Magia Record Story Nagisa Momoe's Wish Comes True

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Part 1

Nagisa Momoe tells her teacher about something her mother did to her. Her teacher asks if she was misbehaving. Nagisa says she broke a dish. The teacher says Nagisa reflected on her actions and offers to tell this to Nagisa's mother. Nagisa says she doesn't have to do anything. On her way home from school, Kyubey appears and asks if Nagisa now wants to be a magical girl. Nagisa says she doesn't believe him. Kyubey offers to introduce her to another magical girl, but Nagisa says she can't follow strangers.

Kyubey says Nagisa can make a wish, but Nagisa asks why she would become a magical girl in the first place. Kyubey says it's a privilege that can only be granted to certain people. Nagisa says she would have to fight witches. Kyubey suggests it would be faster to see it first hand.

Part 2

Nagisa narrates that she likes reading sad stories because it makes her heart feel lighter. She claims in these stories everyone suffers, but it always ends. Nagisa thinks it makes her feel like she could be saved. Nagisa tells Kyubey he should grant his own wish and become a magical girl. Kyubey says he lacks the unique emotions to do so. Nagisa asks what a wish even means. Kyubey says humans are better at defining it, but in his opinion a wish is a desire.

Nagisa narrates that when someone asked her what her hopes and wishes were, she couldn't understand the question. She reveals that in the stories she reads, people who have their wishes granted always become unhappy. Nagisa points out to Kyubey that making a wish is like saying she's unhappy with the ways things are. Kyubey points out that Nagisa is suffering from malnutrition, her home is a mess, and she has bad personal relationships. Kyubey says Nagisa can't say she has no complaints.

Nagisa says Kyubey has a point, but in stories where someone wishes for gold it always ends badly. She then asks Kyubey what wish does she need the most. Kyubey says it's hard to answer because he has different values than most humans. Nagisa says he must have contracted humans like her. Kyubey admits he has profiled her, but thinks that Nagisa wouldn't go along with his idea. Nagisa asks for it anyway. Kyubey says that Nagisa's best wish would be "I want to be given concern and kindness from a certain person", or alternatively, "I want to be loved." Nagisa says she's loved enough. Kyubey says he thought she would say that.

Part 3

A magical girl named Inui Itsumi calls for Kyubey. When he arrives, Inui asks about something he mentioned, a magical girl called the "Sleepwalking Spectre". Inui asks if that girl is in Mitakihara City. Kyubey says she is. Inui asks who she's targeting. Kyubey says he doesn't know, but says Inui should be safe. Inui agrees, but asks if the girl only targets bad people. Kyubey says Inui isn't worried about herself but the boy she likes. Inui says that "Shou" gets jealous and there are misunderstandings, which makes her worried.

Kyubey says that Shou is all Inui cares about lately, to the point where he hopes he gets hurt. Inui says she's been fighting witches, but Kyubey says she hasn't killed one in ten days. Inui says she'll go hunting when she's done with work. Kyubey says they'll meet tomorrow.

Part 4

Nagisa's teacher says she's hurt and asks if something is wrong. Nagisa says she just falls down a lot. When school ends, Nagisa's classmates invite her to buy candy, but Nagisa says she has to see her mother at the hospital. Nagisa admits she doesn't know why her mother is sick. Her classmates think Nagisa is gloomy. Later, Kyubey appears and asks Nagisa if she's heading to the hospital. Nagisa admits she lied to her classmates and says she'll visit the day after tomorrow. Kyubey invites Nagisa to accompany an older magical girl on a witch hunt.

Nagisa reluctantly accepts Kyubey's offer, but asks why ordinary humans can't help magical girls. Kyubey says ordinary humans can't stand up to witches. Nagisa points out that magical girls have to help others even though no-one can help them. Kyubey says it's true, and there are plenty of magical girls who act selfishly. Nagisa says that if she doesn't help people, it's like killing them. Kyubey says she's overthinking it, and says that as a magical girl simply taking action against wishes will save someone. Nagisa says even if she wanted to help people she'd mess up, and there's a difference between being unable to help and messing up when you could have.

