Magia Record Story Magia Clash! ~Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation~

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An unknown Mirror copy opens up a portal and goes steps through into a city.

The next morning, Hayate greets Nanoha and Fate before the start of the mages team tournament. Although they don't know much about it, the girls are excited for the upcoming series of matches. After chatting for a bit, they hurry off to where the warp gate should be. They approach the portal that the Mirror copy had opened and mistake it for the warp gate. Lindy calls out to them to wait before they go through, but the portal pulls them in before they can respond.

Chapter One - Contact

Mitama begins her introduction to the "First Ultimate Magical Girls Team Battle Mirrors Cup". Her eyes latch onto the Nanoha trio and she has them register for the tournament. Despite being a little confused by the name, the girls are pleased to be able to meet other magic-wielding girls like themselves and hurry to the Standby Zone after Mitama explains the Mirror barrier to them. After discussing amongst themselves for a bit, the trio decide to fight off a few Familiars to warm-up before their matches as they explore the barrier.

Chapter Two - Encounter

Rena, Momoko, and Kaede fight off some familiars, but these familiars seem stronger than usual. The girls are having a tough time of it and Momoko suggests they run, but Rena has twisted her ankle. As the familiars begin to swarm around Rena, Nanoha steps in and takes them out with her Exceed Breaker attack. Fate notes more familiars surrounding them and takes them out quickly. Fate calls out to Hayate to finish off the last one. They all turn to make sure Rena is ok and the Nanoha trio introduce themselves to the Momoko trio.

The Nanoha trio explain they're from Seisho University Affiliated School in Uminary City. Telepathically, they agree not to mention they work at the Administrative Bureau. Rena marvels at how powerful they are despite their age, and Nanoha explains they get some of their power from their devices. Raising Heart thanks her master and Rena is even more surprised to realize it was Nanoha's device that spoke. Fate introduces her weapon, Bardiche, as Hayate explains she actually has two weapons: her staff Schwertkreuz and her Tome of the Night Sky, not to mention Reinforce Zwei. Reinforce Zwei is a unison device as well as a member of Hayate's family.

Rena asks if the girls had ever been to Mirrors before. She warns them to not wander off too deeply since there are copies of Magical Girls deeper in the barrier, fakes who look like real Magical Girls but with differing skills and personalities. Momoko figures the barrier has already made a "mold" of the trio and are likely to run into copies of them soon. As the Nanoha trio takes off, Rena and her friends seem worried. They had promised to everyone they would break up the team if they weren't the winners of the tournament.

Chapter Three - Friendship

Mitama announces the tournament is about to begin. All of the Magical Girl teams cheer as they introduce all of the teams. Fate notices how different their gear and magic is from their own. Even so, they're all determined to do their best in the tournament for the sake of their Admiral Leti.

Elsewhere, Mitama asks Momoko to explain why she suddenly announced they would break up the team if they didn't win the tournament. It seems Iroha had invited Momoko and her friends to join them at the Nanami house. Momoko had initially declined because she had wanted to see what the three of them could do when they really gave it their all. But Kaede had heard about what Momoko had planned and thought it was because they all thought she was useless. Momoko naturally denied it, but Rena had her doubts: if they don't win, would they just go join Iroha's team? Momoko said they wouldn't and instead they would go back to square one. To show their conviction, she also declared it at the tournament for all to hear. Having heard the explanation, Mitama heads back to get the tournament going. Momoko stares at Yachiyo, sure she's the one to beat but a feeling in the back of her head tells her she's going to have more trouble with the Nanoha trio.

Mitama explains the rules to everyone, mostly consisting of not seriously hurting each other. She avoids describing the grand prize in detail as she nods knowingly to Shizuku and begins the first round of the tournament. Team Nanoha set their weapons to non-lethal stun mode as they await the beginning of the tournament.

Chapter Four - Strike

The first round has begun and it's Team Nanoha against the Amane sisters. Fate uses her incredible speed to take them out instantly and the match is over before it's even begun. Fate checks up on the Amanes, who are okay even after the strong hit they took. Everyone else is surprised at the turn of events, except Momoko who knew how powerful they were. Momoko goes to congratulate the girls on their win, noticing that Hayate and Nanoha haven't shown their magic yet.

