Magia Record Main Story Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Kamihama Rumor File

Section 1: A World Where Anything is Possible

Iroha fights a familiar, as she thinks about how she hasn't gotten any closer to finding Ui. Momoko, Rena, and Kaede tell Iroha they were looking for Ui too, but haven't found any new leads. Kaede however mentions that when the Rumor was defeated all the missing children it took were returned unharmed. Rena is surprised by this, while Momoko asks where Kaede heard that from. Kaede admits she heard it from the kids in her neighborhood, meaning that this is just another rumor. However, Kaede points out Ui herself might have been caught by a Rumor. Iroha wonders if she can find Ui by taking care of the Rumors.

Iroha thinks back to Ui's time at the hospital, where Ui says that as long as her friends are around, anything is possible. In the memory, Touka and Nemu argue over the scientific accuracy of Nemu's stories, and then argue over the importance of imagination. Ui says that "whenever I see the two of you, for some reason I think that the world is filled with the imaginary and those imaginations will always become reality". In the present, Iroha decides to investigate rumors from now on. She asks the trio if they know any rumors, but they don't.

Section 2: The Shrine's Rumor

Iroha meets with Mitama after a long day of asking random people about rumors. She admits she found nothing. Yachiyo appears and tells Iroha she's working half-heartedly. She tells Iroha to stop sticking her nose into rumors. Iroha apologizes for making Yachiyo worry, which Yachiyo denies. Mitama suggests Iroha look in Mizuna Ward, which has a rumor about a shrine. She suggests Iroha go to Mizuna Girls' School first, as she expects it will be easier if Iroha talks to girls around her age.

Still having trouble with her cell phone GPS, Iroha goes to Mizuna Girls' School. Though she feels nervous about talking to anyone there, she asks some students about the rumor but they don't know anything. Exasperated, she wonders aloud if a magical girl could tell her about a rumor. To her surprise, a magical girl named Tsuruno Yui answers. Tsuruno tells Iroha that rumors are dangerous, but Iroha says she knows that already. She explains her situation to Tsuruno, who almost seems to recognize Nemu's last name, Hiiragi. Tsuruno tells Iroha that she's investigating a "Summoning Shrine" rumor and is willing to accept Iroha's help. At Mitama's place, she tells Yachiyo that Iroha has heard about the Summoning Shrine. Mitama asks Yachiyo if she's okay with that and asks Yachiyo what she will do next. Yachiyo says she has no reason to answer. Elsewhere, Iroha notes her Soul Gem has built up some corruption.

Section 3: Following the Footsteps of the Folk Tale

Tsuruno explains to Iroha there's a folk tale in the Mizuna Ward: Long ago, a man and woman fell in love, but the man was killed. One day the woman found a paper with the man's handwriting on it. She went to a place written on the paper and was able to meet the man again. Tsuruno finishes by saying the guy was a ghost, but if you follow the same path the woman did, you'll go to a powerful matchmaking spot. Tsuruno suggests Iroha should investigate this path, while she investigates the various shrines around town. Iroha agrees, after asking Tsuruno to help exchange phone numbers.

Iroha reaches the starting point of the fabled path, and finds it's just some sort of town renewal project where you mark the locations you go to on a map. Iroha follows the path anyway but finds she only has half the map, as the path was meant to be taken by couples. Yachiyo appears and asks Iroha if she's participating in the stamp rally. After some initial tension, Iroha realizes Yachiyo has the second half of the map. The two go together to the final location. As they are about to leave, Yachiyo points out Iroha dropped her notebook. Iroha hurriedly says it's her homework.

The final location is a large shrine. However, Yachiyo says this shrine has nothing to do with the rumor. A woman at the shrine says that the last thing Iroha and Yachiyo need to do for the stamp rally is to confess their feelings towards one another. Afterward she'll give them a matchmaking charm. Embarrassed, Iroha says Yachiyo is a nice person, while Yachiyo says Iroha is frighteningly honest. Afterward, Yachiyo notices Iroha is writing in her notebook. She sees Iroha is writing something called "Kamihama Mystery Notes", and Iroha admits she's copying Yachiyo. The two depart. Afterward, Iroha meets with Tsuruno, who couldn't find the right shrine. As she leaves the Mizuna Ward, Iroha sees a castle with a shrine on top.

