Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Emiri Episode

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Part One

Emiri Kisaki, Rika Ayano, and Akira Shinobu had all agreed to meet up at the mall so they could go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Emiri is already at the mall and waiting for the others when she spots some of her classmates from school. The two girls are talking about the make-up lesson Emiri gave during lunch break and how almost all the girls in their class hung around for it. As much as they loved Emiri’s unique and funny way of teaching, the teacher came in and began to scold them all for being too loud and noisy. The two classmates gripe about their nagging teacher as Emiri overhears them ang begins to approach them, ready to give them a mini make-up lesson to make up for the one they couldn’t attend. Before they notice her, however, the two classmates then begin to talk about how she can get pretty loud and can be completely annoying sometimes. The other girl laughs and calls that an understatement. The two girls finally notice Emiri but before they can say anything Emiri says she’s sorry and runs away. Emiri is sad to learn that others think she’s annoying.

Part Two

Emiri replays the girls’ conversation over in her head as she tries to make out what she’d been doing wrong. She thought she had been doing pretty well for herself until she overheard this. Hinano, Akira, and Rika find Emiri and are glad they did so since they were getting worried with how late it was getting. When Emiri doesn’t respond right away, Akira notices the distraught look on her face and they all ask her if she’s ok. Emiri puts on a happy face and insists that nothing is wrong and she’s totally the same as always. Hinano gives her a long look before accepting her answer and suggesting they go to the restaurant the way they’d plan. Emiri nods before hesitating and then asking if she can ask them all something. Emiri looks down before asking them if they think she’s annoying. Hinano wonders what kind of question is that before telling her that yes, she can be annoying sometimes. Emiri cries out, “I knew it!” before crumpling to tears. Akira tries to console her as Hinano explains that that’s just part of her charm and that they always have fun together and that’s what counts. Rika agrees that she always has fun when she’s hanging out with Emiri and that just being around her makes her happy. Akira nods and adds that the consultation office has a good reputation because of her personality.

Emiri looks at them before crying some more. It seems the only part she heard was the part where Hinano admitted she could be annoying and didn’t pay any attention to anything else they said afterwards. Hinano says to let her handle it, but before she can say anything both her and Rika sense the presence of a Witch nearby. The group gets ready to go take care of the problem, but Rika has to get Emiri’s attention since she was too distraught to notice anything. Rika asks Emiri if she didn’t sense that magic as well but Emiri just nods weakly, still too focused on the thought of her being annoying to everyone. Akira warns the others that the magic from this Witch is really strong so Hinano asks Emiri if she’s capable of fighting. If not, then they’ll take care of the Witch themselves. Emiri says she’s fine and the four of them head outside to track down the Witch.

After finding the barrier and defeating the Witch, Hinano asks if the others are ok. Rika says she’s fine while Akira asks if Emiri is ok. They noticed that she had little concentration and even missed her last attack. Rika asks to see Emiri’s Soul Gem and the group looks to see it almost completely filled with impurities. Hinano says this is bad while Emiri asks if it is since she feels ok before suddenly collapsing to the ground. The girls call out Emiri’s name while Hinano takes another look at her Soul Gem and notes how dark it’s become. She warns the others about how dangerous this could be and moves Emiri’s body into a back alley for now.

Part Three

Emiri finds herself in a cloud-filled void. The last thing she remembers was fighting a Witch and then Hinano-senpai, but she can’t remember anything else. She then notices a shadowy version of herself standing nearby and asks who she is. The doppelganger says she’s her and Emiri asks why there’s another version of herself. The doppelganger talks about how impossible, improbable it could be but there she is, another “me”. Emiri calls the doppelganger a brat and asks her to listen to her. The doppelganger smirks and tells Emiri not to be so uptight, it doesn’t suit her. She then urges Emiri to feel free to let go and be herself, then suggests they party no matter what anyone else may say. Emiri remembers the conversation she overheard from her classmates. The doppelganger calls her a brat and says it’s rude when she ignores her like that. She asks Emiri if that’s not just who they are and reminds her of the days when she would be together with that perfect Big Sis’. That’s how she used to spend all her days, just having fun however she liked for the thrill of it. The doppelganger asks Emiri if she still doesn’t want to spend her days doing whatever she wanted. Emiri is worried if she does that that she’ll end up annoying someone. As it is her behavior already made someone feel uncomfortable. If that’s how it’s going to go, then what’s the point in her being her. The doppelganger says her vibes are the worst and promises to show her the true appearance of their heart as an image of her Doppel flashes across the screen. The doppelganger says that is her hear’s true form and that she’s always looking for excitement even if she’s annoying or hated. The doppelganger pushes Emiri to admit that it’s true and asks if she’s seriously going to try and deny it, which would be totally boring if she did.

Emiri tries to say something about her personality, but the doppelganger asks if she would rather give up and live a serious and quiet life for the rest of her days instead while never bothering anyone. Could Emiri really bear to live that kind of life? Emiri tries to argue that even her friends believe she’s annoying, so she can’t just let them think that and continue hating her. Emiri remembered how Hinano had admitted to her that she can be annoying sometimes. She apologizes to Hinano for making her uncomfortable before asking herself is everyone else thought she was super annoying as well. Emiri doesn’t know what to think anymore and begs for someone to give her a clue. Emiri suddenly remembers that Hinano and the others had said other things after that. She remembers all the kind things they said about her as well before coming to the realization that her being herself isn’t really a problem. She realizes it’s ok for her to stay the way she is because that’s just who she is. Even if she can come off as annoying sometimes, what her classmates had said was shocking but accurate. Even if that’s the case, she’s not sorry because there are some people who will accept her just the way she is. Even if she still has some bad parts that’s ok because there are people who will still stand by her, so all she can do is accept herself the way she is. Emiri has found the courage to admit that she is the way she is, the good the bad and the ugly all of it is a part of her. Although, she realizes there’s still a chance she can get too super-annoying if she’s not careful so she vows to work on that part of herself when she becomes an adult. As for the gloomy monster she saw, she feels like this me is way more adorable. The doppelganger smiles and calls herself a weird kid.

Emiri soon awakens in the back alley with everyone standing around her looking worried. Emiri says she’s ok when they ask her, and tells them she had a weird dream where she met someone who looked just like her who became a monster. Hinano says it might be the same weird Doppel crap she had to put up with, but either way she’s glad to see that Emiri is ok. Emiri claims she came back once she heard Hinano’s voice and thanks Hinano. Hinano smiles and says it was the same for her since she came back once she heard Emiri’s voice too. Hinano suggests they call it a day since she figures Emiri is worn out from her ordeal. Emiri admits she’s super tired and sleepy so Hinano assures her that the restaurant will have the all-you-can-eat special some other day. Realizing they missed out because of her, Emiri apologizes to Akira and Rika, but the two friends are just glad she’s alright.

On their way home, Emiri and Hinano bump into the same two classmates from earlier. The two girls approach Emiri but Emiri apologizes to them first for getting too excited when she was giving out her make-up lesson earlier that day and making them feel uncomfortable. The two girls say it’s all a misunderstanding and that the reason they were upset was because the teacher had yelled at Emiri. They didn’t mean to insult Emiri and promise her she has nothing to apologize for. Emiri still isn’t sure since she admits she can get lout and overexcited but the two girls assure her once more that she’s fine and ask her to give them another make-up lesson. Emiri happily agrees, but only if they have their lesson outside of school. The two girls nod and say their goodbyes. Hinano is happy to see everything was resolved, but mostly she was surprised the Emiri had enough self-awareness to realize she can get too loud and overexcited at times. Emiri calls Hinano terrible and claims she’s growing up a little more each day.

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