Magia Record Story Miyuri Yukari on Practice!

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The following is a summary posted on Magia Union Translation Discord by Mochi.

Part 1

Episode 1

Miyuri: "What do I do what do I do... I'm getting nervous again..."

Miyuri nervously asks someone for advice. It becomes immediately obvious this someone is none other than Fortress the Wizard. She goes on an internal grand chuuni speech, but Miyuri asks her if the call got cut off as she can't hear anything over the phone. Rui apologizes, saying she was just thinking a bit. Miyuri says she was able to talk over chat, but she gets nervous over the phone. Rui also brings up that the first time they met at an event, Miyuri nearly fainted. Rui says she gets nervous too, but Miyuri says she goes to Kamiket all the time, and would love to get help on how to prepare.

Enter Fortress once again, ready to explain the intricacies of Kamiket. It takes place is Minaminagi, but the next one is going to be much smaller, but still relatively huge. Miyuri will accompany her there, where she will provide advice as her senpai. Rui is loving every second of this, thinking how weird it is having someone younger than her relying on her.

Miyuri asks if Rui is thinking again, since she went quiet for a while. Rui apologizes, saying she gets too nervous to talk. Miyu totally understands, since she gets nervous all the time too. Miyu is kinda glad though, as being with someone more nervous than her makes it a little easier for her to talk.

So Rui asks about Miyu, learning this is her first time to an event like this. She's used to memorizing the circles she likes to check out, but thanks to Rui she now knows that she's going to need an entire checklist. Miyuri also mentions a particular person will be there this time, and Rui is excited as it means the End of the Bible series game collection will be there. (??) It's going to have new illustrations and a preview of the next part. Rui apologizes, saying she went overboard and just started talking about it. Miyuri is fine with it, saying it's more like their chat room now. Plus Miyuri totally gets the excitement.

Miyu then interrupts the excitement to announce that she won't be able to even visit all of the places she wants, and the map of Kamiket is a mess of letters and numbers. Rui laughs and says it's more like a treasure map of sanctuary. Miyuri asks if she said something, but Rui says no.

Rui brings up that Miyuri likes a lot of writers. Miyuri says she's after circles that are great at describing feet, so there's all kinds of genres and places she needs to check. And she keeps finding more and more authors she likes by the day, so she's running into trouble. Oh, and her favorite cosplayer will be there, so if she goes to check out the cosplay area, she's not going to have enough time. The god of legs Biinasu is going to be there...and Miyu goes into a long description of this cosplayer's legs, and how she wants to share this joy with everyone. Rui is like ...sure thing... while thinking how this must be how others view her when she geeks out about hobbies.

Miyu asks her what's wrong. Rui says she guesses everyone has things they like, but it might be better to not talk about feet once you go outside since not everyone's into that. She continues to say that she too hides things from the public, so not everyone will understand Miyuri. Miyu thinks that San-sama gives her a hard time for it too, and then thanks Rui for the advice. Rui tells her that she can chat with her anytime, and says we'll meet on the battlefield.

Episode 2

Back in the Neo Magius storeroom of doom, Miyuri apologizes to Himena for having such a long call. Himena tells her she has to apologize for knocking over her bag, but Miyuri says it's okay. However, Miyu notices something in Himena's hand: her circle checklist. Himena asks if it's a shopping list. She takes Rui's advice and tries to keep her power level hidden. Himena then reads off one of the titles: Gals, Glasses, and Machine Guns, asking if it's a shoujo manga. Miyuri starts blushing, explaining it's about a character who changes personality when she puts on glasses and uses a machine gun to defeat her enemies. She then realizes she forgot to hide what it is and just blew her cover. Himena tells her it sounds super interesting.

Shigu slides in, asking if she's going to the doujin con. Himena sounds it out, asking what that is. Now Sasha is here, asking what is that? Miyuri asks if Shigu knows what it is, but Shigure's only heard about them on the internet. Shigu points to the checklist, correctly guessing that it's in fact a circle checklist. Miyuri thinks that maybe she can openly talk about it to Shigu if it's not that niche of a hobby. She then starts explaining to everyone what a doujin convention is.

