Magia Record Story Happy New Year at the Mizuna Shrine!

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This event is composed of two different stories. The first story is shown in special scenes played when the player logs in for the first seven days of the event. The second story is shown when the event's story battles are played.

For the sake of convenience, this page will call the log-in scenes "Scenes" and the event battle stories "Chapters".

Login Special

Scene 1

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 1st, 2018)

Iroha Tamaki, Yachiyo Nanami, Tsuruno Yui, Felicia Mitsuki, and Sana Futaba walk to a shrine for New Year's along with Homura Akemi and Madoka Kaname. Yachiyo asks if everyone bought their Omamori. Iroha says she just bought hers. Tsuruno and Homura say they weren't expecting the crowds. Suddenly Sana arrives. She says that since no one could see her, everyone kept bumping into her. Iroha says she should have known, but Sana says she's used to it. Yachiyo asks Felicia if she bought her omamori with the money Yachiyo gave her, but Felicia spent it on food. Yachiyo wipes her face.

Once the girls arrive at the shrine, they go pray. Homura says she should give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened last year. As Madoka prays, she thinks about how last year she met Mami, became a magical girl, and then met Homura and Iroha. Madoka thinks she's not a strong magical girl yet, so this year she wants to be a magical girl everyone can rely on. As she prays to be blessed with good fortune, Madoka also hopes that everyone can be happy.

Scene 2

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 2nd, 2018)

At the shrine, Homura thinks she heeded the vision of the girl who said magical girls could be saved In Kamihama City. Homura knows there's something strange going on, and she doesn't understand how the Wings of Magius or the Rumors can lead to salvation. Even so, she will save Madoka. She asks the omamori if she can trust it with her feelings. She offers the largest bill she has as a donation so her prayers can be answered. Homura thinks she will save Madoka this time.

Scene 3

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 3rd, 2018)

Tsuruno thinks that this year she was able to fight alongside Yachiyo again. She also thinks she was glad to have met Iroha. For this year, she believes it's her turn to make everyone else happy. Pulling out three amulets, she makes a Magatama out of them and calls it the "Strongest Praying Charm". Tsuruno thinks that if she prays again she can double the chances of her prayers being answered. As the strongest magical girl holding the strongest amulet, she wants to bestow everyone else with good fortune.

Scene 4

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 4th, 2018)

Felicia thinks she has nothing to pray for. The reason she didn't buy a charm is because she was hungry and there were too many people in line. Feliica thinks she would like to keep eating tasty meals in Yachiyo's house. She also wished she could go back to the ranch she once went to with her mother and father. She thinks she can't remember where the ranch was. Felicia abruptly decides praying is ridiculous. She think she'll go back to Yachiyo's house and laze around. However, she wants everyone to be okay. "That's how I feel, that's good enough".

Scene 5

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 5th, 2018)

Sana thinks she was sad last year when Ai disappeared. However, she was happy when Iroha told her she was needed. Sana thinks being here feels like a dream and she's glad to have a place where she can find happiness. It's revealed that earlier, Sana tried to buy a charm to ward off evil. Since no-one could see her, she was pushed out of the way after leaving the money but before she could take anything. Suddenly, a prayer charm fell from the sky into her hands. In the present, Sana wishes to stay by Iroha and form an unbreakable bond with her.

Scene 6

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 6th, 2018)

Yachiyo thinks she was fighting alone for a long time and never expected to spend the new year with so many people. She doesn't know if it is right or wrong, but she wants to keep fostering her relationships - and she insists on that even in her mind. She also is grateful she can spend the holiday with everyone. Yachiyo wonders what kind of charm to buy, and decides to buy five to ensure a family's well-being. Yachiyo will give them to everyone later.

Scene 7

(This scene plays when the player logs in on January 7th, 2018)

Iroha decides to get an amulet to "ensure love and marriage". Afterwards, the girls go back home. Felicia asks Tsuruno what she prayed for and Tsuruno answers she wished for everyone to be blessed with good fortune. Felicia says not to include her in that. When Madoka asks, Felicia says she prayed for a little bit of everything: Food, meat, cows, ranch, and revenge. Yachiyo calls it greedy, and Iroha says she's not sure God likes it when you ask for too much.

Madoka asks Iroha what she prayed for. Iroha said she only gave thanks. Iroha said being in the shrine reminded her of the Rumor she encountered there. Because of that, she was able to investigate rumors with Yachiyo and to meet Tsuruno. She thinks this place was where everything began. Tsuruno says it's a bit embarrassing when she puts it like that. In a flashback, we see that Iroha was thankful for meeting wonderful friends, and she prays to see Ui Tamaki again. Iroha hopes her prayers are answered.

