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Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
My Diary With You Ren, Rika As Ren enjoys spending time with Rika, Rika ends up becoming busier everyday — raising Ren's suspicions.

Rerun is the same story told from Rika's point of view.

Mitama's Special Training - Kyoko and Felicia Episode Kyoko, Felicia Kyouko and Felicia help Mitama cook.
And So, the Azaleas Bloom Hazuki, Konoha, Ayame Konoha, Hazuki, and Ayame are orphans from the Azalea House. However, the house being under threat of being closed down leads the three orphans to contract with Kyubey to save it and live a new life of their own.
Magical Halloween Theater Karin, Kyoko, Felicia As Halloween draws closer, Karin's grandma asks her for help to run a play for kids.
Reaching a Happier Height Kokoro, Masara
Another Daze Kazumi, Umika, Kaoru
Mitama's Special Training - Amane Sisters and Tsuruno Episode Tsukuyo, Tsukasa, Tsuruno Tsuruno has a dream about her grandpa and gets a letter from her sister about her grandpa.
Christmas at Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Momoko, Rena, Kaede; Holy Mami, Himika As Mikazuki celebrates Christmas, Felicia seems opposed to the idea and ran away; meanwhile Himika struggles to celebrate Christmas until a mysterious saint shows up.


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
New Year’s at Mizuna Shrine Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Madoka, Homura
Mitama's Special Training - Iroha and Yachiyo Episode Iroha, Yachiyo
A la Carte Valentine Madoka, Sayaka, Aimi, Hinano, Homura, Momoko, Ren, Tsukasa, Sana, Iroha
The Maiden of Hope Tart, Liz, Melissa, Iroha, Yachiyo
Mitama's Special Training - Alina and Hinano Episode Alina, Hinano
See You Tomorrow Mito, Leila, Seika
Wait, You Got It Wrong! Mayu
Mitama's Photography Meet! Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno, Mitama
FM Kamihama Holy Radio Station (Holy Radio Wave Broadcast Station) Himika
Mitama's Special Training - Mitama Episode Mitama
"I'm always the star!" Ria
Cross Connection Suzune, Arisa, Chisato
Voices From Beyond Kanae, Mel
Mitama's Special Training - Rumor Tsuruno Episode Rumor Tsuruno
Breakpoint Mifuyu, Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Momoko, Mel, Kanagi
300 Day Login Event: A Peaceful Day in Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno
Let's See What You're Maid Of Kanagi, Karin
Mitama's Special Training - Homura Episode Homura
Beachside Bonds Homura, Mami, Sayaka, Madoka, Kyoko, Hinano, Ren, Yu
Mitama's Special Training - Felicia Episode Felicia
Summer With Mikazuki Villa Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Momoko, Rena, Kaede; Kokoro, Masara
First Anniversary Special Scenes
Hereafter Ultimate Madoka
Mitama's Special Training - Kaede Episode Kaede
It's Okay to Be Clumsy Riko
We Invite You to a Delightful Halloween!
Nagisa's Wish Nagisa, Yu
Kamihama Cheese Panic! Nagisa
Wings in the Wind Ikumi, Ryo, Shizuku
Alina Is Comin’ to Town Holy Alina, Tsukuyo, Tsukasa


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Mitama and the Delicious New Year's Party (NA: Mitama's Festive Feast) Mitama, Iroha, Tsuruno
Mitama's Special Training - Asuka Episode Asuka
Mitama's Special Training - Nanaka Episode Nanaka
Beginning and Eternal: The Lost Record Homura
A La Carte Valentine 2nd ~What If That Girl Took the Lead Role On This Day?~ Tsuruno, Rika, Mel, Riko, Kyoko, Manaka Mami, Emiri, Kanagi, Kaede, Felicia
Last Magia
Dreaming Cherry Blossom Sakurako
Kamihama Twinkle Rarity Star
Golden Week Campaign
Leaving the Nest Looking Skyward (NA: A Fledgling's First Flight) Ui
Scattered Flowers Melancholy Chapter (NA: The Flowers' Lament) Hanna
Sayuki Steps Up! desuu~ Sayuki
Magia Clash! ~Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation~ Nanoha, Fate, Hayate
One Fleeting Summer Night Tsukuyo, Tsukasa, Touka, Nemu, Alina, Mifuyu
Rebel of a Dawnless Land Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa, Ui
SamaTore! The Summer Treasure that Disappeared into the Fire Kyoko, Kanagi, Ui, Mitama, Karin, Sayuki
Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA Collaboration
The Green Jasper Diviners Tokime Clan: Shizuka, Sunao, Chiharu
Kamihama in a Circle
A New Beginning Yachiyo, Iroha, Nemu, Touka
Moon-viewing After an Elegant Tea Party Yukika, Rion, Hotori
Mitama's Special Training - Meiyui Episode Meiyui
Crimson Resolve Promised Blood: Yuna, Hikaru, Juri, Ao
Will You Smile? Halloween Live Show!
Rumors in Disguise Suzune, Arisa, Chisato, Matsuri, Haruka
Rondo of Oblivion Sleeps for Eternity Mikura, Temari, Seira
The Page I Write on the Holy Night - From Here, With You Rika, Ren
NA Exclusive
Kamihama Kawaii Collection


