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[[File:Samatore Event.jpg|500px|thumb|right]]
[[File:Samatore Event.jpg|500px|thumb|right]]
This page will cover the original event story and the extra story chapters added in the re-run.  
This page will cover the original event story and the extra story chapters added in the 2020 re-run.  
==Part One==
==Part One==
===Episode One===
===Episode One===
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Sayuki claims she came up with the title and content all by herself. Kyoko isn’t sure what to think but Ui and Karin are more excited than ever. The manager shows up and asks who all the kids are. Sayuki’s says she’ll explain it to her later. Mitama and Kyoko give each other a look as Mitama sadly tells her telepathically that Ui’s innocence will be lost. They wonder if they can do anything to preserve Ui’s good memories of their time there without tarnishing it with the truth. The shooting begins and they all cheer from the sidelines. Soon they’re all piled on the boat together, many of them exhausted and more than a few falling asleep.
Sayuki claims she came up with the title and content all by herself. Kyoko isn’t sure what to think but Ui and Karin are more excited than ever. The manager shows up and asks who all the kids are. Sayuki’s says she’ll explain it to her later. Mitama and Kyoko give each other a look as Mitama sadly tells her telepathically that Ui’s innocence will be lost. They wonder if they can do anything to preserve Ui’s good memories of their time there without tarnishing it with the truth. The shooting begins and they all cheer from the sidelines. Soon they’re all piled on the boat together, many of them exhausted and more than a few falling asleep.
===Episode Twenty-Five===
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[[Category:Magia Record Event]]
[[Category:Magia Record Event]]

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Samatore Event.jpg

This page will cover the original event story and the extra story chapters added in the 2020 re-run.

Part One

Episode One

Kyoko Sakura struggles to wake up as she hears voices of concern around her. She eventually opens her eyes to find Mitama Yakumo and Ui Tamaki standing over her looking relieved. Kyoko asks where she is and why they’re there. Mitama asks if she remembers anything that happened before she passed out. She remembers Mami Tomoe inviting them to the beach. Sayaka Miki had immediately raced into the ocean to go swimming with Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi chasing after her. Kyoko was eager to get away from the crowds, so she had taken her float with her to the ocean. Mami was worried she’d go too far into the ocean, especially since Kyoko can’t swim, but Kyoko promised to be back by lunch and left.

As Kyoko had floated in the ocean, nearby Kanagi Izumi was swimming in the ocean with Mitama and Karin Misono. Kanagi had been pulling Mitama along as she sat on a float. Near them, Ui was floating in the ocean as well but had drifted out further than she’d anticipated. Her sister Iroha Tamaki called out anxiously for Ui to come back. Iroha then yelled for everyone to be careful as a huge wave overtook them.

Kyoko finishes recounting what happened, to the relief of Mitama who was glad that Kyoko wasn’t hurt. Ui tells Kyoko that the wave washed them up onto a deserted island. Kanagi and Karin return to the group. They had looked around but there didn’t seem to be anyone on the island.

Episode Two

Ui and Karin are excited at the prospect of being on a deserted island, but Kyoko isn’t too happy about the situation. Mitama tells her not to worry, since her phone managed to survive the wave and they were able to contact Yachiyo Nanami for rescue. Touka Satomi volunteered to send a helicopter to pick them up, but it wouldn’t be able to get there for two days. This means they’ll have to find water, food, and shelter for the time being but Mitama seemed pretty happy about it. If they work together, they should be able to survive and even make some wonderful memories together. Everyone but Kyoko seemed excited about this idea. Mitama tells Kyoko she’s part of the group too since they’ll need everyone’s help to work together, but Kyoko tells them she’s fine and she doesn’t need any of them to hold her back.

Kyoko turns to leave, but Mitama calls her back. She asks Kyoko to transform for her. Kyoko sighs and transforms into her Magical Girl swimsuit. She’s beyond surprised at what happened since she has never been able to transform like that. It turns out that Sayaka had told Mitama about Kyoko’s inability to swim during her call to Yachiyo for help. While Kyoko was passed out, Mitama had adjusted Kyoko’s Soul Gem so she would be able to swim. Kyoko gets pissed and asks if the transformation is reversible. Mitama promises it is, but then looks forlorn for a moment. If she doesn’t have fun on the island she might get depressed and forget how to undo the adjustment.

