Magia Record Story Magical Halloween Theater ~A magical girl troupe for a day~

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Kaede Akino is attacked by a witch, but is rescued by "the magical girl born from Halloween", Karin Misono. Karin defeats the witch with a bag of gravel charged with magical energy. Afterward, Kaede tells Karin she doesn't feel very Halloween like. When Karin asks why, Kaede says that Halloween is coming up, but she doesn't feel like there's an event going on. Kaede says she didn't mean it in a bad way, but Karin says she can only hear it that way. Karin narrates that ever since she tried to save her grandmother by pretending to be a Phantom Thief manga heroine, she's been fighting as the magical girl born from Halloween. However, she admits she doesn't feel like anything special since she keeps saying that all the time.

Chapter 1

Karin tries not to worry about it, but keeps thinking about what Kaede says. One day she asks Alina Gray if she seems like a Halloween magical girl. Alina says that she thinks Karin is a manga artist that's bad at art, and she's an annoying magical girl that mentions Halloween every day. Alina then lapses into silence, no matter how much Karin tries to get her attention. Karin wonders what she should do to make herself seem more Halloween. Later, while Karin is in her room, her grandmother comes in. She wants to know if Karin can help perform a play at a children's group meeting for their Halloween event. Karin realizes that this is what she was looking for and quickly agrees.

Chapter 2

The next day, Karin writes a script for the play while Alina makes her art. Karin exclaims her script is done, though Alina says her art isn't. Alina quickly realizes that Karin is trying to do something special on Halloween. She claims it's a bit last minute, but Karin should be alright. Alina tries to go home, but Karin explains her story:

On the night of Halloween, a devil women and her cow and wolf demons appear in a village and steal life energy from victims. A knight came to rescue them, but found himself in peril. Then the magical girl born from Halloween, "Magical Karin" appears and saves everyone. Alina says it's a copy of the manga Karin likes so much. Karin claims it's an homage. Alina tells Karin to do her best, but warns her that gathering people might be hard work. Karin realizes she didn't think of that and decides to ask for Kaede's help.

Chapter 3

Karin meets Kaede, Rena Minami, and Momoko Togame. Karin says she made a decision after Kaede said she wasn't Halloween-like. Rena tells Kaede there's some things you shouldn't say even if they're true. Momoko scolds Rena. Karin then explains about the play, and invites the girls to help her. However, Kaede had plans to visit a super reptile exhibit with her family. Momoko and Rena say they're going to a live concert to see the idols "Ha--chuun" and "Yuripon". The girls apologize, but promise to help with stage setting.

Karin suddenly finds she's out of people to invite. That evening at her house, she tells her grandmother preparations are going smoothly. Her grandmother says it doesn't have to be that fancy since the audience will just be small kids who aren't even in elementary school. Karin thinks about inviting Alina, but figures it's impossible. Shen then thinks of inviting Yachiyo Nanami, but feels that after Yachiyo lectured her it would be really awkward.

Chapter 4

While thinking about what to do, Karin comes across Sasara Minagi. Sasara recognizes Karin as a magical girl by her ring and asks what's wrong. Karin says it's not about defeating anything, but Sasara says she can leave it to her, the "magical knight, Sasara Minagi". Karin suddenly realizes Sasara is who she was looking for and asks her to be the knight for her play. Sasara says that as a knight she needs to help people out, and accepts. When Karin tells her she still needs other roles, Sasara says she knows who could play the cow.

Chapter 5

Sasara calls Asuka Tatsuki and Felicia Mitsuki. It's revealed this story takes place after Felicia became Yachiyo's exclusive mercenary. Sasara introduces them to Karin and explains the situation. Felicia eagerly says she'll play the role of the cow, and Karin agrees she's a perfect match. Asuka asks why she was brought along since she has no reason to be a cow. Sasara points out her...physical feastures.

Asuka says Sasara should be ashamed for picking someone based on that. Sasara says she just thought Karin should have more people to choose from. Asuka refuses to be the cow, so Felicia gets the part. Karin says she's still looking for a wolf and a female demon. Felicia says she knows a demon at her place. The girls resolve to meet again tomorrow. Asuka wonders if she came just to be humiliated.

