Magia Record Another Story Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Same Appearance as Us

Section 1: Double Edged Sword

Concerned about Kamihama, Mami runs into Kyubey. She tells him about some of Kamihama's oddities. Kyubey says he'll tell Mami if he learns anything, and asks her to let him know if she learns something about "that 'Kamihama' city". Mami meets Kyoko again and tells her about Kamihama. She says there are more witches in Kamihama than there ever were in Mitakihara. Kyoko is happy to have a new hunting ground, but Mami is still concerned about the drop in witches elsewhere. Kyoko thinks it's a coincidence and prepares to make Kamihama her new hunting ground. She does promise Mami she'll leave if it gets too dangerous.

Section 2: The Sign of a Rumor

Upon returning to Kamihama, Mami immediately senses a witch. She finds Kaede Akino standing in front of the witch barrier's entrance. Kaede admits she lacks confidence, so she can't decide whether to go into the barrier or not. She is paralyzed by indecision. Mami invites Kaede to come inside the barrier with her. They enter, and Mami destroys the witch (Rebecca). Kaede apologizes for not being able to do anything, but Mami says it's alright. She asks if Kaede will be alright by herself, but she says she's usually with her teammates and was thinking of calling them over. Kaede wonders if she can become a girl like Mami someday.

Afterward, Mami asks Kaede if anything has changed recently in Kamihama. Kaede tells her about the Rumor she encountered (in the Main Story). In her thoughts, Mami brushes it off as a coincidence caused by Kaede getting into an argument with her teammate and then being attacked by a witch. When Kaede brings up Rena, Mami wonders if she's talking about the same girl she's met before. As Mami prepares to leave, she feels a magical signature that matches nothing she's ever encountered. Kaede says it's the energy of the Rumor she encountered, which is nothing like a witch or magical girl's energy. Mami thinks she never heard of anything like that, and is also certain Kyubey hasn't either. Kaede offers to help Mami, but Mami says her feelings are enough. Having heard of how Kaede was forced to fight her friends, and not wanting to put her through that again, Mami goes to fight the Rumor herself.

Section 3: The Curse of the Girl

Mami is able to enter the Rumor's barrier and fights its minions. She sees Iroha Tamaki use her Doppel and immediately assumes the worst. As seen in the Main Story, Mami attacks Iroha, believing that she's a witch that somehow brainwashed her companions. Iroha's group is saved by Momoko Togame, forcing Mami to withdraw. Afterward, Mami encounters Kyoko and asks if she went to Kamihama. Kyoko says she hasn't to Mami's relief. Mami asks if Kyoko had ever seen a humanoid witch before, explaining her perception of events. Kyoko says it's the first time she's heard of it. Mami tells Kyoko not to go to Kamihama.

Kyoko points out that witches are still decreasing elsewhere. Mami says she can get Grief Seeds for Kyoko if she needs it. Kyoko asks if she should just do nothing. Mami begs to act as Kyoko's senior just for this time. Kyoko reluctantly accepts. Elsewhere, Kaede, Rena and Momoko discuss the day's events. Kaede says Mami was strong and kind. Momoko acan't agree with the kind part. Rena figures the whole thing was a misunderstanding. She also states her belief that Mami has to be Yachiyo's age, especially because of her...assets. Kaede and Rena get into an argument that Momoko stops. The three girls think that they'll meet Mami again.