Games and books? Professionals go there? Shigu thought that thin books (AKA usually adult doujinshi) were only for adults, and is surprised that's not actually true. Sasha is happy to learn about a whole new culture she's never heard of before. Hagumu asks Miyuri what she buys there then. Miyu explains that she goes there to buy various works featuring feet. Himena teases her, saying you sure do love San's feet, huh, you got a foot fetish? Miyu happily says she does; San-sama's feet are incredible! But, all the feet drawn in various things...feet,feet,feet... it's so nice to see all the differences between them. (Miyuri calm yourself girl)

She exits foot mode, explaining that she's not going to be able to hit her entire list, or else she'll go broke. But she's determined, and has saved up her allowance for a long time, so it's all worth it. Himena says Miyu's really fired up for this, but this must be one huge event. Himena asks Miyu what she thinks about her feet, like does she like them? Miyu says of course she does, and asks if she can talk about them.

Episode 3

Miyuri goes into great detail about Himena's legs, calves, feet, etc. (which I will be saving the details for whoever translates this) She says they're great, but can't compare to San-sama's. Himena is a bit embarrassed about this, but is happy to hear it. Miyu then switches over to Hagumu, but Himena asks her to chill out, as she's had her fill of this already. Miyu hears not, for she must describe Hagumu's legs. She recommends Hagu eat chicken to get her legs into better shape or something idk. Hagumu apologizes for her poor display.

Sasha tries to get Miyuri's attention, asking her to calm down. Miyu plays Sasha leg review in attack mode. She's not listening to anyone. San walks in, asking what all the fuss is about in here. Miyuri hasn't even noticed San in the room as she recommends white tights for Sasha. San sighs, saying Miyu shouldn't go this wild, and calls to her. Miyu has lost all sense of hearing as she turns to Shigu legs. She goes into a tangent about the gap between school clothes Shigu and transformed Shigu who has her knees exposed, and how they're full of charm. Shigu doesn't understand what this person saying.

San tries to get through to her again to no avail. Miyu recommends a garter belt and high socks for poor Shigu, her power level rising she she insists Shigu wear some, and feels like she's flying just imagining it.

Everyone is dead silent. Shigure is frozen in fear. Suddenly Shigure comes out and says it: she's gross. Miyuri is shocked. W-what did you just say... Y-you were just surprised right...? You didn't just say gross did you...? Is Miyu gross...? Miyuri finally notices San is here, and tells her that she's grossed everyone out in the room.

Miyuri sobers up, asking if she went overboard. She remembers Rui's advice earlier, and now realizes her fetish is way too much to just talk about with people. Miyu starts to apologize, but Himena interrupts her to tell Shigure that Miyurin went a little too far, but calling her gross is out of line too. Miyuri says that Shigure is right. Shigure apologizes, saying she was just so surprised about it.

Miyuri then starts crying and runs out of the room. Shigu blames herself, but San says Miyu is as much at fault, and you can't do much when Miyu's scared. She wishes she could have stopped Miyuri. Shigure notices the checklist on the ground. Miyuri ran out without it...

Episode 4

Miyuri is now at a playground. Everyone's looks, even San-sama... She's sure the only reason this hasn't happened before is because San was always there to stop her. She's certain that everyone hates her now, so she's not going to be able to be in Neo Magius anymore. She stops crying and decides to ask Rui for advice.

Rui picks up to the sounds of "Rui-san Rui-san Rui-san! She asks what's wrong. Miyu says all her friends found out about her foot fetish and now her life is oveeer~! Miyu ended up telling them even after Rui advised her not to. Miyu has been defeated by legs and doesn't know what to do anymore. Rui hears the word defeat and asks Miyu if she intends on winning next time. She gives advice that Miyu must train, get stronger, and get revenge, at least that's how it works in anime... She then realizes that's the wrong advice for being defeated by legs, but Miyuri heard training, and is all for it.

Miyuri declares that she is going to go through training to overcome her fetish and be victorious. Rui thinks to herself that's not quite what she... ah you know what, she wants to overcome her fetish, sure that works. Miyu declares the first part of her training to look at lots and lots of legs. Rui's like "w-wait a minute, how is that training...!" but Miyu hung up. Rui knows this is bad from her experience as an otaku. The wind outside her room suddenly picks up, giving her a sign that something is about to happen...

Episode 5

Miyuri contemplates how she can look at lots of legs... Oh, there's supposed to be an idol fest over in Kamihama. SayuSayu is having a concert, giving her usual swords speech to her audience as she makes her entrance. Before she sings she has a story to tell about her favorite sword. Miyu looks on at SayuSayu's legs, certain this will end her fetish.

