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==Chapter 8: [[Kamihama City|Kamihama]] Painted in Lies==
==Chapter 8: [[Kamihama City|Kamihama]] Painted in Lies==
This Chapter is told through branch format, like the [[Magia Record Story And So The Azalea Blooms|And So The Azalea Blooms]] event.
This Chapter is told through branch format, like the [[Magia Record Story And So The Azalea Blooms|And So The Azalea Blooms]] event.

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This section may contain major spoilers!

Please refrain from reading if you are not yet familiar with all the latest media released.

Chapter 8: Kamihama Painted in Lies

This Chapter is told through branch format, like the And So The Azalea Blooms event.

Everyone 1

Scenes are shown of Kaede Akino, Felicia Mitsuki, Tsuruno Yui, Momoko Togame, Yachiyo Nanami and Kanagi Izumi fighting unknown assialiants. Another scene shows Rena Minami telling someone she can't explain and she should go to Mitama Yakumo's place. Iroha narrates that their situation has changed dramatically after only one day, but she has to accept reality and fight.

At Yachiyo's house, Felicia tells everyone about an anime she watched. The anime is based on the mobile phone game all the girls play. Yachiyo says Felicia and Tsuruno are energetic, especially after the previous incident. Iroha thinks it's fine. It's shown that the events of the previous chapter happened two days ago. However, Iroha is still concerned about what she learned back then. Iroha wonders what the Wings of Magius are trying to do, and says bad things will happen if they don't stop them. Yachiyo agrees and says they have to move before Magius does. Sana Futaba points out they don't have any leads. Iroha says that's why they're having a strategy meeting. Tsuruno reveals the meeting is at the maid cafe Kanagi works at.

Everyone 2

Iroha thinks about Touka Satomi and Nemu Hiiragi. Iroha remembers that the girls said her memories were wrong. However, Iroha believes that the Rumors gathered proves that her memories are correct. Iroha believes that there is one Rumor Nemu wouldn't erase, and wonders if the two girls will remember if they hug Lil' Kyubey like she did. Suddenly Iroha is smacked by Rena. It turns out Iroha was spacing out after school, and failed to notice classes have ended. Rena tells her they need to go to the strategy meeting.

Iroha walks to the cafe with Momoko, Rena and Kaede. Rena and Kaede tease Momoko about their destination. Kaede then teases Rena. Iroha notes that Kaede has gotten better. Kaede admits she's still afraid of becoming a witch, but Momoko and Kaede helped her find courage. Momoko asks about Yachiyo's house, and Iroha says everything is back to normal. Iroha then says that if they're going to stop Wings of Magius they'll have to find a way to save magical girls from becoming witches. Momoko agrees that they need to find a solution.

Kaede asks Iroha how she accepted the truth about witches. Iroha says part of her doesn't want to accept it, but another part thinks it's unavoidable. She figures that by saving Ui Tamaki's life with her wish, she had to pay a price. Rena then asks about defeating witches, pointing out they're killing magical girls. Iroha says that they're basically helping them, since the magical girls wouldn't have wanted to become witches. Rena reveals that Momoko said she would kill Rena if she became a witch. Rena says that made her feel better. Iroha says that answer won't work for every magical girl. Momoko says that if Iroha finds a solution to let her and the others in on it.

Yachiyo 1

Leaving her college, Yachiyo says she'll be able to make the meeting. Yachiyo thinks she has to save Mifuyu Azusa. Yachiyo believes Mifuyu hasn't changed and is "a slave to her own sins". Yachiyo resolves to break Mifuyu's responsibilities and have her come back. Suddenly Yachiyo comes across Ren Isuzu, transforming out of her magical girl form. Yachiyo asks if there was a witch, but then thinks that isn't the case. When Ren is reluctant to answer, Yachiyo gives her candy.

Ren explains that she was attacked by a magical girl in a black cloak, which Yachiyo recognizes as a Black Feather of the Wings of Magius. She suggests that Ren should go to Mitama's place, which is a neutral zone where she can stay safe. Yachiyo offers to take Ren there.

