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|style='width:30%'|[[Magia Record Story A Secret Farewell Party to Urara|A Secret Farewell Party to Urara]]
|style='width:30%'|[[Magia Record Story A Secret Farewell Party to Urara|A Secret Farewell Party to Urara]]
|style='width:15%'|[[Hikari Kirari]], [[Juri Oba]], [[Ranka Chizu]], [[Urara Yume]], [[Yuna Kureha]]
|style='width:15%'|[[Hikaru Kirari]], [[Juri Oba]], [[Ranka Chizu]], [[Urara Yume]], [[Yuna Kureha]]
|style='width:30%'|[[Magia Record Story Seven-Coloured Summer Pattern ~Daily Lives Written in a Notebook~|Seven-Coloured Summer Pattern ~Daily Lives Written in a Notebook~]]
|style='width:30%'|[[Magia Record Story Seven-Coloured Summer Pattern ~Daily Lives Written in a Notebook~|Seven-Coloured Summer Pattern ~Daily Lives Written in a Notebook~]]
|style='width:15%'|[[Kuroe (Swimsuit ver.)]]
|style='width:15%'|[[Kuroe (Swimsuit ver.)|Kuroe]], [[Madoka Kaname (Swimsuit ver.)|Madoka]]

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Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
My Diary With You Ren, Rika As Ren enjoys spending time with Rika, Rika ends up becoming busier everyday — raising Ren's suspicions.

Rerun is the same story told from Rika's point of view.

Mitama's Special Training - Kyoko and Felicia Episode Kyoko, Felicia Kyouko and Felicia help Mitama cook.
And So, the Azaleas Bloom Hazuki, Konoha, Ayame Konoha, Hazuki, and Ayame are orphans from the Azalea House. However, the house being under threat of being closed down leads the three orphans to contract with Kyubey to save it and live a new life of their own.
Magical Halloween Theater Karin, Kyoko, Felicia As Halloween draws closer, Karin's grandma asks her for help to run a play for kids.
Reaching a Happier Height Kokoro, Masara Kokoro decides to participate in a Hiking Quiz Rally and asks Masara to join her, hoping they can become closer.
Another Daze Kazumi, Umika, Kaoru Umika, Kaoru, and Kazumi end up in Kamihama while chasing a witch, but they get separated and Kazumi is entangled in a rumour. Now they have to find each other and defeat the rumour.
Mitama's Special Training - Amane Sisters and Tsuruno Episode Tsukuyo, Tsukasa, Tsuruno Tsuruno has a dream about her grandpa and gets a letter from her sister about her grandpa.
Christmas at Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Momoko, Rena, Kaede; Holy Mami, Himika As Mikazuki celebrates Christmas, Felicia seems opposed to the idea and ran away; meanwhile Himika struggles to celebrate Christmas until a mysterious saint shows up.