Episode Three

Kyoko asks if Mitama is threatening her. Mitama shakes her head and asks her to imagine fighting in that outfit in the dead of winter. For a moment Kyoko imagines Sayaka and Mami being embarrassed for her fighting in a swimsuit in the middle of the snow. Since she knows of no other adjustors, Kyoko reluctantly agrees to join the group as internally she thinks that Mitama is worse than a Witch. While they were talking, Kanagi had taken Karin and Ui to the side so they wouldn’t be exposed to any bad examples.

Episode Four

The group divides the responsibilities amongst themselves. Mitama is in charge of building the shelter while Karin is in charge of gathering bamboo for the shelter and to make dishes. Kanagi and Ui are in charge of collecting water and any edible plants they may find. Finally, Kyoko is in charge of finding fish or shellfish. Kyoko is content that she can at least work by herself and she reminds herself she only has to tolerate this for two days. As she stares at the water, she remembers that Mitama had told her she’d given her the ability to swim. With nothing else to lose, Kyoko steps into the shallow end of the ocean to try it out.

Kyoko awkwardly splashes around and to her delight she finds she can easily float in the ocean. As she kicks and splashes, she realizes that she really can swim now! Kyoko soon spots a fish nearby and dives down to catch it, sneaking up on it from behind. Overjoyed at her newfound ability, Kyoko swims around and catches as many fish as she can.

She pulls up onto the beach with her haul of fish and clams. Kyoko is irritated at being told what to do, but then again she doesn’t mind being able to swim now either. Kyoko remembers that Mitama had suggested that she gather wood for the fire if she had the time. With nothing better to do, Kyoko begins to pick up pieces of dry wood from the beach. She finds a piece of something with writing on it including the words “water” and “bottom”, but it’s barely legible so Kyoko shrugs and throws it into the pile with the rest.

Episode Five

Kyoko finishes up and heads back to where Mitama and Karin were waiting. Karin says they found something and show her a piece of paper. Mitama excitedly exclaims that it’s a treasure map. Kyoko isn’t impressed since it’s not her idea of fun, but she isn’t’ going to bother putting a stop to it either. She asks Mitama if she at least finished building their shelter, but Mitama says it’s more of a house. Kyoko looks at the huge building now on the beach. Karin giggles since they got a little carried away with the construction. She points out the fire that she had built and Kyoko is surprised at how capable Karin is. Karin says she learned how to start a fire from a manga she read.

Unfortunately Kanagi and Ui aren’t back yet, so Mitama asks Kyoko to go check on them. Since there’s fresh water on the island, Mitama suggests Kyoko rinse off the sea salt while she goes. Kyoko agrees to go. Before she does, she notices that the campfire is getting smaller so she tosses one of the smaller pieces of wood she gathered into the fire. Kyoko thinks to herself that things aren’t so bad and admits to herself that it could be exciting for the next two days.

Kyoko soon finds Kanagi and Ui near a freshwater stream. Ui apologizes since they’re not doing with their task but Kyoko tells them not to rush since she’s just going to rinse off in the meantime. Ui hurries to gather the rest of the supplies so they can all head back together.

Kyoko jumps into the stream but the water is freezing. As she splashes around she notices some fish at the bottom of the stream and decides that some riverfish would go well with their meal. She lunges at the fish but it manages to escape her grasp. Kanagi notices what Kyoko is doing and suggests she go further upstream. It’s a tip she learned from Himika Mao. Kyoko tries it out and finds she’s able to catch plenty of fish. She can tell there are multiple currents feeding into the stream besides the waterfall so she swims over to where the stream is flowing. She waits for a moment before pouncing on more riverfish.

Kyoko eventually gets out of the stream with her large haul of riverfish. Thanks to Kanagi’s tip she was able to catch plenty very easily. Whiel she was doing that, Ui had gathered a ton of vegetables while Kanagi had managed to gather plenty of fresh water for them all thanks to some barrels she found near the shore. Kanagi admits she’ll need some help carrying the four barrels of water back while Ui also needs some help with all the veggies she found. Kyoko decides to play nice for now so Mitama can turn her back and assists with carrying the supplies.

Episode Six

Mitama marvels at all the fish that Kyoko was able to catch, as well as the water, vegetables, dishes, and house that their group now has thanks to their teamwork.

