Magia Record Story A Voice From Beyond That Strokes the Ears

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This page will cover the original event story and the extra story chapters added in the re-run.

Original Event Story

Episode 1

Someone is having a strange dream. Mel Anna and Kanae Yukino are hanging out and talking. Mel wonders who it was that came up with the rumor that ghosts don't have feet, but Kanae just shrugs. Mel introduces herself as a fortune-telling magical girl who died while fighting a witch. She then met with Kanae who explained to her that they were both ghosts now (even though Mel forgot her name).

Episode 2

While Mel continues to sob because she is a ghost, she asks Kanae if she was a magical girl too. Kanae explains she died while in a witch battle as well and notes that most people can remember the last few seconds prior to death clearly. Mel nods, cheering up a bit at the memory of her death. Mel explains that she is very glad she died, because even though she's dead she was able to protect someone who meant a lot to her. Kanae asks for her name, with Mel confusing her meaning and telling Kanae her own name again. Kanae meant to ask the name of the person she died protecting. Mel describes her as her leader, Yachiyo Nanami. Kanae is surprised to hear this name and says they should talk further.

Episode 3

Mel is surprised to find they were both on a team with Yachiyo, and calls Kanae her senpai. She thinks the fact that they met in the afterlife must be fate, and that she may have foretold their meeting. Kanae has a look of disbelief at the words "fortune telling". Mel knows what Kanae is thinking, that she's probably wrong a good deal of the time. Kanae admits her skepticism. Mel tells Kanae her predictions are true because that is what she wished for. Mel gets sad again when she realizes what she really contracted for was the chance to become a witch and then a ghost. She begs Kanae to team up with her since she doesn't know how to be a ghost. Kanae tells her to look in her pockets, but Mel thinks that Kanae wants to be paid to team up. She checks her pockets and finds to her surprise a license for being a ghost.

Episode 4

Kanae takes Mel to a magical girl ghost cafe. Here, various ghosts of former magical girls meet up to talk about new things and try to create new objects. As ghosts, anything they can come up with can be conjured into "reality" so long as they can think of the sound, taste, and appearance of an object. Even the cafe was thought up by a ghost. Mel asks the other ghosts about everything, and they explain that they are not allowed to interact with the living world. They can look in on it and they are able to move inanimate objects to a degree, but they can't talk to anyone. There is one way to talk to someone in the living world but they have to be sensitive to ghosts, namely those people who would be called psychics. Afterwards, Mel talked to the different ghosts about their former lives and who they knew when they were alive. Some of the girls there had also become witches, while others like Kanae had their soul gems broken when they were alive.

Episode 5

Everyday Mel would meet up with Kanae and wander through the streets of Kamihama. Since she's dead, there's no real reason for her to tell fortunes since she has no future. So Mel would idle away the time by wandering around and doing whatever she felt like. One day, she went to talk to Kanae and told her that something weird was happening in Kamihama. The numbers of witches has grown exponentially and there are an unusual number of magical girls in the city as well. Mel was worried about Yachiyo, but Kanae said she looked ok when she happened to see her the other day. Mel became upset that Kanae went without her, but Kanae says there's no reason she couldn't have gone herself. But Mel remembers the last time she saw Yachiyo, she had predicted a lucky day only to die while saving her. She's too embarrassed to go and see her now, but mostly she was worried about how much it would hurt to see Yachiyo and not be able to help her. Kanae offered to go with Mel to see Yachiyo. In truth, Kanae was also afraid to go see Yachiyo for the same reasons as Mel: she'd be too hurt to see her and not be able to do anything. When she saw her the other day, she noticed that Yachiyo is now alone and no longer part of a team. Yachiyo feels responsible for what happened to Kanae and Mel even though neither of them blames Yachiyo.

After speaking to some of the other ghosts, they were able to track down Yachiyo. When they arrived, Yachiyo was talking to Iroha Tamaki in front of the Seance shrine, offering to let Iroha spend the night at her place after the events that just unfolded.

Episode 6

They followed Yachiyo after that, noticing that Momoko Togame and Tsuruno Yui were still around and still willing to help Yachiyo. At Mikazuki Villa, they watched as Felicia threw a tantrum for hours over how hungry she was. It brought back memories of when Mel used to live there as a team with Momoko, Tsuruno, and Mifuyu Azusa. Both Kane and Mel were worried when they had heard that Yachiyo wasn't part of a team anymore, but they were both glad to see she wasn't alone anymore. What worried the both of them now was the whereabouts of Mifuyu. Through the other ghosts, Kane and Mel had learned that Yachiyo was investigating Rumors, but there was a group dedicated to protecting the rumors and Mifuyu was a part of that group.

Episode 7

Kanae and Mel could only follow along and watch as things began to escalate over the coming days between the Wings of Magius and Yachiyo's team. Ultimately, Mel couldn't stand by and followed Yachiyo into the Memory Museum, where Yachiyo relived her worst memories including the death of Kanae and Mel. When Yachiyo broke up the team afterwards, all Mel could do was yell and cry but not a single word was able to make it through to Yachiyo.

