Magia Record Story Only Dreamers ~ The Fable Watches the Dream of the Girl

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The following is a summary posted on Magia Union Translation Discord by Mochi.

Part 1

Quest Dialogue

Story Kushu: "...Huahh... ...I-I wasn't sleeping!?"

Challenge Yukika: "...As long as I'm here there shouldn't be too much trouble, right?"

ExChallenge Ikumi: "Huehhh!? Kumi didn't hear anything about having to fight such a strong opponent~!!"


Kushu is still sleepy in the middle of the city at evening. A girl tells her mommy and daddy about something over this way. Kushu thinks to herself that she wishes she could say goodbye one last time. A man walks up to Kushu and says she dropped a mirror. She says it's not hers. He says to take it as congratulations for winning. Kushu realizes she keeps falling asleep and is having daydreams, and still needs to get to school.

Chapter I - The Dreaming Mirror

Episode 1

At St. Lilianna, Yukika is waiting outside in the evening near a couple other girls, thinking she got the wrong time for a meeting. The girls are chatting about a rumor about vampires. She spots Kushu entering the school while everyone else is leaving. Suddenly Kushu falls to the ground, but gets back up. Yukika asks if she's okay. Kushu says she's fine, but she has to hurry to her supplementary class. Yukika tells her to be careful, and Kushu says thanks.

Her and the other girls don't think they've ever seen that girl before. The girls start talking about a rumor they heard about called a dreaming mirror. Another girl shows up to see Yukika, a student council member who is running late. The girl understands that Yukika is there about setting up the next exchange meeting, and asks her to follow her. A black feather with pink hair is watching from the distance.

Episode 2

The meeting ends, and the girl offers to walk Yukika to the bus stop. Before Yukika can finish saying she's fine just going to the gate, the girl vanishes before her eyes. She has a bad feeling, and it seems everyone in the school just disappeared all at once. She has an idea of what's going on, though.

Elsewhere, Kushu is dozing off in her class, when a similar flash and noise happen around her, waking her up. Kushu apologizes, but quickly realizes no one has shown up, including her teacher, so she fell asleep. She then notices a mirror - the very same one that a guy handed to her earlier. Kushu realizes that wasn't a dream after all. She looks at the mirror, but she isn't reflected in it. She wonders if the Dreaming Mirror rumor is true.

Uwasa-san is back with a brand new rumor. You hear the one about the Dreaming Mirror? If only you could go back in time...if only you could redo that day... Every week, a winner is drawn to dream up a what if dream. There's no price to enter this drawing, so if you pass the test of heart, your what if can come true! Be careful, though, the word is that if you fail the test, you'll never wake up again. Kagami yo Kagami!


Kushu and Yukika meet up in the halls. Flashback to Yukika checking on her after Kushu fell. They exchange names, etc. Yukika is first year at Mizuna high school, and Kushu is 3rd year at St Lilianna's middle school. Kushu suspects they're currently inside of a dream. Yukika only knows there's trouble going on. They agree to investigate the school.

Yukika asks what Kushu was doing alone in a classroom. Kushu explains she was waiting for her supplement class to start since she doesn't come during the day. Every day she comes in during the evening for her classes. Yukika asks why doesn't she just come during the day, but Kushu has a sad look on her face upon that being mentioned. Yukika wonders if Kushu has an illness or something troubling her.

Kushu reveals that she can't wake up during the day. In fact she has to force herself to even stay awake just during the evening, and suddenly falls asleep while standing in the hall. Yukika asks her if she's asleep, and Kushu snaps awake, repeating what seems to be a common thing of her saying she's not asleep. Kushu then continues her explanation as if nothing happened, saying she doesn't attend at all, so she has to come in for these classes and has to maintain at least an 80% on everything. Yukika is surprised, since Lilianna is said to be a high class school. Kushu agrees, saying she has to keep high grades to pass, but because she literally cannot wake up during the day, they didn't just drop her out on the spot and let her have a chance to try to pass this grade.

Yukika asks if Lilianna's halls are always this long, since it feels like they've been walking for 10 minutes. Kushu wonders if this is because of the Dreaming Mirror. Yukika wonders what that is..

Episode 3

The two of them hear singing coming from a classroom. The black feather from earlier (extremely obviously Ikumi) is doing an idol song, featuring some kyunkyuns. She hears knocking as Yukika and Kushu let themselves in. Ikumi coughs and switches off from her maid mode. Kushu asks for a name, but Ikumi insists on only being known as a black feather. Kushu and Yukika aren't aware of what black feather or Wings of Magius are. Kushu and Yukika only then learn that they are both mahou shoujo.

After some confusion, Ikumi asks which of them dragged her into this weird space, suspecting one of them must know what's going on. Ikumi suggests some things - maybe they cast a spell before going to bed, opening a door that was never opened, or receiving something from an older man. Kushu reveals she did receive something - the Dreaming Mirror. They all look at it, realizing only Kushu doesn't show up in it.

Ikumi has heard about this rumor, and that it lets one redo the past. Ikumi goes over the same description from earlier about the mirror, taking a test to redo something in your past, etc. Kushu recognizes all of it, saying she read the same thing on her notebook while she was waiting for her class, but it was all in her own handwriting, and she didn't remember writing it. Ikumi has no idea why her and Yukika are involved in this, though...


