Magia Record Episode 7: I Want to Go Home with You

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We are the Wings of Magius.
Our group exists to accomplish the objective of the three Magius.
...The three whose noble goal is the salvation of Magical Girls. ~ Tsukuyo Amane

I Want to Go Home with You
Episode 7 Title Card.png
First airing 15 February 2020
Script Ryoma Ikefukurou
Kaede Ogawa
Gekidan Inu Curry (Doroinu)
Storyboard Mie Ooishi
Kenjirou Okada
Episode director Kenjirou Okada
Animation Director Hitoshi Miyajima
Kana Miyai
Nobuhiro Mutou
Fuyumi Toriyama
Kiichi Takaoka
Kei Anjiki


The episode begins with Felicia Mitsuki's memories of the night her parents died. Fire consumes everything around her as Felicia huddles on the floor crying for her parents. As she looks up, she sees the shadow of the Witch that is responsible. Kyubey appears, explaining the nature of Witches and offering to bring out her abilities. Felicia agrees, promising to kill all Witches.

Deep underground in the sewers, Felicia follows along as she is flanked by two silent Black Feathers, the Black Feather in front refusing to answer her questions. They soon arrive in an open area where the water drips slowly up towards the ceiling. They are greeted by Tsukuyo Amane and her twin sister Tsukasa Amane, dressed in White Feather robes. They explain they are higher ranking members of the Wings of Magius, which is headed by the Three Magius with the goal of salvation for all Magical Girls. Felicia asks if they intend to rid the world of Witches. Tsukuyo smiles and responds that the eradication of Witches is part of their plan and asks Felicia to join them in protecting the Rumors. Kyoko steps out of the shadows, asking if she's another new recruit.

Back at the entrance to the sewers, Iroha Tamaki asks Yachiyo Nanami if Felicia will be ok. It turns out Yachiyo had managed to plant a GPS transmitter on Felicia and can track her through an app on her phone. Tsuruno praises the quick-thinking of her master. Yachiyo has lost faith in Felicia because of her most recent actions. The girls follow the signal to an old tower, where they believe she went underground. There at the entrance sits the small Kyubey. Upon seeing him, Iroha is sure they're on the right path.

As the Amane twins lead their new recruits deeper underground, Felicia asks Kyoko if she's with them too. Kyoko explains she's a new recruit as well. Since there are fewer and fewer Witches back in her hometown of Kazamino, she followed the Witches to Kamihama where they are all gathering. She leans in towards Felicia and wonders if the lack of Witches outside Kamihama is the fault of the Magius as well since most girls would have no choice but to join them to survive. But in the end all Kyoko really cares about is grief seeds, food, and a place to sleep. She could care less about the details. Felicia thinks on Kyoko's words, knowing that if she dies she has no family to grieve over her. Kyoko offers her some of her pocky just as they arrive to the heart of the rumor. There the Misery Rhyton gathers streams of white and the water is gathered from its horn. The Rumor's familiars bottle the water and serve it at a table where Felicia and Kyoko sit. The Amane twins remind the girls that their luck will continue so long as they drink the wter, but if they forget they will be hit by an amount of bad luck equal to the amount of fortune they've used. Kyoko's knows the balance between hope and despair always zeroes out, so she pours the water from her bottle out, the liquid falling towards the ceiling. She's content just earning Grief Seeds. Tsukuyo smiles, saying that Magical Girls in Kamihama have no use for Grief Seeds. Before they can continue further, the Black Feather from earlier arrives to announce they have 'guests'.