After the concert ends, Miyu is panting, thinking in great detail about them legs. She suddenly loses her vision, having a flashback of when she's with her mother at a gym. Her mother tells her to look at the girl skating over there, who looks like she's around the same age as her. She tells Miyuri that maybe she'll see her in a competition someday. She understands that this is a dream. Miyu in the dream tells her mother that the girl is really good. Her mother laughs, saying that as her mother Miyu is number 1, but damn look at that kid go. Dream Miyu is watching the girls legs, fascinated by the muscles and cool she is.

Miyu now monologues, explaining how she used to be bad at racing, so her parents bought her skates to help her learn how to go faster. That girl she saw back then fascinated her with her thin but strong legs. But back then, her feelings towards legs were much more pure than they are now.

She catches herself, avoiding fainting. This isn't about to stop her though! Next she's going to try avoiding looking at legs entirely. If she just stops looking, she should lose all interesting in them and overcome her problem!

Episode 6

Miyuri is now sitting at a park full of people, determined to avoid looking at legs entirely. She immediately starts at an older girl's feet, but catches herself and closes her eyes. She listens to the bids chirping, the wind blowing, kids laughing as they play, and feels the warm sun shine on her. She then hears someone yell in pain as they scrape their knee. Another person asks if they're okay, and Miyuri hopes the person is okay.

The friend then tells the hurt person to run water over their knee. Miyuri starts to crack. Legs and water, oh my... Don't imagine it, Miyu, don't imagine it...! If she start's she's going to lose herself again...!

Suddenly she has a vision of San. This is the first time she saw San-sama, before she contracted, and was in utter shock at San's legs. She was so moved that she fainted back then too. But before meeting San, there was a time she fainted seeing legs... But she wakes up again, time having moved forward for her. She can't remember whose legs she saw before San's that made her faint like this.

But onto the next plan! She looks on her phone for "training" and finds something that ought to do the trick. She arrives at a waterfall, nervously saying she's here for the waterfall experience tour...

Episode 7

Miyuri is now prepared to clear her mind of all thought to cool her fire. She's not really sure how this waterfall thing works, but she's seen it on TV all the time so she's sure she can handle it. The tour guide asks everyone to head this way for preparations.

She gets to the waterfall and screams how freezing it is. She screams that she can't do this and begs for help as she sinks below. The guide gets her to safety. She calls variety show people the gods of waterfalls. She then takes note that the guide woman's feet were really wonderful, and then calls herself a dummy who must be punished.

She wanders up through the mountains, saying this is classic shonen training right here. She's going to climb to the top and surviving this solo trip, she will grow up. However... Miyu quickly gets lost and starts crying about what if a bear shows up. She starts hearing various noises in the trees, and screams that there's a bear. Kokoro and Masara are here, thinking she was yelling for help, but she ran off so she must be used to hiking...? She notes that running from a bear is the worst thing to do, and wonders if that girl is okay. Masara tells her she ran off towards the trail, so she's probably fine.

Miyu reaches the top of the trail, a familiar site from previous hiking events. She says the only part of that that felt like training was running from the bear, otherwise it was just a normal hike. She notes that she almost fainted in front of the owner of a nice pair of legs on the way up, but remarks that she's really gross. Her phone goes off again, and she notes that she's been getting messages all day from everyone in Neo Magius, but she's too ashamed to even read them. With this beautiful scenery all around her, she can't help but her awfulness stands out. She tells herself to hurry down the mountain.

It's now evening, and she's thinking that standing under a waterfall and secluding herself in the mountains is a weird way to train, but she can't think of any other way. Suddenly Hagumu and Shigure find her, saying they've been looking for her.

Episode 8

Shigure takes off immediately, making Miyuri worry. Hagumu tells her that she had something urgent to take care of. Miyu begins thinking the worst, that Shigu doesn't even want to look at her anymore, and starts crying. Miyu says she's sorry and will just disappear. Shigure comes back, asking what happened. Hagumu says she's bad at tricking people, and must have caused a misunderstanding. Shigure thinks Miyu must have thought that she was avoiding her. Hagu apologizes, but Shigu says it's her fault since she didn't want Miyu to see what she was buying. Plus she failed to give the checklist back to Miyu.

As Miyuri is running away, she imagines San looking at her disapprovingly, Rui telling her to not walk about feet outside, and Shigure calling her gross. Miyu thinks to herself that she likes bad things, she's a creep, and all she does is bother everyone. She thinks her only option is to give up on what she likes. She has to stop liking legs, stop going to doujin markets, stop buying her books, and go apologize to everyone. If she does all of this, surely they'll accept her again.