Chapter 6

Felicia's demon turns out to be Yachiyo, who Karin and Felicia meet at her house. Yachiyo says it's been awhile since she last met Karin. Karin says it's in the past, but Yachiyo says she's glad Karin is doing well. Yachiyo says she heard about the Halloween play, but asks Felicia who she's calling a demon. Felicia says Yachiyo is a demon because she makes her go to school, do homework, and set times for her to play games. Iroha Tamaki appears and insists Yachiyo is doing it for Felicia's sake. Felicia says Yachiyo should just let her play video games. Tsuruno Yui says Felicia is like a younger sister. Yachiyo asks Karin why she decided to do a play.

After explaining, Yachiyo says she understands because she was raised in her house by her grandmother for a long time. Iroha and Tsuruno offer to help as well. Yachiyo says that since Felicia will be her cow servant, she should prepare herself. Later, Karin tells her grandmother that she has a good feeling about the play, and her grandmother says it sounds like Karin is having fun. At the clubroom, Karin tells Alina she's found all the actors except a wolf. Alina asks about the costume designs Karin will use and offers to make them herself.

Chapter 7

The roles have been determined: Momoko, Rena and Kaede are the stage crew, Sasara is the knight, Yachiyo is the demon, Felicia is the cow servant, and Karin is the protagonist. Karin says the event will be called "Magical Halloween Theatre". Yachiyo asks what Karin has to do next. Karin still has to find someone to play the wolf. Sasara points out Karin will need costumes, sound, lighting and stagehands. Yachiyo says Karin needs a schedule and offers to plan out one for Karin.

Karin says she doesn't really get all this stuff, so she asks Yachiyo and Sasara to do it while she looks for someone to play the wolf. Rena, Momoko and Kaede make the stage settings, with Kaede turning out to be better at it than Rena. Felicia, Yachiyo, and Sasara practice their roles, with Iroha as a helpless victim. After some practice, Yachiyo says they should keep trying to memorize the script. Tsuruno and Iroha decide to go look for stagehands. Sasara says that Asuka can help. All this time, Karin looks for her wolf.

At the art club, Alina asks what Karin's doing. She asks who's directing the performance and Karin says she doesn't know. Alina then asks who's managing the schedule and Karin says Yachiyo is. Alina asks again what Karin's doing, and Karin says she's looking for a wolf. Alina then shows Karin the cow and wolf designs she made before ripping them apart. Alina says she won't do anything for a foolish girl who doesn't even know whose work the play is and who is doing what. Alina storms off, while Karin thinks she doesn't understand.

Chapter 8

While the other girls do their jobs, Karin wonders why Alina got mad. Karin thinks she hasn't done anything wrong and decides to go looking for the person to play her wolf. Karin figures someone more talented will be able to handle the rest. Suddenly she bumps into Kyoko Sakura, who was fighting a witch that got away. Kyoko notices Karin is a magical girl, and tells her to look for prey somewhere else. Karin says she was thinking and didn't notice. Kyoko says she'll leave to go hunt for another witch. Karin says that would put people in danger, but Kyoko says she's being patronizing.

When Karin asks what Kyoko means, Kyoko says not to push stuff onto other people. Since becoming a magical girl was Karin's "own fault" she shouldn't expect other people to bear the responsibilities of being a magical girl. Before Kyoko can explain that Karin should use magic for herself and not others, Karin asks Kyoko to repeat what she said earlier. Kyoko wonders what exactly she said. Karin realized that pushing responsibilities onto others is what made Alina mad.

Karin says she understands now, and thinks she has to take responsibility for her play. Kyoko assumed Karin referred to her own philosophy and says she's happy Karin understood when most people reject it. When Karin brings up her play, Kyoko has no idea what she's talking about. Karin then realizes that Kyoko is the wolf she's looking for, grabs Kyoko, and asks her to come with her.

Chapter 9

Karin believes she's an idiot for being irresponsible. Returning to the other girls, Karin apologizes. However, no-one seems to be listening. Iroha and Tsuruno are arguing over the lighting, while Yachiyo yells at them to cut it out. Meanwhile, Kaede and Rena have their own idea about the background, to the point where they both yell at Momoko to shut up. Karin notices that everyone is practicing, but right now the story is only in her head. Karin decides she'll take responsibility and turn her work into everyone's work.

Karin shouts an apology, getting everyone's attention. She apologizes for what she did...which causes Yachiyo to reveal that everyone was putting on an act to get Karin to realize that. Karin says she'll do her best to lead. Sasara points out she still doesn't need to do everything and everyone's there to help. Momoko says it feels like they've really started, while Rena and Kaede properly argue with each other.

