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!colspan="6"|Crossover Characters
!colspan="6"|Crossover Characters
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:Hitagi magireco icon.png|100px|link=Hitagi Senjougahara ]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:Hitagi magireco icon.png|100px|link=Hitagi Senjougahara ]]
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:Nadeko magireco icon.png|100px|link=Nadeko Sengoku ]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:Nadeko magireco icon.png|100px|link=Nadeko Sengoku ]]
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Mayoi-icon.png|100px|link=Mayoi Hachikuji]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Mayoi-icon.png|100px|link=Mayoi Hachikuji]]
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Tsubasa-icon.png|100px|link=Tsubasa Hanekawa]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Tsubasa-icon.png|100px|link=Tsubasa Hanekawa]]
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Surugaa-icon.png|100px|link=Suruga Kanbaru]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Surugaa-icon.png|100px|link=Suruga Kanbaru]]
|style="width:16.6%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Shinobu-icon.png|100px|link=Shinobu Oshino]]
|'''[[Hitagi Senjougahara ]]'''
|'''[[Hitagi Senjougahara ]]'''
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|'''[[Tsubasa Hanekawa]]'''
|'''[[Tsubasa Hanekawa]]'''
|'''[[Suruga Kanbaru]]'''
|'''[[Suruga Kanbaru]]'''
|'''[[Shinobu Oshino]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:MagiaRecord-Shinobu-icon.png|100px|link=Shinobu Oshino]]
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:Hayate magireco icon.png|100px|link=Hayate Yagami
|style="width:20%;"|[[File:Nanoha magireco icon.png|100px|link=Nanoha Takamachi
|'''[[Shinobu Oshino]]'''
|'''[[Hayate Yagami]]'''
|'''[[Nanoha Takamachi]]'''
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:center;border:none;"
{|class="wikitable" style="width:100%;text-align:center;border:none;"

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Magical Girls introduced in Magia Record
Magia-record-iroha-icon.png Magia-record-yachiyo-icon.png Magia-record-tsuruno-icon.png Magia-record-sana-icon.png Magia-record-felicia-icon.png
Iroha Tamaki Yachiyo Nanami Tsuruno Yui Sana Futaba Felicia Mitsuki
Magia-record-rena-icon.png Magia-record-momoko-icon.png Magia-record-kaede-icon.png MagiaRecord-Asuka-icon.png MagiaRecord-Kanoko-icon.png
Rena Minami Momoko Togame Kaede Akino Asuka Tatsuki Kanoko Yayoi
MagiaRecord-Natsuki-icon.png MagiaRecord-Hinano-icon.png MagiaRecord-Sasara-icon.png MagiaRecord-Nanaka-icon.png MagiaRecord-Emiri-icon.png
Natsuki Utsuho Hinano Miyako Sasara Minagi Nanaka Tokiwa Emiri Kisaki
MagiaRecord-Shizuku-icon.png MagiaRecord-Akira-icon.png MagiaRecord-Manaka-icon.png MagiaRecord-Kako-icon.png MagiaRecord-Meiyui-icon.png
Shizuku Hozumi Akira Shinobu Manaka Kurumi Kako Natsume Meiyui Chun
MagiaRecord-Ayaka-icon.png MagiaRecord-Masara-icon.png MagiaRecord-Konomi-icon.png MagiaRecord-Rika-icon.png MagicaRecord-Ren-icon.png
Ayaka Mariko Masara Kagami Konomi Haruna Rika Ayano Ren Isuzu
MagiaRecord-Konoha-icon.png MagiaRecord-Hazuki-icon.png MagiaRecord-Ayame-icon.png MagiaRecord-Aimi-icon.png MagiaRecord-Karin-icon.png
Konoha Shizumi Hazuki Yusa Ayame Mikuri Aimi Eri Karin Misono
MagiaRecord-Kokoro-icon.png Amane Tsukuyo.png Amane Tsukasa.png MagiaRecord-holy-mami-icon.png Madoka haregi icon.png
Kokoro Awane Tsukuyo Amane Tsukasa Amane Holy Mami Madoka Kaname (Haregi ver.)