Rui gets a call from Miyuri, knowing she went off to train. Miyu tells her she's not going to with her to the convention, that she doesn't have a fetish anymore, and she's tossing all her books. Plus, this may very well be the last time they speak to each other, so she thanks Rui for everything she taught her. Rui tries to stop her, but Miyu hangs up.

Rui is shocked. For an otaku to give up on what they love - that's no different than death...! If she's tossing out everything she likes and said this is the last time they'll speak, then she must be planning on dying. She can't use her eye to check on her, and she doesn't know much else about her aside from her name and her face. She then remembers seeing a picture in their chat before, and thinks she knows the place, but will Miyuri be there?

Episode 9

Back at the Neo Magius lair, Himena offers a snack to San, but San's done eating for today. Himena is tired of waiting, and ShiguHagu left to do shopping, plus Sasha had something to do. Shigure was pretty worried about Miyuri, and San says she's kind kid, so there's no helping it. Hagumu's been out looking too, and Sasha's been calling Himena wondering if Miyurin's been found yet, which Himena says makes her wonder if this is what an overprotective mother is like. She then asks if San is okay and if she's going to go look for Miyurin. She heard Miyurin was heading home, but hasn't heard anything since that. San says she has to protect Hime, since she's pretending to be dead right now. Himena tells her not even all of Neo Magius knows she's here, so why not just go out and look for her. San's fine waiting, she's sure Miyuri will make it back safe.

Himena then points out that San has been cleaning the same spot over and over for some time now. San also mixed up salt with sugar in the breakfast this morning. That's pretty crazy, right? San says that she thinks Miyu still needs more time to face her fetish though. She's sure Miyu doesn't even remember the reason she developed it. Himena speaks up that she's fine for people to decide what they like, and compares Miyurin's fetish to her and Hiko's relationship being hard to understand. So if Miyurin wants to stop her fetish, that's entirely her choice to do so. Besides, that's part of what makes Miyurin herself★

Episode 10

Mitsune had asked Miyuri to check out Kamiket for her, as there was an incident there last time where a mahou shoujo saved the day, so rumors started spreading about it. So while Miyuri is over there, Mitsune would like her to check for anything regarding the rumors. Miyuri asks how she even know she was going in the first place, and Mitsune says she found out cause Miyu liked a bunch of circles on her public account. She tells Miyu to be careful cause that's how you get found by people, but she won't tell anyone she knows.

Miyuri decides she'll have to apologize tomorrow as it's late now. She can't decide if she'll throw her books out before or after visiting the hospital tomorrow. The next day, she's there apologizing to Mitsune, who says it's fine, she can just look around on the internet. She then asks Miyuri what's wrong, since she was looking forward to going.

Fast forward through the explanation. Miyu says she's dropped her disgusting foot fetish, but Mitsune says you don't have to go that far (since everyone already knows at this point). She starts thinking how this can't be that big of a deal, and there must be some misunderstanding, but... Miyuri already took off before she could mention that. Sasha messages her, saying she still hasn't heard from Miyuri. Mitsune realizes this is worse than she thought.

Miyuri is outside, ready to say goodbye and toss her books as we fade to black...

Part Two

Challenge Miyuri: "San-sama's feet are all Miyu needs! Her feet are world-class!"

Ex Challenge Miyu: "Rui-san is Miyu's senpai for otaku life! She can be a little strange sometimes, but she's reliable!"

100 Evil Miyu: "If you let Miyu talk about feet the sun will set before it's over, though. Is that okay with you?"

Episode 11

Miyu: "Miyu has...Miyu's already... Given up on everything she loves..."

Rui looks back on the last thing Miyu told her: that she's giving up her fetish, not going to the con, and tossing all her books away. When Rui heard that, she knew something was terribly wrong. She needs to use her eye to check Miyuri's fate ASAP. She then reminds herself this is no time to be narrating the story.

She recognizes the flowers she saw in their chatroom before as ones in the Satomi Medical Center. She's thankful that the tools used to ID real life places in anime has come in handy, though she feels like a stalker at this point. It can't be helped, though, as a friends life is in danger. She knows that Miyuri visits that hospital to see a friend, so there's a chance she could head there today.

To her surprise, she finds Miyuri outside. She quickly uses her eye to check Miyuri's mortal fate, thankfully finding nothing indicating her dying. But she still clearly has something bothering her. Rui is bothered that she's going to be interfering with Miyuri-chan's real life, but as a comrade in arms (or in Miyu's case, legs) she can't let Miyuri suffer like this.

Rui heads up to her. They both exchange awkward mumbles, ah and um. Rui apologizes for being nervous, and Miyuri say's it's okay, she's nervous too, especially when meeting in-person instead of on the phone. Rui says they're both like this every time they go to an event together.