Event Story

Chapter 1

Iroha narrates that the hectic New Year's Eve was over, and now they're celebrating the first morning of the New Year. At their home, Iroha wishes Sana and Yachiyo a happy new year. Yachiyo and Sana note the weather looks fine for the start of the year. Felicia comes down, having woken up. Iroha wishes her a happy new year as well, and Felicia mumbles "Happy year" in response.

Sana says Felicia sounds sleepy and Felicia says that she stayed up late last night. Yachiyo says she went to sleep by midnight and Iroha went to sleep as soon as the countdown was over. Felicia says she has no problem staying up late. Sana said she had a lot of fun New Year's Eve and it was her first time participating in the activities. Yachiyo says they should celebrate the first day of the year and also, has prepared some traditional food for the occasion.

Chapter 2

The girls start eating their meal. Felicia tries to eat everything. Sana says she's really enjoying this. Suddenly the doorbell rings...or rather someone says "Ding dong!" at the door. It turns out to be Tsuruno, wishing the others a happy new year.

Chapter 3

Tsuruno has brought her "super special Chinese food". Iroha and Felicia mentally note they were eating already. It turns out Tsuruno's food has three layers: Fried rice, shrimp with fried rice, and soup...with fried rice. Felicia says it's to be expected, and both her and Iroha say they'll eat it. Sana thanks her for the food. Tsuruno has planned something for when the girls are done eating and pulls out a deck of Karuta cards. Tsuruno says these are "Tsuruno Karuta" cards, or "Tsuruta" for short.

Chapter 4

Tsuruno says she was inspired to make the cards before the year ended and invites the girls to play with her. In normal Karuta the player must find cards with proverbs written on them. When Iroha asks what Tsuruno wrote on the cards, she says they have to play and find out. The girls agree to the game, with Tsuruno as the reader. Tsuruno asks them to find a card with "The-always-reliable Yachiyo", which Felicia quickly finds. Yachiyo says the drawing on the card doesn't look like her at all. Tsuruno says that's just how she draws and activates a "special effect", making Yachiyo lose one turn.

Tsuruno says that in "Tsurata", the reader can activate special effects at will. When Yachiyo and Sana question this, Tsuruno says she had the flashy idea to make a flashy game. Iroha thinks the rules are too vague. Yachiyo says she'll take the game seriously. Felicia says she's fired up, and Sana gives a similar sentiment. Iroha is surprised and narrates that the girls warmed up to Tsuruno's vague rules.

Chapter 5

Iroha narrates that Tsuruno's vague rules make the game more exciting. Sana is given the special effect of tickling Felicia for ten seconds. She does so, and Felicia tells her she should stop worrying so much. Afterward, Tsuruno says that Sana is in second, Iroha is in third, and Felicia is in fourth. For the final round, Tsuruno calls a special effect of winning ten points, which means that whoever wins the final round wins the game. Yachiyo says she doesn't intend to lose.

Tsuruno calls for the card "She-is-scary-when-she-is-angry Yachiyo". Yachiyo thinks that's not true, but is able to find the card anyway. However, she's struck dumb by the drawing of herself on the card and can only think it looks nothing like her. Suddenly Iroha shouts that she found the card, winning the game. Iroha apologies, but Yachiyo tells her not to worry. Yachiyo thinks she really lost to Tsuruno's drawing.

Chapter 6

Tsuruno asks if they enjoyed playing the game. Felicia and Sana say they did. Yachiyo says the game has room for improvement, like the drawings on the cards. Felicia shows her "The-always-reliable Yachiyo" card, and insists it looks just like her. Felicia then leaves, saying she has a play-date with Kako Natsume and Ayame Mikuri. Iroha tells Felicia to wish them a happy new year. Yachiyo says she also has to leave for work. Iroha asks if they can play "Tsurata" again, but Tsuruno says the game is best played with three other players. Instead, Tsuruno invites Iroha and Sana to go for a walk.

Iroha narrates that there are many events going on in Kamihama City for the New Year - events like the ones Madoka and Homura are currently enjoying. Madoka calls Homura over to her. Homura apologizes for making Madoka wait, but Madoka says not to worry. Madoka says she's also done with her prayers and is ready to go.

Chapter 7

Madoka narrates that they came to Kamihama's Sumei Shrine for New Year celebrations. Madoka marvels at all the stalls selling food. She then says she's getting distracted from her mission, but the food smells so good. Homura suggests they eat something first. When Madoka asks her what she would like to eat, Homura says she's fine with whatever Madoka wants.

Homura thinks how she's enjoying the food with Madoka, how they're dressed formally for the occasion, and how they're having fun. Homura thinks she's happy. Madoka tells Homura that after an "exhaustive examination", she's chosen to eat the Castella mini cakes. After buying and eating some, the girls go to get their New Year's fortunes.

