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This page will cover Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record's story.

Magia Record has a total of five story modes:

Main Story, which details Iroha's quest to find her sister amid the mysteries of Kamihama City. There are currently nine chapters.

Another Story, which focuses on what other magical girls were doing during the Main Story. There are currently seven chapters (starting with chapter 2).

Mirrors, the PvP mode. The story of Mirrors is that Iroha and her companions are exploring the barrier of the Mirror Witch. Mirrors is divided into levels which are unlocked by playing the mode. Unlocking levels displays new story scenes. There are currently twenty levels.

Each character has their own Side Story that is three chapters long. (Some characters have a fourth chapter with no story that is used to unlock their Doppel.)

Finally certain chatacters have Costume Stories which are basically side stories tied to limited edition costumes.


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