Uwasa-san is back for a recap of the rumor again. Yukika thinks Kushu must be the star of this dream world since Kushu is the only one not in the mirror. She asks Kushu if there's something from her past she wants to redo. Kushu says yes, there is someone she wants to meet again, someone she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to. An onee-san named Aneka who lived next door to her. Yukika and Ikumi agree to help Kushu through this in order to escape. Ikumi suspects the three of them are together as part of the test. She asks Kushu if there is any reason at all why three unrelated people would suddenly meet together like this.

Kushu finds the situation similar to a book she was reading called The Sea of Otranto, by a foreign author that she likes reading. It's the fourth volume of kids books called The Goodbye Fables. The main character from this book is searching their dreams for their long lost soulmate that disappeared, and thus enters a world of dreams of the past. In the dream, they meet two friends, and the go on a long journey together, starting with a long corridor.

Everything is matching up, but Kushu says Yukika looks nothing like the swordsman from the book. Yukika transforms, showing that her weapon is a sword, but she doesn't have the air of a swordsman, and calls herself more of a "Villager A". Ikumi says the book sounds less of a children's book and more of a chuunibyou book. Kushu doesn't know what that means, so Ikumi tells her to forget and continue. Kushu says that afterwards they should be guided by a mysterious voice and befriend a joyful ghost. Flashback to Ikumi singing her signature song. Ikumi is shocked that someone heard her singing. Kushu says this black feather is dressed like a ghost. Yukika says since this is Kushu's dream, whatever she thinks up must be true.

Ikumi asks Kushu what the main character of this book is like. Kushu transforms, saying she's the last inquisitor and exorcist. Ikumi thinks she's about to be the one exorcised. Kushu says she's a good ghost. Yukika and Kushu go over the details of this dream test they have to do. The next place they have to go is an ancient library from the book. The problem is that Kushu has never read the book, she only heard about it through Aneka since the book is rare. Back then, both her and Aneka were both outside of Japan, and Aneka only read it once in a library. Kushu has since then always wondered about the story, so she daydreams about it all the time. Ikumi asks how the book ends, but Kushu doesn't know...

Chapter II - Fleeting Memories of a Dream Riding Horseback

Episode 4

The trio head past a fountain into the only "ancient library" that Kushu can think of. Yukika asks what they're supposed to do here. Kushu says to collect memories since the main character went around collecting the memories of their soulmate, a princess beneath a castle. When the character collected all the memories and returned to her, she woke up and escaped from the dream world they resided in. Yukika is impressed how much of the story Kushu has memorized despite never reading the book, but Kushu thinks she's slipping some of her imagination into the story.

Kushu apologizes for not actually knowing the full story, but then drifts off to sleep. She wakes up again, repeating her line of "I'm not asleep!?" Kushu then reveals she's been reading fairy tales and children's books since she was little, which is why her and Aneka became fast friends. Flashback to them talking about a book that Aneka loves. Kushu says it feels strange, that for some reason she feels like she's met Aneka before. Kushu continues that she had just moved to a new country because of her parents' work, but became friends with Aneka through their love of books.

Yukika asks about Kushu. She says she was born in Japan, but she doesn't know other languages very well, but she has moved constantly so she's often spent her life overseas. Ikumi says Kushu's name doesn't sound Japanese, and asks if she's half or something. Kushu says she's 1/8th Japanese.

Kushu begins searching the children's section of the library, and finds only 2 of the Goodbye Fables series there. They ask if anything is odd about the book. Kushu opens it and a light flashes before them. They experiences a memory of Kushu and Aneka with Kyubey. Aneka saved Kushu from a witch attack, and Kushu already recognized it was a witch, showing that Kushu was already suitable to become a mahou shoujo. Kushu says Aneka used magic just like the princess did in the book, and Aneka says that Kushu is capable of doing it too, just like the hero.

The light is absorbed into Kushu's scrunchie, signifying that she got one memory she needed. They agree that this must mean they need to absorb more memories into it to leave. Kushu is embarrassed that people can look into her memories. Ikumi smiles to herself, thinking that Kushu may be a quiet and calm girl, but she is very sincere and interesting.

Episode 5

The next step on their journey is to find a lantern or something like one, something that is used in older times, maybe a projector. Kushu apologizes again for not knowing the whole story. Ikumi has her official reveal of who she is to the audience. She only went to St Lilianna to deliver something for Touka at Mifuyu's request.

Flashback to Ikumi maiding it up in her cafe, when she gets a call from Mifuyu. Mifuyu's request sounds like she's in trouble, so Ikumi asks her manager to take a break since the cafe is empty. Ikumi now regrets leaving the cafe in her maid uniform since she's stuck in it under her black feather robes.

Another flashback to Ikumi delivering to Touka. Touka thanks her, then says she's going to teleport her outside with an experimental teleporter. In a flash of light, Ikumi is teleported to the fountain at St Lilianna's school. Ikumi knows she looks suspicious, but between her robes and the maid uniform, she can't do much. Shortly after, she got trapped inside this dream world, and all the other people at the school disappeared. She then decided to practice her singing since no one was around to hear her, but... Kushu and Yukika then showed up, embarrassing the heck out of her.