Part 5

Nagisa and Kyubey wait for the magical girl to arrive. Kyubey says she's late and admits he didn't tell her he would bring Nagisa with him. Nagisa says that's why she didn't show up, and says Kyubey lacks common sense. Kyubey says humans have a confusing culture, and says he'll talk to the magical girl again. Nagisa says it was a waste of time and goes home. Later, Kyubey tells Inui it was rude not to show up, but Inui says Kyubey didn't tell her he was bringing someone else. Kyubey says Nagisa is a magical girl candidate and invites Inui to be her mentor. Inui says Nagisa is so young she would die right away.

Kyubey says there have been magical girls that young before and points out Inui is not dealing with the witches in her territory. Inuit says she has her own life to live and asks if Kyubey is saying it's her fault. Kyubey says she is the reason he is rushing to contract Nagisa. Inui changes the subject and asks about the other magical girl.

Kyubey says there's a high probability Shou is on her list, but tells Inui he's not worth putting herself in danger for. Inui says everyone keeps making baseless rumors about him, and asks why Kyubey won't tell her if Shou is being targeted. Kyubey says that Inui can be a greater help to humanity. Inui says she'll just ask the Spectre herself, and is against him forming a contract with Nagisa. Kyubey says he doesn't understand.

Part 6

The next day, Kyubey finds Nagisa shopping for a present for her mother. Kyubey notes that Nagisa is buying lots of cheese and says she should get something more nutritionally balanced. Nagisa says it's for her mom, and that she doesn't like cheese that much herself. Nagisa says her mom hasn't been able to eat lately but has been improving recently. She says if her mom doesn't eat all the cheese she'll eat the rest.

Nagisa reveals her mom used to be on television, but then got sick after marrying her father. Nagisa's father ended up abandoning his family. Nagisa wonders if her mother wouldn't have gotten sick if she hadn't married her dad. Kyubey asks if she holds a grudge against her father. Nagisa says she doesn't hold grudges against people and says her mom is still there. Kyubey says Nagisa has an unlucky life and the best chance for her is becoming a magical girl.

Nagisa says she won't be able to do it well, but Kyubey says she won't know unless she tries. Nagisa asks if saying "no" means she's doing something bad. Kyubey says it isn't, but he finds that in his experience, those who reject contracts tend to regret their choice. However, by the time they learn to regret their choice, they're magical girl potential decreases dramatically. Kyubey says if Nagisa rejects his offer he probably won't come back. Nagisa admits she can't believe she could have this potential, and then points out that Kyubey isn't leading her home.

Nagisa suddenly finds herself in a witch's barrier. Kyubey tells her to make a contact, but then a bizarre magical girl appears. Kyubey introduces her as the "Sleepwalking Spectre".

Part 7

The magical girl defeats the witch. Nagisa thanks her for the help. The magical girl introduces herself as Yuu, and says she forgot her last name. Kyubey explains that Nagisa is a magical girl candidate. Nagisa says she'd love it if Yuu could teach her. Yuu says she's not that much of a veteran and says she should ask someone else. Nagisa says she wants to know why she should become a magical girl if she hasn't done anything and can't do anything. She then asks Yuu what wish she made.

Yuu admits she forgot everything from before she became a magical girl, and says that without her list she can't tell the difference between good and bad people. She then says Nagisa's name isn't on her list of bad people, so she must be a good person. Yuu explains she's been going around killing bad people, and shows her list has someone with Nagisa's last name. She says she went to that person's house, but all the lights were off and it was covered in trash. Nagisa asks if she has a grudge against that person. Yuu says she doesn't, but says other people do, and figures they had to be abusive.

Yuu admits she doesn't know the details, but they have to be bad people if they're on her list. Nagisa says the Momoe on Yuu's list must have moved away, and asks why she's killing people. Yuu says she feels she made a very important promise, and thinks that by carrying out her magical girl duties she'll remember it. So she says she's killing witches and bad people. Nagisa says people are different from witches. Yuu points out she never kills anyone that doesn't deserve it, and she sells what's useful from the bodies before throwing them into a witch barrier.

Kyubey tells Nagisa not to listen any more, and calls Yuu an abnormality. Yuu tells Nagisa that she should stop enduring so much, and that she should focus on being free. Kyubey says that if everyone was like Yuu, civilization would crumble. Yuu says "Shut up, alien!" and says she has to leave. She promises to help out Nagisa if she's in trouble and hopes she finds a proper magical girl mentor. Nagisa asks Yuu if she's a bad person. Yuu says she doesn't think so.