Chapter 8

A shrine maiden tells the girls to draw a number for their fortunes. Madoka gets number twelve, while Homura gets fifty-three. Madoka says the reason they came to Sumei Shrine is because of it's "Ultimate Fortunes". According to what she saw on TV, these fortunes are more accurate than regular ones. The girls open up their fortunes.

Chapter 9

Homura gets a "Great Fortune" which says she will find happiness in everything she does, and if she recently ate a large serving of food she'll have even more happiness. Madoka notes they ate all those mini cakes earlier. Madoka's fortune turns out to be an "Infinite Fortune", which has an infinity symbol for every item on the fortune's list. The girls think they'll have an amazing year. Suddenly Homura overhears other people saying they got things like "Extraordinary Fortune" or "King of Fortune". Homura wonders if these fortunes only have great blessings. However, when she sees Madoka happy she figures it doesn't matter.

Elsewhere, Iroha, Tsuruno, and Sana find all the shops are closed on New Year's Day. When Iroha asks about it, Tsuruno says her family's shop is open, but then admits they're closed until the 7th. (Which just so happens to be when the event's final chapters are released). Iroha says Tsuruno's father can relax a bit, but Tsuruno says he's always too relaxed. Sana notices a crowd gathering in front of a toy store. Upon looking at a poster, Tsuruno announces they're joining.

Chapter 10

It turns out the toy store is holding a badminton competition. All participants have to do is keep the shuttlecock in the air. Tsuruno insists they participate. Sana points out that normal people can't see her. Tsuruno apologizes, but Sana tells them to do their best. During the competition, Tsuruno hits the shuttlecock so high it disappears into the sky, making her lose. Iroha, on the other hand, wins five matches. Iroha credits her victories to Sana's support. Tsuruno thinks that she couldn't take advantage of that.

Tsuruno asks one of the attendants if she can borrow a racket, which she then uses to play a practice match with Sana. Sana's shuttlecock defense proves to be impenetrable, causing her to win the game. Tsuruno thinks Sana would do great if she joined the event. Suddenly the attendant comes up to Tsuruno and tells her he never saw anyone who could keep the shuttlecock in the air on her own. The man tells Tsuruno she could take first place in the tournament.

Chapter 11

Elsewhere, Felicia, Ayame, and Kako have joined a local mochi-pounding competition. Felicia says it's her first time doing it. Ayame and Kako decide to let Felicia go first. Felicia uses the wooden mallet to pound mochi with gusto. Kako tells Felicia to take it easier. However, Ayame encourages Felicia to smash the mochi. Felicia's moch-pounding partner in the competition can't match her speed. Kako tells her to slow down, but Felicia says it's not good enough. Ayame decides she's gotta pound mochi herself.

Chapter 12

Felicia's partner says it's too dangerous, but Ayame says she'll be fine. Felicia tells her to bring it. The two pound mochi the way an anime character would throw punches: "Urayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya!" Kako marvels that they're in perfect sync. Onlookers note that they've never seen anything like it. Finally the girls finish. Kako says the mochi is glowing. Ayame says Felicia nicely fought. Kako thinks it wasn't supposed to be a fight. Afterwards, the girls enjoy the soft mochi. Suddenly, Ayame's teammates Konoha Shizumi and Hazuki Yusa arrive. Hazuki says they went out because they're bored. The girls wish Kako and Felicia a happy new year. When Ayame asks where they're going, they say they saw a flyer.

Chapter 13

Madoka and Homura spot Iroha, Tsuruno and Sana. Tsuruno is nervous and Iroha and Sana tells her to relax. Madoka makes her presence known, along with Felicia and Ayame. It turns out they're here to join a badminton tournament, which hasn't been held in awhile. The tournament is a doubles competition. Iroha has partnered with Tsuruno, who has been practicing with Sana. Sana says Tsuruno is "super strong". Felicia and Ayame insist they will be the winners. Kako arrives and says it's time for the players to head to the waiting area. Madoka offers to watch and cheer for them. Tsuruno asks Sana to be her support.

In the waiting area, Ria Ami finishes putting on her makeup while Emiri Kisaki tells her she looks perfect. Meiyui Chun tells Akira Shinobu they're teaming up once again. Ayaka Mariko asks Shizuku Hozumi if she can perform some gags before the game. Shizuku says it should be fine. Sasara Minagi tells Asuka Tatsuki she's shaking too much. Asuka says she's shaking with excitment. Himika Mao asks Kanoko Yayoi if she's still eating mushrooms. Kanoko says it's important to eat them before a match. Rena Minami asks Momoko Togame how things look. Momoko says it will be a fierce battle, but they could still win.