Kyoko is glad to see Mitama so happy since it means she’ll be able to change her back. Mitama happily declares she’s going to prepare a delicious feast for everyone with this bounty. Hearing this puts both Kyoko and Kanagi on high alert and both of them yell at Mitama to stop immediately. Mitama asks what’s wrong as both Kyoko and Kanagi look away uncomfortably. Kyoko tells Mitama she must be tired from all that building but Mitama says she’s fine since Karin did most of the hard work of cutting up tons of trees for the house and carrying them over. Mitama tells Karin to rest after all that hard work while she does the cooking. Karin happily accepts while Kyoko looks at her like she’s crazy. Kanagi figures Karin doesn’t know the truth about Mitama’s cooking skills. Ui also doesn’t know what’s going on.

Kyoko decides they need to come up with a distraction and fast, so she smiles broadly and brings out the treasure map from earlier. Since Mitama and Karin must be so tired after all that building, Kyoko suggests they try to relax by figuring out what’s written on the map. Kanagi thinks that’s a great idea since they won’t have any light later in the evening except for the moon and their campfire. Kyoko offers to do the cooking while they look at the map. Ui suddenly remembers something and tells Mitama that she too thinks that’s a great idea since she can help Kyoko with the cooking. Mitama and Karin accept the suggestion and they go off into their house to look it over.

Kyoko and Kanagi breathe a sigh of relief at the bullet they just dodged. Ui asks if Mitama’s cooking is that bad since she remembered her sister’s warning “You should stay away from anything Mitama cooks.” Kanagi admits it’s worse than that. Kyoko says that that’s the kind of thing you want to know about, especially in a situation like theirs. If they were rendered immobile for days that would be bad for everyone. The three of them get to work on dinner for everyone and finish as the sun begins to set. Kyoko looks at their dinner and begins to drool at how delicious it looks. Ui goes to fetch Mitama and Karin. As she goes, Kanagi thinks she hears something as a cat runs past them.

With the sun gone and the moon already rising, the group sits down to eat. Everything they made tastes delicious and the group eagerly eats their dinner. Kyoko is just thankful they were able to make it through their first day.

Episode Seven

It’s early the next morning and Mitama decides to do a head count to make sure they’re all there. Kyoko thinks it’s unnecessary, but since they’re on a deserted island Mitama feels you can’t be too careful which makes Karin nervous. For today, Mitama has decided the group will go treasure hunting but both Kyoko and Kanagi are more worried about getting food and water. Mitama says they dried some of the fish from yesterday and they still have plenty of water. If that’s the case, then Kanagi has no qualms about going on the venture. Ui is excited to go since she’s never been treasure hunting before. Kyoko asks “What about me?” but Mitama interpreted yesterday as Kyoko being excited about the treasure hunting since she had them look over the map while she cooked dinner. Kyoko doesn’t want to upset Mitama so she decides to play along for now and pretends to be interested. The group collectively looks at the map they found.

The map is old and dirty, leading Karin and Mitama to believe it must be real. The pore over the unique handwriting but the few words they’re able to make out are “treasure”, “mark”, “hidden”, and “starting point”. Mitama flips the map over and points out to more writing on the back, but the handwriting is different from the front.

Karin points out a wooden board she brought. Kyoko recognizes it as one of the pieces of wood she gathered for the fire yesterday. Mitama claims it’s actually a wooden tablet and she reads out what’s written. The board tells the tale of a fallen warrior who escaped after losing a battle. This person hid his lord’s treasure on the island and placed both clues and traps around the island to protect the treasure. If they head 100 steps north then 250 steps west then they’ll find the treasure at the bottom of the earth.

Ui and Karin aren’t sure what “bottom of the earth” could mean, but Mitama points out the map drawn on the tablet is accurate. If they all work together, they should be able to figure it out. Kanagi can’t figure it out and Kyoko doesn’t have a clue so she suggests they just go there and see for themselves. Mitama thinks that’s a great idea and the group sets off. Kyoko doesn’t think the map is real but she’s willing to play along with the others for now.

Episode Eight

The group arrives at the location the directions indicated but they find nothing there but a small creek. Mitama was hoping there would be a path underground or something but the clearing is like any other. Ui figures her steps must have been too short, especially compared to a tall warrior. Kanagi and Mitama decides to head back and recount their steps but with Kanagi in the lead this time. Ui and Karin decide to stay where they are to look for clues, so Kanagi asks Kyoko to keep an eye on them. Kyoko is a little annoyed she has to play babysitter now. She can understand Ui needing a sitter, but why Karin.