Magia-record-Kuro-icon.png Arina Grey icon.png Reira Ibuki icon.png Seika Sousui icon.png Mito Aino icon.png
Kuro Alina Gray Reira Ibuki Seika Kumi Mito Aino
MagiaRecord-Mayu-icon.png MagiaRecord-Madoka-senpai-icon.png Himika Mao profile icon.png MagiaRecord-Mitama-icon.png MagiaRecord-Ria-icon.png
Mayu Kozue Madoka-senpai Himika Mao Mitama Yakumo Ria Ami
Meru icon.png Kanae icon.png Rumor Tsuruno Icon.png Azusa Mifuyu.png Kanagi Izumi icon.png
Meru Anna Kanae Yukino Rumor Tsuruno Mifuyu Azusa Kanagi Izumi
Magia record homura swimsuit icon.png Iroha Swimsuit ver icon.png Riko Chiaki Icon.png Ryou Midori Icon.png Ikumi Makino Icon.png
Homura Akemi (Swimsuit ver.) Iroha Tamaki (Swimsuit ver.) Riko Chiaki Ryou Midori Ikumi Makino
MagiaRecord-Holy Alina-icon.png Mitama magireco icon.png MagiaRecord-Touka-icon.png MagiaRecord-Nemu-icon.png Card 30434 f.png
Holy Alina Mitama (Haregi ver.) Touka Satomi Nemu Hiiragi Rumor of the 10,000 Year Sakura
Card 12014 f.png Card 11053 f.png Tamaki Ui icon.png Sarasa icon.png Sayuki Fumino icon.png
Iroha-chan Felicia-chan Ui Tamaki Hanna Sarasa Sayuki Fumino
Magical Girls from Other Media
MagiaRecord-Madoka-card 20014 f.png Megane homura magia icon.png Sayaka icon.png Mami magia icon.png Kyoko magia icon.png
Madoka Kaname Homura Akemi (Eyeglass Ver.) Sayaka Miki Mami Tomoe Kyoko Sakura
Ultimate Madoka MagiReco Icon.png Nagisa magireco icon.png Homura magireco icon.png Oriko magia icon.png Kirika magia icon.png
Ultimate Madoka Nagisa Momoe Homura Akemi Oriko Mikuni Kirika Kure
Yuma magia icon.png MagiaRecord-Kazumi-icon.png MagiaRecord-Umika-icon.png MagiaRecord-Kaoru-icon.png Magia-record-Tart-icon.png
Yuma Chitose Kazumi Umika Misaki Kaoru Maki Tart
Magia-record-Riz-icon.png Magia-record-Melissa-icon.png Magia-record-Suzune-icon.png Magia-record-Arisa-icon.png Magia-record-Chisato-icon.png
Riz Hawkwood Melissa de Vignolles Suzune Amano Arisa Narumi Chisato Shion
Crossover Characters
Hitagi magireco icon.png Nadeko magireco icon.png MagiaRecord-Mayoi-icon.png MagiaRecord-Tsubasa-icon.png MagiaRecord-Surugaa-icon.png
Hitagi Senjougahara Nadeko Sengoku Mayoi Hachikuji Tsubasa Hanekawa Suruga Kanbaru
MagiaRecord-Shinobu-icon.png [[File:Hayate magireco icon.png|100px|link=Hayate Yagami [[File:Nanoha magireco icon.png|100px|link=Nanoha Takamachi
Shinobu Oshino Hayate Yagami Nanoha Takamachi
Witches in Magica Record
MagicaRecord WitchZenobiacard.png MagicaRecord WitchCandycard.png MagicaRecord WitchStaceycard.png MagicaRecord WitchRebeccacard.png
Zenobia Candy Stacey Rebecca
Zabaii Harold Ekaterina Joseph
MagicaRecord WitchTeresacard.png Card Missing.png Card Missing.png Card Missing.png
Teresa ????? (Mirror Witch) ????? (Witch of Symbols) ????? (Unknown Witch)
Huygens Kirico Keepers I - IV Echo I - IV Coco
MagicaRecord WitchMatasaburoCard.png MagicaRecord WitchShincard.png MagicaRecord WitchDurbarcard.png Paola card.png
Matasaburo Shin Durbar Paola
Zakuro Kotori Patan Bona
Shitori Egumo witch card.png
Shitori Egumo
Rumor icon.png Wing of magius.png
Rumor Wings of Magius