As the tournament progresses, both Team Iroha and Team Nanaka have advanced. Momoko, Rena and Kaede watch as Fate finishes fighting with Asuka and Sasara, easily ending the fight. Team Nanaka have been watching the fight as well and are wary of Fate's speed and power, wondering if she's carrying the rest of her team. Nanoha asks if Fate isn't tired yet, but she still has plenty of power in reserve. The girls decide to kick it into the next gear as they go to watch Momoko's match.

The next round soon begins and it's Team Iroha versus Team Momoko. It seems Yachiyo had made plans for how to break up Team Momoko and advices Sana and Iroha to block Rena's lunging attack while Tsuruno and Felicia take down Kaede, leaving Yachiyo to take Momoko head on. But their plan quickly falls apart once the match begins: it seems Rena anticipated they would go after Kaede, the "weakest Magical Girl" and transformed into her. Unsure of which one is the real Kaede, both Tsuruno and Felicia are at a loss on what to do. Felicia decides to just attack both of them, but the fake Kaede manages to get around them both before transforming back into Rena and striking Tsuruno. Before Yachiyo can react, Momoko attacks her as she yells out to Kaede to unleash her most powerful move on the remaining three members of Iroha's team. The victory goes to Team Momoko, thanks to their teamwork and ability to outsmart Yachiyo, whom Momoko has known for a long time. Rena makes a point of egging on Fate before they head off to rest between matches. Nanoha and her friends are excited to be taking them on, especially after the wisdom and tactics they just demonstrated.

Chapter Five - Overheating

The second half of the tournament was soon underway until only the top four teams were left. In the first round of the semi-finals, Team Nanaka was to take on Team Momoko. Momoko's team were able to blow away the competition with some unexpected moves and were able to advance to the finals. Elsewhere, Team Nanoha takes on Team Masara. Despite Kokoro withstanding Fate's attack, Nanoha is able to take down Masara with her Formula Cannon thus ensuring her team's victory.

Team Nanoha is excited to be able to take on Momoko's team in the finals, although Hayate is unsure she'll be able to use her magic's full potential in such a cramped area. However, Mitama ensures her that the area for the final match is quite spacious. Fate is determined that they give it their all since they don't want to lose the tournament and have to face their admiral. Mitama is surprised that they have some kind of stake in the tournament as well and mentions Momoko's resolution to break up the team should they lose. Both teams swear to give it their all in the final match. Since there's a little time before the next match, Nanaka and the other teams all want to take on Team Nanoha in a practice match to see what they're made of for themselves.

Chapter Six - The Finals

As the girls get ready for the final match, Iroha asks Mitama what the prize is for the winners but Mitama refuses to answer. She even went so far as to have Shizuku place the prize in a place no one else could possibly access without her portal creating ability. Both teams wonder what kind of tactics their opponents will use as they gear up for the final.

The last match has begun as both Fate and Rena square off in a battle of speed. As both of the girls clash head-to-head with their strongest attack, both girls are seemingly knocked out. As Fate passes out, she wonders if she lacked the determination that Rena did to stand her ground against such a fearsome attack. Nanoha uses her weapon to cause the bullets she shot to chase after Momoko, who is able to dodge and escape them long enough to give Kaede an opening to attack Hayate. Hayate is just able to avoid Kaede's attacks as she takes to the air. Hayate fuses with Reinforce Zwei and binds Kaede to her spot before unleashing her Ragnarok attack. Kaede is knocked out by the attack as Yachiyo and the other Magical Girls look on in disbelief.

Soon Hayate joins Nanoha in her fight with Momoko as the two girls quickly coordinate their attacks. As their attacks keep Momoko at bay, Kaede is able to muster up enough energy to unleash her vines around Hayate, tying her up and rooting her to her spot. Momoko focuses on Nanoha who uses her Accelerator magic to boost her speed. However, Momoko is able to react in time and blocks Nanoha's attack. Nanoha then uses her Starlight Breaker move to absorb everyone's magic and unleashes it on Momoko.