The twins head back to the open area where they greet Yachiyo, Tsuruno, and Iroha. They introduce themselves as the Wings of Magius and then step to one side to show Kyoko and Felicia are now with them. They know that Iroha has drunk the Lucky Owl Water as well and offer her more of the water in exchange for her cooperation. Iroha asks if they are responsible for the Rumor monster. Tsukuyo smiles, glad to be able to assist the Magius in achieving their goal of salvation. Iroha is upset that so many people have been hurt by these Rumors, but the twins aren't doing this for everyone' s sake as they gaze at each other lovingly. Yachiyo steps forward, knowing the twins are determined to stop them from interfering with the Rumors further. The girls fling off the White Feather robes and take out a small green cube that opens into a Witch's Barrier. Familiars line the open spaces of the coliseum-like structure as the girls stand in the center, dumb-founded by what's going on around them. The Familiars are mostly those of the Symbol Witch, with many of them stitched and patched up using appendages from other Familiars. Tsukasa plays her flute, causing the familiars to come to life and attack Yachiyo and the others. Yachiyo warns the twins that it is impossible to entirely rid the world of Witches as her and Tsuruno begin to fight back and destroy the familiars. The center of the barrier gives way, causing Yachiyo and Tsuruno to fall deeper within. The Amane twins go after them as Tsukyo instructs Kyoko to take care of Iroha.

Iroha runs after Felicia, but she is soon struck from behind by a familiar. Felicia drops her bottle of Lucky Owl Water as she hurries to protect Iroha. Felicia begins to strike the familiars left and right with her hammer just as Iroha catches up to her. They touch hands and connect, with Iroha powering up Felicia's hammer with her own magic. Felicia goes on a rampage destroying as many Familiars as she can by herself, determined to destroy all Witches and any Rumors that may get in her way too. As Kyoko watches Felicia's berserk rampage, she decides to drop out of the Wings of Magius as she finds their claims to be too shady for her liking. She transforms into her Magical Girl state then uses her spear to tear a new path in the barrier for Iroha. She urges Iroha to go ahead and put an end to the Rumor that is plaguing them. Iroha pushes ahead as more of the Familiars surge forward, the tear in the barrier closing behind her. As Iroha journeys deeper into the sewers, the small Kyubey races ahead to where the core of the Rumor sits, the Misery Rhyton. The servant Familiars of the Rumor split in two as hundreds of Owl Familiars burst out and swarm at Iroha.

Felicia struggles against the hordes of Familiars as Kyoko chides her for her sloppy fighting. She asks Felicia the reason she became a Magical Girl. Felicia doesn't remember, insisting her only reason for fighting now is to kill Witches. Kyoko makes short work of most of the Familiars as she tells Felicia that she needs to fight for her own sake rather than for the sake of someone who's dead. Felicia, still enraged at the sight of Witches, uses her last bit of strength in a final hammer smash that destroys the barrier at last. Yachiyo and Tsuruno turn their sights on the Amane twins, warning them to stop what they're doing since their Soul Gems have become very dark. The twins smile, saying it is to their advantage. The two then unleash their Doppels.

Iroha continues to attempt to fight off the swarm of Owl Familiars, luckily dodging most of their attacks. But Iroha's luck is beginning to run out and she's no closer to destroying the Rumor than before. As she continues to fire her crossbow, her soul gem continues to darken. She wonders how much luck she has left, she begins to remember the night she fought the Seance Rumor and how something had come out of her Soul Gem. As her Soul Gem nears its breaking point, her Doppel self appears from behind her and her Doppel is unleashed.

Meanwhile, Yachiyo and Tsuruno continue their fight against the Amane twins, who are sitting within their Doppels and firing magic at them from afar. Both Felicia and Kyoko attempt to leap in with their own attacks but the music from the twins' flutes knock them both away. Iroha faces the swarm of Owl Familiars as her Doppel uses the cloths that hang from it to strike the hoard and eventually breaks the barrier protecting the Rumor. It stabs through the Rumor and quickly defeats it, before dissipating away. Iroha lays on the ground, breathing hard but thankful she was able to defeat it on her own. Her Soul Gem shines bright and clean. Just as the Rumor is defeated, the water that previously floated to the roof begins to rain back down on everyone. The twins are surprised the Rumor was defeated and are at a loss as to what to do next when Mifuyu arrives, flanked by the two Black Feathers from earlier as well as two more. Mifuyu demands to know what is going on, and the twins call off their Doppels before kneeling before Mifuyu and inform her of the destruction of the Lucky Owl Water Rumor.

