introduction (2 pages).
  • Interview with Atsuhiro Iwakami (1 page).

2011 (After Airing)

May 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover NT.06.2011.jpgNewType 2011-06May 10, 2011Homura with Kyubey sitting on her shoulder
4 pages:
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi.
  • Cast comments.
Cover AN.06.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-06May 10, 2011
4 pages:
  • Interview with Chiwa Saitou and Aoi Yuuki.
Cover AM.06.2011.jpgAnimedia 2011-06May 10, 2011Goddess Madoka (poster)
1 page (back of poster): (4 excerpts and recording report translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.

2 pages (newsprint page)

  • Final episode recording report.
Cover CY.06.2011.jpgCyzo 2011-06May 18, 2011
2 pages:
  • SKE48 cosplaying as Madoka Magica character.
Cover CU.06.2011.jpgCUT 2011-06May 19, 2011
? pages: (two excerpts translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo?
Cover FE.Vol6.PNGFebri Vol.6May 25, 2011
8 pages:
  • Gen Urobuchi as a guest in Akiyuki Shinbo's Shinbogatari column.
Cover SF.07.2011.jpgS-F Magazine 2011-07May 25, 2011
? pages:
  • Little bit of reference and series introduction.
Cover WP.06.2011.jpgWeekly Playboy 2011-06/13May 30, 2011
? pages:
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Gen Urobuchi's gravure photograph
Cover NY.07.2011.jpgNyanType 2011-07May 30, 2011
1 page:
  • Introduction in Nyan DISC corner.
Cover MM.07.2011.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-07May 30, 2011Mami in swimsuit (B2 poster front)
Homura in swimsuit (B2 poster back)
Special booklet (16 pages): (10 long excerpts translated)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi.
  • Interview with all casts.
  • Episodes 11-12 analysis.

June 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Shinsengumi DX 07.2011 cover.jpgTokusatsu Shinsengumi DX 2011-07June 6, 2011
5 pages:
  • Introduction to the series.
Aoi Yuuki cat Amy.jpgNewType Voice 2011-07June 9, 2011None
Summary (Article description only)
  • Interview with Aoi Yuuki, talking about her cat Amy and Amy's connection to the cat in Madoka's OP.
Cover NT.07.2011.jpgNewType 2011-07June 10, 2011Madoka holding Homura glasses with Ribbon Homura
Special booklet (33 pages): (all translated except for episodic descriptions)
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Emiri Katou.
  • Interview with Yukihiro Miyamoto and Gekidan Inu Curry.
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi.
  • Comment from Ume Aoki.
  • Comments from storyboard writers, animation directors, episode directors.
  • Episodes 1-12 analysis.
  • Character analysis.
Cover AN.07.2011.jpgAnimage 2011-07June 10, 2011
1 pages:
  • Comment from Ume Aoki.
Cover.jpgShinjidai no Mixture Magazine BLACK PASTJune 12, 2011
? pages: (In excerpts, majority of interview translated)
  • Interview with Gen Urobuchi and Tsunehiro Uno.
Cover SW.06.2011.jpgSWITCH 2011-07 Vol.29 No.07June 20, 2011Madoka tying her ribbon (cover, A2 poster exclusive in online shop)
  • Interviews with Shinbo, Urobuchi and Iwagami (2 1/2 interviews translated)
Megami 08.2011 cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-08June 30, 2011Many, see linked page
Special Fan Book (20 pages): (all illustrations translated)
  • Illustration and writings from guest Madoka Magica fans:
    • Risa Ebata (江端 里沙 - Macross Frontier character designer)
    • Kippu (切符 - Pixiv 27410)
    • Kuuchuu Yousai (空中幼彩 - Makai Tenshi Djibril)
    • Hirokazu Koyama (こやま ひろかず - TYPE-MOON)
    • Shino Eefy (茨乃 - Pixiv 67388)
    • CHAN×CO (Pixiv 35693)
    • Ugetsu Hakua (白亜 右月 - Burst Angel, The Tower of Druaga character designer)
    • Pun2 (Pixiv 861925)
    • Yuugen (ゆーげん - Pixiv 806502)
    • Wadarco/Aruko Wada (ワダアルコ - Pixiv 611443)
    • Akira (日日日 - Kyouran Kazoku Nikki author)
    • Ryogo Narita (成田 良悟 - Baccano!, Durarara!! author)
    • Jin Haganeya (鋼屋 ジン - Demonbane writer)
    • Ryusuke Hikawa (氷川 竜介 - Anime critic)
    • Hiroshi Yamamoto (山元 浩 - SF writer, Game designer)