Chapter 14

The team who wins five points first advances to the next round. Iroha and Tsuruno beat Ria and Emiri when Ria misses the ball. Emiri tells Ria not to worry. Tsuruno congratulates them. Felicia and Ayame defeat Kanoko and Himika when Felicia hits the shuttlecock into Himika's forehead. Hazuki and Konoha are watching the event. Hazuki congratulates the girls, while Konoha says they did good enough. She thinks that Felicia was amazing and wishes Ayame good luck. Felicia says that Iroha is next, and Ayame says they won't lose.

Ayaka and Shizuku lose to Meiyui and Akira. Ayaka says they should retaliate with a riddle, but Shizuku tells her to leave them alone. Meiyui says there's two more to go, and Akira says they should keep it up. Finally, Sasara Minagi fails to protect the ball, while Asuka says she will perform self-flagellation. Sasara tells Asuka to stop saying that since the year's just started. Rena tells Momoko they won, and Momoko says they should keep it up. The semifinals begin.

Chapter 15

Iroha and Tsuruno are tied with Felicia and Ayame. Felicia says it's her revenge from losing the card game earlier. In the last game, Iroha and Tsuruno hit back Felicia's strikes each time. Homura asks Madoka who they're cheering for. Madoka says she doesn't know. Konoha and Hazuki cheer for Ayame and Felicia. Suddenly Felicia trips over her own feet and Ayame fails to reach the ball. Iroha and Tsuruno win. Felicia apologizes to Ayame, but she says they should do it again some time. Konoha and Hazuki invite the girls to eat some choclate covered bananas. In the other match, Rena and Momoko defeat Meiyui and Akira. Akira says they have so much energy and she's running out of breath. She wonders if it's her lack of training. Rena congratulates Momoko, who says there's just one more.

Chapter 16

The final game is Iroha and Tsuruno versus Momoko and Rena. Tsuruno sees the others are really fired up, while Iroha is exhausted. Iroha wishes the girls a happy new year, killing the mood. Momoko tries to call a time out so they can regain the feeling of tension. But she then wishes Iroha a happy new year. Iroha asks why they're so intent on winning. Rena says she has to win. When asked, Iroha tells Tsuruno she's ready to play. Madoka wonders if Iroha is really alright. Sana cheers for the girls.

Due to Iroha's exhaustion, Momoko and Rena win the match. Iroha apologizes to Tsuruno, but she says she has no regrets. Momoko and Rena say the girls were strong. Madoka arrives and says even Homura started shouting. Tsuruno credits Sana for her performance. Sana says they didn't do much, but Tsuruno insists they made a good team. Overcome by a feeling of unity, Sana agrees. Felicia arrives and invites the girls for chocolate covered bananas.

However, the tournament isn't over yet. The winners are now given the chance to challenge the "legendary champion". Kaede Akino appears, saying she watched everything in secret. Kaede tells the girls they should pay attention to the champion's arrival.

Chapter 17

The girls are shocked to find the legendary champion is Yachiyo. Tsuruno says that Yachiyo is dressed in formal wear, and Yachiyo claims it's what a champion should wear. Kaede explains that back when it was a singles tournament, Yachiyo won five competitions in a row and was considered the queen of badminton. When Tsuruno asks how she knows this, Kaede explains her father told her because his company sponsors the event. After she learned this, Kaede told Momoko. When she heard, Momoko decided to win the tournament to challenge Yachiyo and roped in Rena to help.

Momoko says it's the perfect opportunity to challenge Yachiyo and win. Rena says Momoko has been in "serious mode" since then and was training every single day. Momoko says it was worth it, and she will be the winner. Yachiyo says she will show Momoko "the skill of the queen of badminton".

Chapter 18

Yachiyo proves to be incredibly skilled and defeats Momoko easily. Yachiyo claims it's the skill of someone who has trained from a young age. Momoko and Rena are presented with a commemorative award, while Yachiyo gets a prize she always wanted. Afterward, Madoka and Homura bid the other good-bye. Madoka thinks they should try playing badminton when they go back home.

Iroha's group returns to Yachiyo's house. It turns out Yachiyo's prize was a mochi making kit. Yachiyo explains she practiced badminton so she could eat the mochi prizes. All the other girls clamor for mochi, and Yachiyo reluctantly prepares some for everyone. She also says she prepared some for Momoko and Rena, who are revealed to have come to the house with Kaede. Momoko thanks Yachiyo, while Rena says they didn't come to eat mochi. Kaede says she totally did. Momoko and Yachiyo are silent for a moment before Yachiyo tells her to wait until the mochi is ready. Momoko starts laughing.

Iroha thinks it's a happy new year because everyone is here together. She thanks everyone for being here this year.

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