Yukika interrupts Ikumi's thinking, asking if there's any other rumors, and if maybe these black feathers of this Magius thing have anything to do with what's going on. Ikumi gulps, saying that well, yes there are more rumors, but she's a low ranking member, so she has no idea about this specific rumor. Ikumi apologizes. Kushu asks about the robe and if that's what she really looks like when she transforms. Yukika was wondering the same thing, saying she's seen someone like that before.

Ikumi snaps and throws her robes off, revealing everyone's idol Ikumin - Makino Ikumi~♪ Yukika is shocked at the sudden character change. Ikumi says this is the real her, but they can't tell anyone about this. She transforms again, but it's still a maid uniform, confusing Kushu. Ikumi explains that this one's a normal uniform since she works at a maid cafe. She explains that the black robes are to protect each girl's privacy, so refrain from asking questions about them in the future. Yukika and Kushu apologize. Ikumi tells them to just call her Ikumi instead of Makino-san. Ikumi then asks if it's okay for her to still play the ghost role in her maid outfit. Yukika smiles, saying the ghost was supposed to be cheerful anyways so it's probably fine.

Chapter III - Kushu and Aneka

Episode 6

The trio enter the school's audio-visual room in search of something lantern-like. There's a projector in the room, so Kushu turns it on. They enter another memory. Aneka is congratulating Kushu on finding a witch's barrier and telling her about it, saving lots of people. Kushu seems to be staring blankly. Aneka looks at the time and rushes out, saying she'll see Kushu tomorrow.

CG of Kushu sitting on a chair, saying this was like a dream to her. She was fascinated watching Aneka fight just like the princess in the story, and wishes she could fight alongside her. However, in a few hours morning will come, and this dream will end.

Aneka asks Kushu if she wants to become a mahou shoujo too. Kyubey asks if Kushu is willing to accept the fate of fighting witches for a wish. Kushu says she's ready to make a wish. Aneka smiles and welcomes her. She says she's been waiting for the day Kushu would join her. Kyubey asks her to state her wish.

Kushu transforms, and Aneka instantly recognizes it's just like the last inquisitor. Kushu says now the two of them can defeat witches and their curses together. Aneka corrects her, saying the line is "purge them together". Aneka was taken aback by the wish, but says it was very Kushu-like. She hands Kushu the black scrunchie, saying it's a birthday present since she was just reborn today as a mahou shoujo. She says she's been preparing for this day to come for a long time. Aneka is super overjoyed about all of this, saying it's like she just got a new sister, one who believes in her dreams. Kushu is also happy, and asks if she can call Aneka Onee-san. Aneka says probably not, since Mommy and Daddy might get shocked by it.

The memory ends, and the light is absorbed by the scrunchie. Ikumi says she's chasing a dream with a friend of hers too. Yukika made her wish because she thought she was in a dream. And since Kushu is always sleepy, Ikumi says the three of them all have connected dreams in common. Kushu says her character is likely because she just doesn't get enough sleep. She reveals that because of her wish, her sleep cycle is completely off, causing her to fall asleep the moment the sun rises.

Episode 7

Yukika repeats what Kushu explained to her: the moment the sun rises, she falls asleep no matter what. Doctors couldn't do anything to help her, so she goes to school in the evening when she is still sleepy, but can managed to force herself to stay awake until the sun sets. She describes her life as if a normal person had to wake up at 3 AM to get to school, and she has to take these makeup classes every day or she won't be able to pass the grade. Ikumi asks if she knows anyone in her class, but Kushu doesn't even know what her classmates look like.

Flashback to Yukika listening to a couple girls outside chatting about some vampire-like girl that neither of them have seen. Kushu continues that she does fully wake up in the middle of the night, but it makes her life of purging witches hard too, since she has to make it home before sunrise or she would collapse somewhere outside.

Ikumi asks her to back up and explain "purging" witches. Ikumi and Yukika have never heard someone call it that before. Kushu explains that the main character in her book, the last inquisitor, uses the word purge when dealing with vampires and demons. She then apologizes, saying she's hungry all of a sudden, and pulls out a mini tomato. She carries some around to snack on, and offers some to the others, but they decline. Ikumi telepathically tells Yukika that it's impressive how much Kushu does off the wall things on her own. Yukika says Kushu appears like some kind of celebrity or big shot.

Kushu takes a bite of her tomato, and Ikumi notices she has fangs. Rather than being freaked out, Ikumi says her fangs are super cute. Yukika starts putting the clues together in her head... Nocturnal, white fangs, doesn't show up in mirrors... Isn't Kushu more of a vampire than the inquisitor...? Kushu continues eating her tomato.

Chapter IV - Truth

Episode 8

Back in the hallway, Ikumi notices that the evening doesn't seem to be ending. Kushu and Yukika think it's because Kushu is dreaming, so when she wakes up, time may not have passed at all. Ikumi is worried about not being able to make it back to the cafe in time. They wonder if Kushu's "trying to redo the past" part of this dream is to collect these memories they've found. Kushu isn't sure if she's being mentally tested or not, though. Ikumi asks about Kushu wanting to redo her meeting with Aneka.

