Magia Archive Volume 1

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Book cover with dust jacket.

Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Magia Archive Volume 1 is a guidebook featuring Magia Record. It contains the profiles of select magical girls, witches, and uwasa featured in the game as well as summary on the game's main storyline up to Chapter 5, Episode 7. The 240-page paperback book was published by Houbunsha.

The first volume was released on September 11, 2019 with the second volume released on February 4, 2020.


Puella Magi

Iroha's profile.

This 192-page section features 40 magical girls. The following info is listed for each magical girl: school, origin, age and school level, height, weapon, magical ability, and soul gem's location. The name of the illustrator and seiyuu of each magical girl is credited as well. Sketches along with commentary is also available. Select magical girls also have their doppel featured.

Puella Magi Pages Doppel
Iroha Tamaki 4-9 Yes
Yachiyo Nanami 10-15 Yes
Tsuruno Yui 16-21 Yes
Felicia Mitsuki 22-27 Yes
Sana Futaba 28-33 Yes
Momoko Togame 34-39 Yes
Rena Minami 40-45 Yes
Kaede Akino 46-51 Yes
Madoka Kaname 52-55 Yes
Homura Akemi (Eyeglass Ver.) 56-59 Yes
Mami Tomoe 60-63 Yes
Kyoko Sakura 64-67 Yes
Karin Misono 68-71 Yes
Asuka Tatsuki 72-77 Yes
Sasara Minagi 78-83 No
Kanoko Yayoi 84-87 No
Hinano Miyako 88-91 Yes
Emiri Kisaki 92-97 No
Rika Ayano 98-101 No
Ren Isuzu 102-105 Yes
Nanaka Tokiwa 106-111 Yes
Akira Shinobu 112-117 No
Meiyui Chun 118-121 No
Kako Natsume 122-125 No
Konomi Haruna 126-129 No
Shizuku Hozumi 130-133 No
Ayaka Mariko 134-137 No
Manaka Kurumi 142-145 No
Ria Ami 146-149 No
Riko Chiaki 150-155 Yes
Mayu Kozue 156-161 Yes
Natsuki Utsuho 162-165 No
Aimi Eri 166-169 No
Masara Kagami 170-173 No
Kokoro Awane 174-179 Yes
Himika Mao 180-185 Yes
Konoha Shizumi 186-191 Yes
Hazuki Yusa 192-195 No
Ayame Mikuri 196-199 No


Features the witches and uwasa which served as enemies in the game. It includes descriptions as well as commentary from the Gekidan Inu Curry duo.

Witches and minions
Zenobia in Magia Archive.

Story Line

A summary of each episode of Magia Record's Main Story up to Chapter 5 is featured in this section. Up to five select screenshots is featured for each episode.


Background art of select locations in Kamihama is featured. Contains a total of 30 background art. There is no commentary.

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