Magia Record Episode 18: We Won't Forgive Anyone Anymore

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We Won't Forgive Anyone Anymore
Magia Record Anime S2EP5 Ending subtitle.jpg
First airing August 28, 2021
Script Maho Nishibe
Storyboard Kei Anjiki
Episode director Naoaki Shibuta
Animation Director Akihito Asai
Kana Miyai
Kiichi Takaoka
Mayumi Funakoshi
Yoshikatsu Matsuzaki
Hitoshi Miyajima
Katsuyuu Shimizu
Akihisa Takano

We Won't Forgive Anyone Anymore is the fifth episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


This episode begins on an webpage showing Sana's videos about her memories. In the uwasa of Hotel Fanthope, Sana and Felicia are making breakfast with other black feathers. Sana proposes to go back to Mikatsuki villa but Felicia rejects. An announcement from Touka reveals it time to execute the Magius' plan to expand purification system over the world. Touka requests every feather to bring their family members to take refuge supplied by the Magius. Some black feathers whisper that they have yet hear that. Mifuyu greets Tsuruno when she arrives but Tsuruno isn't aware of her. She only murmurs that magical girls needs to be saved. Mifuyu hesitates upon hearing this.

Iroha left a letter to Momoko and goes to Nemu's place alone. Kuroe follows her and tells her that she's willing to help. She is happy to be a friend of Iroha, even if only in the dream to which Iroha agrees.

Sana recalls in the uwasa of infinite hospital, she saw many people being connected to pipes with something being absorbed from them. A white feather, perhaps to be Ryo Midori, told her that they are supplying emotions to witches so witches can grow faster. Sana remembers that AI told her that she is against what Magius does. But the white feather told Sana that normal people should bear a little for magical girls. At present time, Sana is talking with Felicia. They collide with another white feather and some grief seeds fall to the ground. The white feather sends a spear at Sana, but she quickly recognizes Felicia and reveals herself to be Kyoko. Kyoko gives each of them a grief seed and requests them for help. She steals grief seeds and is now being chased. After a brief battle, they jump onto a train.

Yachiyo defeats Durbar, but the Amane sisters already ran away. She sees a pendent of Magius and picks it up. When Kyoko and Felicia's train goes passed the witch farm, they are astonished at its large scale. Kyoko asks Felicia if she still hates witches after seeing this.

Iroha and Kuroe pass a corridor and hear Touka making new announcement on a tv screen. Touka declares that they will gather all witches in 200km radius here to wake up their artificial witch, Embryo Eve. By doing so, the purification system can be enlarged to world scale so all magical girls are able to be saved and that the Wings of the Magius should be prepared to fight the strongest witches ever. At the same time, Momoko, Rena, Mitama and Yachiyo hear this through the pendants of Magius. Iroha asks Kuroe if she knows of their plan, and what is the artificial witch. Kuroe expresses regret at joining the Wings of the Magius without knowing any of this.

Kyoko asks Felicia and Sana about meaning of awaking witches. She questions whether Magius still feels short of grief seeds even with such a large farm. Although Felicia and Sana joined the Magius, they had little knowledge about this. When the train shows its destination is Embryo Eve, Touka states the world will change tomorrow and all magical girls will be liberated. Many members of Wings of the Magius now cheerfully show their loyalty to Magius. Alina shows no interest on this and is shown surrounded by many manga volumes by Karin. Mifuyu looks a picture about her teammates from before and covers Tsuruno with her thumb out of shame.

Kyoko, Felicia and Sana see Embryo Eve and are surprised by its huge body. They jump off the train to avoid being swallowed by the witch. Felicia feels that she is a fool when she finally realizes that witches were once also magical girls. Then they see Mifuyu drinking there without power and will. Mifuyu agrees with what Felicia said, and is asked if Magius plans to gather witches by Sana. She says to hope someone told her the answer. When Sana tells her that they are not informed, Mifuyu complains that while she worked so hard for the Magius, she is the last one to be told important messages. She thought Iroha was killed until discovering she was found alive. Sana is surprised to hear this and asks her to explain.

Nemu use her magic to move Hotel Fanthope to an abandoned amusement park in Daito ward to combine with uwasa of Chelationland. A new uwasa called Repulsing Amusement Park Fortress Chelation Fandthope (迎擊遊園要塞キレーションフェントホープ) is made. Touka and Nemu go to the top of the tower. Some feathers attempt to stop them, but are soon captured. Touka judges to seal them to isolation bottles. She states that she won't waste the souls of those who have chosen to join the Wings of the Magius yet to know how to make use of their soul well. She then declares to show the fury of magical girls to the world and that she won't forgive anyone anymore. Many witches are then released.

Iroha sees many witches everywhere in Kamihama. She is worried but doesn't believe Touka and Nemu would do this, and doubts whether the feathers would have if they knew what happens. She decides to have a meeting with them as soon as possible. When they reach the hall, the guarding uwasa intercepts them and identifies Kuroe as being a traitor, it then closes the door on them. Ryo Midori leads a flock of feathers of the Magius to attack them. Seeing Iroha protecting her, Kuroe makes her decision. She transforms into magical girl and makes a hole in the door. She calls out to Iroha to go first and she will follow her. After Iroha gets outside, Kuroe says to herself to be someone like Yachiyo and Iroha. She then summons her doppel to fight against the feathers.





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