Everyone 3

At the strategy meeting in the maid cafe, Kanagi somewhat reluctantly shows her maid skill to Momoko. Kanagi uses ketchup to draw a picture of a cat for Sana, but ends up ruining it. Yachiyo arrives and apologices for being late. She explains she was bringing a magical girl to Mitama's. After hearing Yachiyo's explanation, Momoko wonders why the Wings are attacking a random magical girl. Tsuruno says they can get energy from magical girls, and Kaede wonders if they'll be fed to "the Eve". Yachiyo says others might be targeted and they have to warn everyone. Suddenly, the girls sense multiple witches. Sana and Yachiyo suspect Alina is responsible. The girls leave to fight the witches.

Everyone 4

Iroha says they should split up to hunt witches and warn magical girls. Suddenly, muskets surround the girls as Mami Tomoe appears. Mami says the girls are reacting as planned and asks to have a chat. Yachiyo deduces that Mami is responsible for the witches and magical girl attacks. Mami confirms this and says she came to tell them that. Iroha asks why Mami is doing this. Mami says she can't allow Iroha's group to interfere with "release" and so she will kill all the other magical girls before they are "tainted with heresy". Mami says that only the ones who believe in Magius and herself will remain.

Iroha says that will make everyone suffer, but Mami says only those who deserve suffering will suffer. She says Madoka Kaname will soon understand Magius is correct. Iroha realizes that Mami is the reason she's heard nothing from Madoka. Mami says she simply stopped Madoka and her friends from leaving Mitakihara City, as they "are qualified to receive the blessing" of release. Kanagi says Mami is only protecting the ones important to her. Mami says it's because they're from Mitakihara, and not Kamihama.

Yachiyo tells Mami to stop and transforms. Mami turns into Holy Mami and summons her doppel. The girls fight, with an inconclusive result. Mami says that if the girls keep fighting, then Magius will cause problems for everyone else. She then departs. Tsuruno says that Mami is being affected by a Rumor more than she was. Momoko asks if it really is a Rumor. Tsuruno says the Rumor could be Holy Mami's clothes. Iroha says that the only people who understand Mami are her friends, meaning that Iroha's group can't remove the Rumor.

Kanagi and Yachiyo then change the subject. Yachiyo says they should help the other magical girls. Rena points out the Black Feathers are weak, but Kaede thinks they have some kind of advantage. Yachiyo says they should be careful. Tsuruno points out other magical girls might not know of the Wings of Magius and get attacked by surprise. Momoko suggests they bring other magica girls to Mitama's place, where they can explain the situation. Sana asks if explaining everything is a good idea. Yachiyo says they might have to.

The girls prepare to leave, but Iroha feels she needs to do something else. She asks Yachiyo if she can check out the Ten Thousand Year Cherry Blossom Rumor she remembers. Iroha believes the Rumor is in the mountains of Kitayou Ward. Yachiyo points out it would be hard to find a Rumor in the mountains. She also says Nemu claimed to erase all the Rumors. Iroha says the Cherry Blossom Rumor is special and thinks Magius wouldn't erase it. Iroha suspects that Magius has their base there. Yachiyo thinks Iroha might be right, to Iroha's surprise. Yachiyo says she believes Iroha because Iroha accepted the worries Yachiyo was carrying.

Yachiyo tells Iroha to let the others save the magical girls. However, she suggests that Iroha should bring Sana with her. Iroha agrees, saying that Sana can hide from sight or magical sensing. The girls depart.

Yachiyo 2

Yachiyo heads to Artisan's Ward, but can't find any magical girls. Yachiyo muses that she heard most of the girls in this ward have joined the Wings of Magius. She wonders if there were any magical girls in the ward to begin with...or if they were already hunted. Suddenly, Yachiyo comes across a woman affected by a witch's kiss. Yachiyo flashes back to Touka saying that humans are worth less than magical girls. Yachiyo says she shouldn't think about it. The witch's victim mutters that she keeps getting yelled at and she'd rather die half child. Yachiyo saves the woman and confronts the witch (Teresa).

Yachiyo 3

After saving the woman, Yachiyo comes across a Black Feather. The Black Feather immediately attacks. Yachiyo thinks there are too many people around and heads to an isolated area. Yachiyo tries to question the Back Feather, who only groans and says she doesn't know anything. Yachiyo thinks there's something different about the Feather. The Feather attacks again, and Yachiyo realizes that she's aiming for Yachiyo's own Soul Gem. More Feathers arrive, prompting Yachiyo to fight again. (In the subsequent battles, these Feathers have a black aura and a grimace).