Suddenly Ui screams and disappears from view. Kyoko and Karin run over to where they last saw Ui and find there’s a pitfall there. Karin tells her she’s coming but before Kyoko can stop her so they can get some rope Karin falls into the pitfall as well. Down in the darkness of the pit, Karin picks herself up. Ui is there and although they were a bit shaken from the fall the two girls are alright. Kyoko calls down to them and tells them to stay where they are while she goes to find something they can use to climb out.

Episode Nine

Kyoko looks for something she can use as a rope and returns to the pit. She calls down to the girls but neither answers her. She can hear them talking down there so she yells louder to get their attention. She lowers a vine and pulls the girls out of the pit one at a time. The girls dust themselves off and Ui thanks Kyoko for her help. She asks what the two were talking about and Karin shows her a wooden tablet they found at the bottom of the pit. Kyoko thinks the tablet looks familiar but she says nothing. Instead she asks what it was doing at the bottom of that pit. Karin explains the clue they read earlier was pointing to them finding the tablet at the “bottom of the earth”, referring to the pit.

Kanagi and Mitama appear and are thankful to find the group since they weren’t there earlier. Despite recounting their steps, Kanagi and Mitama ended up at the same clearing regardless. Ui shows her the tablet they found at the bottom of a pit. Hearing the word “pit” made MItama worried so she asked if the girls didn’t fall in or get hurt. The two admit they did fall in, but they were saved thanks to Kyoko. Kanagi remembers the map mentioning traps and wonders if the expedition might not be too dangerous for them but Ui promises they’ll be more careful.

Episode Ten

The group reads the tablet they found. Karin begins to sob at the thought of how loyal the poor warrior was to his master until the bitter end. Kanagi thinks such loyalty is admirable while Ui agrees that it’s a sad story. Kyoko thinks this has been a little too easy, even with the traps, since they’ve managed to find four of the tablets already. Mitama happily points to another tablet near the clearing. Kyoko sees how happy Mitama is and thinks that’s good for her since her main concern is keeping her happy so she can change her back. She’ll be lucky if the treasure they find is something that really makes her happy but she won’t’ take the blame if the treasure ends up being something disappointing.

Mitama hands Kyoko the new tablet since she noticed that Kyoko hasn’t participated much. She asks Kyoko to read it and tell them what she thinks. Kyoko takes one look at the tablet and thinks that all it’s good for is firewood. She remembers the firewood she picked up the other day and how she threw a piece into their campfire. It’s only now that it dawns on her that the piece of wood she gathered that had writing on it and she later threw into the fire was possibly one of the wooden tablets.

Kyoko begins to sweat as Mitama asks her what’s wrong. Kyoko pretends that the clue she’s reading is tricky as she tries to think of what to do. If Mitama finds out she burned one of the clues they were looking for, she’ll surely get sad and refuse to change Kyoko’s outfit back to normal.

Part Two

Episode Eleven

Kyoko wracks her brains trying to figure out what she should do next. Ui and Kanagi both look at Kyoko and ask if she’s ok. Mitama suggests they take a little break. Kyoko calms herself down and decides to keep quiet about the tablet since no one else seems to have noticed yet. As the girls look at the tablet for their next clue, Kyoko considers sneaking off before they notice one of the tablets is missing but she decides against it as it would only make her look suspicious. But if they find out after their excitement keeps building it then that would be even worse. Kyoko figures her only option is to try to make them give up on the treasure without upsetting Mitama.

Episode Twelve

As Mitama looks for their next clue, Kyoko plays along and tries to come up with a distraction. As Kyoko is deep in thought, Mitama suddenly seems to leap into the air, startling the group. Karin thinks she must have flown away but then they hear a loud thud. Scared, Karin believes it must have been the ghost of the fallen warrior. Ui believes her and starts to get scared while Kyoko can’t believe what she’s hearing. Kanagi tells them to calm down: the noise they heard was another wooden tablet falling down when Mitama set off one of the traps. She points to the air above their heads where Mitama can be seen hanging upside down from a tree.

The group helps to get Mitama down, who is thankfully unhurt. Kyoko takes this as her opportunity and suggests that the treasure hunt may be too dangerous, especially considering this is the second trap they’ve fallen into. She also points out that they’ve had to trigger the bigger traps in order to get to the tablets. Mitama looks serious for a moment before she smiles and thanks Kyoko for being so concerned about her. Instead, she points out words in the tablet that indicate the treasure is extremely rare, indicating her desire for the treasure. Kanagi steps in and agrees with Kyoko’s points, but she’s also too curious about the treasure now to give up on the treasure hunt. Kanagi was Kyoko’s last hope, and with the additional votes of Ui and Karin it seems Kyoko’s plan had failed.

