Magia Record Main Story Chapter 8 Part 2

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Felicia 4

Tsuruno Yui arrives at the restaurant that Felicia Mitsuki is in. Tsuruno notices Felicia is crying, and Felicia explains that she can't make the other magical girls understand what she is saying. Tsuruno demands that Akira Shinobi, Nanaka Tokiwa, and Hazuki Yusa explain why they did to Feliia, but they just say they tried to ask for an explanation of the current events from Felicia. Tsuruno says she'll explain. Felicia worries that if everyone relies on Tsuruno too much she'll become a Rumor Tsuruno rumor again. Tsuruno says they should play to each other's strengths.

After giving an abbreviated explanation, Akira says the situation on a scale she an't deal with. Nanaka says that she's not very convined by the Wings of Magius plan. Tsuruno admits she's only explaining part of it and says they'll explain the rest at Mitama Yakumo's place. Suddenly, Emiri Kisaki arrives, along with Meiyui Chun. Almost immediately afterward, Konoha Shizumi and Ayame Mikuri arrive as well. Ayame asks if Felicia was running from the robed magical girls too. Felicia protests, but Tsuruno calms her down. Nanaka suggests everyone leave the restaurant before they're kicked out.

Tsuruno and Felicia send the other girls to Mitama's. Tsuruno says she'll stay behind because she senses another magical girl. Suddenly, Tsuruno and Felicia sense Shizuku Hozumi.

Felicia 5

Tracking down Shizuku, Tsuruno and Felicia see her attacked by Feathers. The two jump in and attack.

Felicia 6

After driving the Feathers away, the girls deduce they attacked Shizuku after she left a witch barrier. They purify Shizuku's Soul Gem, but she is still horribly injured. The girls decide to go back to Mitama's. Shizuku explains that after the first time she met the girls' team, she continued working from the Wings of Magius. Shizuku ried to become a Black Feather, but ran away before they were all taken by a Rumor. Shizuku apologizes.

Mitama 2

Mitama thinks her place is looking like field hospital. Suddnely, Tsuruno and Felicia arrive with Shizuku. Ayaka Mariko is horrified to see her friend her and asks if it happened after Shizuku contacted her. Mitama thinks Shizuku won't get better any time soon, but she should be fine just sleeping. Ayaka says she was surprised, she couldn't think of a joke. Mitama talks to Momoko Togame and says they just need to wait for Yachiyo Namami and Kanagi Izumi to arrive. Momoko apologizes for putting everything on Mitama, but Mitama says she feels like she's paying Momoko back for hunting familiars and witches for her.

Almost every magical girl has gathered in Mitama's place, and they start asking for answers. Tsuruno and Felicia wonder where Yachiyo is. Ayaka said she saw Yachiyo at a heliport. Felicia and Tsuruno say they need to go help her. Rena Minami says they still need to do an explanation, but the two girls say Mitama and Momoko's group can handle it. Mitama begins the explanation, saying that she will have to say things the other girls won't want to hear. She suggests anyone who's too afraid should just leave.

Mitama 3

Mitama says the Wings of Magius formed a few months ago, before witches and magical girls began to gather in Kamihama. She summarizes the events that Iroha's group encountered, explaining Rumors the truth about witches, and the goals of Wings of Magius. Mitama says that Magius is willing to harm their own members, and if Iroha didn't intervene earlier, everyone's families could have been killed.

Yachiyo 7

Having pursed a Black Feather to the helipad, Kanagi knocks the magical girl down. More Black Feathers appear. Yachiyo arrives to hold them off, and tells Kanagi to read the mind of the Black Feather.

Yachiyo 8

As Kanagi uses her magic, there is a flash of read. She describes her experience as "madness" and says she can't see into the Feather's mind. Suddenly Holy Mami arrives and says the more Kanagi reads, the more she suffers. Mami says she's surprised Magius never recruited Kanagi, and that she's working with Yachiyo. Mami asks how the Feather's were doing, saying that they were granted a "baptism" so they could act without hesitation. Mami asks the girls if they want to join. Kanagi says Mami is uttering nonsense, and Yachiyo agrees. Mami calls them pitiful. Yahiyo says they pity her. Kanagi says they're already undermining Magius's plan.