Part 8

Kyubey is thankful that Nagisa won't learn from Yuu. Nagisa says Yuu wasn't what she expected, and admits if Yuu didn't help she would have mistaken her for a witch. Kyubey says Yuu is not an ordinary magical girl and explains that she has forgotten even the boundary between reality and dreams. Nagisa asks if magical girls can be murderers. Kyubey says he doesn't endorse it, but he won't interfere with other's circumstances. He says that Yuu can't grasp the difference between witches and humans.

Nagisa asks if bad people can become magical girls. Kyubey says his people don't make a distinction between human values of good or bad. Nagisa realizes that if she becomes a magical girl, she'll be free to think of anything she wants. She's free to make a bad wish, and think her mother doesn't love her any more. Nagisa thinks if she healed her mother's illness, Nagisa's mother would be grateful to her and love her again.

Part 9

Inui finally encounters Yuu and attacks her. Yuu says that Shou is a bad person, and points out it's not even his real name. Inui calls her a liar, and says her list must have been made by someone with a grudge. Yuu says she'll apologize if she's wrong. Inui says Yuu really must be crazy and says there must be people worse than Shou. Yuu says her list updates automatically, and says Inui shouldn't have trouble if she kills Shou. Yuu wonders if Inui lent Shou too much money. Enraged, Inui attacks Yuu.

Elsewhere, Nagisa tells Kyubey she wants to go to the hospital and wish to cure her mother's illness.

Part 10

Nagisa tells Kyubey she wants to see her mother alone. Nagisa then presents her mom the cheese she brought, but her mother says it's too much. Nagisa's mom then asks about her dad, and Nagisa lies that he's busy with work. Nagisa's mother says he doesn't want to come, and neither does Nagisa. She tells Nagisa to abandon her and leave with her father. Nagisa says she wouldn't do that, but her mother says she lies.

Nagisa's mother says that everyone believed she brought this on herself, and says Nagisa must have resented her too. She says she can't be a mother and tells Nagisa to leave her alone. Nagisa says she was happy to be her daughter, but Nagisa's mother asks if she's supposed to act like she's glad. Nagisa tries to tell her mother what happened with Kyubey, leaving out sensitive topics. Nagisa's mother says that if Nagisa can do anything, then she should kill everyone else. Nagisa's mother says curing her won't change a thing, because it's all because Nagisa was born.

Going back to Kyubey, Nagisa makes her wish "I want the tastiest cheesecake in the whole world!" Kyubey says the cheesecake would be made for Nagisa's tastes. Nagisa says she wants it to be for her mom's tastes.

Part 11

Kyubey comes across Inui near the hospital, who has been horribly injured by Yuu. Kyubey notes that Inui's Soul Gem has reached it's limit. Inui asks Kyubey to kill her. Kyubey says he has no intention of doing so, and says that by turning into a witch, Inui has finally become useful. Inui then becomes the witch Uhrmann. Elsehwere, Nagisa is surprised to see a witch barrier has engulfed her mother's hospital room. Kyubey appears and tells her to escape, saying the witch is too powerful. Kyubey thinks Yuu can handle it, but Nagisa realizes Yuu might kill her mother. Kyubey points out her mother has given up on medical treatment, so it shouldn't matter how she dies.

Part 12

Nagisa says she can decide for herself now, and if she can make her mom feel grateful or regretful she'll do anything. She says she'll help so her mom won't die. Nagisa confronts Uhrmann, but is knocked unconscious. Yuu then appears. Later, Nagisa wakes up and Kyubey reveals Yuu killed the witch. Nagisa is horrified and rushes to her mother's side. Kyubey bids Nagisa farewell, saying she will become a witch soon. Kyubey says he'll have to tell Mami Tomoe to take care of the witches in the area.

Part 13

Nagisa is horrified to see that Yuu has attacked her mother. Nagisa tells Yuu to leave. Yuu says she wants to sell her mother's body parts, but then thinks that Nagisa wants them for herself. Yuu leaves, saying she's on Nagisa's side. Nagisa's mother says a monster with a torn mouth and a horn bit her. She begs Nagisa not to leave her alone, and begs for an answer. Nagisa says nothing.

The narration reveals that Nagisa became a witch all alone. The last thing Nagisa saw was a landscape full of sweets, where she can live without having to forgive or hate anyone. However, there was no cheese for her mother..."Cheese, cheese, where is the cheese? What do I want? I want cheese. I want more feelings than I can hold."