Chapter Seven - Emergency!

Momoko is able to withstand the brunt of Nanoha's fearsome attack as the two girls stand there panting. Just then, Nanoha receives an emergency call from Lindy who hadn't been able to contact them until just now. It seems a fugitive has illegally opened a rift between worlds and is on their way there right now. Suddenly a portal opens nearby and the Mirror clone of Shizuku appears. It seems the Mirror copy was able to use Shizuku's powers to connect realms and was able to create a tunnel between the Mirror labyrinth and Uminari City. The Administrative Bureau chased her down in Uminari City, forcing the copy to create a second tunnel back to Mirrors in order to escape. While Shizuku herself isn't that powerful, the Mirror copy is and with two portals already opened between their realms the damage she could cause to both dimensions would be staggering. All of the Magical Girls agree to call off the tournament in order to help track down the rogue Shizuku copy.

Chapter Eight - Crisis

As they track the magical signature of the Shizuku copy, the girls soon come to a fork in the road. Since Team Nanoha isn't as familiar with the labyrinth as they are, Iroha suggests they team up with Momoko's group and search one path while the Iroha's team and some of the other Magical Girls explore the second path.

Team Nanoha and Team Momoko soon catch up to the Shizuku copy. They demand she gives herself up to the TSAB, but the copy doesn't respond. Rena knows that copies can't be reasoned with and they ready for the fight but the copy soon begins to grow more powerful. It seems the copy was able to take the grand prize from a tournament: a special orb that exponentially increases magical power that was created by Mitama by gathering the Mirror Witch's magical energy. The two teams and Shizuku resolve to work together to take down the over-powered copy.

They unleash an endless barrage of attacks on the copy, which manages to hold onto its own at first. Fate and Nanoha soon combine their attacks and both of them fire at the copy at the same time. The copy has finally been defeated thanks to the hard work of everyone there working together. Mitama goes to collect the three broken pieces of the orb to repair them when suddenly copies of Hayate, Fate, and Nanoha soon appear. The copies grab the pieces of the orb and each one swallows a piece before Mitama can react. Mitama suggests blocking the tunnel before they can escape and wreck havoc, but Hayate knows that the power the copies wield could easily smash through any barrier. Momoko goes to get Team Iroha while Rena gathers every other Magical Girl in the area in order to help take down the powered-up copies of Team Nanoha.

The Last Chapter - Clash!

The Nanoha copy is too fast for anyone to keep up with, prompting Nanoha herself to go up against it. She uses her Accelerator magic to boost her speed and is able to knock it down long enough for Iroha to use her Strado Futuro attack on it. However, the copy is still standing strong. Tsuruno, Felicia, and Sana soon jump into the fray and take on the Nanoha copy as Team Momoko helps out. Reinforce Zwei advises everyone to get to a safe distance as Hayate prepares her most powerful attack: Diabolic Emission. Fate also unleashes a powerful move as Nanoha leaps in to finish it off. The girls suddenly get a message confirming the deletion of the powerful magical signature that had been causing the trouble.

Afterwards, Mitama announce that the winner of the Mirror Cup is both Team Nanoha and Team Momoko. Rena is disappointed they won't be able to finish their match while Kaede is just incredibly relieved to know their team won't be breaking up after all. Hayate is also relieved that everything worked out in the end, but is also sad they won't be able to finish the match since the tunnel connecting their worlds will soon collapse. The girls all say their heartfelt goodbyes as they return to their own world. Back at Mitama's place, Kaede is surprised to find that her text messages to Hayate are suddenly no longer going through. Back when they were hanging out in Mirrors, their phones worked just fine. Momoko also finds that her texts to Nanoha and Fate aren't going through either. Rena notes that she couldn't find an Uminari City or Seisho school anywhere on any map. Mitama finds it weird they needed to go back through a space tunnel when they could have ridden a train back to anywhere in Japan. Shizuku says the phrasing that their boss gave them was too specific, and most likely those girls came from a different world. Kaede is saddened to think they'll never meet again, but Rena is just happy they were able to meet and become friends. The three of them resolve to work hard so they can have a rematch with Nanoha and her friends one day in the future.