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
New Year’s at Mizuna Shrine Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Madoka, Homura Mikazuki finds a way to celebrate their New Years.
Mitama's Special Training - Iroha and Yachiyo Episode Iroha, Yachiyo Yachiyo confronts a box full of Kanae and Meru's memories.
A la Carte Valentine Madoka, Sayaka, Aimi, Hinano, Homura, Momoko, Ren, Tsukasa, Sana, Iroha
Madoka Madoka and Kako check out a new chocolate store opening in Kamihama.
Sayaka TBA
Aimi Aimi attempts to give Valentine's Day chocolates to Hayato after last year's failure.
Hinano TBA
Homura Homura, while shopping for Valentines, ends up befriending a Black Feather.
Momoko TBA
Ren It's Ren's first time making Valentine's Day chocolate, and she wants them to be special to show her gratitude to her new friends - especially Rika.
Tsukasa TBA
Sana TBA
Iroha TBA
The Maiden of Hope Tart, Liz, Melissa, Iroha, Yachiyo Iroha and Yachiyo get transported to medieval France when Mitama brings out her new candles.
Mitama's Special Training - Alina and Hinano Episode Alina, Hinano Hinano's new experiment goes horribly wrong.
See You Tomorrow Mito, Leila, Seika In the Daito Apartment Complex, rumors have been spreading around that people have been disappearing; Seika investigates this phenomenon only to get more than she bargained for.
Wait, You Got It Wrong! Mayu Mayu, Asuka, and Ria try to clear the latter's name in the case of a series of mysterious thefts.
Mitama's Photography Meet! Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno, Mitama
FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station (Holy Radio Wave Broadcast Station) Himika Iroha-chan and Madoka-senpai start hosting for FM Kamihama.
Mitama's Special Training - Mitama Episode Mitama Mitama hosts a quiz game for the Coordinator shop, giving the lucky winner a free of charge adjusting service — hilarity ensues.
"I'm always the star!" Ria
Cross Connection Suzune, Arisa, Chisato Chisato and Arisa find themselves visiting Kamihama while looking for something important to Chisato's dad as Chisato confronts her past and father's destiny. Meanwhile, Suzune is sworn to carry out her personal justice and finds herself coming into conflict with Kamihama locals.
Voices From Beyond Kanae, Mel Kanae and Mel, who are ghosts, meet each other in the afterlife as they look at how their old friend Yachiyo is doing.
Mitama's Special Training - Rumor Tsuruno Episode Rumor Tsuruno Banbanzai presents the tale of Smiley Kingdom.
Breakpoint Mifuyu, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Momoko, Mel, Kanagi A series of territorial assaults have pushed tensions between East and West Kamihama. Mikazuki investigates this issue.
300 Day Login Event: A Peaceful Day in Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno
Let's See What You're Maid Of Kanagi, Karin Kanagi gets a new job as a maid, but she struggles to fit in — thus begins the tale of Kanagi's battle to become a worthy maid!
Mitama's Special Training - Homura Episode Homura Homura visits Kamihama in order to investigate an anomaly in her loops, until she's assaulted by a Kamihama Witch.
Beachside Bonds Homura, Mami, Sayaka, Madoka, Kyoko, Hinano, Ren, Yu Homura, Kyouko, Mami, Madoka, and Sayaka goes to a beach for their summer vacation, however Homura slowly uncovers what seems to be a piece of the beach's hidden history.
Mitama's Special Training - Felicia Episode Felicia After seeing a fight between Tsuruno and Yachiyo, Felicia struggles to sleep and ends up running away from home.
Summer With Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Momoko, Rena, Kaede; Kokoro, Masara Iroha wins an all-expenses paid summer trip for Mikazuki; a series of stories featuring Mikazuki at the beach follows.
First Anniversary Special Scenes
Hereafter Ultimate Madoka Mikazuki revisits all of the previous Uwasas they've encountered.
Mitama's Special Training - Kaede Episode Kaede Kaede is forced to confront the ideals behind her wish.
It's Okay to Be Clumsy Riko As Riko is cooking, she is mysteriously transported into what seems to be a Witch's Barrier.
We Invite You to a Delightful Halloween!
Nagisa's Wish Nagisa, Yu A look back at Nagisa's true past, unraveling the truth behind her wish.
Kamihama Cheese Panic! Nagisa Nagisa descends to Kamihama from the Law of Cycles and finds herself dealing with an abnormal outbreak of countless copies of Charlotte wreaking havoc in the city. She fights to calm the situation and tries to rebel for freedom against the universe while facing herself and the realities of her existence.
Wings in the Wind Ikumi, Ryo, Shizuku After Shizuku's growing frustration with Ayaka, she's recruited by Mifuyu to join the Wings of Magius, which leaves Shizuku to Ryo and Ikumi.
Alina Is Comin’ to Town Holy Alina, Tsukuyo, Tsukasa In order to find out new ways to gather energy, Alina decides to try her Rumor of the Fur God as an energy gathering method.

Meanwhile Tsukuyo and Tsukasa want to go to a Christmas party in Minagi Sea, despite both of their limiting circumstances.