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
The Purity of Haregi Sayaka, Sana, Felicia
Mitama's Special Training - Emiri Episode Emiri
Always Waving my Hand at You Ryoko, Sakuya
Warming Valentine ~Until your thoughts reach you~ Konomi, Masara, Kokoro, Sasara, Asuka
Chocolatier in Mirror Country Nagisa
Hinamatsuri Login Bonus
New Mirrors Ranking Held!
Tracks of Cherry Blossoms Sakurako
KamiFest: Kamihama Idol Festival 2020
I, the Reincarnated Overlord, Magnificently Thwart "THEIR" Conspiracy!! Rui
Trick ☆ Trouble ☆ School Festival ~ Quick Resolution! Leave it to Tsumugi! ~ Tsumugi
The Flower That Blooms in a Hollow Heart Yuuna, Hotori
End of a Legend, the Limits of Light Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa, Pernelle, Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Sakurako
Mitama's Special Training - Sudachi Episode Sudachi, Chika
Mixed Summer! ~ The Phantom Best Shot ~ Rena, Kaede, Yozuru, Ao, Hikaru
Unknown Story ~ The Midsummer Magic and Tomorrow's Memories ~ Mami, Nagisa
Welcome to Uwasa Aquarium! ~ Entrust Your Memories to the Tamatebako Sakurako, Ikumi, Ryo
Let's go to the All Gods Festival! ~ Our Small Break Time ~ Lil' Kyubey
Mitama's Special Training - Shizuka Episode Shizuku
Girls in the Hood Jun
Deliver to the Beyond, A Piece of Hope Yachiyo, Mifuyu
Halloween Castle of Prayers and Funeral ~The Living are Bewildered, The Dead are Silent Kanagi, Momoko
Mitama's Special Training - Mikage Episode Mikage
Sentimental Gaze Shizuku
Angels on the Road ~Reindeer Santa Prospering Season~ Tsuruno, Felicia
Christmas String ~The Day the Fingers were Locked~ Touka, Nemu, Mifuyu, Kaede
The Dream That Transcends Today Iroha, Ui


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Memorable Flower Tsubaki, Kagari, Matsuri, Suzune
Bittersweet AI Memory Rumor Sana
Where is Ashley Taylor's Japanese Horror!? Ashley, Riko
Dependence Blue Neo-Magius: Himena, Shigure, Hagumu, Jun, Mitsuna, San, Miyuri
Kamihama Armageddon
Our Beginning is a Recurring Dream Konoha, Hazuki, Ayame
The Masked Student Council Strikes Back (Holy Maiden Academy Edition) Tart, Liz, Melissa, Elisa
The Mirror That Reflects My True Self Sae
The Peaceful Daily Life of Nayuta's House Nayuta, Rabi
The Witches' Paradox Extermination Battle (1)
The Legendary Story of the Paper Mulberry Leaf ~The Swaying Feeling, Once Again Fascinating~ Yachiyo, Tsuruno
The Call of the Open Sea Momoko, Mitama, Shizuka, Chiharu, Sunao
Night Fairytale ~You Were At the Water's Edge~ Sayaka, Ayame, Kako
Please, Yuna-san ~ Leave All Your Worries To Your Eldest Daughter! Yuna
The Great Banquet that Transcends Time Mami, Kyoko, Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno; Shizuka, Chiharu, Sunao; Yuna, Hikaru, Juri, Ao
The Witches' Paradox Extermination Battle (2)
Moon-viewing Slumbering Pajama Party Hotaru; Mami, Kyoko, Homura, Sayaka, Madoka; Iroha, Ui, Yachiyo, Felicia, Sana, Tsuruno
Only Dreamers ~ The Fable Watches the Dream of the Girl Kushu, Yukika, Ikumi
The Cuddly Despairs Kazumi
Dream Halloween Festa ~Alina-senpai! Be a Good Girl!~ Karin, Alina
Battle Museum Yozuru
Kagura San Wants to Be Honest San
Miyuri Yukari on Practice! Miyuri
Snow Thawing Befana Nayuta, Mikage, Yozuru, Sudachi


Event Title Featured Characters Synopsis
Tokime Clan Tale Shizuka, Sunao, Chiharu
The Ash Grey Revolution Folklore of Zero: Asahi, Alexandra, Rabi, Ulala
Homecoming ~ Three Days of Kyoko Sakura Kyoko
The Inheritors of Our Souls Tart, Kagome, Pernelle
Little Bird's Star Kuroe
Kamihama Beach Spa Adventure ~ The Demon's Grudge Whirlpooling at the Beach
My Only Salvation Oriko