As Mifuyu looks at the intruders, Tsuruno quickly recognizes her and runs forward, throwing her arms around Mifuyu. Tsuruno shakes her a bit as she demands to know if it's really her. Mifuyu assures her that this time it really is her as Yachiyo stares in disbelief. Tsuruno cries in joy, having searched for her for ages, as she exclaims she'll throw her a welcome home party at Banbanzais. Mifuyu holds her back, apologizing she won't be able to attend the party since she is now a member of the Wings of Magius. She had heard that Yachiyo had searched for her at the Seance Shrine. Yachiyo says it's thanks to the Rumor Files Mifuyu had left behind that they were able to find the shrine. Mifuyu begins to say it wasn't they who were left behind, but quickly changes her tune and offers Yachiyo a place in the Wings of Magius. Yachiyo refuses, asking if Mifuyu hadn't already resigned herself to her fate. Mifuyu believes Yachiyo is much stronger than herself, then adds that she had always dreamed of being freed from her fate. Yachiyo is determined to stop her, if force with need be. Mifuyu can only sigh and look away as she casts an illusion that hides their escape.

Outside the tower that guards the entrance to the sewers, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Iroha, and Felicia step outside. Felicia turns to leave, Iroha calling out to her. Felicia says she has to find a place to sleep for the night since she doesn't have a house to go back to. Iroha offers Felicia to stay at her own home, even though she will have to be moving soon. She knows she's a weak magical girl, but with Felicia at her side they'd have no trouble with Witches. Felicia looks down sadly, thankful for the offer but knowing she brings nothing but trouble to those around her. Tsuruno offers to train Felicia to restrain herself when she sees Witches, but Yachiyo thinks Tsuruno needs to learn a little restraint herself. The three girls encourage Felicia to stay with them and learn to control herself. Felicia tells them to shut up, angry that she's constantly told to hold back and endure when it's Witches that have taken her home, family, and everything else away from her. Why is she the only one who's not allowed to be angry? "If it weren't for Witches....", and with that Felicia falls to the ground crying.

Iroha places her hand on Felicia, apologizing for her hasty words. She wants Felicia to come home with her because she'd be constantly worried about her otherwise. Iroha reminds Felicia that she promised to cook her a homemade meal and asks that she stay at least the night with her. Yachiyo steps forward and offers the use of her kitchen, asking the two girls to spend the night at her place instead. Off in the distance, Kyoko sits at the top of a tower eating her apple. With Magical Girls that can control Witches, she thinks Kamihama is weirder than she had heard about.

At Yachiyo's house, Felicia sits down to her homemade meal as Iroha talks to her parents on the phone. Soon after, Tsuruno, Felicia and Yachiyo help Iroha move her belongings to the boarding house her parents were sending her to: Mikazuki Villa. Iroha wonders if this is thanks to the Lucky Owl Water and not just coincidence, while Felicia is glad she doesn't have to live with just Yachiyo anymore. Yachiyo reminds Felicia to pick up her manga from the living room floor. Iroha is happy to see the two are getting along well and Yachiyo welcomes Iroha to her new home. Inside the house, Iroha has left her cellphone sitting on a box of her belongings. She receives a text from an unknown caller asking if she's a magical girl, and then another text asking for her help.


Screencap Notes
Episode 7 Lucky Owl Water 3.png BEATRICE


  • Ikumi Makino and Yukika Nanase make cameo appearances in this episode as two of the Black Feathers.
  • Alina Gray's name appears when the Amane sisters summon a labyrinth of the Symbol Witch's familiars.
    • This episode reveals that Alina can contain her labyrinths within individual cubes of her weapon, and that they can be used by others to open the labyrinth.
    • It also reveals that familiars, and likely witches, that are captured in her labyrinth and strengthened by her have their appearance altered.
  • As of this episode, Felicia's doppel, Beatrice, is the only doppel whose name has been referenced in the anime.
    • Her doppel is also the only one whose name origin, Beatrice Cenci, is explicitly referenced in any official media.
    • The fake witch Felicia remembers seeing in her flashback is actually her own witch form.



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