After taking some time to calm down, Miyu asks what Rui came here for, as she was just about to toss her collection. Rui can't believe it: Miyu is about to throw away her god's sacred texts!? She's wondering why, and what this has to do with not wanting to go to the con and what was she going on about no longer loving what she does...? Plus, there's other ways to throw away books like that, so Miyu should be careful. Miyu starts stuttering, so Rui apologizes for going overboard about this.

Fast forward as Rui gets caught up on Miyu's plight. She can't believe such a tragic turn of events, but she understands Miyu's heart all too well. Miyu asks her "oh, you too...??" and Rui tells her that this is a rite of passage for all otaku.

Episode 12

Rui says she too once tried to do the same. Miyu asks if she means her own books, but Rui says no, her own works. She quickly changes the topic though, as this isn't about her, but Miyu says she doesn't mind. Rui tells her that she'll regret throwing away all her books and games, so Rui says she wants her to stop. She also wants to respect Miyu's choices though, but asks Miyu to take some time to think it over before she throws out everything she loves, as maybe there's still a way for her to control herself in public.

Miyuri understands, but asks Rui for advice on how to control herself. Rui asks what kind of legs does Miyu like. Miyu has trouble just coming out and saying it, which Rui understands. She decides that they will go into a public place to see what kind of legs Miyu's into, and then try to find a solution to control herself.

So they go to a shopping district, and immediately Miyu starts fainting from the sight of so many legs making her nervous. Rui tells her to relax and take a deep breath. And thus begins Miyu's test.

A girl walks by, and Rui asks what Miyu thinks about them legs. Miyu is already in heaven, saying they're wonderful. Rui reminds her not to stare too much or people will notice her. Miyu snaps out of it, saying she doesn't want to go to jail.

Next up is an older man. Miyu just goes "Those are legs alright." with a straight face. Rui is like "what??" and Miyu says "Those are legs. That is all."

A younger guy walks by, and Miyu is repulsed. She tells Rui that hairy legs are a trigger for her. Rui realizes that even a leg fetishist has things she doesn't like.

An older woman walks by, and Miyu says that legs that have changed over the years feel precious to her, and when she thinks about how her own legs have changed...

So Rui then points over to "those girls," which ends up being Nemu and Sakurako and a massive shock to Miyu. Rui also starts to panic. Miyu knows Nemu-sama is her enemy right now, and doesn't want to fight in front of Rui who doesn't know anything about mahou shoujo. On top of that, fighting with San-sama would be dangerous for everyone around her... Wait a minute, didn't Rui just mention Nemu-sama by her name? Rui is now worried, because she knows Nemu since she's in KMU, and if she reveals she's a mahou shoujo, Miyuri will be in shock. She does remember Seira mentioning she made a movie with them before, so maybe that would work... but she opts to just say that they're friends of friends.

Rui then changes the topic, saying those two look like they're in trouble because of Nemu's wheelchair getting stuck. Rui says they need to go help, but Miyu's look of shock makes her wonder if they shouldn't. Miyu doesn't want Rui's pure conscience to be ruined, so she shouts that they will go help.

Episode 13

Rui goes up to Nemu and asks if there's anything she can do to help. Nemu recognizes her, so Rui telepathically asks her not to mention anything about Rui or mahou shoujo, since her normal friend is with her. Nemu is fine with it, wondering who her friend is hiding behind her. To her surprise, it's the former black feather and current Neo Magius member Yukari Miyuri! Sakurako tells Nemu to stay back (which she kinda has to if her wheelchair's stuck, Sakurako). Miyuri telepathically asks Nemu-sama to please wait a second here; she doesn't want to fight and her otaku friend here doesn't know about mahou shoujo. Nemu heard that Neo Magius lost its leader and is going south, plus her fighting here alone is dangerous, so Nemu agrees to no fighting. She warns Miyuri to not provoke Sakurako though.

Nemu realizes these two are just friends who have kept their status secret to each other, and tells Sakurako to back down. Rui wonders just what kind of a relationship Miyu-chan has with these two. Miyu starts thinking... uhh...former superior? Senpai? leader? ボス? employer...? She goes with former boss...kinda? Rui is questioning why "former boss" gets the "sama" treatment. Nemu tells her she must be thinking of a different kind of boss, but it's too late.