Flashback to Uwasa-san mentioning that entering is priceless, which Ikumi is wondering about. Yukika explains that it generally means something that has so much value that no price could pay for it. Ikumi wonders if that means that changing something in the past could have a huge cost to Kushu.

They go back to the fountain at the school. Kushu remembers something about looking into the water to see the past or something, but she can't remember the details. She wonders if the fountain is from another book. Yukika says it's probably fine for it to be different from what the actual fountain is, prompting Kushu to ask what she means by that. Yukika says since it's Kushu's dream, she is free to imagine whatever she wants it to be, so being off doesn't matter. Ikumi agrees, since Kushu has been right about each location so far.

Kushu looks into the fountain, and is brought into another memory. Kushu is speaking to Aneka's parents, who say Aneka hasn't returned home since she left for school yesterday. They ask Kushu if she has heard anything, but she hasn't. Kushu transforms, ready to go out and search for her. She begins thinking of the worst case. If Aneka died to a witch, this would all be her fault since she can't wake up in the day to fight alongside her. Kushu returns home after defeating a strong witch and uses her grief seed. Kyubey takes notice that Kushu has been struggling. Kushu wonders out loud to Kyubey, since that witch was near the school, maybe it killed Aneka. Kyubey corrects her: the one who killed her was you. Kyubey reveals the truth about witches to her, ending with Kushu screaming.

The scrunchie absorbs the light. Yukika apologizes that they had to see her memory. No one is happy.

Episode 9

Ikumi and Yukika realize Kushu wants to redo the past with Aneka because she never had a chance to say goodbye after the witch killed her. Ikumi interrupts everyone being sad by asking that Kushu wants to reunite with the dead through this dream. She's thinking the price in order to pay to do that could be bad. Yukika isn't sure, because the price to enter this dream was "priceless" to begin with.

Kushu remembers she only has 2 grief seeds left on her. Ikumi asks how many she had originally. Whatever the answer was, Ikumi is utterly shocked, saying that's as many as she collected in the entire year. Yukika thinks Kushu must be strong then. Kushu replies that she's been a mahou shoujo for a long time now, and used to have a lot of grief seeds collected. Yukika thinks that because so many girls have died, her losing those grief seeds must be the cost to enter this dream. Ikumi agrees - grief seeds really are priceless to them since it's their very lives. Kushu doesn't care, whatever the price she pays, she wants to see her Aneka Onee-san again.

They continue asking about Kushu. She's collected grief seeds on her own the entire time, going outside Kamihama where few mahou shoujo live so she can purge witches alone. Flashback to the 2 girls talking about the vampire rumor again, mentioning it must be outside of Kamihama. Yukika gets that the school rumor vampire is Kushu. Ikumi asks if Kushu is afraid to fight them since they used to be girls, saying she herself is weak, but gets along with the help of her friends, though she's always feeling sorry in her mind.

Kushu is confused. She doesn't believe that witches are mahou shoujo, since the witches themselves - and their grief seeds - are born from curses and impurity, and thus purified and purged, so what they do can't possibly be wrong. Yukika and Ikumi feel like something is off with the explanation. Flashback to the memory of Kyubey telling Kushu that Aneka became a witch, and since the witch was defeated, she disappeared. Kushu has never been able to get a straight answer from Kyubey since about that.

Ikumi and Yukika talk to each other, wondering if Kushu still doesn't believe in the whole "we become witches" thing. Yukika thinks that Kushu knows deep down, but if she admits it to herself, then Aneka really did become a witch. She keeps mahou shoujo and witches separated in her mind, believing in purging curses created by witches. If she didn't believe this explanation she's forcing herself to believe, her heart would break from admitting she killed Aneka...

Episode 10

Kushu asks why Ikumi was saying mahou shoujo become witches. Every time she tries to talk to Kyubey he just runs away, and now he never shows up anymore. Flashback to Kushu yelling at Kyubey with an angry look on her face, and Kyubey booking it. Yukika and Ikumi tell her she shouldn't be running at him with a fiery look, but Kushu admits she just absolutely hates him. Ikumi tells her again that even Kyubey can see the murderous intent in her eyes. Kushu didn't realize it, since she's never killed someone. Ikumi says that Kushu is very upfront about her feelings, and it's a surprise she hasn't killed Kyubey yet.

Yukika disagrees, saying they wouldn't possibly hurt Kyubey, would they? Yukika doesn't like what Kyubey does either, but she feels like hate doesn't solve anything, and feels bad for Kyubey. Ikumi thinks to herself if the world thought like Yukika, the word revenge wouldn't even exist.

Ikumi says if she was as strong as them, she wouldn't have joined wings of magius. Kushu asks what do they do. Yukika asks if this goes against what Ikumi asks of them earlier, but Ikumi says the WoM existing doesn't have to be hidden. Ikumi goes on to explain all about WoM and how doppels prevent them from become witches, and the fact she wouldn't be here still if it weren't for them. Ikumi then catches herself speaking normally, and switches "I" to "Kumi" for the last part.