Yachiyo overpowers the Wings, who retreat. Yachiyo says that the Feathers seem to have totally lost themselves. Yachiyo suspects the Magius used a Rumor to strengthen the Black Feathers. She quickly tries to contact everyone. Getting in touch with Momoko, Kaede and Tsuruno, Yachiyo says she was attacked by the Wings and tells them to stay in groups of two. Momoko reveals she was also attacked by them. Kaede says one of her friends was attacked as well, and they're heading to Mitama's. Tsuruno then says she was ambushed, but was helped by another magical girl. She tries to tell something else to Yachiyo, but the cell connection suddenly cuts out. With telepathy having a limited range, Yachiyo is out of contact.

Yachiyo 4

Yachiyo finds she can't get a cell phone signal anywhere. She decides to go find Kanagi. Suddenly she comes across a magical girl, Riko Chiaki, being attacked by the Wings. Yachiyo intervenes and drives the Feathers off. Yachiyo uses a Grief Seed to purify Riko's Soul Gem. Riko asks what's going on. Yachiyo says it would take too long to explain and tells Riko to go to Mitama's place. Riko accepts this, and Yachiyo thanks her for being understanding. Riko says people tell her she's understanding all the time.

Suddenly, Yachiyo notices that Riko has the same uniform as Tsukasa Amane, meaning they go to the same school in the Artisan's Ward. Yachiyo asks if there are any other magical girls around, but Riko says it's just her. Riko bids Yachiyo good bye and leaves. Yachiyo says she needs to meet Kanagi, but suddenly Kanagi appears and says she was looking for Yachiyo herself.

Yachiyo 5

Kanagi says she met a magical girl she know in Daitou Ward and told her to take shelter. They also fought a witch and got attacked by Feathers. Kanagi says they're aiming for all the magical girls in Kamihama. Yachiyo explains what happened to Kanagi. Kanagi says she wasn't getting a cell phone signal either. She thinks the Feathers were acting like zombies. Yachiyo says it might be a Rumor, which Kanagi finds a compelling theory. Yachiyo says that if they find Tsukasa or Tsukuyo Amane, they might be able to stop the problem at the source. Kanagi says she used to be friends with Tsukasa and leads the way to her house.

On the way there, the girls run into more Feathers and fight them. The Feathers suddenly run off when they hear someone saying they heard a noise. A young man runs up asking what happened. He recognizes Yachiyo from magazines. Suddenly an older man appears and scolds the other person from running off. It turns out the second man is Tsukasa's father, and the first person is his apprentice Take. Tsukasa's father mutters that Tsukasa has also disappeared. Take says she ran away because Tsukasa's father pushed her too hard.

Take asks Yachiyo for an autograph, but Tsukasa's father tells him to scrub the floors. Yachiyo asks Tsukasa's father where Tsukasa is. He says he hasn't heard from Tsukasa in days, and asks Yachiyo to tell him if she sees her. Later, Kanagi and Yachiyo wonder why the Wings of Magius are trying to kill all the magical girls. Kanagi thinks she can just read the mind of a Feather.

Yachiyo 6

The girls head to Central Ward, and detect a lot of magical girls. The track a group of Feathers that attack Ayaka Mariko. Ayaka says this is the second time they confronted her and wonders if they have the wrong person. Yachiyo and Kanagi rescue Ayaka. Yachiyo tells Ayaka to hurry to Mitama's, but Ayaka says three is better than two and helps the girls fight the Feathers off.

As they fight, Kanagi notes the Feathers' senses are paralyzed. The Feather retreat, and Kanagi chases after them. Yachiyo asks Ayaka if she's alright. Ayaka said it was like fighting robots. Yachiyo says she doesn't have Grief Seeds, but Ayaka said she got one from a witch. Yachiyo then sees Kanagi headed to a heliport and follows. Ayaka says the girls were cool.

Kaede 1

Kaede heads to Shinsei Ward, which has the flower shop Konomi Haruna works at. Kaede hopes Konomi is alright and thinks she can't be weak. Suddenly Kaede senses a magical girl and is attacked by a Black Feather. Thinking of Rena, Kaede defends herself. More Feathers arrive, but suddenly Konomi appears. Kaede asks her to help.

Kaede 2

After the Feathers are driven off, Konomi reveals that an injured Kako Natsume came to the flower shop and collapsed. Before passing out, Kako said to watch out for people in black. Kaede thinks it was the Wings and explains they're trying to kill everyone. Konomi says they need to get a Grief Seed for Kako, who was low on magic. Kaede offers to help and say she'll explain everything later. She says Kako and Konomi are her precious friends.