Mami attacks, saying that if Yachiyo and Kanagi vanished eveyrthing should quiet down. More Feather appear, along with a brainwashed Tsukuyo Amane and Tsukasa Amane. Mami says she'll feed the girls to "Eve" to release all magical girls. Kanagi says she'll take Mami and tells Yachiyo to go after the Amanes.

Yachiyo 9

Yachiyo tries to reach out to the sisters, but they are unable to listen. Kanagi fights off more Feathers before aiming towards Mami. Kanagi attempts to read Mami's mind, and then says she'll force Mami into submission. However, Mami is able to fight her off. Kanagi is pushed to Yachiyo, who thinks Mami's power is being enhanced by a Rumor. Kanagi asks if Mami is human, explaining she lost "the background" to her mind. Kanagi says even the most pure feelings have a motivation attached, but all she saw in Mami's mind is pride for saving magical girls, and the intent to complete Magius's plan. She compares Mami's mind to a "plain painted over black". Mami says it's hopeless to try and agitate her. Yachiyo says they're surrounded.

Everyone 5

At their base in "Hotel Femtohope Chapel", Touka Satomi gives a speech to the Feathers, saying that release will occur soon. Nemu Hiiragi tells the Feathers they must kill all the magical girls of Kamihama before they become obstacles, saying they can't sacrifice lives for the sake of sentimental feelings. Nemu says she has granted the Feathers the power to kill without hesitation. There is a flash, and Nemu says they used one more life. Alina Grey tells Mami she's leaving it to her and says she can use Alina's witch. At this point, the Black Feathers are brainwashed. The Rumor creature explains "The Rumor of the Reception Pendant", which was used to brainwash the Black Feathers.

Mitama 4

At Mitama's place, the magical girls react to Mitama's revelations. Mitama explains the concept of doppels, and how they stop magical girls from becoming witches in Kamihama. Momoko says that she knows the other girls are confused, but in the face of the current situation they had to tell them. She says that the girls are free to back Magius if they want, and apologizes for getting everyone involved. Nanaka says there's no need for an apology and asks Momoko if her side has an alternative to freeing magical girls from becoming witches. Momoko says they'll think about it after everything is over.

Nanaka calls it irresponsible, but Momoko says if everyone thinks together they could come with something. Meiyui says it will fail if they disagree, and calls Momoko's plan an ideal. Momoko says if they don't talk about ideals, they won't have anything to aim for. In a corner, Ren Isuzu thinks that if she doesn't find an ideal, she'll just become a witch. She decides to aim for a better future. Meanwhile, Hazuki points out the Azalea House might close if the situation continues. Hazuki, Konoha and Ayame agree the Azalea House is more important than release. Emiri then suggests that they should go and take the fight to the Feathers. Nanaka agrees, saying the situation could affect her family's flower arranging school, and Kako Natsume's family's bookstore.

Several magical girls start saying they agree to help out Iroha's side and fight Magius. Momoko asks the girls who want to fight to ome with her.

Felicia 7

Felciia and Tsuruno run to Central Ward, and sense Yachiyo, Kanagi, and Mami. Feathers spot them, and the girls attack them.

Momoko 5

Momoko and her allies reach Central Ward and see lots of Feathers heading in a signle direction. There are so many magical girls that it's impossible to sense Yachiyo or Kanagi. The girls decide to follow the Feathers.

Yachiyo 10

Yachiyo and Kanagi decide to retreat, but are suddenly reinforced by Tsuruno and Felicia. Suddenly, a Black Feather begins to act normally and says her pendant is gone. Mami tells the Feather she should hurry and go back to the base. Yachiyo tells Kanagi to read the Feather's mind while she and the others hold off Mami and the Feathers.

Yachiyo 11

Yachiyo says she can't understand Mami's action. Mami agrees. The two exchange blows. The Amane sisters go after Kanagi, but she counters. Kanagi reveals she read the mind of the Feather and says that they need to take the Feather's pendants off. Felicia attacks a Feather and breaks her pendant, ausing a Rumor to show up. Yachiyo tells Felicia to fight off the Feathers, Tsuruno to take on the Rumor, and Kanagi to fight the Amanes. Yachiyo continues fighting Mami.

Tsuruno successfully destroys the Rumor, turning the Feathers and Amanes back to normal. Yachiyo and the others tell Mami her plan has failed, but she just laughs. Suddenly the city's lights turn red. Mami says eveyrthing was simple a distraction so they could take over the city's power and airwaves. Mami explains the reason for this is to call Walpurgis Night.

