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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Nemu and Touka intend to fulfill their promise with the Tamaki sisters and tour Kamihama city as they await punishment. The Puella Magi community of Kamihama and the Holy Quintet want to find a proper way to deal with what Nemu, Touka, the Amane sisters, Mitama and Mifuyu have caused, and nobody can say they are neutral in the case and thus are hesitant in what to do.

Nemu proposes using the Sakura rumor and informs the Nanami team that she is learning law with the help of Touka's networks, and Nemu has also altered the rumor to act as a fair judge as well without bias. It will go with court procedures. The punishment options go from destroying their soul gems, sealing its transformation ability, causing it to self destruct if they try, installing pain when they transform and finally putting them under supervision.

The first instance has the Sakura, deciding from evidence and testimonies that Nemu and Touka should be executed for their crimes. Nemu and Touka pretty much agree that it is a fitting punishment for them, and thus want to tour the city and fulfill their promise before execution.

The whole thing is a huge Suicide by Cop scenario planned by Touka and Nemu. They know the Puella Magis of Kamihama desire punishment for their deeds, but their negative thinking, guilt and the fear of hate directed to them will also be directed to Ui, making them choose death. They did not input the considerations of age for committing crimes and even gave the wrong date for Puella Magis to hand in their testimony to ensure their death. Ui and Iroha notice this. While Ui is pissed, as her friends are trying to dump her and die, Iroha is deeply disappointed by their lack of will to live. Ui even slapped the two in anger.

Since no testimonies come due to the pair's actions, Sakura moves in for the kill and is stopped by the Tamaki sisters who haven't received the rest of the testimonies from those not on trial. Sakura pleads to Iroha to kill her to stop her, but she refuses and is wounded in return. Sakura moves in for the kill, but Ui, Mifuyu and Mitama act as meat shields for Touka and Nemu while the Amane sisters stop Sakura in her tracks with their music. Ui scolds them and confesses that she wants to live with them through thick and thin, and this sentiment is returned. The conflict of emotions makes Touka lose control and release her doppel.

A eureka moment comes upon Iroha and she has Mitama and Mifuyu contact the others and send photos of their testimony to stop Sakura's actions. It worked, and after confirming the testimonies are real, she stops her actions and begins reading them. She also thanks Iroha for stopping her who is helpless all this while.

Simply put, while the Kamihama Puella Magis agree that Magius needs to be punish, death is too much. Some think that they are needed to help Puella Magis, some think they need to be educated, some think that they are in their debt, and the worse are some that think not seeing their face will be fine. The girls cried because of these messages as Ui and Iroha hug them.

Thanks to the testimonies, it is decided that Nemu and Touka will have their powers sealed with a bracelet. Any thoughts of transformation can put them down for a day. Mitama and Mifuyu are placed under observation while the Amane sisters are let off scot-free. Same for the rest of the feathers. As they gather in Mikazuki manor after the whole thing, they share with each other their future plans. Mifuyu will be staying with Touka to ensure her grades are good enough to enter the pharmaceutical department in university and in return she'll teach Touka moral and ethics. Sakura will go with the wheelchair bound Nemu to help her in everyday life. Sakura informs them that trying to escape from punishment will have her go after them, though Touka and Nemu promise that will not happen again.

Before she announce case closed, Sakura gives Touka and Nemu each a slap to show her anger and warns them not to use her for convenience again since she knows them well enough. The girls make their promise. Sakura informs them that all rumors know of the girls, praying and watching over them. Thus, they also know what the hospital staff think of them: Influenced by her father who is meritocratic, the intelligent Touka is willful while Nemu is stubborn and wants everything to go her way, demanding acceptance from others. Getting to know Ui, a kind, gentle while headstrong girl gave positive influence to the girls, preventing them from going over the far end, and Iroha further enhanced that effect.

As the team begin to prepare for the celebration where Kamihama Puella Magis formally accept Touka and Nemu as the brains of the community, Ui, Touka, Nemu and Sakura join Iroha in the kitchen. Sakura hugs her moms tightly and proclaims that she loves them as she also thinks that this is finally the starting line.