Kyoko agrees to continue the mission, but she warns others that she believes they’re being followed. Karin thinks it’s the ghost or possibly another treasure hunter which only spurs Ui on further. Kyoko is relieved they believed her lie, since now she she can blame the missing tablet on someone else.

Episode Thirteen

Mitama begins getting her hopes up for the treasure they find, expecting it to be on par with a pandora’s box that could change the world as they knew it. Kyoko continues to fret as the group spies another wooden tablet. Before Karin can go get it, Kanagi stops her. She’s heard something so the group listens quietly. They soon hear the sound of rustling coming from up ahead. The group stares intently as a small tabby cat jumps out from the bushes. Mitama notes how small it is while Kanagi says that explains the missing fish from last night’s dinner. They also figure the person Kyoko thought was following them was also the cat all along. As the group fusses over the kitten, Kyoko knows her lie has been undone so she tries to come up with something else to explain the missing tablet.

Meanwhile Mitama stops and puzzles over their last clue. She shows it to the others and explains they won’t be able to find the last clue since the map has been damaged and the mark is completely gone. (The tablet instructs them to go to the center of all the places they’ve visited.) Not only that, the group is dismayed and most of them are sad to have to give up on the quest. Kyoko takes this as her opportunity to distract them and suggests they all take a break by going swimming for awhile. Mitama at first takes the bait until she realizes something.

Episode Fourteen

Mitama knows where the last wooden tablet is and takes the group to the small waterfall where Ui and Kanagi first gathered water. Mitama figures it must be here since it’s an obvious landmark but it hasn’t been used in any of the clues yet. Even without the mark, the map still points to this location as the center of all the clues. She even managed to triangulate the original mark on the damaged map. Ui is amazed and Mitama says it was all thanks to what Kyoko had said about swimming. Everyone splits up to find the tablet, including an unenthusiastic Kyoko who is still trying to figure out how to cover up for the missing tablet she burned.

The group searches for a good while without success. Kyoko thinks maybe she can just tell them it got lost in the river or became rotted. She notices Mitama staring at her for a moment but she tries to brush it off as paranoia. Mitama looks sad and wonders outloud if maybe she figured the clue out wrong. Ui doesn’t think so but believes the tablet may have gotten lost over time. Mitama locks eyes with Kyoko and suggests the tablet got lost in the river. Kyoko wonders if Mitama is trying to gauge her reactions when Mitama suggests instead maybe the wooden tablet rotted away. Kyoko then begins to wonder if she can read minds when suddenly Mitama suggests maybe someone burned up the wooden tablet. Ui says there’s no fire here, so Mitama asks for everyone’s opinion starting with Kyoko’s.

Episode Fifteen

Kyoko asks Mitama why her. Mitama replies that Kyoko has had this look like she wants to say something but Kyoko denies it. Kyoko tries to figure out what Mitama’s game is but Mitama just drops the subject. Kanagi suggests they take a little break back at their shelter and everyone but Kyoko agrees. Kyoko can just imagine how everyone would react when one of them notices the burned tablet in their fire and remember she was the one that was tasked with gathering firewood. Then Mitama will get upset and not turn Kyoko back and soon Kyoko will be out in the winter streets fighting Witches in nothing but a flimsy swimsuit. Kyoko shakes her head; she’d rather be stuck on the island than have to bear with all of that.

Mitama tells Kyoko to hurry out of the river and warns her not to trip on the slippery rocks. Kyoko can’t decide between coming clean or risk keeping quiet when she suddenly notices something below.

Episode Sixteen

Kyoko blasts away part of the riverbed, much to Mitama’s surprise. There Kyoko points to a hidden path at the bottom of the river. Since not everyone can swim well, Kanagi goes first to check it out. While they wait, Ui, Mitama, and Karin asks Kyoko how she knew the path was there. It turns out it was pure dumb luck since she happened to stumble upon it when she was catching fish the other day and noticed there was more than one water source to the river. Secretly it was also thanks to the small bit of the clue (“water…bottom”) she read on the tablet when she first picked it up off the beach. The group cheers at Kyoko’s ingenuity. And now that the missing tablet is no longer a problem, Kyoko sighs with relief. She’ll be fine so long as the treasure isn’t a big disappointment.