Everyone 6

Inside a radio observatory, the Magius leaders liste to Walpurgis Night's laughter. Touka says it's the same voice they heard when they observed the Incubators. Nemu says the primary cell towers in Kamihama have been surprised, and all the radio waves have been coverted to a frequency of light only witches can see. Nemu says witches will see Kamihama as a utopia where everyone is free from all troubles, where everyone can get what they want...and yet, no-one is happy. Touka says they'll emit radio waves to stimulate Walpurgis Night, using a frequency normally used to search for alien life. Touka believes the frequency can reach Walpurgis Night's Grief Seed, and leave impressions on it's mind, drawing it to Kamihama.

Yachiyo 12

Felicia asks what Walpurgis Night is. Tsuruno explains it's a legend among a magical girls of an extremely powerful witch. Mami says that Walpurgis will ensure Eve hatches and it is already heading for Kamihanma. Suddenly more Feathers arrive. The girls think they won't be able to take them. Yachiyo thinks they have no choice but to try and remove the Rumor from Mami. As the others hold off the Feathers, Yachiyo and Mami duel.

Yachiyo 13

The Amane sisters assist the Feathers, incapacitating Kanagi. Yachiyo and Mami continue to fight. Suddenly, Yachiyo heard voices (implied to be Kanae Yukino and Meru Anna). Suddenly she feels a new magic in her. Mami summons her doppel. Yachiyo suddenly disappears and attacks Mami from behind. Mami asks how she did that. Yachiyo admits she doesn't know. Mami summons many, many muskets. Yachiyo counters with the same number of spears. The two girls launch their attack.

In her own mind, Mami Tomoe wonders what she has been living for after she learned the truth about witches. She feels she has to do something for Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki. She thought Magius had the answers, but finds she can't accept what they were doing. Mami tries to understand why she acepted in the first place. An image of Holy Mami is seen, as someone begs not be erased. Then it begs to be erased if "this is going to happen". Back in reality, Mami suddenly returns to normal.

Having seen Mami's thoughts as a vision, Yachiyo mutters that this how Mami truly feels. Mami says she really was part of the Rumor. Yachiyo said she could remove it when their hearts connected. Yachiyo explains she still felt Mami had some of her conscience remaining, and also felt like she did about wanting to save everyone. Yachiyo wonders if they understood each other simply because both of them didn't expect to understand each other. Mami says that's just wordplay. She thanks Yachiyo and collapses.

Suddenly Mami's costume reanimates as a Rumor, which constantly laughs. The Feathers and Amanes announce they will still continue fighting. Yachiyo, Tsuruno, Felicia, and Kanagi think they won't be able to make it. Suddenly Momoko arrives, with the magical girls that came with them from Mitama's place. The Amanes are told by the other Feathers to report back to Magius. The magical girls all join the fight.

Yahiyo 14

With the help of Momoko's and the others, the Rumor is destroyed. Kanagi tells Rena she is in her debt. Rena gives Kanagi a Grief Seed, and her reation causes Kanagi to remark Rena is a tsundere. Everyone has also purifies their Soul Gems. Afterwards, the girls look at the unconscious Mami. Yachiyo says it must have been hard for her. Kanagi says she was just like a middle schooler. Tsuruno says they need to find Iroha. Yachiyo asks if the Feathers have been dealt with, and Momoko says the other magical girls reported they were. Nanaka and Akira offer to take Mami to Mitama's, saying they know her already.

Mitama 5

Rika Ayano wonders if becoming a witch will be a punishment for her. She apologizes to Ren for stopping her. Aimi Eri wonders how she can confess to her crush now. Kokoro Awane tells her it's alright. Kokoro tells her it's alright, and says she thinks she made the right choice. Kokoro believes if she rejected Kyubey's contract she would have been killed by a witch the next day. She tells Aimi she should still be happy. Ren tells Rika that just meeting her made being a magical girl worth it. Rika agrees. Elsewhere, Ayaka apologizes to Shizuku, who begins to awaken.

Mitama notices the magical girls have calmed down. Mitama thinks she broke her neutrality, but then admits she was never neutral and was in fact double crossing Iroha. She wonders if Kanagi noticed. Mitama thinks Kamihama hasn't been kind her to her or Kanagi, but the people in it have been just a bit nicer than they thought. Mitama says she needs to step up.