Kaede 3

After defeating a witch (Zenobia), the girls go to Kako and purify her Grief Seed. Kako awakens, saying her condition was more out of magic depletion than injuries. The girls discuss what happened. Konomi asks Kaede if she encountered the Black Feather before. Kaede says she has but they acted differently. Kako says the Feathers didn't seem to hear what she was saying.

Kako asks why the Feathers are trying to kill them. Kaede says they're getting in the way of the release of magical girls. When asked to explain, Kaede panics and says that release is a good thing, but the Feathers are using Rumors and raising witches to do it. Kaede says they can get a better explanation if they go to Mitama's. Kaede says she'll look for other magical girls, but gets second thoughts and decides to accompany the others to Mitama's. Kaede thinks that Momoko and Rena should be nearby. Suddenly she gets a call from Yachiyo (see above).

Rena 1

Rena heads to Mizuna Ward, but can't find anything. She heads over to Mizuna Girl's Academy and runs into Asuka Tatsuki and Sasara Minagi. Rena notices the girls are out of breath. Sasara says that black and white clad magical girls are attacking everyone. Rena transforms into a Black Feather and asks if they looked like her current shape. Sasara says yes. Asuka says that Rena must be one of them and was planning a sneak attack. Rena transforms back and tries to talk sense into Asuka. Sasara says that Asuka is misunderstanding. Suddenly Black Feathers attack.

Rena 2

After the Feather are beaten, Asuka says only Rena is left. Sasara flicks her on the forehead and says to let Rena talk. Rena explains that the Wings are trying to kill all the magical girls in Kamihama. Asuka says she can't forgive that, and apologizes to Rena for jumping to conclusions. She then announces she will cut her stomach open. After letting her go on for a bit Sasara and Rena tell her to stop. Rena says they'll explain everything at Mitama's place. Asuka says that before they go, they should take care of the witch they just sensed.

Rena 3

Within the barrier of the witch (Durbar), Ria Ami and Manaka Kurumi fight off familiars, bickering all the while. Rena wonders why she keeps finding magical girls like these. Asuka is annoyed by the implication and insists she's better than Ria and Manaka. The trio decides to help the other two fight. Rena gets a phone call, but can't answer.

Rena 4

The witch is quickly defeated. Under Manaka's prodding, Ria thanks the girls for helping. Asuka says the witch was a bit stronger than average. Rena says it might have been a witch that was raised by the Feathers. Ria attempts to contact Mayu Kozue, but can't get a signal. Rena finds that she was called by Yachiyo earlier, but she can't get a signal to answer. Figuring Kaede will be there, Rena says she'll explain at Mitama's. She tells Ria to invite Mayu as well. Rena finds she's acting like a leader, something unusual for her.

Momoko 1

Momoko heads to Sakae Ward, beset by Feathers. Running into an alleyway, she bumps into Aimi Eri, who offers to help.

Momoko 2

After the Feather's are driven off, Momoko purifies Aimi's Soul Gem. Aimi makes to leave, but Momoko explains it's dangerous. Aimi says she has to go to karaoke with her class, because the boy she likes is there. Momoko says Aimi will lose everything if she dies. Aimi asks if it's that dangerous. Momoko says Aimi ability to ignore the situation is amazing. Aimi admits she has to face reality. Suddenly Momoko is called by Yachiyo (see above). After the call ends, Momoko says they should go to Mitama's.

However, Aimi says she senses the presence of her schoolmates, Kokoro Awane and Masara Kagami. She then apologizes to her cursh, Hayato Isezaki, for not seeing him. She then has a fantasy sequence where Hayato praises her for being heroic. Aimi says she's done with her "supplemental dream sequence", much to Momoko's confusion.

Momoko 3

The girls find Masara locked in combat with the Wings. They also see that Kokoro is badly injured. The trio drives off the Feathers.

Momoko 4

Afterward, Masara thanks Aimi and Momoko for helping. She then deduces that Momoko confronted the Wings in the past, and asks if she is responsible for the attack. Momoko says she doesn't have a good answer, but offers to explain. Masara says it could just be excuses. Momoko then offers to have a neutral party - Mitama - explain. Masara says that's a good idea. Momoko uses a Grief Seed to purify Kokoro's Soul Gem. However, Kokoro can barely walk, forcing Masara to carry her. Momoko tries to contact Rena, but can't get a signal. Aimi complains she couldn't tell her classmates she can't make it to karaoke.