July 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Cover OA.Vol21.jpgOtona Anime Vol.21July 8, 2011Goddess Madoka (cover)
26 pages, 3 excerpts translated.
  • Final episodes coverage
  • Storyboard analysis
  • Character analyses
  • Interviews with Gen Urobuchi and Aoi Yuuki
Weekly Spa 07.19.2011.jpgSpa Weekly! 2011-07-19July 19, 2011
4 pages and online interview (4 of 5 translated)
  • Online interview "Why Grown-up Men Also Cried After They Watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica"
  • Commentaries by five noted critics on Madoka and its social/cultural impact
MM 09.2011 cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-09July 30, 2011Sayaka and Kyoko in bathing suits, extra long posters
Supplement (?) pages:

August 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
MM 10.2011 cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-10August 30, 2011Magical girls in yukata
  • PSP game information
  • Merchandise catalogue
Dengeki PlayStation Vol500.jpgDengeki PlayStation Vol 500August 25, 2011
PSP game information

September 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Otona Anime Magical Girl Cover.jpgMagical Girl Magazine (Otona Anime)September 22, 2011Goddess Madoka Poster
Summary (25+ pages):
  • Study of magical girl anime which includes Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Interviews with individuals includes Aoi Yuuki, seiyuu for Madoka Kaname and Director Akiyuki Shinbo.
Takarajima Nov 2011 Cover.jpgTakarajima November 2011September 24, 2011
  • Special: Introduction Guide to Madoka Magica for Grown-ups. Approximately 8 pages.
Megami 10.2011 02.jpgMegami Deluxe Volume 17September 30, 2011Homura and Madoka embrace
MM 11.2011 Cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-11September 30, 2011Homura and Madoka in archery club

October 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Dengeki PSP Vol 3 Cover.jpgDengeki PSP Volume 3October 21, 2011Decorative stickers of Madoka and Charlotte
  • Information and illustrations on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica PSP Game
GetNavi 12.2011.jpgGetNavi 2011-12October 24, 2011n/a
  • Aoi Yuuki interview and Madoka BD information - summary translation of a few interesting points
Megami 12.2011 cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2011-12October 31, 2011Kyouko and Sayaka on a bench
Megami Lily.jpgLily Megami Magazine 2011-12 October 31, 2011Homura and Madoka in bed
  • 8 pages of Madoka yuri-related content

November, 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Newtype 12.2011 cover.jpgNewType 2011-12November 10, 2011Homura, Madoka and Kyubey on the cover
Summary: 8 pages, translated summary of contents as reported by a fan. Scans verify accuracy of translated contents.
  • Information on the launch of a theatrical film project for Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Joint interview with Akiyuki Shinbo, Ume Aoki, Gen Urobuchi and Atsuhiro Iwagami
  • Special comments by Hideaki Anno (best known for directing Neon Genesis Evangelion), Hitoshi Sakoh (guitarist of Galileo Galilei) and Rena Matsui (the most popular member of SKE48, sister unit of AKB48)
  • Madoka wins 12 NewType awards
Megami 2012.01.jpgMegami Magazine 2012-01November 30, 2011All five girls, skating rink.
  • Information and cast interviews on the upcoming Madoka movies. Translation of Urobuchi comments on completing the third movie's script.
NyanType 01.2012 cover.jpgNyanType 2012-01November 30, 2011Madoka and Homura in swimsuits, lying on the beach.
  • Information on the upcoming Madoka movies.

December, 2011

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Animedia 2012-01 cover.jpgAnimedia 2012-01December 10, 2011Girls eating together
  • Information on the upcoming Madoka movies.
Otona Anime 2012.jpgOtona Anime 2012 Annual IssueDecember 14, 2011Same illustration as Blu-Ray volume 6, on the cover
  • Interview with Atsuhiro Iwakami on the popularity of Madoka.
  • Coverage on Gekidan Inu Curry
Kikan S 12.2011 Cover.jpgKikan S Quarterly Vol 37 2012-01December 15, 2011
  • TBD
CUT 2012-01 cover.jpgCUT 2012-01December 19, 2011
  • Madoka Magica discussed as a huge anime phenomenon and marking the rise of original anime. Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo.
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12 Cover.jpgDengeki PlayStation 2012-01-12December 22, 2011
  • Information and information on Madoka Magica's PSP game. New information on Mami's witch form and other PSP game information translated.
Megami 02.2012 Cover.jpgMegami 2012-02December 22, 2011
  • Homura and Madoka wins first place in pairings poll. List translated.
Dengeki G 2012 2 Cover.jpgDengeki G's magazine 2012-02December 30, 2011
  • Information on Madoka Magica's PSP game.


December, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Febri Vol 14 cover.jpgFebri Vol.14December 10, 2012Madoka and Homura
Summary TBD
NewType 2013-01 cover.jpgNewType 2013-01December 10, 2012Ultimate Madoka and Madoka
Summary TBD
NyanType 2013-02 cover.jpgNyanType 2013-02December 27, 2012Madoka, Homura and Kyubey
1 page:
  • Calendar page featuring Madoka and Homura at the beach.

November, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2012-12 cover.jpg.jpgNewType 2012-12November 9, 2012All five girls
Summary TBD
Animage 2012-12 cover.jpgAnimage 2012-12November 9, 2012Ultimate Madoka and Homura
Summary TBD
NyanType 2013-01 cover.jpgNyanType 2013-01November 30, 2012
Summary TBD

October, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Madoka movie magazine switch - the bible.jpgSWITCH Special Edition 2012October 6, 2012Ultimate Madoka
Summary TBD
NewType 2012-11 cover.jpgNewType 2012-11October 10, 2012All five girls
Summary TBD
Anime The Television Vol.1 Cover.jpgAnime The Television Vol.1October 10, 2012All five girls
Summary TBD
Spa! oct issue 2012.jpgSpa Weekly! 2012-10-23October 16, 2012Madoka in Mami costume
Cut 2012-11 cover.jpgCut 2012-11October 19, 2012Madoka and Kyubey
NewtypeMovieSpecial.jpgNewType 2012-12 SpecialOctober 26, 2012Ultimate Madoka
Summary TBD
LisAni! Vol.11 Cover.jpgLisAni! Vol.11October 26, 2012Madoka, Homura, and Mami
2012MegamiSpecialBookCover.jpgMegami 2012-12October 30, 2012Ultimate Madoka and Homura
Summary TBD

September, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Ultimate Madoka Newtype.jpgNewType 2012-10September 10, 2012Ultimate Madoka
Summary TBD

August, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2012-09 cover.jpgNewType 2012-09August 10, 2012Madoka running with the other girls in the background
Summary TBD

July, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2012-08 cover.jpgNewType 2012-08July 10, 2012Homura, Moemura and Ribbon Homura
Summary TBD
Appli NewType Vol 02 cover.jpgAppli NewType Vol.2July 25, 2012
Summary TBD

June, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2012-07 cover.jpgNewType 2012-07June 8, 2012The girls holding hands, Movie Key Visual
Summary TBD
Animedia 2012-07 cover.jpgAnimedia 2012-07June 8, 2012
Summary TBD

May, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Megami Magazine Spirits July 2012.jpgMegami Magazine Spirits Vol 1May 30, 2012Homura, Madoka in swimsuits
17 pages:
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Atsuhiro Iwakami
DengekiPlayStationVol517.jpgDengeki PlayStation Vol 517May 17, 2012
Strategy Guide for the Homura route.

April, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
DengekiPlayStationVol516.jpgDengeki PlayStation Vol 516April 26, 2012
Strategy Guide for Sayaka and Kyoko routes.
NewType 05.2012 cover.jpgNewType 2012-05April 10, 2012Homura, Madoka, Kyoko and Sayaka laying on the grass
Animage 05.2012 cover.jpgAnimage 2012-05April 10, 2012Ultimate Madoka
2 pg spread with information on the upcoming movies (not translated)
Dengeki playstation Vol 515.jpgDengeki PlayStation Vol 515April 12, 2012Madoka portable poster
Strategy Guide for Madoka and Mami routes, and interview.

March, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 29 01.jpgDengeki PlayStation 2012-03-29March 8, 2012Homura and Madoka cover
  • Information on the Madoka Magica PSP game. Some translations.
NewType 04.2012 cover.jpgNewType 2012-04March 10, 2012Madoka, Mami and Sayaka in school uniform.
Summary TBD
Dengeki G's Magazine 2012-05 cover.jpgDengeki G's Magazine 2012-05March 30, 2012Homura and Madoka holding hands cover, Madoka and Mami swimsuit (reprint) on clock stand
  • Information on the Madoka Magica PSP game.

February, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Dengeki PlayStation 2012-03 cover.jpgDengeki PlayStation 2012-03February 23, 2012
  • Information on the Madoka Magica PSP game. Some translations.
Dengeki G's Magazine 2012-04 cover.jpgDengeki G's Magazine 2012-04February 29, 2012Homura and Madoka illustration on case
Summary TBD
NyanType 04.2012 cover.jpgNyanType 2012-04February 29, 2012Kyouko and Sayaka on the beach.
Summary TBD

January, 2012

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Newtype 02.2012 cover.jpgNewType 2012-02January 10, 2012Madoka with Homura and Moemura, Previous illustrations: Homura with Ultimate Madoka, Madoka and Moemura holding hands
Animedia 2012-02 cover.jpgAnimedia 2012-02January 10, 2012Five girls eating, Madoka eating
SWITCH 02.2012.jpgSWITCH 2012-02January 20, 2012
Volume 30, No. 02 Special Issue
Dengeki PlayStation Vol511 cover.jpgDengeki PlayStation 2012-02January 26, 2012
Megami 03.2012 cover.jpgMegami 2012-03January 30, 2012Moemura made a dessert
  • TBD
Dengeki gs magazine 2012 03.JPGDengeki G's magazine 2012-03January 30, 2012


December, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Side-BN Vol.102 Cover.jpgSide-BN Vol.102December 05, 2013
Battle Pentagram special; Kaori Mizuhashi interview
NewType 2014-01 Cover.jpgNewType 2014-01December 10, 2013Homura
Rebellion Story feature, " dream" illustration
Dengeki Playstation Vol.556 Cover.jpgDengeki Playstation Vol.556December 12, 2013
Battle Pentagram special report
Figure Japan Madoka Edition.jpgFigure Japan Madoka EditionDecember 20, 2013
Special Madoka edition of Hobby Japan magazine
Puella Magi Madoka Magica LOVE! Sayaka & Kyouko Version Cover.jpgPuella Magi Madoka Magica LOVE! Sayaka & Kyouko VersionDecember 28, 2013
Follow up to the Madoka & Homura Ver.
  • 2 versions (Blue and Red)
  • Character analysis
  • Romantic tension dissection
  • Letter from Ume-sensei to KyouSaya
  • Cover illustration A3 poster
  • KyouSaya stickers
  • Exclusive KyouSaya tote bag
Pachinko Slot Dechau! 2014-02 Cover.jpgPachinko Slot Dechau! 2014-02December 28, 2013Madoka, Homura, Mami, and Kyubey
Madoka SLOT DVD and strategy guide

November, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-12 Cover.jpgNewType 2013-12November 9, 2013
feature story
Pachinko Guide 2013-12 Cover.jpgPachinko Guide 2013-12November 7, 2013
New SLOT Madoka Magica slot machine
Dengeki PlayStation Vol.554 Cover.jpgDengeki Playstation Vol.554November 14, 2013Madoka and Homura battle couple
The Battle Pentagram special
Cut 2013-12 Cover.jpgCut 2013-12November 20, 2013
The Rebellion Story review by movie critic 吉田広明
Kinema Junpo No.1651 Cover.jpgKinema Junpo No.1651November 20, 2013
Shinbo interview for The Rebellion Story
Otona Anime Vol.32 Cover.jpgOtona Anime Vol.32November 27, 2013Homura
Special Madoka edition of Otona Anime magazine
Megami Magazine 2014-01 Cover.jpgMegami Magazine 2014-01November 30, 2013Homura
Rebellion Story review by 鋼屋ジン
NyanType 2014-01 Cover.jpgNyanType 2014-01November 30, 2013Homura and Kyouko
B2 size poster

October, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-11 cover.jpgNewType 2013-11October 10, 2013
  • Madoka Magica Times Vol. 4
魔法少女まどか☆マギカぴあ (ムック).jpgPuella Magi Madoka Magica PiaOctober 12, 2013
Switch 2013-11 cover.jpgSwitch Vol.31 No.11October 20, 2013
Madoka feature
Big Comic Spirits Vol 47 Cover.jpgBig Comic Spirits Vol 47October 21, 2013
* Madoka cosplay shoot
  • Swimsuit postcard
TV Bros 10 26 11 8 Cover.jpgTV Bros 10.26~11.8October 23, 2013
* Feature spread
  • Shinbo interview
Smart Magazine Madoka Special 2013-12 Cover.jpgSmart Magazine Madoka Special 2013-12October 24, 2013
Digimono Station 2013-12 Cover.jpgDigimono Station 2013-12October 25, 2013
ANI-COM 2013-10 Cover.jpgANI-(C)OM 2013-10October 26, 2013
Available online
Dengeki G's Magazine 2013-12 Cover.jpgDengeki G's Magazine 2013-12October 30, 2013
* Cover art
  • Interview with Yuuki Aoi
  • Bonus swimsuit Homura
LisAni Vol.15 cover.jpgLisAni! Vol.15October 30, 2013
NyanType 2013-12 Cover.jpgNyanType 2013-12October 30, 2013
* Cover art
  • Cover story
  • Homura/Kyouko Spread
  • Madoka Magica Times Vol. 5
  • Bonus issue
Megami 2013-12 Cover.jpgMegami 2013-12October 30, 2013
* Mami/Nagisa Cover art
  • Special feature
  • Illustration

September, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-10 cover.jpgNewType 2013-10September 10, 2013
  • Madoka Magica Times Vol. 2
T Magazine 23 Cover.jpgTheater Culture Magazine T. No. 23September 20, 2013
Spa! oct issue 2013.jpgSpa Weekly! 2013-10-01September 24, 2013
ANI-COM 2013-10 SPECIAL Cover.jpgANI-(C)OM 2013-10 SPECIALSeptember 26, 2013
Available online
NyanType 2013-11 cover.jpgNyanType 2013-11September 30, 2013
  • Madoka Magica Times Vol. 3
Dengeki G's Magazine 2013-11 Cover.jpgDengeki G's Magazine 2013-11September 30, 2013
Rebellion spread

August, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-09 cover.jpgNewType 2013-09August 10, 2013
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi
Madoka Magica LOVE! Madoka and Homura Version cover.jpgPuella Magi Madoka Magica LOVE! Madoka & Homura VersionAugust 10, 2013
NyanType 2013-10 cover.jpgNyanType 2013-10August 30, 2013
  • Interview with Akiyuki Shinbo and Gen Urobuchi
  • Madoka Magica Times Vol. 1
Megami 2013-10 cover.jpgMegami 2013-10August 30, 2013

July, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-08 cover.jpgNewType 2013-08July 10, 2013Madoka, Homura and Kyubey
Summary TBD
Smart Magazine 2013-09 Cover.jpgSmart Magazine 2013-09July 24, 2013
Madoka and Homura cosplay by idols

April, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-05 cover.jpgNewType 2013-05April 10, 2013Madoka and Homura
Summary TBD

March, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NyanType 2013-05 cover.jpgNyanType 2013-05March 30, 2013

February, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Smart 2013-04 cover.jpgSmart 2013-04February 23, 2013
Summary TBD

January, 2013

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2013-02 cover.jpgNewType 2013-02January 10, 2013The girls sleeping on Ultimate Madoka's lap
Summary TBD


August, 2014

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
File:Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie LOVE! Akuma Homura & Kyubey Version Cover.jpgPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie LOVE! Akuma Homura & Kyubey VersionAugust 21, 2014

May, 2014

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
File:Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie LOVE! Mami & Nagisa Version Cover.jpgPuella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie LOVE! Mami & Nagisa VersionMay 26, 2014

April, 2014

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2014-05 Cover.jpgNewType 2014-05April 10, 2014Ultimate Madoka and Akuma Homura

March, 2014

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
MdN 2014-05 Cover.jpgMdN 2014-05April 5, 2014
Rebellion Story box set design

February, 2014

January, 2014

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2014-02 Cover.jpgNewType 2014-02January 10, 2014Homura and Akuma Homura
Rebellion Story feature, Chiwa Saitou interview


April, 2015

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
NewType 2015-05 cover.jpgNewType 2015-05April 10, 2015Ultimate Madoka and Madoka


October, 2017

CoverTitleRelease dateIllustration
Febri Vol 44 cover.jpgFebri Vol. 44October 13, 2017Iroha and Moemura
30-page feature on Magia Record:
  • Beginner's guide
  • Magical Girl list
  • Memoria list
  • Interview with f4samurai
  • Animated scenes making-of

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