Kanagi comes back up and reports there’s a cave at the end of the water path. However, the entire way is underwater and Ui isn’t the best of swimmers, especially after her long stint in the hospital. Kanagi says the passageway is too narrow for them to guide Ui so Karin decides to stay back as well with Ui and the kitten. Mitama tries to think of a way so they can all go see the cave and the treasure. Kyoko asks if they can hold their breaths well and suggests they use guide ropes rather than pull them along.

Episode Seventeen

Kyoko pulls the vine and brings Karin up to the surface. The group waits for Kanagi, who is the last to go through the tunnel. She comes up and brings the vines they used as rope with her, in case they need them to get back out. Kyoko came up with the idea when she used the vines to rescue Karin and Ui from the pitfall trap. Kanagi notices that some of the vines had snapped, but thankfully Karin had bundled several of them into a rope so they would hold. Karin gives high-fives all around to celebrate. The group carefully makes their way to the back of the cave, careful not to trip on all the wet rocks and puddles.

Episode Eighteen

Kyoko hears a loud buzzing noise. She wonders what it is until Ui slaps a mosquito off of her. The group hurries ahead but the mosquitoes begin to multiply around them as the buzzing increases. Karin wonders if this is the ultimate final challenge but no one wants to stick around to get all bitten up. Soon everyone is covered in mosquitoes except for Mitama. Mitama begins to pout since the mosquitoes must not think her blood is as good as the others. The group hurries to the back of the cave while Mitama transforms and drives the mosquitoes away. They thank her as she nullifies the transformation. Mitama is now in a bad mood and Kyoko hopes the treasure is worth it. At the back of the cave the group finds an old treasure box. Kyoko asks if she can be the one to open the box.

Episode Nineteen

The group has no problem with Kyoko being the one to open it, while Kanagi warns her to be careful in case it’s booby trapped. Carefully, Kyoko opens the box as the group holds its breath in anticipation. Inside is a letter, congratulating them on for coming all the way here and informing them the treasure hunt was sponsored by the Sayu-Sayu Mizuna Tourism Project. The letter explains that they had originally planned for a game called “The Lost Treasure of a Fallen Warrior” but it had been abandoned for several reasons (mostly due to the number of mosquitoes and the concern that Sayu-Sayu’s fans would try to come to the island). Since they had already gone to all the work, they got permission to finish it off by setting up mysteries and traps on the island. In exchange, they left a paper with Sayu-Sayu’s sword designs on it since the real sword would have likely rusted away. It then points them out to a spot with a gorgeous view just up ahead where they were planning to leave the box originally.

Kyoko finishes reading the letter as everyone waits to hear what it says. Kyoko doesn’t know what to say since she doesn’t want to disappoint them. Kyoko stalls for a second as she tries to figure out how to reword it so that the scenery ahead is the treasure. Finally she tells the others to follow her and gambles it all on the view that was promised in the letter. Karin asks what was in the box but Kyoko warns her not to look inside since something terrible might happen. Karin lets her imagination run wild again and thinks the box might blow up if she opens it too many times. Kanagi agrees she should just leave the box be as they all follow Kyoko.

Episode Twenty

Kyoko leads them to the back of the cave where it opens out onto a cliff. There the girls are greeted by the breathtaking view of the sun setting in the ocean just as the first stars are beginning to appear.

Everyone agrees that this view is indeed a rare treasure and Mitama thanks Kyoko for finding it. Kyoko says she only worked as hard as she did to keep Mitama happy so she would change her back. She then admits that the reason they couldn’t find the last tablet was because she had used it as firewood before she had realized what it was. Mitama is shocked to hear this but instead she apologizes for forcing Kyoko to do what she wanted when she had originally said she wanted everyone to have fun. She apologizes for threatening Kyoko like she did and promises to change her back.

Eventually the group finishes watching the sunset and makes their way back through the mosquito-infested cavern. They continue on and finally reach their shelter well into the night. Despite all the bites, everyone really enjoyed their two days on the island.

The next day Kyoko sits and eats more of the fish they had cooked up for breakfast. Mitama asks her if she isn’t full already, but Kyoko wants to eat as mush freshly roasted fish as she can since she probably won’t get another chance. Mitama takes one of the fish and munches on it happily. She turns to Kyoko and asks her if the treasure really was the scenic view. Kyoko admits it was all a failed PR stunt and that the treasure was just some piece of paper. She knew one of them would notice but she didn’t want to disappoint everyone. Mitama figures Kanagi noticed the truth but since Ui and Karin didn’t they were able to make great memories of the place thanks to her. Kyoko offers her another of the roasted fish.