Kushu is content with staying outside of Kamihama, though. Kumi asks if Kushu was listening, saying it's safer in Kamihama and to fight as a team. Kushu doesn't care. Aneka never ran away, so why should she? Ikumi doesn't get how she isn't scared. Kushu says if she doesn't take out witches outside of the city, people might die there. Ikumi begins questioning the way WoM work, wondering why the leaders like Mifuyu don't care about anyone outside of the city. Yukika just now finds out that Mifuyu is both a mahou shoujo and a leader of WoM despite being from the same school. Ikumi offers to introduce Mifuyu to Yukika to talk about WoM, but not as a recruitment opportunity or anything. Ikumi then realizes she could get in trouble for talking too much.


Ikumi changes the subject back to finding the memories. The scrunchie then turns bright white before them. They wonder if that means they found enough memories. Kushu guesses they need to get to a castle now, where the princess sleeps. Flashback to Kushu explaining the story of the hero finding their soulmate stuck in a dream world.

Yukika says St Lilianna itself looks similar to a castle, so maybe they're already here. Kushu is having doubts if this will work, but Yukika encourages her to look for the princess. Kushu says the princess would be underground, beneath the castle itself. Ikumi asks if they have something they can use, but they only have the scrunchie and the mirror.

Ikumi tells them to bring out the mirror and have Kushu look into it now. Kushu says the mirror reflects what looks like the different world, showing this one as an illusion. Suddenly a flash appears, and they're in a dark and foggy world next to a grave instead of the school entrance. Yukika puts more clues together. The princess sleeps underground...the grave... Doesn't that mean the princess is dead?

Suddenly Aneka appears in a flash of light. Kushu calls to her, but Aneka doesn't know who Kushu is. She says she's Aneka's neighbor, but Aneka can't remember anything. The world gets darker around them. In another flash the world changes again, this time to a dark castle looking in the distance and a red moon.

Yukika asks if this is a witch's barrier, but Kushu says no. Aneka is silent. Kushu says this is a place even deeper within her own heart.

Part Two

Quest Dialogue

Story 2 Kushu: "This long will it last? Just how far does this dream go?"

100Evil Kushu: "These poor children... Everyone, I'll purge you all, okay?"

Chapter IV - A Passing Dream

Episode 11

Kushu continues explaining this world is still a part of her since the landscape is the same as she has dreamt of before. Yukika thinks to herself this is a very lonely place. Ikumi notes that Kushu looks livelier now, presumably because it's closer to night in this world now.

Kushu asks Aneka what she remembers if she knows her own name. She doesn't know anything, nor where she is currently, and asks Kushu if she knows her. Kushu does know her - quite well in fact. Yukika suggests they give the collected memories to Aneka. Kushu isn't sure since this Aneka has no memories of them meeting, so she can't exactly redo their meeting.

Ikumi asks what will Kushu do then? Kushu replies that she wants to go back in time to when she first met Aneka, and return the memories to her then. That way she can finally say goodbye. The trio wonder what to do. Kushu's only idea is to use the mirror again. Yukika stops her, explaining that she's being too casual trying things when so far the story she's following has changed so much. Kushu says it should be fine, since she's kept the story in mind this whole time. Kushu asks Aneka to look into the mirror for her.

Episode 12

Aneka enters her own memories. Her parents are in front of her, her mother apologizing for making her have to move to another country after making so many friends. Aneka stays positive and says she's looking forward to next year. Her father says it's going to be harder to make friends since the place they're moving to has less people. Her mother says they need to support each other. Her sister is in full support.

Fast forward to their home. Aneka's parents are asking why the two of them went into the forest. They called the police and everything looking for them. Aneka's sister apologizes, saying it was her idea to bring Aneka with her. Aneka wanted to find where fairies dance like in her book. Her father says they haven't been listening to what they've been told, since not even locals ever enter that forest. Aneka apologizes to Daddy and Mommy. The parents are okay at that since it all turned out well, and they start eating.

The memory ends, everyone witnessing the whole thing. Kushu had no idea that Aneka had a little sister. The mirror flashes again, prompting them to take another look.

Episode 13

Another memory of Aneka's parents at the hospital, speaking to a doctor. The doctor says there is no cure for Aneka's little sister's disease. The only hope he can give is that some types of medicine are being developed, but they're years away before seeing any potential use, long after she would have time left to live. Their only options are to continue care at the hospital, or switch to home care. All he can say is to spend what little time left with her they can.

Fast forward to their home. Aneka's sister asks if she stayed up last night to take care of her, and then tells her to get some rest herself. Aneka says it doesn't compare to the pain she's going through. Her sister says the medicine she has can't cure her disease, but it takes the pain away. She asks Aneka to read that book to her again, the one about fairies going on an adventure. She asks if Aneka is tired of reading it, but Aneka says she'll read it again and again as much as she likes.

Her sister says that there are some good points to her disease. People listen to her now and let her be selfish...and she's getting to spend more time with her sister. Even moments right now are precious treasures to her. Her sister suddenly says this is enough, and Aneka doesn't have to push herself for her sake anymore. She asks Aneka to live a happy life for her, and thanks her before passing away.