Mitama 1

Thinking about Kanagi, Mitama wonders what to do. She knows Magius is doing bad things, but can't decide who to support. Suddenly Momoko barges in. She's followed by Konomi, Kako and Kaede. Kako mentions that Nanaka Tokiwa and the rest of her team might arrive, and Kaede thinks more magical girls will come. Ria and Manaka also arrive. Asuka and Sasara reveal they came to the Adjuster's first, and Rena asks them to wait a bit. Finally, Masara, Kokoro, and Aimi arrive.

As Mitama wonders what's going on, Momoko said all of her team had the same idea of bringing everyone here. Momoko then explains the situation with the Wings, to Mitama's surprise. Mitama says she thought the Magius was trying to save all magical girls. Momoko points out Mitama knew, prompting Mitama to say she's the Adjuster. Momoko asks Mitama for a favor: To use her place as a shelter, and for her to explain everything she knows about Magius to the magical girls there.

Mitama says that would be breaking her neutrality. Momoko says that's the point, and says if Mitama can't explain, she'll do so herself. Momoko then asks Mitama if she will just watch as they kill magical girls, and if Mitama's neutrality is worth protecting. Mitama says she understands, and that while she'll lose a few customers she'll avoid a disadvantaged situation. She then asks Momoko to protect her for the rest of her life.

Tsuruno 1

Tsuruno heads to Minagi Ward. Tsuruno thinks that when she left Magius's base she somehow came out over there. She finds a place near the waterfront that she remembers seeing, but can't find an entrance to Magius's base. Tsuruno guesses that it was erased. Tsuruno then starts looking for other magical girls. Suddenly she senses Feathers, who attack. Tsuruno quickly picks up on how their aiming for her Soul Gem.

Tsuruno 2

Tsuruno drives off the Feathers, then senses another magical girl. It turns out to be Hinano Miyako, who is fighting Feathers herself. Hinano says the Feathers were calmer last time they met, and she breaks out her special magically enhanced chemical compounds. Tsuruno witnesses the fight and expresses amazement. Hinano sees Tsuruno and says it's been awhile since she saw that face. Tsuruno asked if they met before, and Hinano says it's the first time they've talked like this. As more Feathers arrive, Tsuruno offers to help. Hinano tells Tsuruno that they're dangerous, even for the self-declared Strongest. Tsuruno is surprised she knows that, and Hinano says she knows Tsuruno latched onto Yachiyo.

Tsuruno 3

With the Feathers driven off, Hinano asks what happened. She explains that Feathers invited her to join them, and were criticizing Tsuruno's team. Tsuruno says it's hard to explain, but asks Hinano to trust her. Hinano says she's just worried about Tsuruno. She also says the Feathers lost themselves to some drug, and doesn't intend on believing them. Tsuruno wonders if the Wings were affected by a Rumor. Hinano says that she saw the Wings setting up witch barrier and asks Tsuruno for help. Suddenly, Tsuruno gets a phone call from Yachiyo (see above).

Tsuruno 4

Afterward, the girls defeat the witch (Stacey), and Tsuruno gives Hinano a Grief Seed. Hinano asks if Tsuruno has a Grief Seed stockpile. When Tsuruno says she doesn't, Hinano refuses to take it, saying she already has one. Hinano wonders what the Feathers are doing. Tsuruno says they're raising witches, much to Hinano's surprise. Tsuruno explains the Wings are trying to kill Kamihama's magical girls and they should go to Mitama's. However, Hinano says she needs to find her assistants.

Hinano says they need to find Emiri Kisaki first. Tsuruno recognizes Emiri, saying that her Advice Spot helped her out. Tsuruno tries to call Yachiyo but can't get a signal. Hinano finds she can't get one either. Thinking about Felicia, Tsuruno says that one of her friends should be near Emiri's Advice Spot. Hinano says she'll leave it to Tsuruno while she looks for Rika Ayano. Tsuruno goes to look for Felicia.

Felicia 1

Felicia heads to Sankyou ward, and runs into a Black Feather. After beating them up she senses another magical girl, and surprises Akira Shinobu. Felicia remembers she tried to work for Akira's team in the past, and still holds a grudge over it. Akira asks Felicia to help her fight a witch, admitting it's hard to ask after what happened in the past. Felicia says she has to hunt witches and goes with Akira.

