Magia Record Story Halloween Castle of Prayers and Funeral ~The Living are Bewildered, The Dead are Silent

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general. Kanagi have always wanted to pay respect to her dead comrades using the method they would prefer. Through her time as the leader of the East, she has seen different girls having different view of life and death, and thoughts on paying tribute after death. She has always been concern if what she is doing is satisfying for the dead, and wonder if she is only acting on her ego.

This confusion got expanded when she learnt from her boss that some culture have Halloween where the living and the dead share a happy time together.

This moment of weakness cause her to fall to a parasitic witch. Since the Union were preparing a Halloween party for everyone, the trust they have on Kanagi made them all fell to her bite. Mamoko was late for rehearsal, so she is not controlled.

Acting on her wishes, Kanagi wanted her comrades in Union to decorate their candy skull with how tribute should be paid when they die.

With Mitama's help, Momoko obtained the ability to purify those affected by the witch, and through her exploration of the barrier learnt about Kanagi's troubles and how all the dead that appear are but manifestation of Kanagi's memory of the dead. That is why Mel is not the cheerful and cheeky girl Momoko remembered, but a rebellious teen that Kanagi knows of.

Eventually, Momoko got through to Kanagi that paying respects to the dead using her own method is true form of sincerity since they dead can no longer speak. She knows this, but she has been turning a blind eye to the truth.

Kanagi awaken with Momoko's help and easily dispatched the witch. Although they are not close, this shared experience is enough for Kanagi to invite Momoko on her trip to paying respects to her fallen comrades.

They agree to mourn each other using their own method if they die ahead of each other, but happily agreed that not dying like dogs and solving the current issue is the best.

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