Magia Record Story Another Daze

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Memory [01]

As Kazumi sleeps, she hears a voice calling her name.

She awakens to find Tsuruno Yui, who noticed she was laying fast asleep at a park bench. Kazumi accuses her of being the bomb kidnapper and kidnapping her, but Tsuruno doesn't know what she's talking about. Kazumi's stomach begins to rumble and she sniffs out the food that Tsuruno was delivering, triple sweet 'n' sour pineapple pork. She attempts to take the food, but Tsuruno stops her and instead asks for her name and what she's doing here. However, other than her name it seems Kazumi has lost her memories and she begins to cry that she's still hungry.

Scene [01]

Umika Misaki calls out for Kazumi as she urgently searches for her.

Kaoru Maki asks if she found anything, but Umika wasn't able to sense or reach Kazumi through her soul gem. Kaoru wonders if they didn't mess up again, alluding to something, but Umika insists everything is fine. The two girls are nervous being in an unfamiliar city, having wound up there after the three of them chased a witch for miles and found themselves in Kamihama instead of Asunaro. Kazumi didn't want to give up the chase, since Witches were known to hurt people. As the girls unknowingly stumbled into a labyrinth, they were ambushed and Kaoru was knocked out. She woke up alone, all three of the girls flung to different parts of the city. Kaoru and Umika had been able to meet up, but Kazumi was yet to be found.

Rather than waste time and energy by searching such a large city randomly, the two girls decide to search for Kazumi at places with great food. As they discuss their plans an Uwasa zooms past the girls and almost knocks over Kaoru. They transform into their Magical Girl state and prepare themselves.

Memory [02]

At Banbanzai, Kazumi munches happily at her food and declares it to be delicious. Tsuruno is surprised to hear it, since most people rate their food as average. She describes it as tasting amazing when her grandfather was the cook , but even so a lot of people still liked this average food. Kazumi found it to taste comforting and finishes off her plate. Tsuruno worries about Kazumi's memory, since she still wasn't able to remember anything more. Even so, Kazumi is content since she can still feel hunger. She explains it's the only other thing she remembers: If you feel hungry, it means your body has the will to live. Tsuruno smiles and agrees when suddenly, Kazumi's hair coil begins to tingle. She rushes off, but not before thanking Tsuruno once more for the food.

Scene [02]

Umika and Kaoru fight with the Uwasa as Umika attempts to use her X File spell on it. The information comps back in fragments, as if it were encrypted. Umika is certain this couldn't be the work of a magical girl, but she's sure that whatever it is is an enemy. Kaoru and Umika turn and run off, overwhelmed by the volley of attacks from the Uwasa.

In an alley some distance away, the two girls attempt to catch their breath as they decide to talk to local magical girls about their plight. Before they can set off though, the Uwasa catches up to them and attacks the girls once more. Kaoru offers to draw the creature off so that Umika can search for Kazumi on her own. Suddenly, they hear a voice call out to them with telepathy. Tsuruno arrives and declares herself the strongest magical girl in Kamihama.

Memory [03]

Himika Mao and Kanoko Yayoi have partnered up to gather wild Kamihama Mushrooms from the forest. Kanoko wants to use the mushrooms as inspiration for her fashion designs and declines allowing Himika to eat some of them. Himika offers to be paid in food as exchange for her services as a guide when Kazumi shows up. Kanoko notices her hair curl and wonders what kind of clothes design would suit such a style. Himika asks if she needs anything, and Kazumi calls herself an Amnesiac. She explains she was following the tingling sensation of her hair curl, since it can often sense bad guys and other evil things. All three of the girls suddenly catch the magical signature of a nearby Witch when a labyrinth opens in front of them. Himika wonders if Kazumi is a magical girl since she too can see the labyrinth and transforms into her magical girl state. Kazumi wonders if it isn't some kind of instant cosplay, much to Himika's dismay as Kanoko explains it to be magic.

Scene [03]

Tsuruno offers to help the girls out and tells them to take a break as she takes on the Rumor that's been following them. She then transforms and takes on the Rumor, which has taken on the shape of Kazumi. She attacks with Kazumi's Limiti Esterni. Umika and Kaoru jump in and stop Tsuruno from counter attacking, explaining that her foe is their best friend Kazumi. Tsuruno thinks back to the girl she fed at her restaurant earlier.

Memory [04]

Himika takes Kazumi to her home, where she makes a Mushroom hotpot for her siblings and friends. Both Himika and Kanoko had been explaining magical girls and witches to Kazumi, and had decided to take their conversation to Himika's house where they could eat. Kanoko had relented to allow her to cook the mushrooms they had gathered since Himika had set some aside for her designs. Despite having just eaten fried rice, Kazumi was eager to try the meal. As quickly as the labyrinth had appeared it had disappeared and none of the girls were able to find it again. Even Kazumi's hair coil had calmed down and could sense nothing.

As they wonder about the situation, Himika's siblings begin to beg for second helpings. In such a large household, meals are always a noisy affair but Himika enjoys being with her family and misses their noise making whenever she eats alone. Kazumi suddenly has a flash of a memory as she remembers making beef stroganoff for two other girls whose names she can't remember. The two girls think the meal comment on how tasty it was as the memory fades. Himika advices her to take it easy and offers her a plate of food. Kazumi smiles and states that those who waste food are evil. Kanoko remembers hearing that particular line before, from a novelist named Umika Misaki. At the sound of her name, Kanoko then breaks down in tears.

Scene [04]

Kaoru, Umika, and Tsuruno run as far as a shrine on the edge of town in an attempt to lose the shadowy Kazumi. Tsuruno is surprised that the girl she met was not only a magical girl, but capable of acting that way. She explains to Umika how they met and how she can't understand why their friend would attack them, and neither can Umika and Kaoru. The two girls agree that the person who attacked them couldn't have been Kazumi but they didn't want to attack her if they weren't sure of what was going on. Tsuruno shrugs and accepts their story, as odd things happen in Kamihama all the time and offers her help until the end. They all introduce themselves and Tsuruno takes them somewhere they can talk safely away from the Kazumi doppelganger.

Memory [05]

Kanoko suddenly begins to cry as she describes the novelist Umika Misaki. Himika asks if she ate one of the other mushrooms they picked and explains it's a Sobbing Shroom, a type of shroom that's not poisonous but does cause those who consume it to break into crying fits. Kanoko had gotten curious after Himika had warned her not to eat them. Through the tears, Kanoko advises Kazumi to go to Emiri's consultation office to get help on her missing memories. Himika offers to stay with Kanoko until she feels better and so Kazumi heads out alone. Kazumi is able to find the location successfully and an energetic Emiri Kisaki bounds up to her. Kazumi introduces herself as the Amnesiac. She asks Emiri what she should do about her missing memories and Emiri tells her to search through her belongings. She finds a flyer for a new cafe in Asunaro in her pocket. Emiri deduces she must be from there and wonders which of her friends to ask for help from. Sasara Minagi appears, looking for Emiri's help with Asuka Tatsuki.