Rui starts having delusions of how Miyuri must have betrayed her former dark organization that the two belonged to, and thus Nemu and her cohorts are trying to assassinate her. That must be why Miyu-chan said "boss" - it's a way to camouflage! She then looks around and thinks maybe not... (She's thinking yakuza/mafia style boss rather than work boss)

Miyuri moves things along, asking Nemu-sama about her wheelchair being stuck. Sakurako explains that Nemu's wheel got stuck in a gap and broke trying to get it out. She tried carrying Nemu in her arms, but got told to stop. Nemu says she is hoping to find a peaceful resolution to this.

Fast forward, Miyu and Rui get her wheelchair unstuck. Nemu mentions that Miyuri has looked quite pale for some time now. Sakurako asks if her blood sugar levels have dropped. Miyu is surprised it's obvious, and then tells Nemu she has a problem...

Episode 14

Nemu and Sakurako learn of Miyu's struggle over her preferences and how Rui has been taking her on a magical leg tour to find out what exact leg types make her go crazy. Sakurako says that Hinano once told her if you do that, police will come talk to you about it. Nemu can't recommend such a method that will attract the police. So Rui asks Nemu what Miyu-chan should do about her leg fetish. Nemu tells her that's not a question to be asking elementary students, so Rui apologizes.

Nemu thinks to herself how Miyuri's leg obsession was a problem even back in the Magius. She knows it's always been a struggle for her, and Nemu herself did cause problems for her, so... solving her problem won't exactly make up for everything she's done, but she will help.

So Nemu tells Miyuri she might not have a solution, but she will listen. Plus Sakurako has had a curious look on her face this whole time. Sakurako is surprised she's been exposed, and Nemu tells her "Who do you think I am?" (mother knows best after all)

Miyuri explains the journey thus far to them. Nemu isn't surprised at all that everyone doesn't like her after going around talking about their legs and feet. Miyuri has no response to give, but she's been trying to train herself, though that didn't work, so then she was going to toss her collection to force herself to stop liking legs. And then the story ends with them meeting here now.

Nemu tells her that the kind of "training" she's been doing is kinda off... And then Sakurako asks what is a leg fetish. Nemu explains it comes from the word fetishism, with Miyuri's in particular being the attraction to legs, though the level of it is different from person to person. Rui agrees, knowing some people only have a small fetish, but in Miyu's case it's very severe. Sakurako says that she read in her database that people who exhibit obsessive levels of attraction are called perverts, making Miyuri sadder.

Nemu apologizes for Sakurako, saying that Miyuri is just a little different than most people is all, and supposes everyone has something like that within them. Sakurako smiles, reciting 十人十色, basically "different strokes for different folks​." Nemu smiles, telling Sakurako that is right. Nemu turns back to Miyuri, asking why she wants to put a stop to her obsession. Miyuri tells her because it's gross.

So Nemu asks how Miyu's love of legs all started, and why it came to be. Even in stories, people jump at the opportunity to get what they desire, so if they can find out the why, maybe a solution will present itself...

Episode 15

Miyuri doesn't even know how she came to be a leg fetishist, though during her training she caught a glimpse of something that may have been the origin. Sakurako suggests talking for a while, as Nemu prepares stories after spending time talking to people. Nemu and Rui agree to this idea.

Rui then remembers oh yeah, you were leg watching earlier, did you notice anything? Miyu says she likes women's legs way more and hates hairy legs. She then tells Nemu-sama that her legs are safe now. When they were in Magius, before Nemu-sama was in a wheelchair, she liked her legs. Nemu gets mad, saying "You find no charm to me now? ...That is quite rude of you." Miyuri tries to explain that wasn't what she meant.

Miyu then thinks to herself that Mitsune's legs don't do anything for her either now since she's been hospitalized. Rui is puzzling over the situation, and Sakurako asks what kind of legs do Miyuri like the most. Miyuri can hardly remember since it's been so long, but she tries her best to remember that time.

Flashback of little Miyuri back at the youth association gym. She's watching a girl's technique and how she shifts her weight on her feet. Suddenly her mother tells her it's time to leave, but Miyuri tells her to wait until the next competitor goes. Her mother smiles and says guess we'll have to. Miyuri is in love with the legs of this girl - the muscles, the curves, the movements in her performance, everything. She then notices the girl sweating. She narrates to herself that in that moment, it felt like electricity rushed through her head. Miyu's entire world changed that very day... As sweat dripped from this girl's legs, Miyu lost consciousness to the site of legs for the very first time...

