Magia Record Story Mitama's Special Training - Kyoko and Felicia Episode

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Kyoko Sakura fights a witch. She thinks she moved to Kamihama City looking for witches, but didn't think there would be so many, or that they'd be so hard. She thinks Mami Tomoe might have a way to help, but they aren't close anymore. Kyoko tries to kill the witch, but then Felicia Mitsuki appears and delivers the last blow. Felicia says she didn't see Kyoko there and argue over who gets the Grief Seed. Felicia suggests they share it and purifies their Soul Gems. Kyoko concedes, since the Grief Seed is used up. Afterwards, Kyoko feels hungry and a flyer falls into Felicia's face. It turns out Mitama Yakumo is looking for magical girls to taste test her cooking. Eager to get food, Felicia leads Kyoko to Mitama's, explaining her services on the way.

Mitama introduces herself to Kyoko and is happy that she and Felicia arrived. Mitama prepares to cook, but the girls quickly find that she can't hold a knife, which goes flying into the ceiling. Mitama explains she's just making meat and potatoes. Kyoko and Felicia offer to cut and peels the ingredients just to keep Mitama from turning utensils into weapons. After preparing the ingredients, Mitama prepares the seasoning. The girls are later seen shopping for groceries. It turns out that Mitama was using paint as a seasoning.

The girls refuse to let Mitama try making a meal again. Kyoko orders her to get her a meal, even frozen food or something ready-made. Mitama thinks putting ready-made food together counts as cooking. She goes with Felicia to shop, while a tired Kyoko waits for them. Kyoko thinks she could ditch them, but she's too hungry and willing to wait for a free meal. The meal turns out to be a mess made of ready-made things. Felicia says she put all her favorite things in there, even the one with the toy inside the chocolate. Fortunately, she made sure to take the toy out. Kyoko and Felicia dig into it.

As it turns out, Mitama's meal is horrible. Since Kyoko never wastes food she eats it all anyway and passes out. When she wakes up, Mitama claims her food was so delicious it made Kyoko and Felicia pass out. Kyoko then notices her body feels hot. Felicia explains she used her powers on Kyoko and Felicia's Soul Gems while they were passed out. Kyoko realizes the heat is her own magic, and Felicia tells her she'll get used to it. Mitama then offers the girls a limited-time only service at her shop, and pouts that she failed twice in a row. She explains that the other day she caused trouble when she made sweets for some girls. Kyoko asks if she's talking about Mami. Mitama asks if they're friends, and Kyoko says she's kind of like one. Felicia and Kyoko depart, with Kyoko saying that Mitama's food is the kind you only gave once in a lifetime. Mitama is happy she has new customers.