Magia Record Episode 16: There Were Too Many To Carry

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Isn't There Too Much To Bear
Magia Record Anime S2EP3 Ending subtitle.png
First airing August 15, 2021
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Storyboard Midori Yoshizawa
Animation Director Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Nobuhiro Mutou
Kana Miyai
Mayumi funakoshi
Kiichi Takaoka

Isn't There Too Much To Bear is the third episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


After Yachiyo and Kuroe enters the barrier of Uwasa of 10000 years Sakura, Iroha turns into Doppel, and Yachiyo and Kuroe enters Iroha's dream. Yachiyo wakes up in the mikazuki villa. Tsuruno, Sana and Felicia wants Yachiyo to have breakfast. While Sana speaks "Iroha" in the conversation, Yachiyo runs into Iroha's room without hesistation. After that, she sees Iroha's in the room and hugs with her on the bed.

Everyone is having breakfast, instead of Yachiyo and Kuroe, sitting on the bar chair and discussing Magius' plan and Iroha's dream. Yachiyo feels strange that everyone seems to be familiar with Kuroe, just like she already being a member of Mikazuki team. Yachiyo asks Kuroe to tell her everything she knows, and Kuroe give her a paper about rumor of eternal sakura. Then, Yachiyo asked Iroha about her true existence and to confirm whether she still remembers her mission to save Ui.

After Iroha recalls her mission to save her sister, The scene then cuts into travelling by train to visit Ui in the hospital. After going to hospital, Touka and Nemu dance with song of Uwasa. Iroha plays with Touka and Nemu. Then she take a teddy bear and treat it as her sister, Ui. Both Yachiyo and Kuroe feel this strange, and Yachiyo transforms into magical girl and destroys building model. The reconstruction of building model confirms that they are not in the reality. Yachiyo enters the internal space of the dream, while she ordered Kuroe to stay with Iroha, in order to maintain the stability and safety of the dream. Kuroe spoke to herself that the dream in Iroha looks like barrier of witch. Suddenly, Iroha appears and remembered about witch.

The scene now turns into somewhere Iroha and her team mates except Yachiyo fighting a witch. Kyubey is also there. The witch is easily defeated, with last blow by Iroha. They got lots of grief seeds in various colors. Iroha gives one to Kuroe.

On the other hand, Yachiyo runs through the entire internal zone. Particularly, she saw similar (fake) people acting like in the first scene of dream.

The scene now turns into magical girls playing with fireworks. Felicia, Sana and Turuno are discussing what to play, and Kuroe noticed that Yachiyo is here, wearing an apron. She must not be real one, since real Yachiyo should now be in inner space of the dream. Kuroe asks Iroha what she want to do here, and Iroha tells her it seems nothing she eager to do. She is happy, satisified, and admires Yachiyo.

Yachiyo finally reaches the end of Iroha's dream and saw Ui in teddy bear. It seems nothing strange on the teddy bear. So she have no way to deal with now.

Kuroe and Iroha now go sleeping. Before Iroha sleeping, Kuroe asks why Ui is not the real person (in her dream). Iroha feels defensive to Kuroe and asks whether Kuroe hates Ui. Kuroe responsed that she only asks, not feeling any suspicious to Ui. However, Iroha seems to be very sensitive to this.

Another iroha appears near Yachiyo and Iroha would like to visit her sister. Yachiyo then breaks the Ui the teddy bear. The barrier appears and Iroha turns into doppel. At the same time, Iroha the doppel binds Kuroe's hands and hates those two why they have to destroy the happy scene. She made a lot of work to complement the missing Ui with a better one, and composing a happy world to prevent Iroha's soul to be even pullated. She claims that it is Tamaki's new story. Yachiyo and Kuroe then fight against Iroha the doppel. Yachiyo then persuade Iroha the doppel to find the real Ui instead of the fake one. Yachiyo's attack leads to the separation between Iroha herself and Iroha the doppel. After defeating Iroha the doppel, the real Iroha drops from the tree of Eternal Sakura. Iroha and Yachiyo feel touched about Iroha's coming back, and the (real) Iroha and Yachiyo hugs again.

Meanwhile, Madoka reads messages in the rain. Mami left a message some days ago, saying that she will try help them no matter what happens. There is no message since then. Madoka now makes a decision.


Screencap Notes
Magia Record Anime S2E3-1-Giovanna1.png De:



En: My name is Giovanna I will save you

Magia Record Anime S2E3-3-Runes in Labyrinth1.png De: FRAGE


Magia Record Anime S2E3-4-Runes in Labyrinth2.png De: ERINNERUNGEN

En: Memories

Magia Record Anime S2E3-5-Runes in Labyrinth3.png De: EINE UNBEQUEME WAHRHEIT

En: An uncomfortable truth




  • There are many numbers "168" appear. It should be decrypted with Japanese number イ=1、ロ=6、ハ=8, i.e. Iroha's name
    • Iroha writes "visiting" onto every day in the calendar, except 2, 8, 12 and 21. The least common factor of these numbers are 168.
    • The witch in the Iroha's dream shows number 168.


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