Magia Record Episode 20: You Don't Know Anything

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You Don't Know Anything
Magia Record Anime S2EP7 Ending subtitle.jpg
First airing September 12, 2021
Script Katsuhiko Takayama
Storyboard Yukihiro Miyamoto
Naoki Shibuta
Episode director Yukihiro Miyamoto
Animation Director Hitoshi Miyajima
Kana Miyai
Kiichi Takaoka
Shosuke Shimizu
Yoshikatsu Matuzaki
Syoto Asai
Fuyumi Toriyama

You Don't Know Anything is the seventh episode of Magia Record Anime Season 2.


Mami and Tsuruno show up before Madoka's and Iroha's teams. They seem to be controlled by something. Kyoko mentions it seems they can't be communicated with. Mami then generates thousands of muskets, preparing to attack. In the tower, Numu and Touka are watching them on a screen. Nemu questions whether to eliminate them since the purpose of Magius is to save all magical girls. Touka reminds her that they should become the goddess who save all magical girls.

Mami uses her Tiro Finale Holy Night and shows strong fire power. Sayaka calls Homura to stop time. However, because of field of uwasa, Homura can't stop Mami's attack. Sayaka quickly calls Homura, Madoka and Kyoko to run away. In another side, Yachiyo tries to take on Tsuruno, but she is defeated. Iroha calls Touka and Nemu to have a conversation, but Tsuruno assaults at her. Sana and Felicia arrive and protect Iroha in time. They then make connection to construct a great barrier and get out of the amusement park with Iroha and Yachiyo.

Iroha is happy to meet Sana and Felicia when Yachiyo listening to a news report. A huge typhoon will reach in 6 hours. Yachiyo give Sana and Felicia a hug and tells them not leave any more since they should know how dangerous Magius is. She also promises to bring Tsuruno back. Felicia questions that without Magius, Yachiyo should have become a witch. But Yachiyo says that it dangerous to depend on dopple and they should learn not relying on it. They are not agreed so Felicia leaves. Kyoko shares them a pack of snack.

When Iroha and Madoka discussing what happens to Mami and Tsuruno, Kyoko describes what she knows. Magius seems to inject something suspicious into magical girls' soul gems to enhance their power. They call this a fusion of magical girls and uwasas and it seems they succeeded. Kyoko does not know how to dissolve this, however. Sana takes out a letter from Mifuyu. The letter quickly transforms into a map of the amusemenu park's uwasa. Yachiyo reads the letter and knows their plan is to wake up Embryo eve. She decides to destory the induction device on the tower to prevent a disaster. But before this, they must rescue Mami and Tsuruno first. Mifuyu's letter then becomes a paper bird and transmits voice from her. Mifuyu is going to ask someone who might know how to remove uwasa from them.

Momoko requests Mitama to recover magical girls. Mitama suggests them just wait for completion of Magius's plan. She explains that doppel is to give personality to darkness in magical girl's heart. She may be swallowed by their darkness if she touch them. Mifuyu arrives and asks Mitama how to heal Tsuruno. Momoko also requests Mitama when knowing what happens to Tsuruno. Mitama refuses, saying she will keep neutral. She also criticize that Momoko doesn't know anything. Then she confesses that she hoped to treat everyone well as a magical girl, before she learned cruelty of reality. She can't even fight witches. What she can do is only to adjust soul gems. She see many magical girls seem to be energetic but is decayed heavily by their dispair. Some of them even became witches during adjustment. Mitama can only close her heart to prevent damaging herself. She is tired and scared. Momoko goes to give her a hug and comforts her, saying that she will accept everything. Mitama moves, making a joke that Momoko must pay 3 times thereafter. She then answers Mifuyu about way to heal Tsuruno.

To rescue Tsuruno, Someone must try to attack the uwasa and make connection to spirit of the magical girl inner. She must have image of Tsuruno in all aspects correctly. If she has incorrect impression, Tsuruno will be damaged and uwasa won't be detached. Mami can also be treated like this. Yachiyo hears this and is confident that she can save Tsuruno. Sayaka also takes responsibility to save Mami. Madoka, who doesn't know what connection means, asks the question.

Mitama wakes up Rena, and begin trying to recover Kaede. She says that now she find the image of her ideal magical girl. Meanwhile, Kuroe is falling down while rushing. Her doppel asks if she needs help in a magical girl's form. Then she blames Kuroe to forsake her. Kuroe stands up and flees, denying her accusation.

Yachiyo and Sayaka lead their teams back to the park. Mami unleashes her strong fire power, only being stuffed by Yachiyo's spears. Tsuruno rushes out, taking on Yachiyo. Homura, Kyoko and Iroha get Tusruno fixed by their connection. Sana blocks Mami's control of her muskets by her shields at the same time. Sayaka jumps from the top and prepare to rescue Mami. Imagining her energentic appearance, Yachiyo tries to make connection to Tsuruno. Madoka feels it won't do and flies to intercept Sayaka. An injured Tsuruno in the pool of blood shows their failure. However, she then stands up, like a puppet, yelling that she is the most powerful.





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