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Tsuruno Yui narrates a fairy tale about a kingdom with a ferris wheel that gets attacked by an invisible beast that eats time. The strongest girl in the kingdom - Tsuruno's unabashed self-insert, goes on a journey to beast. Tsuruno's story character goes to a clock tower to find two sisters named the "Guardians of Time". The sisters are portrayed by Felicia Mitsuki and Sana Futaba in black cloaks. The sisters put Tsuruno through a test and fight her. Tsuruno then summons her mascot and fuses with him to become "Super Tsuruno-chan Number 2"

Tsuruno defeats Felicia and Sana who reveal they can't help her defeat the beast because they only take care of the clock tower. The girls decide to accompany Tsuruno on her journey. As they search, Tsuruno soon finds they can't actually leave the kingdom. The girls decide to take a break, at which point the invisible beast eats up the present and the past. The End.

Back in reality, it's revealed that Tsuruno is making a children's picture show in Mitama Yakumo's place. Tsuruno admits to Mitama she isn't sure what the story is about yet. Mitama notices Tsuruno's drawings are fairly poor. Mitama offers to take Tsuruno's manuscript and make her own pictures. In fact, Mitama asked one of her other customers to make drawings, and asked Kako Natsume a girl who loves books to help write an ending. Tsuruno eagerly reads it.

In the story, the kingdom is reduced to a single ferris wheel. It is then that a Mysterious Coordinator (Mitama) appears and suggests they seek the great sage. She also gives them a jewel to use in the future. The girls come across the great sage, portrayed by Touka Satomi. Touka says the beast isn't invisible at all, and in order to beat it, Tsuruno must find out the truth about it. Tsuruno realizes the beast must be the ferris wheel itself.

Tsuruno and company fight the ferris wheel (portrayed by the witch Teresa). Tsuruno uses the jewel she received from Mitama's character to become "the invincible Tsuruno BLUE 3" and destroys the beast. The kingdom is restored, and Tsuruno and her party make a new ferris wheel. The End. Tsuruno thanks Mitama for the ending - though she says she doesn't like the part where the mysterious coordinator shows up out of the blue. Mitama says that was the scene she made herself.

Mitama asks if Tsuruno based the story off her own recent experiences. Tsuruno says she still remembers she was a place where she didn't have to try hard at anything, but wants to make this world an even better place. Tsuruno offers to pay Mitama for her help. Mitama suggests advertising her services at the end of the play.

Tsuruno returns to Yachiyo Nanami's house, and thinks about Meru Anna.