Episode 16

Miyuri catches herself again before fainting. But nevermind time moving forward for her, she just remembered why she became a leg fetishist, and the kind she loves. She's about to tell everyone, but then pauses. This will sound rude to Nemu-sama...but she's listened to her this far... She's afraid of making everyone uncomfortable talking about this, but Nemu reassures her that they're in this together, so go ahead.

Miyu explains that she loves legs in motion. She was studying this girls legs for the skating technique she used, and when she saw the sweat, tone of her muscles, and the movement, her fetish was born. She realizes this is why Mitsune's legs aren't attractive to her now: they don't move anymore.

Sakurako then brings up that Miyuri doesn't feel anything for Nemu's legs now because they lost their function. Rui tells her that's a roundabout way of putting it. Nemu tells her to not worry about it, as facts are facts. After all, they've now learned why Miyuri gained this obsession. Miyu tells Nemu that it's so trivial though. Nemu tells her she thinks what caused her preferences to change is what was trivial, as it's probably the trigger that's important to her.

Episode 17

Nemu is younger and doesn't share the same life experiences as Miyuri, so she's not sure if she's correct, but this is what she can offer as advice. She explains that many elements of the human being come from feelings of love. For example, things kids are passionate about influence the rest of their lives, much how books have influenced herself. Plus, it's part of her identity, it's part of what makes her herself.

Rui asks Miyuri what she was passionate about when she was younger. Miyuri says inline skating. Rui then asks Nemu that must mean her love of skating is what made Miyu who she is today then. Nemu agrees, continuing that Miyuri's fixation on legs must have originated from her inline skating. She started out being passionate about skating, and thus studying it, but then became interested in competitive skating -> studying legs of competitors -> love of legs. Inline skating is what changed her preferences, and thus this passion for skating and legs is what makes up Yukari Miyuri.

Miyuri starts getting nervous, asking if that means she's going to be gross no matter what then? Rui activates best friend mode, telling her she's wrong - while it's true Miyuri-chan's love of legs is a distortion of her original passion, it all started because she wanted to improve at skating, right? So there's nothing wrong with it, since it's the result of her hard work as an athlete.

Miyuri stops her, saying but liking legs is weird. Sakurako asks what is wrong with that, surprising Miyuri. She asks is it wrong to be weird? Should every person not be different? Nemu continues, telling her there's nothing wrong with like different things, so long as no one is troubled by it. Denying what you love is not good for one's mental health, as isn't it a kind of desecration of the object of one's desire? Miyuri tries to say that isn't what she wanted to do.

Rui says she understands how Miyu-chan feels, as she too is embarrassed over something she likes but can't speak of it in public. But at the very least, she's been more comfortable with what she likes because now she has friends that don't mind her. So, Rui continues that she is sure Miyuri's friends will come to accept her for who she is too. She regretted throwing out her doujinshi she made, and it did nothing to stop her from being an otaku. Then she realized that her hobby and everything she loves about it is what makes her herself.

Miyuri is surprised how much Rui-san is talking today. Rui realizes, and starts stuttering a really bad apology, saying otaku love talking about themselves. She apologizes to everyone, especially Nemu, for interrupting.

Nemu tells her it's fine, as she's more qualified to talk about this than any of them. Plus Rui is right - everyone has struggles with their own identity, so creating things allows you to learn about that side of yourself. The embarrassment that comes with it when it's brought up in public is very real, but you can't just stop liking what you like when in public. She tells Miyuri that while yes you did make your friends uncomfortable and should apologize for it, you can't abandon your feelings of love or your identity, otherwise are you really you?

And what happened then, well in Kamihama they say, that Miyuri's leg loving heart grew three sizes that day. She admits to having a leg fetish, as being an athlete made her realize legs are important to her. At some point, her love changed form, but this love of hers is precious! Sakurako asks does this mean Yukari Miyuri is not a pervert? Miyuri says yes yes! Miyu loves skating, and legs are an extension of it that is important for her competitions. What she loves is nothing to be ashamed about, and she should be proud of it! Cause the Miyu who loves legs is the one and only Yukari Miyuri!

Episode 18

Rui sees Miyuri is back to her old self again, but has to go back to reminding her that while it's okay to have a leg fetish, she needs to keep it on the down low when in public. Though it isn't her place to be saying it as she herself is an otaku. Sakurako tells her that Hinano often reminds her to keep TPO (time, place, occasion) in mind. Miyuri knows, and vows to continue loving legs without bothering others. Sakurako notices Miyuri immediately looking better.