Kyoko then speaks up, demanding to know why she was brought here. Recognizing Iroha's group, she asks if there's a Rumor involved, but Yachiyo says there isn't. Karin declares that Kyoko will play the wolf, but Kyoko says she didn't agree to help. Felicia points out the Halloween party will have food and candy. Unable to resist, Kyoko agrees to help.

Chapter 10

At her club, Karin thanks Alina and tells her that she won't be coming to the club for awhile. Alina gives Karin new designs for the costumes and leaves. Karin goes to Kanoko Yayoi to make the costumes, asking her not to use her "unique" sense of design. Kanoko agrees, but when Karin brings up the due date, she complains about the severe schedule. Karin then goes to Hinano Miyako to get smoke. Hinano says there are machines that do that, but Karin says they can use cooking stoves and charcoals. Hinano thinks you can't take your eyes off idiots or else they'll do something stupid, and offers Karin her knowledge. Asuka says that while she turned down a role, she will gladly work behind the scenes.

Kyoko, Sasara, Yachiyo, Iroha, Felicia and Karin practice their roles. Felicia says she can't read the script, but Karin says it's because Felicia can't read the notes she left in her own handwriting. Sasara thinks that everything else is perfect. Karin complains about Yachiyo's delivery, but Yachiyo says she will shine when the real thing happens. Kaede, Rena and Momoko say they finished the scenery, and Karin thanks them. Karin narrates the main even is tomorrow, and she bought lots of candy to give to the children. Karin returns home to her grandmother, and says the play will be one that no one will forget.

Chapter 11

Momoko and Rena bid the others goodbye as they leave for their concert. Kaede notices that Karin isn't here yet. Iroha says Karin went to her house to get the candy. Kaede gives Iroha a basket and asks her to give it to Karin after the play. Kaede then says she has to get going and leaves. Elsewhere, Karin runs as she reveals she forget to bring the candy with her on the day of the play. Suddenly she senses a witch.

At the event, Sasara announces the play will start soon. Tsuruno says there's many little kids, and Iroha says she's getting nervous. Kanoko arrives with the costumes, and Felicia says it's a perfect fit. Kanoko says her skills are nearly at a genetic level. Meanwhile, Karin notices the witch is heading towards the school, and realizes she has to stop it.

Chapter 12

Karin enters the barrier and fights the witch's familiars. Elsewhere, the audience is getting restless. Iroha tries to call Karin, but she doesn't answer. Kyoko wonders if Karin got spooked and ran off. Yachiyo says it's impossible, believing Karin is doing the play for more than just herself. In the barrier, Karin thinks that while she first decided to do the play to make herself feel special, she now says it also helped her grow as a person. She declares the play won't fail as she confronts the witch. Backstage, Hinano suggests that they start the play before the kids gets restless. Sasara points out Karin's roles are mostly near the end anyway. The girls begin Magical Halloween Theater.

Chapter 13

As the girls put on the play, Karin somehow notices the play has started and needs to hurry. Unfortunately, she can't beat the witch with her own attacks, and she doesn't want to enchant the candy she was supposed to give to the kids. As the play continues, Sasara suddenly senses the witch. Telepathically contacting the others, the girls backstage decide they can handle the witch. However, Karin still hasn't appeared even as her part comes up. In the barrier, Karin decides she can't hold back and uses the candies to destroy the witch. The barrier disappears...

...and Karin appears on stage, the moment she was supposed to appear in the play. Both Kyoko and Felicia are surprised. Realizing what happened, Yachiyo tells Karin to play her role. The play turns out to be a smashing success. Unfortunately, the candy Karin intended to give to the kids was destroyed when she used it to kill a witch. Kyoko and Felicia say they can still smell candy. The source turns out to be from Kaede's basket, which has cookies and an apology note. Karin decides to have one cookie and give the rest to the children. Tsuruno says they also can use Felicia's prop candies, with Felicia saying she wanted to take them home with her, but her protests are denied.

Karin narrates that the play started because of a comment Kaede made to her. Karin believes that Kaede didn't need to apologize, as she had a good time. She thanks everyone for going along with her. Back at her house, Karin's grandmother thanks her. She also thinks she's really glad Karin made friends. When Karin asks her what she's thinking about, Karin's grandmother says it's nothing and reveals that a new issue of "Phantom Thief Magical Kirin" came out. Karin says they should read it together.