Felicia 2

The girls defeat the witch (Shin). Akira says Felicia is as strong as always and asks if she's working for Yachiyo. Felicia says she's on a team with Yachiyo's group. Akira says it's great Felicia found a place to settle down. Akira even says Felicia has gotten better about going berserk. Felicia then realizes she forgot the bigger picture and says the Wings of Magius might have placed the witch there. She tells Akira about her mission to tell magical girls about the attacking Feathers and to head to Mitama's.

Akira says she was attacked too, prompting Felcia to ask if Akira was killed. Felicia then realizes Akira is very much alive. Akira says that she's fine, but Kako got hurt. Felicia is concerned, but Akira says Kako was helped by another magical girl. Akira then asks Felicia if she can explain the situation to Nanaka. Felicia says she's bad at explaining and at dealing with Nanaka, but agrees.

Felicia 3

Felicia is brought to a restaurant where Nanaka is waiting. Felicia is initially hostile, prompting Nanaka to apologize. Suddenly Hazuki Yusa appears, commenting that Nanaka knows Felicia. Felicia knows Hazuki is one of Ayame's teammates. Nanaka says she was trying to get a hold of Yachiyo, the most senior veteran of Kamihama, but is willing to let Felicia explain. Felicia says that Magius is trying to kill all of Kamihama's magical girls because her team's trying to stop them from saving all magical girls.

Akira and Felicia points out that makes Magius the good guys. Felcia says they're raising witches and using Rumors to brainwash people. Nanaka asks Felicia to explain the story from the beginning, but all Felicia says is that "They're bad". Hazuki says it's probably hard for Felicia to explain, while Felicia starts crying. Felicia tries to contact Tsuruno, but can't get a signal.

Kanagi 1

Kanagi heads to Daitou ward and can't find any magical girls. She muses that there would be a lot of people in Daitou swayed by the Wings of Magius, since she finds Daitou is like a symbol of the region's instability. Kanagi thinks that when she goes west she notices how diverse the city is, but the east weeds are growing due to a lack of maintenance work. Kanagi says weeds remind her of wildflowers and remembers there's one magical girl left: Himika Mao.

Kanagi visits Himika's house, and Himika's siblings tell her their sister's out. Kanagi then senses a witch, as she hears Himika exclaim she found a 500 yen coin. Kanagi meets Himika who excitedly shows off the coin she found. Kanagi says it's a rare coin and tells Himika to use it. She asks if Himika has sensed the witch, and asks to fight together. Himika accepts.

Kanagi 2

In the witch's barrier Kanagi then tells Himika to run away, explaining the danger of the Wings of Magius. Himika laughs until she realizes Kanagi is serious. Kanagi tells her to go to Mitama's. Himika explains she didn't think the Wings would do something like that, revealing that they invited her to join. Himika says that their talk of "release" didn't seem to fit, that she didn't want to cause trouble for her family and that she made a lot of friends anyway after becoming a magical girl. Suddenly a familiar attacks, while Himika realizes she's missing a sale. Kanagi says she might have to give up on that if she wants to see her siblings again.

Kanagi 3

The girls defeat the witch (Rebecca). Kanagi tells Himika to go to Mitama's. Himika admits she still has trouble believing it. Kanagi says they wouldn't declare war if they had no chance of winning. Suddenly the girls are attacked by Feathers. Himika they're acting totally different. As they fight, Kanagi muses their like zombies. Himika is bothered by this, but Kanagi says it's good she didn't join the Wings...otherwise she'd end up like the Feathers they're fighting.

Kanagi 4

The Feathers retreat. Kanagi says that despite losing their sense of self, the Feathers still protect themselves like an ordinary person. Kanagi thinks that the Feathers aimed for the Soul Gems and muses that calling them zombies isn't far from the mark. Himika says she'll go to Mitama's, and Kanagi hands her a Grief Seed for the trip. Kanagi says she understands Himika because she's an older sister herself.

Himika then tries to give Kanagi "Wild Sauce", her family's secret energy drink recipe. She claims it's a smoothie made out of weeds. Kanagi says the sauce makes her eyes sting, causing Himika to decide to give it to someone else at Mitama's. Himika departs, while Kanagi wonders if Mami was trying to split the girls up. Finding her cell phone isn't getting a signal, she decides to try searching for Yachiyo through her magic.

Part 2