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party (NA: Mitama's Festive Feast) Mitama, Iroha, Tsuruno Mitama plans to have a feast in the Coordinator's shop, much to the dismay of everyone who knows her cooking; but before that, she and Kanagi take a stroll at the local Daito shrine.
Mitama's Special Training - Asuka Episode Asuka Asuka engages in a duel against herself.
Mitama's Special Training - Nanaka Episode Nanaka Nanaka awakens in a mysterious place, confronted only by a shadow of herself.
Beginning and Eternal: The Lost Record Homura A recap of the events of PMMM through Madokami's lens.
A La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~ Tsuruno, Rika, Mel, Riko, Kyoko, Manaka Mami, Emiri, Kanagi, Kaede, Felicia
Tsuruno As a Banbanzai Valentine's special, Tsuruno tries to spread a new day to celebrate: "Spicy Day".
Rika In an unexpected move, Rika receives a chocolate from her ex, leaving her unsure of what to do.
Mel After getting scolded by Yachiyo for giving out a fortune for someone's confession, Mel realizes she's never understood what it means to love someone.
Riko Everyone in Riko's class plans on handing out their chocolates, until she hears of the rumors of Hungry Mokeo.
Kyoko After saving a helpless girl from a Witch, Kyoko is invited to her dad's dying restaurant, leading Kyoko to support the restaurant however she can.
Manaka For her Valentine's documentary, Manaka accepts a contract to make "a chocolate that could guarantee her client's confession succeeds".
Mami Madoka, Sayaka, and Homura plan on visiting Mami for Valentine's, and in return Mami wants the best sweets for them.
Emiri Interested in the truffles Kanoko spoke of, Emiri goes off to look for truffles for Valentines.
Kanagi Kanagi ponders on why she got so much chocolate, until she and Karin encounter a girl who broke her chocolates for Valentine's.
Kaede Wanting to make chocolates for Momoko and Rena, Kaede excitedly plans to make one until she overhears people talking about how homemade chocolates are all the same.
Felicia Iroha is suddenly asked by Felicia if she can teach her how to make chocolates, which draws some suspicions from Yachiyo.
Last Magia
Dreaming Cherry Blossom Sakurako After the Magius conflict, everyone in Kamihama debates on what they should do with Touka and Nemu until they come in with the Eternal Sakura and suggest they should have a trial where the Eternal Sakura is the judge.
Kamihama Twinkle Rarity Star Finally getting a banner in MagiReco, Iroha-chan aims to find a way to become a proper 4★.
Golden Week Campaign
Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward (NA: A Fledgling's First Flight) Ui Before being officially accepted as a Kamihama magical girl, Ui must go through a test to show her strength.
Scattered Flowers Melancholy Chapter (NA: The Flowers' Lament) Hanna Ayame, Hazuki, and Konoha are on the run for a false accusation, while Nanaka's group and Kanagi do their own investigation of the case.
Sayuki Steps Up! desuu~ Sayuki Aiming to step up from her usual idol gig, Sayu-Sayu's manager offers her an acting gig that involves touring all over famous Mizuna spots.
Magia Clash! ~Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation~ Nanoha, Fate, Hayate The TSAB's Three Aces attempt to sign up for a battle tournament, but accidentally go through a Mirrors portal and join the wrong tournament. Things go slightly wrong.
One Fleeting Summer Night Tsukuyo, Tsukasa, Touka, Nemu, Alina, Mifuyu Whil the main Magius girls are invited into the Satomi's private beach, Touka challenges the Amane sisters to do something fun for her in exchange for a pair of tickets to Minagi Sea.
Rebel of a Dawnless Land Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa, Ui In the battlefield, Eliza from the Holy Roman Empire is being held off by three masked magical girls; meanwhile Ui wakes up from a dream about the Order of the Dragon, noticing that something seems to be off.
SamaTore! The Summer Treasure that Disappeared into the Fire Kyoko, Kanagi, Ui, Mitama, Karin, Sayuki Due to an unforseen series of coincidences, Kyouko, Karin, Kanagi, Ui, and Mitama all ended up stranded on a deserted island; eventually they hear about what's supposed to be a hidden treasure there.

Rerun: After a promotional treasure hunt for Sayuki is canceled, she, Ria, and Mayu must create an event to takes its place, with a sword made by a swordsmith Sayuki admires on the line.

Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA Collaboration
The Green Jasper Diviners Tokime Clan: Shizuka, Sunao, Chiharu Chiharu is a normal girl who is suddenly called to a place known as Tokime Village to become a Diviner alongside the two other girls who reside there. Slowly, they unravel the truth behind what it means to become a Diviner.
Kamihama in a Circle
A New Beginning Yachiyo, Iroha, Nemu, Touka Touka attempts a new solution to expand the Automatic Purification System. Meanwhile, the Kamihama Magical Girls search for Nemu after she's kidnapped by an unknown group.
Moon-viewing After an Elegant Tea Party Yukika, Rion, Hotori Yukika, a former Black Feather, quietly continues her life as a student council member, until a mysterious anomaly happens that seems to change something she can't quite place.
Mitama's Special Training - Meiyui Episode Meiyui As the Blue Seas family helps setting up an event, a member of the family is suddenly stabbed
Crimson Resolve Promised Blood: Yuna, Hikaru, Juri, Ao Crimson Resolve follows the two major factions of Futatsugi inevitably going to war due to rising tensions, and an underground faction that aims to eliminate both of them to change Futatsugi.
Will You Smile? Halloween Live Show!
Rumors in Disguise Suzune, Arisa, Chisato, Matsuri, Haruka Following strange yet familiar rumors of a "Ripper Girl", Haruka's team finds themselves investigating in Kamihama and winds up having to face their memories and emotional burdens. Suzune strives to clean up a misunderstanding and assists their quest.
Rondo of Oblivion Sleeps for Eternity Mikura, Temari, Seira The Historical Research club is struggling with its budget for the next semester and risks losing their club unless they can prove they've done something noteworthy. They decide to best utilize everyone's skill in making a historical drama film.
The Page I Write on the Holy Night - From Here, With You Rika, Ren Rika and Ren, guided by a mysterious familiar, are tasked with working together to drive away "Coward's Hearts" before Christmas.
NA Exclusive
Kamihama Kawaii Collection


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
The Purity of Haregi Sayaka, Sana, Felicia
Mitama's Special Training - Emiri Episode Emiri After overhearing two of her classmates talking about an incident she was involved in at school, Emiri worries that she's annoying.
Always Waving my Hand at You Ryoko, Sakuya Sakuya is a Promised Blood spy sent to Kamihama University-Affiliated School. During a Witch hunt, she suddenly meets an eccentric Magical Girl.
Warming Valentine ~Until your thoughts reach you~ Konomi, Masara, Kokoro, Sasara, Asuka After seeing some relatable family issues in the local community, Kokoro, Masara, Asuka, Sasara, Konomi, and others work together to coordinate and host a Valentine's charity event.
Chocolatier in Mirror Country Nagisa Nagisa finds herself trapped in a mysterious setting with false memories of friendship, wanting to make the best chocolate cake in the universe.
Hinamatsuri Login Bonus
New Mirrors Ranking Held!
Tracks of Cherry Blossoms Sakurako Kamihama Magia Union wants to have a flower viewing in order to unite everyone, which leads to everyone asking if Sakurako could check a sakura tree in Sankyo and make it bloom.
KamiFest: Kamihama Idol Festival 2020 Kamiha*Magica is an idol group slowly losing steam, they and their producer Madoka-senpai find a way to become more popular.
I, the Reincarnated Overlord, Magnificently Thwart "THEIR" Conspiracy!! Rui KamiKet is a doujin convention event in Minagi where doujin circles gather around and sell their works, however Rui senses something is wrong in the convention.
Trick ☆ Trouble ☆ School Festival ~ Quick Resolution! Leave it to Tsumugi! ~ Tsumugi Tsumugi and Yukika are committee members for the Mizuna joint school festival. Together they investigate a series of troubles with the festival after receiving a threatening letter to stop the event.
The Flower That Blooms in a Hollow Heart Yuuna, Hotori Yuuna gathers a group of magical girls, asking them for information surrounding the Kimochi stones. Chika reports this to Tokime, unsure of how to handle the situation.
End of a Legend, the Limits of Light Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa, Pernelle, Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Sakurako In what seems to be a blur between dream and reality, Ui, Nemu, and Touka are taken by an indestructible Witch. Sakurako chases the Witch into its Barrier. Meanwhile, a girl who seems to be lost in a strange dimension is told by a mysterious voice to seek "prayer petals".
Mitama's Special Training - Sudachi Episode Sudachi, Chika
Mixed Summer! ~ The Phantom Best Shot ~ Rena, Kaede, Yozuru, Ao, Hikaru Tomo-C is hosting a movie contest requiring six students with a summer team; however, this leads to an unexpected alliance.
Unknown Story ~ The Midsummer Magic and Tomorrow's Memories ~ Mami, Nagisa Nagisa suggests to everyone that they should go to a water park alongside her new friend Manatsu, but a strange premonition hints that the water park they're visiting might not be what it seems
Welcome to Uwasa Aquarium! ~ Entrust Your Memories to the Tamatebako Sakurako, Ikumi, Ryo Hearing how Ui wanted to play with everyone in a place like an aquarium, Sakurako does everything in her power to grant her wish.
Let's go to the All Gods Festival! ~ Our Small Break Time ~ Lil' Kyubey
Mitama's Special Training - Shizuka Episode Shizuku
Girls in the Hood Jun Mitsune is a shut-in who, during her rare stroll outside, ends up meeting a retro candy-loving girl. Unexpectedly, Mitsune ends up getting dragged into a magical world.
Deliver to the Beyond, A Piece of Hope Yachiyo, Mifuyu After Mikazuki discovers an old photo of Yachiyo, she and Mifuyu describe the story of how they met.
Halloween Castle of Prayers and Funeral ~The Living are Bewildered, The Dead are Silent Kanagi, Momoko What starts out as a simple Halloween party unexpectedly gets hijacked by a Witch. Momoko, who is late to the party, goes off to investigate what happened to everyone.