Miyuri then gets another message on her phone, knowing talking to everyone is going to be awkward after ignoring their messages this whole time. Rui assures her it will all be okay. Miyuri is off to see everyone, thanking Rui, and telling her they will meet again on the battlefield. Rui thanks Nemu and Sakurako as they part ways.

Sakurako notes that whoever was watching them seems to no longer be ready to strike. Nemu guesses it was a Neo Magius member keeping their eye on Miyuri, most likely the old feathers instructor.

Down an alleyway, San is on her phone saying Miyuri seems fine now, and can't believe Hime made her go check on Miyuri. She then smiles, realizing it must be because Hime was worried about her too. She will have to thank Nemu-sama later, but first she needs to rush back to Takarazaki before Miyuri gets there.

Episode 19

Miyuri returns to the NeoMagi meeting room. She's sorry for ignoring everyone's messages, and is wondering where Shigure is. She starts stuttering when Shigure shows up, but Shigure apologizes before she can get anything out. Miyuri starts putting the blame on herself for going mental with the leg talk, but Shigure is sorry for calling her gross.

Shigu then asks if she can borrow Miyuri's phone. Shigure transfers Miyuri's circle checklist (in spreadsheet form) onto her phone. She also wrote down all the notes the original had, including prices and places, and even linked a map to the convention that will automatically give her the best route. She then realizes she didn't even mention the first part - that Miyuri dropped the checklist in the first place - and apologizes for looking at it.

Miyuri stutters, a-are you a genius...? She can't believe Shigu was able to do all of this. Shigure says she couldn't even finish it all. San walks in, saying Shigu's been missing sleep over it. Shigure blushes hearing this from Instructor.

Himena asks what about the other thing you and Hagurin went to buy in Kamihama? Shigu gets a double dose of embarrassment, but presents what she went out to buy for Miyuri: a garter belt and high socks!! Shigu says she bought them because Miyuri wanted to see her wear them so much. Hagumu explains that Shigure was trying to hide the fact when they last met, and is sorry for the misunderstanding. San then asks if Miyuri was able to find the answer she was looking for regarding what she loves.

Episode 20

Miyuri explains how her fetish started back when she got into inline skating. It's all because Miyuri, as an athlete, cares so much about her own legs that they became so important to her, and this love is what makes her Miyu. But from now on, Miyu will restrain herself a bit, but she won't stop loving what she loves.

Sasha agrees with Mitsune. Miyu is like wait - you're on call with Mitsune while I'm saying all of this!? Mitsune talks to her, saying yes I am lol. Miyu apologizes for being a bother to Mitsune as well, but she's like don't worry lol, I'm just glad you're feeling better now. Miyuri says she will take care of the investigation at the convention for her again.

Himena tells Miyuri that she doesn't think she can restrain herself, but it's okay cause all of us love you just the way you are. And she welcomes Miyuri back into Neo Magius. She then asks what Miyurin's been up to all this time. Miyuri tells her she's been training. Sasha asks her what, like sitting under a waterfall...? Miyu tells her yes yes! Sasha was just kidding, and is surprised to hear that.

Miyu then continues that she also saw an idol concert in Kamihama who was wearing wonderful knee socks. Shigure says oh no, it's happening again... Miyuri says she would've preferred black tights, but... She calls out to San-sama.

CG of Miyu being denied the holy legs of San-sama. She says they'd look better on San-sama, and missed them greatly. San tells her to quit diving at her legs, and thought she was supposed to restrain herself.

Sasha is standing back, going my oh my... Shigure says she's definitely a bit gross after all... Miyuri is heard yelling "San-samaAaAa~! Please waiiit!" San cries out for someone to help her. Shigure starts laughing, getting a scolding from San. San reminds Miyu that Shigure bought those high socks and that garter belt, so perhaps the first thing that should happen is her getting changed. She tells Miyu that they're making her put them on, and Miyu says good idea, good idea! Shigure isn't ready for this.

Hagumu smiles and just tells Shigure-chan to fight. Himena is enjoying the funny show, and realizes Miyurin really hasn't changed all that much, has she? Sasha agrees with her. In the background Miyuri is yelling that she has an idea for Shigure. Himena just gives a "well, whatever, she seems happy★" Sasha happily agrees, saying it was a great opportunity for her to face herself and what she likes. Himena agrees, saying this is the real Miyuri, and the one she likes.

Sasha is happy everything worked out in the end. Miyuri runs up to Himena, saying next we'll have Hime-sama wear fishnet tights. Himena says "Ehh!? This cutie too!?" Miyuri is giggling like a madwoman. The end ´・ ω ・`

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