Their parents say that Aneka is lucky to have spent the final moments with her sister, and that Aneka will be able to live happily for her sister now. Kyubey is seen staring just before the memory fades away.

Kushu had no idea Aneka had lost a sister. Aneka had never once brought it up. Kushu also thinks that the Aneka before her is like a completely different person. Ikumi and Yukika telepathically talk about how painful of a memory that was. Yukika says she noticed something odd - that Aneka's little sister seemed vaguely like a younger Kushu. Not just her looks, but her love of fairy tales and the way she spoke and her personality. Ikumi agrees, saying they seemed different enough, but also similar.

Chapter V - The Test of Heart

Episode 14

Aneka looks into the mirror again, but nothing happens. It seems Aneka has recovered half of her memory at this point. Now Kushu just needs to fill the scrunchie with memories of when she met Aneka. Kushu agrees, but it will be more complicated now. Ikumi swaps back into her robes, asking why is that. Yukika asks why she put her robes back on, but Ikumi says just because she's getting cold.

Kushu says that Aneka's little sister is the part that bothers her. She asks Aneka why did she become a mahou shoujo, but Aneka can't remember anything after she met Kyubey. Yukika understands now that Aneka became a mahou shoujo after her sister died, and Kushu explains she already was one when she moved next door to her. Kushu doesn't know what Aneka's wish was, and never asked.

Aneka still doesn't know who Kushu is, or who she is herself. She is, however, determined to find out. Kushu says that sounds like the Aneka she remembers, but this Aneka seems different, because it's the Aneka from before they first met. Aneka hasn't changed, but Kushu has, so redoing her meeting with Aneka can't happen.

Ikumi suggests trying to gather the memories anyways, but Kushu knows Aneka is a bit scared. Kushu asks Aneka to join her in collecting the memories by holding hands and wrapping the scrunchie around them. Yukika wonders if that is safe, but Aneka believes in Kushu. Kushu is surprised, but Aneka says she feels like this isn't the first time they've met. Flashback to a previous memory of Aneka saying the same thing. Kushu begins, wrapping the scrunchie over their held hands, and asks Aneka if she's ready. She is. A light flashes...

Episode 15

Through the power of hand holding, the gaps in Aneka's memories are filling in. Flashback to her talking to Kyubey, who is confirming that she is wishing for...a replacement for her sister? he asks. Aneka doesn't want to pretend her sister has passed away, but she also doesn't want to be without a sister either. She wants a friend that keep her loneliness at bay and to let her carry on her sister's final words. She wants a friend that won't replace her sister, but fill the emptiness she left behind so that she can live happily again at her sister's request.

Kyubey asks again if that wish is worth the price of giving up her soul. Aneka says it is. The moment Aneka transforms for the first time, she gets a message from her mommy, saying the empty house next door is now going to be rented, and that parents with a kid will be moving in to it soon from Japan. Kyubey says that the contract being complete means they she will meet them. Aneka is excited, thinking whoever is moving in must be her soulmate.

Kushu is of course seeing this memory for the first time. Flashback to when they first met and started bonding over the Goodbye Fables series, as well as Aneka saying it feels like they've met before. Aneka is now worried in a part of her memory. Her new friend looks and sounds very similar to her sister, and even loves the same books as her. Her parents were even shocked at the resemblance. She starts wondering what if Kushu called her "Onee-chan", but quickly tells herself no. Kushu-chan is Kushu-chan, not a reincarnation of her sister.

Back at another part of their memory together, Kushu asks if she can call Aneka "Onee-chan." Aneka tells her no, because her parents might not like it. Kushu is now realizing that she said that because she reminded Aneka so much of her little sister who passed, and wanted to keep the two of them separate in her mind.

Then one day, Aneka found out the truth about soul gems, and deeply regretted ever wanting Kushu to contract. Kushu says that she's the reason Aneka, the main character of this story, despaired, because she was just brought in as a replacement for Aneka's sister. She says she wanted to become a hero just like in her fairy tales, but feels that she never was a hero.

The memories end. Aneka is sorry for never telling Kushu everything, and can't imagine Kushu forgiving her for it. Kushu thinks to herself that would never think to hate Aneka. Aneka says goodbye, and in an instant disappears. Kushu says she failed to save the princess, wondering if she failed the test. Flashback to Uwasa-san, reminding everyone that if you fail the test, you'll never wake up.

Chapter VI - Goodbye Fables

Episode 16

Kushu questions aloud if she failed the test. Ikumi and Yukika are wondering what the hell happened, since they saw them hold hands, but then suddenly woke up and Aneka ripped her hand away from Kushu, said goodbye, and disappeared.

Everyone goes over the story so far, Ikumi saying that Aneka is suffering from the fact she brought Kushu to her and made her become a mahou shoujo. Kushu says she wanted to become a hero, but in the end she was just a cheerful fool, a substitute for Aneka's sister.