Section 4: Summoning Shrine

Iroha tells Tsuruno about the shrine, which turns out to be part of a hotel. They split up again, after Iroha asks for more help with her cell phone. Iroha goes to the shrine's location and finds a witch is there. She fights a familiar, but starts losing and is saved by Yachiyo. Yachiyo scolds Iroha, though Iroha protests. Iroha says "Besides, I wouldn't do something like die in front of you", which seems to surprise Yachiyo. The two then team up to fight familiars. Yachiyo has trouble herself and admits Iroha has actually improved. Yachiyo decides she won't try to stop Iroha from investigating rumors anymore, especially since Iroha is very stubborn about finding her sister. When the two finally reach the witch (Candy), they find a man passed out in the barrier. They decide to take him out of the barrier, saving his life.

Iroha and Yachiyo try to track down the witch again. Iroha says she shot an arrow into the witch which she can sense even though it's far away. The witch turns out to be in a shopping mall. Yachiyo points out there's a special event going on meaning there's lots of people there. The two head into the barrier and destroy the witch. Yachiyo gives Iroha the Grief Seed and tells her to cleanse her Soul Gem. She says Iroha has plenty of reason to receive the Seed. Then the mall announces a limited time sale. Yachiyo uncharacteristically begs Iroha for help, as she doesn't want to miss the sale. Then she has a moment of realization.

Yachiyo tells Iroha that the location of the Summoning Shrine rumor is in Mizuna Shrine. Iroha points out they've already been there, but Yachiyo explains she just realized that they weren't there at the right time. Just like in the folk tale, they have to go there at night. Yachiyo asks Iroha to investigate the shrine with her. Iroha asks if she can bring someone (Tsuruno) along. Despite not giving her name, Yachiyo recognizes who Iroha is talking about and agrees. Later at her house, Yachiyo thinks back to when Iroha said she wouldn't die in front of her. She thinks about a girl with white hair who says "Haha, no way, I wouldn't do something like leave you behind even though you're here, Ya-chan. Even if I do die, I definitely wouldn't let you see me like that."

Section 5: The Girls Visit the Shrine

Iroha tells Mitama she'll be visiting the shrine with Yachiyo. Mitama is surprised Yachiyo is willing to work with Iroha. She tells Iroha not to necessarily believe everything about rumors. Tsuruno then comes to pick Iroha up. After they leave, Mitama thinks she should have told them about the rumor from the beginning. Later, the girls meet with Yachiyo. Tsuruno reveals that her and Yachiyo are teammates, while Yachiyo insists it was in the past. The three girls sneak into the shrine. Yachiyo explains that according to the rumor, you must put the name of the person you want to see again on an Ema plaque.

Yachiyo has brought two plaques for herself and Iroha. When Tsuruno points out she doesn't have one, Yachiyo says she doesn't need it. Tsuruno realizes the person she wants to see is the same one Yachiyo wants to see. She resolves to protect Iroha and Yachiyo as they pray. Yachiyo tells Tsuruno that even if her mind works fast she shouldn't get distracted, revealing that Tsuruno has the best grades in her school. Iroha thinks about writing Ui's name along with Ui's friends Tomoka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi, but Yahchiyo suggests she shouldn't get greedy. Iroha writes Ui's name. Tsuruno says she won't let the Rumor get in the way of her friends, which causes a barrier and Rumor minions to spawn. Yachiyo scolds Tsuruno for trying to oppose the Rumor. Yachiyo and Iroha head deeper into the shrine while Tsuruno fights the Rumors off.

Section 6: The People They Wanted to Meet

Iroha finds that the barrier has changed and she's been separated from Yachiyo. She finds people sleeping in the barrier. Iroha hears a voice calling her. Recognizing it, Iroha finds Ui waiting for her. She asks Ui to come home with her, but Ui is strangely silent. When Iroha asks why she isn't talking, Ui says the line from the Prologue: "If you want to change fate, then come to Kamihama City, because magical girls can be saved in this city." Iroha asks Ui to explain, but Ui endlessly repeats the same line. Iroha then exclaims this Ui is a fake, which causes the girl to disappear. Iroha resolves to find Yachiyo.

Yachiyo is with the white haired girl from the earlier section, who is named Mifuyu Azusa. Yachiyo wants to know if she's meeting the real Mifuyu and asks her personal questions. The final question is what they did on New Years. Mifuyu says they wrote down all the things they wanted to do in a letter. Yachiyo is still skeptical while Mifuyu says she knows what Yachiyo wished for and that she treasures her friend's cofee mug. Yachiyo then accepts Mifuyu is real, as the cofee mug is something only she would know. Mifuyu tells Yachiyo that she wouldn't die while she's here, and even if she did, she wouldn't let Yachiyo see it. Yachiyo asks Mifuyu to return with her. Mifyu says that she can't go back, and tells Yachiyo to stay. She tells Yachiyo they promised to be together forever.

