Magia Record Story Christmas String ~The Day the Fingers were Locked~

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Deliver Smiles! Reindeer Santa! Login Special

All of a sudden, Shizuka Tokime, Sunao Toki, and Chiharu Hiroe's phones ring. They all got a message from an unknown sender that "Come to Mikazuki Villa with a certain gift which can be obtained with a free ticket in the message". So the Tokimes go to Mikazuki Manor and they find that a bunch of other Magical Girls got the same message including Eternal Sakura, Touka Satomi, Nemu Hiiragi, Momoko Togame, Kaede Akino, Rena Minami, and all the members of Team Mikazuki. Apparently everyone else received the message too, which came with free vouchers for various things.

With the free ticket, Shizuka got some scary thick book called "History of punishment vol.3". Sunao got a book called "Ultra saving tech", Chiharu got Decagonball pajamas. Soon they found the all gifts were meant to be exchanged. They all exchange their gifts to meet their needs. Touka and Ui guess that this might be the AI TsuruFeli's doing. And it actually is. AI TsuruFeli are happy they made people smile. Suddenly, AI Tsuruno remembers that she (the original Tsuruno) had done something like this before. She remembers the reindeer song too. AI Tsuruno sings the song and the story ends.

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