Rerun: An additional scene featuring Ryou is added

Mitama's Special Training - Mikage Episode Mikage
Sentimental Gaze Shizuku After being left out from her friend group, Shizuku, feeling detached, empty, and even jealous, distances herself from Ryou, Ikumi, and Ayaka.
Angels on the Road ~Reindeer Santa Prospering Season~ Tsuruno, Felicia In a world where it's Christmas every day, two self-proclaimed deliverers of smiles are on a journey to the "End of the World".
Christmas String ~The Day the Fingers were Locked~ Touka, Nemu, Mifuyu, Kaede During a book cleaning session, Touka and Nemu are mysteriously transported by a magical book and turned into ghosts.
The Dream That Transcends Today Iroha, Ui Iroha and Ui help an injured shrine maiden by taking her place during new years festivities.


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Memorable Flower Tsubaki, Kagari, Matsuri, Suzune Kokoro, Masara, and Aimi try to get to the truth while helping Suzune, Matsuri, Tsubaki, and Kagari realize their emotions, face reality, and try to grow past the crisis that they find themselves stuck in.
Bittersweet AI Memory Rumor Sana Hearing that Ai could possibly be brought back into the human world, Sana elects to join Nemu's experiment. Despite how the experiment fails, rumors have been spreading surrounding a "Radio Girl".
Where is Ashley Taylor's Japanese Horror!? Ashley, Riko As a part of Ashley's plan for a new video, she and Riko ask Mitama for some scary stories.
Dependence Blue Neo-Magius: Himena, Shigure, Hagumu, Jun, Mitsuna, San, Miyuri The Neo-Magius seek out two previous Magius White Feathers as potential members, who decide to hinge their membership on a test to defeat a powerful witch in Takarazaki. Meanwhile, Jun and Mitsune have their own reasons for appearing in Takarazaki — to alleviate a mysterious spike in crime.
Kamihama Armageddon Iroha-chan has become giant and is rampaging across Kamihama City - it's up to Madoka-senpai and her associates to stop her and return her to normal!
Our Beginning is a Recurring Dream Konoha, Hazuki, Ayame The Kimochi War forces the Azalea Trio to think about their futures, but to protect themselves in the present, they decide to become bodyguards.
The Masked Student Council Strikes Back (Holy Maiden Academy Edition) Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa This event is set in a "what if" world where Tart, Liz, Melissa, and the rest of the cast are attending Holy Maiden Academy.
The Mirror That Reflects My True Self Sae After an imposter Sae is spotted, local magical girls assist Sae in uncovering the truth behind its appearance.
The Peaceful Daily Life of Nayuta's House Nayuta, Lavi Nayuta attempts to give back to Lavi after she comes to consider herself as unreliable.
The Witches' Paradox Extermination Battle (1) There's a sudden outbreak of Witches in Chuo Ward, and mysteriously, they're Witches from Mitakihara. Homura, Madoka, Sayaka, Kyoko and Mami, who are coincidentally visiting Kamihama, must investigate this anomaly.
The Legendary Story of the Paper Mulberry Leaf ~The Swaying Feeling, Once Again Fascinating~ Yachiyo, Tsuruno Yachiyo is playing in a drama for Tanabata; however, Yachiyo's lack of experience as an actor shows as she struggles in the drama. It's up to Tsuruno and Ria to make sure the play goes smoothly.
The Call of the Open Sea Momoko, Mitama, Shizuka, Chiharu, Sunao
Night Fairytale ~You Were At the Water's Edge~ Sayaka, Ayame, Kako While on vacation with the Holy Quintet, Sayaka encounters an autonomous robot searching for something, and assists in this endeavour.
