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==Basic Combat==
==Basic Combat==
Describe basic combat here and add screenshots.
Describe basic combat here and add screenshots. Screenshots of the game's combat tutorial and translations <u>[https://imgur.com/a/8aVyt can be found in this album.]</u>

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Gameplay information for the mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record. This page is currently a basic outline waiting to be filled in. Add stuff if you know about it.

Current Events

  • 8/25-9/5 Get an Iroha swimsuit costume by logging in daily between 8/25 and 9/5. You need to collect 10 login bonuses to get the swimsuit. You'll also get other bonuses every day such as gems.
  • Event quests are available. They give bonus exp to Iroha.

Basic Combat

Describe basic combat here and add screenshots. Screenshots of the game's combat tutorial and translations can be found in this album.


During battles, which are turn-based, you'll be presented with 5 random disks and you can click on 3 to use them. Each disk indicates the magical girl who will take action and the type of attack to perform: Accele, Charge, or Blast.

Homura with Accele, Horizontal Blast, Vertical Blast, and Charge disks, and Nanaka with Accele, Vertical Blast, and Charge disks.
Deals damage to an enemy and increases your magia gauge.
Deals damage to an enemy and increases the power of the next disk.
Does an area of effect attack which hits enemies in a pattern determined by the directional arrow under the Blast disk, and can hit bosses multiple times. For example, horizontal arrow will hits every enemy in a horizontal row. Each girl may have single, or multiple types of Blast disks.

You can select 3 of the same type to do a combo. When a disk accumulates 3 gauges (the three gray icons on the upper left of the disk will turn pink) you can drag it onto another magical girl. Select her disks for the following attacks to perform a Connect move, which can have special effects depending on the girl providing support.

You can choose which enemy to use a disk on by clicking on that enemy and highlighting it before activating the disk. The disk will be used on the enemy which was highlighted when you selected the disk (if it's still alive when the time comes) so plan out your attacks in advance.

The skill button to the right of the disks allows you to use your magical girls' special skills. Skills have cooldowns measured in turns.

The magia button to the left of the disks allows you to use magia attacks, which can be extremely powerful. Magia attacks need to be unlocked by advancing through the game before they can be used. Click on it when it's charged up and you'll be presented with magia disks.


Doppel forms can be unlocked by clearing a magical girl's episode quests, getting her to 5 stars, and raising her magia to level 5 (which involves getting her episode level to 5). Magia can be raised by gathering materials.



You can borrow a support magical girl from another player. When you start a quest, you'll see a list of girls you can borrow. You can add other players to your Follow list using their IDs to get access to their girls. Support points are awarded for participating in this system, and you can use support points to buy loot.

Check this guide for instructions for following people.


AP, BP, CP, coobie coins, pretty rocks, and more.

AP is used to start quests. You'll automatically regenerate 1 AP every 5 minutes, and the maximum amount of AP you can have depends on your rank. Green AP potions always restore 50 AP, so you can use them at any time. Pink AP potions refill your AP bar, so it's more efficient to save them until your bar becomes large.

Quests and Missions

List relevant quests with translations, rewards, and instructions here.


Aren't you too busy hunting real witches to log into mobile games every day?


Story quests allow you to unlock your magical girls' abilities and they provide a variety of other rewards.


At the bottom of the story quest screen (accessed through the blue quill button in the menu) you may see a blue tab in the bottom right with a chest. This tab contains event quests, which offer special bonuses for a limited time.

The Iroha-themed event quests available on 8/30/17 provide items that can be used in the shop's event tab. These quests are grouped into sections. The top section gives Iroha a large amount of bonus exp if she's in the party. The second section gives her bonus episode exp instead. The three completion conditions for the top section are: 1. Clear without any magical girls dying. 2. Clear within 10 turns. 3. Clear with a team of 3 or fewer girls.

Magical Girls

Iroha Tamaki


Iroha Tamaki is the main character.

Skill: Being cute

Magia: Revives allies.

Doppel: Doppel info goes here

Next girl


Memoria cards can be equipped on your magical girls to give them additional abilities, which can be either active or passive. Memoria cards can be obtained from the gacha.

You can increase the number of memoria slots on a magical girl by getting duplicate copies of her from the gacha.


Within the mirror witch's barrier, a battle with the other player's reflections will unfold. Pass through several of the "mirror's layers" and aim for the center of the barrier.

The magical girls you fight in PvP are mere copies, not real magical girls. The mirror witch can make copies of magical girls who enter her barrier. The more time a girl spends in the barrier, the better the quality of the copy.

Enemy teams are easier to beat if they include weak girls, and harder to beat if they consist entirely of strong girls, even if the strong team has fewer members. Weak girls fill up the disk options, preventing the strong ones from attacking. If your PvP opponents are too strong, you can reset them by either waiting a while (10 minutes or so?) or closing and reopening the app.


The gacha is an efficient method of increasing suffering. You can use tickets or gems to roll the gacha.

Gacha rates:
4 star magical girls: 1%
3 star magical girls: 4%
2 star magical girls: 25.5%
4 star memoria: 4%
3 star memoria: 12%
2 star memoria: 53.5%

Gacha rates may be affected by special bonuses, such as the increased Madoka rate in effect upon the game's release.