Ikumi yells at that Kushu is not a substitute. Aneka has always viewed Kushu as her own person, so saying things like that is super disrespectful to herself. Ikumi says she herself is still working to become an idol, but Kushu is the main character in her story. Yukika agrees, but points out Ikumi's serious words are being offset by her cutesy way of speaking right now. Ikumi forgot to switch characters, and apologizes because she didn't want to sound harsh.

They reiterate that Kushu is no substitute, and Kushu agrees. Yukika explains that since Kushu thought up this story and this world, she decides what happens next, not the books she thinks about. Kushu thinks, get the princess back? They decide the "castle" they found wasn't really the castle since it only looked like one, so the previous event didn't actually happen yet. Ikumi points them to the giant castle in the background. Kushu asks Yukika and Ikumi to help her as she goes. Yukika will happily assist as Villager A, but Yukika reminds her she was supposed to be a swordswoman.

A voice yells out that they can't pass. The world gets darker, and suddenly a shadowy Kushu appears before them, saying Kushu failed the trial, so she will never leave her dream. Two more shadow Kushu's appear, saying if she had just left the memories fragmented, she could have redone her meeting and have been happy again. Kushu says this isn't over yet, with Yukika backing her up. Ikumi says they're going against the rumor, so the rumor came out to attack. Yukika says they have to fight to deviate from the book's story and continue on.

The shadows yell at them, and Kushu and Yukika transform in preparation. Ikumi is getting fed up with the stupid robe and tosses it aside. Kushu apologizes to them, saying she's going to get them out of her dream. Yukika and Ikumi both tell her to cut it out, because they're all going to the castle to get Aneka back. The world suddenly changes into a rumorified version of the school, and the shadows attack.

Episode 17

Kushu takes out one of her shadows and her sword absorbs the light that releases from it. Yukika finds Kushu to be even more vampiric. Kushu almost drops the dreaming mirror, but then the Uwasa barrier suddenly ends. The trio discuss what happens when they defeat the Uwasa guarding the rumor whos rules they broke, and begin wondering if that means they can't get underground now since the "dream" ended.

Kushu is having none of this discussion. There's still no one in the world except them, so the dream can't be over. Plus she is still in possession of the dreaming mirror. The barrier disappearing had to have been a trap to make them think they're waking up and should give up. Kushu is going to try to use the mirror one more time, thinking back to Yukika describing the mirror's reflection of illusions and the true world.

Kushu takes a look, and suddenly the school becomes Uwasa space again. They see a light flashing at the end of the long hallway. They think that if they jump into that light, they'll be taken back to the castle from earlier. Unfortunately, more Kushu clones show up to stop them. Yukika knows that the shadows coming back must mean that heading towards that light is going against the rumor again, AKA what they need to do. Yukika and Ikumi decide to hold off the shadows and tell Kushu to make a run for it.


Yukika and Kumi are going all out to keep Kushu safe. Kushu slips by and jumps into the light, entering the deepest part of her dream. She holds out the glowing scrunchie, telling Aneka Onee-san that she's coming to save her.

One by one the shadow Kushus all quickly vanish. Yukika guesses they don't want to bother fighting the supporting characters now that the main character has left. Ikumi wonders what Kushu plans to do with Aneka. Yukika says it was to take Aneka out of this dream, wasn't it? Ikumi asks if that means to bring Aneka back after she regains all her memories, but wonders if that's really what Kushu wants. Yukika brings up that Aneka must want to see her dead sister again, but is already going through so much with Kushu. Ikumi says the idea of waking someone up from eternal sleep must be terrifying. Kushu is staring off into the castle...

Episode 18

Kushu opens a door, startling Aneka. Aneka barely remembers that this is Kushu. Kushu asks if Aneka's memory has returned to normal. Aneka says Kushu was the one who helped her get her memory back, but after seeing sad memories of her little sister, she suddenly found herself "here." She says it's strange though, that Kushu looks so similar to her sister. Kushu sadly thinks Aneka must have lost the memory of everything after Kushu became a mahou shoujo.

Aneka asks where is she. Kushu explains it's deep under the castle, and that she's here to get her out. Kushu says Aneka has forgotten that she had said goodbye to her and disappeared the last time, but Aneka still has no idea. Kushu thinks that removing the scrunchie caused her to lose the memories. Kushu continues asking about the time she made her wish and met her, but Aneka doesn't even understand what she means by wish, or what a mahou shoujo is. Still the old Aneka with half her memory.

Kushu thinks back to what Uwasa-san said, and how never being able to say goodbye was always on her mind, and how she longed to say it to her. She wants so badly to go back to meet Aneka again to give her a proper goodbye, but she isn't sure which Aneka she wants to say it to. She asks if Aneka will just listen to her for a bit.

Kushu explains that this is all just a "what if" dream, a piece of the past she wanted to do over. She explains that Aneka lost her sister and is sad over it, and is herself from the past, before meeting her and becoming friends with her in the future. When they become friends in the future, they'll be overjoyed, but Aneka will begin suffering, and eventually disappear from her life. Aneka is following along, only replying with "okay."