Episode 8

After reliving the deaths of her two friends, Yachiyo came to the conclusion that the inherit magic she gained from her wish was the power to survive by sacrificing someone else. Iroha can't believe what she's hearing, and neither could Kanae and Mel. Both of them hadn't realized how heavily Yachiyo blamed herself for their deaths. Both of them had decided to choose their own fates on their own and to do whatever it takes to protect Yachiyo, even if it had meant they would lose their lives. And now both of them had resolved to do whatever they could to make sure their voices reached Yachiyo.

Episode 9

Back at Mikazuki Villa, Mel and Kanae are trying their best to find a way to convey a message to Yachiyo. Despite her best efforts, Mel can only cause a plate to rattle slightly. Mel considers dropping a knife in front of Yachiyo to indicate she needs to cut ties with her past, but Kanae thinks it sounds too much like something from a horror movie. In the end, Iroha was able to convince Yachiyo to reconsider her thoughts, and both of the ghost girls didn't want to lose this vital opportunity.

Episode 10

Kanae noticed that Yachiyo had kept some keepsakes of theirs from the past, namely Mel's log of fortunes and Kanae's old notebook. Kanae thinks if they can somehow project their feelings onto their keepsakes, they could possibly get through to Yachiyo that way. With everything that Yachiyo is currently going through, the ghost girls are hoping this will be enough to get her to notice their things and they'll be able to get their feelings through. The two spend the day focusing their thoughts on Yachiyo as much as they can.

Later that night, Yachiyo invites Iroha to look over Kanae and Mel's old keepsakes. In Kanae's notebook, she finds lyrics for songs that Kanae never finished, including a song about several lines coming together to form a circle; whereas in Mel's log of fortunes she finds a fortune in which many strange occurrences happen in Kamihama, but many points will come together to form the pattern of a ring. A single star that lands by Yachiyo will present the opportunity. As she thinks over the words, Yachiyo concludes that the three points in Kanae's lyrics were about her, Kanae, and Mifuyu while the fortune Mel left must be about what is happening to her now. Thanks to the words they left behind, Yachiyo resolves to go back and rescue the others with Iroha by her side.

Grateful that they were finally able to get through to Yachiyo, the two breathe a sigh of relief. Mel is happier than ever they were finally able to help Yachiyo, but Kanae prompts her to look at her ghost license. Mel pulls it out to find the words "Suspended" stamped on it. Kanae's ghost license has also been suspended because they purposefully interacted with the living world. A light flashes and the two find themselves back in the ghost café. Since their licenses have been revoked, both Kanae and Mel will no longer be able to descend to the world of the living and will have to watch over Yachiyo from afar.

Yachiyo wakes up, having seen all of the event in her dream. After going through their keepsakes, Yachiyo had a dream about Kanae and Mel as ghosts.

She chuckles to herself about the suspended licenses and promises to tell Iroha all about her dream after they finish breakfast. It seems that Mel disappeared from the world when she became a Witch, but Kanae was able to capture her thoughts and feelings in the last moment before her soul disappeared. She used those thoughts and feelings to come up with the dream for Yachiyo, and even though she couldn't do more for Mel, she doesn't regret a thing, even if her license is going to be suspended for sure.

Rerun Extra Chapters

The extra chapters detail Yachiyo and Mifuyu coming to terms with Mel's death. They find and vanquish the Witch that Mel turned into.

Episode Eleven

Yachiyo is heading out for the day. She thanks Iroha Tamaki for taking care of things while she's out and the rest of Mikazuki Villa also bid her a good day. Yachiyo says goodbye, but not before stopping to stare at her family for a moment and smiling to herself. Felicia Mitsuki, Sana Futaba, and Ui Tamaki are full of questions and want to know where Yachiyo is going for the day, but Iroha just shrugs at them and tells them that some days are just like that. Instead she tells them they should hurry and finish the cleaning and laundry before Yachiyo gets home.

Yachiyo had said nothing out of the ordinary when she had left, just the usual "take care" and "I'm off" that anyone else would when heading out. But to her they were also a promise that she'd return home safe and sound. The fact that she was able to say those things so casually is just proof of how peaceful everything was now that the matter with the Wings of Magius had been resolved.

Yachiyo was smiling as she walked through the city but that quickly gave way to a look of grief. It was because it was so peaceful that she couldn't forget one important thing. She stepped inside Blossom's where Konomi Haruna greets her. Yachiyo asks for a bouquet of flowers and explains what they're for. Konomi selects flowers that are appropriate and Yachiyo thanks her for her thoughtfulness. Yachiyo never forgot about her friend Mel and how she was never able to locate and vanquish the Witch that had emerged from her Soul Gem. While it was possible that someone else had already defeated it, she herself never knew what became of that Witch. The peaceful times they're living in know could stop at any moment so it was important for her to cherish these times while she still could. Still, she couldn't help thinking that Mel's Witch was still out there somewhere wandering the world.

Episode Twelve

As Yachiyo stands lost in thought, she hears the voice of Mifuyu calling out for her. Yachiyo is surprised to find Mifuyu here of all places and asks if she's out shopping before she notices the woman that is standing next to Mifuyu, Mel's mother.

Episode Thirteen

Episode Fourteen

Episode Fifteen

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