Please, Yuna-san ~ Leave All Your Worries To Your Eldest Daughter! Yuna Yuna notices that the rest of Promised Blood have been out of sorts, which could potentially get in the way of Promised Blood plans. Yuna decides to handle this by trying to solve everyone's individual worries.
The Great Banquet that Transcends Time Mami, Kyoko, Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Shizuka, Chiharu, Sunao; Yuna, Hikaru, Juri, Ao Mikazuki Villa, Tokime Clan, and Promised Blood all receive invitations from an unknown source to attend a banquet. However, one girl from each group goes missing in the effort to prepare, leaving the rest to find them.
The Witches' Paradox Extermination Battle (2) The Magical Girls of Kamihama continue to combat the mysterious phenomenon coming from the Endless Mirrors.
Moon-viewing Slumbering Pajama Party Hotaru; Mami, Kyoko, Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno The Holy Quintet and Mikazuki have come together to celebrate a moon viewing pajama party, but there's more than meets the eye about where they find themselves. Hotaru and Akari help make sure they come back home safely with Nagisa and Ui's assistance.
Only Dreamers ~ The Fable Watches the Dream of the Girl Kushu, Yukika, Ikumi Kushu is given a mirror which leads her into the Uwasa of the Dreaming Mirror. Said uwasa gives you a test of heart — winning lets you redo one event from your past, while losing means you never wake up again. Kushu must both pass the test of heart and reflect on what she wants from the past.
The Cuddly Despairs Kazumi
Dream Halloween Festa ~Alina-senpai! Be a Good Girl!~ Karin, Alina As a part of Sakae's Halloween Festa event, Karin asks Alina to help out with the preparations, hoping that it would teach her the value of being good... that is, until Alina realizes she can't seem to disobey Karin's orders.
Battle Museum Yozuru Yozuru peers back at her roots as a magical girl in the Memory Museum. Said memories hold Yozuru's first days as a struggling magical girl, and chronicle how she came to be under Livia's wing.
Kagura San Wants to Be Honest San
Miyuri Yukari on Practice! Miyuri After making the rest of the Neo-Magius, especially Shigure, uncomfortable by talking too much about her leg/foot fetish, Miyuri resolves to cure herself of said fetish once and for all.
Snow Thawing Befana Nayuta, Mikage, Yozuru, Sudachi After Nayuta receives mystery Christmas chocolate from an unknown sender, she and Mikage borrow new powers from Yozuru and Sudachi and find themselves on a difficult magical journey as Mikage is forced to face painful family memories in her journey to reach the truth behind the chocolate.


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Tokime Clan Tale Shizuka, Sunao, Chiharu The time to conduct a ritual to ward away disaster fast approaches Shizuka and the rest of Kirimine Village.
The Ash Grey Revolution Folklore of Zero: Asahi, Alexandra, Lavi, Ulala Wanting to take back the happiness that they've lost, three magical girls seek to reveal their existence to Yukuni City.
Homecoming ~ Three Days of Kyoko Sakura Kyoko
The Inheritors of Our Souls Tart, Kagome, Pernelle
Little Bird's Star Kuroe Kuroe is a Takarazaki magical girl who wants to investigate a rumor in Kamihama about how magical girls can be saved, but when she spots a pink magical girl fighting a Witch, she messes up and ends up missing the pink girl.

Now she lives her life as a Black Feather of the Wings of Magius.

Kamihama Beach Spa Adventure ~ The Demon's Grudge Whirlpooling at the Beach
My Only Salvation Oriko
Passion Is Sharp △, Love Is Rounded ● Akari Mai, Hotaru Yura
A Secret Farewell Party to Urara Hikaru Kirari, Juri Oba, Ranka Chizu, Urara Yume, Yuna Kureha
Seven-Coloured Summer Pattern ~Daily Lives Written in a Notebook~ Kuroe, Madoka

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