Kushu says that she wants to see both her and her Aneka Onee-san so she could say goodbye. She explains the scrunchie and how it will restore her memories of the time they spent together, so she can finally say the goodbye she never got to, but... It's wrong. In this dream, she's learned so many things about Aneka - the Aneka before she met her and suffered, the Aneka she met - but Aneka knows nothing about her now.

She can hide from the truth, and only remember the happy memories they had together, but she understands now that she wants to meet the Aneka she first met, the one she laughed with, suffered with, and lost. That Aneka. So matter what memories she can give this Aneka, they're not hers.

Kushu apologizes to Aneka, as she probably doesn't understand anything she's saying right now. Aneka says she does understand. Her little sister is gone now, and she'll never see "her" again, so it's a similar situation, right? Kushu says she's being selfish by wanting to say goodbye to someone that's not here anymore, so she's not going to mess with this Aneka's memories any more. The memories kept inside this scrunchie of Aneka Onee-san are hers alone. Aneka understands. Kushu thanks her for listening, saying she's always been nice. She asks Aneka to come escape with her. Aneka asks if they even can. Kushu is positive they can, asking Aneka to take her hand. They stand together, smiling, and close their eyes...

Episode 19

Kushu is asleep in her classroom, when suddenly the school bell chimes, waking her up. She wonders if she was dreaming, and realizes her class still hasn't started. She holds out the scrunchie, which flashes with a light, and then returns to normal. She realizes it connected her heart to Aneka's, and now holds all her feelings within it. Even though it was all a dream, it all really did happen. She can still feel the warmth of Aneka's hand. However, that Aneka still doesn't know the future that awaits her.

Kushu is reminded of the rumor again, how it was a chance to make what ifs come true. If she took Aneka out of the castle, does that mean she escaped the dream too? She wonders which "what if" she chose. She then notices a note sitting on her desk. Inside is a simple message "Do well on your supplementary classwork~! -From Cheerful Ghost and Villager Swordswoman A.

Suddenly a voice calls out, apologizing that Irina-san is still waiting here. It's her teacher, who was late due to miscommunication. She says she will discuss this with the other teachers and make sure it never happens again. Kushu is fine (because she was asleep, but can't say that).


Over to Touka and Nemu at Fendthope. Nemu says Touka has been lost in thought for quite some time, and wonders if she's plotting something evil again. Touka snaps at her, asking what kind of person does she think she is? Nemu replies that she'll leave that to her imagination.

Touka says she was just thinking about the rumor of the dreaming mirror and it's power to make what ifs become true. She wonders if it means they could change the past. For example, if Nemu died in an accident, and she desired to make the accident not happen, would Nemu come back to life? Nemu senses malice from this what if, but says rumors are not all-powerful like that. There's always a price to pay for extraordinary wishes.

Touka doesn't like that answer, repeating that she wants to know if the past can be changed through it. Nemu says that in order to answer that, you have to ask what "real" is. If Nemu were, to use the same example, were brought back to replace the Nemu who died, a copy that shares all the same memories, is she the same Nemu? If everyone around them were replaced, would they still be their true selves? Or are they copies that just happen to have the same memories? She asks Touka if she could tell the difference. Touka says she has no interest in answer philosophical questions. Nemu apologizes for sounding abstract, but was just trying to say there's many possibilities.

Touka asks if she understands her own rumor. Nemu says the rumor provides people with another chance to fulfill their heart's desire. That's all it does, for a price. But if Touka wants to know what she thinks happens behind the scenes, she can explain her viewpoint in detail. She then laughs, wondering if Touka would honestly believe her. Touka gets mad, saying she's a fool to even ask Nemu questions.


Episode 20

The next evening, Kushu is yawning as she walks through the city. She needs to head to the bookstore before it closes. She thinks to herself "last night's over, right?" The dreaming mirror is now gone, meaning she escaped the dream despite almost failing, but...

Flashback to her saying the rumor could just be making her think she woke up from the dream as a trap to make her give up. For some reason, she feels like she's in a similar situation. She realizes that in her imagined version of the story, she thinks she was removed from the dream, but realizes she was seeing an illusion. Which means...

Flashback to Ikumi explaining what happens when you defy the rumor. Even though she failed, going against the rumor makes it come out and attack. She imagined the rumor attacking her as part of the trial, so does that mean she did pass the test of heart? Does that mean she did make her what if come true? Meaning she didn't get to properly say goodbye. She thinks to herself that she wishes she could say goodbye one more time.

A girl tells her mommy and daddy to come over this way. Kushu looks over and see Aneka walk past her. Aneka says sorry to her parents, who must have taken the wrong turn. Her parents got a little lost, but they're ready to go to the restaurant she wanted to go to. Aneka excitedly tells them she'll show them the way.

Kushu realizes it wasn't a dream. That Aneka is the one who never met her, who never became a mahou shoujo. The "what if" version of Aneka. Everything about her is the same, but they don't know each other. Kushu wanted to say goodbye one more time, she wanted to go back and redo her meeting to say goodbye properly. The dreaming mirror gave her what she really wanted, didn't it? They walked by each other as strangers, never looking back. That's the meeting she wanted to start over. Time has been frozen for Kushu for so long...yet it started to move again.

Kushu says thank you out loud, smiles, and says goodbye.

The End