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[Requesting source of the article, and full-size images from thread #8]

Interview with Iwakami Atsuhiro (from Animedia):

  • Every words from Homura has meaning.
  • Story revolves around a single theme.
  • Mahou Shoujo are not necessarily heroes.
  • The show is not a monster-of-the-week type of show.
  • Concept of enemies and magic weapons are different from standard.

Interview with Urobuchi Gen (from Animage):

  • Mahou Shoujo in this show are not united as a single group.
  • Main element of the story is how everyone from a different standpoint understands each other.
  • Everything about Homura is mysterious, unlike other characters that their parts and motivation are clear.
  • Mami knows mechanism of the world to certain degree, so her part is a guide to Madoka and Sayaka.
  • Madoka and Sayaka will follows the way Mami lead, but at certain point they might choose their own paths.
  • Urobuchi "this is my first time I have been entrust with a big task that is scenario for all episodes, I feel like I can say I'm an anime scenario writer now (laughs). Can I go ahead from this point is up to "Madoka."



こちらの目論見通りなら、そろそろ視聴者の皆さんもキュゥべぇの可愛らし さにほだされて余計な警戒心を解いている頃合いなのだから、今になって 過去の渾名を蒸し返すのはやめてほしいね! [1]

If all goes well, soon everyone will be moved by Kyuubey's cuteness and all the unfair suspicion against him will be no more.

@k_hiroriro まだ今んとこ流血シーンなんてないのに、ひどいよね! [2]

Urobuchi replies to k_hiroriro who says that Kyuube is too suspicious, Urobuchi says "even though there aren't any scenes with bloodshed yet, you are cruel"

Anonymous Mon Jan 17 20:53:05 2011 No.44871283

>>44871237 Urobuchi said ep2 special move name was in Italian.

>そもそも必殺技の名称も収録現場の土壇場で英語からイタリア語に変更 されたもんで、コミカライズ版と変わってしまったのです。申し訳ねぇ…… [3]

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