Iroha then appears and tells Yachiyo to get a hold of herself. Iroha is then attacked by Rumor minions. Mifuyu says that if Yachiyo doesn't come, she'll hate her. Yachiyo says this can't be the real Mifuyu, as she would never say she hates Yachiyo even by mistake. Mifuyu insists she's real and asks what would make Yachiyo accept that. Yachiyo tells Mifuyu to defeat Iroha, saying that if Iroha can beat her, she's not the Mifuyu she knows. Yachiyo apologizes to Iroha, as she doesn't think she can even move at the moment. Iroha accepts Yachiyo's challenge. Mifuyu transforms into her magical girl form, insisting she's Yachiyo's childhood friend and that Iroha is getting in the way.

The battle is off screen, but it turns out the Mifuyu Iroha fought was a fake. Yachiyo says she'll have to start looking for Mifuyu from the beginning again. Iroha then uses her Grief Seed to purify Yachiyo's Soul Gem, though Yachiyo points out Iroha's Gem also needs to be purified. Iroha asks Yachiyo if Mifuyu was the person Yachiyo wanted to see, and Yachiyo says it is correct. Iroha realizes that both her and Yachiyo are looking for someone.

Iroha and Yachiyo exit the barrier and meet up with Tsuruno. They tell her that they only met fakes. Tsuruno says she'll still search for Mifuyu, despite Yachiyo's insisting that Tsuruno isn't part of her team anymore. Yachiyo then points out the main Rumor is going to come after them for rejecting it. Yachiyo turns out to be right when a voice says that the girls murdered their loved ones and they will be punished by dying a thousand deaths. A barrier manifests with the Rumor. The magical girls attack, but the Rumor repels their magic. Tsuruno suggests this is because the Rumor is supposed to grant wishes so it's basically similar to their own magic. Tsuruno suggests using physical attacks, or the power of curses. Both ideas are rejected by Iroha and Yachiyo. Unable to fight the Rumor, the girls run. However, Iroha suddenly collapses when her Soul Gem turns too black. Yachiyo and Tsuruno protect Iroha from the Rumor. Yachiyo then picks Iroha up and runs away with Tsuruno. Both Tsuruno and Yachiyo admit their magic is running out as well.

Section 7: When it Becomes Tainted

While trying to leave the barrier, the girls are swarmed by Rumor minions. They are able to fight their way out, but Yachiyo finds that Iroha is barely conscious. Iroha feels her heart turn into ice and Yachiyo tells her to remain conscious. She suggests they go to Mitama afterward and see if she can sell a Grief Seed. Tsuruno finds the barrier's exit just as the Rumor catches up to the girls. Tsuruno blocks an attack aimed at Yachiyo and tells her to leave with Iroha. However, the Rumor bypasses Tsuruno and attacks. Iroha ends up falling off Yachiyo's back. When her Soul Gem fully blackens, Iroha summons her Doppel, which destroys the Rumor in one hit.

Iroha briefly sees her own witch before it vanishes, along with the Rumor's barrier. Iroha and the girls are shocked to find that Iroha's Soul Gem is miraculously purified. None of the girls know what happened. Yachiyo says they should go to Mitama's when suddenly Mami shows up. Mami introduces herself as a magical girl from Mitakihara. Having seen the Doppel, she claims that Iroha is a witch disguised as a human. Yachiyo and Tsuruno try to defend Iroha but they're too drained. Iroha says she'll defend herself and fights Mami.

Iroha tries to summon her Doppel again but fails. Suddenly Momoko appears. She goes after Mami, thinking she attacked Yachiyo and Tsuruno. Mami decides to withdraw, unwilling to fight another magical girl. Before leaving, Mami says she's not Momoko's enemy and she'll meet Iroha again. Yachiyo wonders why a magical girl from Mitakihara is in Kamihama. Momoko then says that after the girls purify their Soul Gems, they'll investigate the rumor. Tsuruno says they already did. Iroha thanks Momoko for rescuing them. Momoko points out it's getting late. Iroha realizes she needs to get home. Yachiyo asks Iroha for her cell phone so she can explain things to Iroha's mom.

After somehow persuading Iroha's mother, Iroha and Yachiyo go to Yachiyo's house. Yachiyo explains it was originally a boarding house run by her grandmother. Iroha asks Yachiyo if they can investigate rumors together. Yachiyo says they can, but insists her and Iroha aren't friends. She says Iroha will be her assistant. When Yachiyo asks why Iroha started investigating rumors, Iroha tells about how her sister said anything is possible. Tsuruno then arrives at Yachiyo's house with food from her family's restaurant. She also has news: Hiiragi is a regular at the restaurant. The chapter ends with Iroha thinking about how she found a clue and how she is now investigating rumors with Yachiyo. She affirms her quest to find her sister.

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