Elsewhere Ui and Karin are splashing in the ocean and having a great time. Kanagi is swimming nearby and the two girls turn their attacks on her. Kanagi smiles and says she can play at that game too and proceeds to splash water at both of them. As Kyoko marvels at their stamina, they hear the sound of helicopter blades and Iroha’s voice calling down to them. Mitama goes to gather the others. Kyoko waits by herself, smiling and admitting the adventure wasn’t all bad.

Bonus Chapters

Episode Twenty-One

Sayuki’s manager and her producer are arguing about something when Sayuki Fumino enters the room followed by Mayu Kozue and Ria Ami. The manager welcomes them while the producer excuses himself for the intrusion. Ria asks if he’s the producer for “Sayu-Sayu’s Mizuna Tourism Project”. The producer says he is and that they’ve been having a little trouble with the project, so they were going to have a small meeting about it. Mayu thinks they should go but the producer wants their opinion on the matter. The manager explains to the two that Sayuki has been working on a web drama based on her character. Sayuki tells her friends for the next episode, they were planning on doing a special where Sayuki hunts for treasure on a deserted island. She wants to shoot the episode wearing a swimsuit that Ria and Mayu helped make.

But the manager sadly informs her that the plan has been canceled due to the obscene amounts of mosquitoes in the cave where they were going to hide the treasure. That and the staff were too enthusiastic with the traps. They had dug pitfalls too deep for anyone to climb out of and one trap that sent a person flying several feet into the air. Not only that, the cave where the treasure was to be hid could only be accessed through a long underwater tunnel in a river. Even the manager had trouble getting to it. Ria demands to know why they wanted an idol to go through all of this in the first place. Mayu thinks Sayuki could probably do it but Ria says that’s not the point. The producer agrees which is why the plan was scrapped and the overenthusiastic staff members were disciplined.

Since it was summer they still wanted to do a summer special but he couldn’t come up with any new ideas. The manager asks if they can help come up with something. Mayu agrees to help, making a pun on the word mosquito and its homonym. Ria agrees and asks if there’s any requirements besides that it has to be summer themed. The manager asks if they can work in “Mizuna” and “swimsuit” into the idea as well as a sword designed by “Kaigiri”. At the mention of this name Sayuki gets all flustered and tells them she hadn’t heard that a sword by Kaigiri was involved. The manager had been hiding it as a surprise. If Sayuki had been able to solve the event, she would get to keep the sword. Otherwise it was going to be donated to the museum at the end of the episode. For now they can use it as the grand prize for whatever they can come up with. Sayuki says they’ll have to give it some thought.

Episode Twenty-Two

Ria says she has a great idea for starters. Since it’s a summer special, they should come up with an original video to air and maybe have some of the fans in it as well. Everyone agrees this is a great idea and Ria pats herself on the back. She then suggests they make it a “Mizuna Swimwear Collection” where fans can show off their swimsuits in a kind of fashion show where they hose down the audience and other participants afterwards. They can then present the sword to the winner of the fashion show. Ria then goes off on a tangent, talking about how she should participate in the show and just take the prize home with her now.

While the manager and producer liked the idea of the video, they’re not so sold on a fashion show. They agree that Sayuki does better with a live audience and they’ve done the hosing before. Still, the manager thinks the live hose down afterwards will be fun for everyone. Ria asks if Mayu has come up with anything but she hasn’t. They turn to Sayuki, who is praying to the sword gods and Kaigiri for a good idea. As they stare at her in disbelief, they ask Mayu once more if she has any ideas.

The manager is up for anything, even if it’s not original since it could still be fun. Ria encourages her to say anything that pops into her head. Mayu thinks they should do something a little different. Normally Sayuki introduces herself to the town, so why not have the town be introduced by her? The manger thinks this sounds like a date and the producer asks if she was thinking Sayuki could go on tour and show all the greatest dating spots in the town. Ria agrees since it’ll be different enough because they’ll be wearing different things than usual. Mayu envisions it as Sayuki going around town wearing her swimsuit and asking the camera for a date only for there to be dead silence afterwards. Ria says that’s great and all but what about the sword and giving it away? Mayu figures she can just carry the sword around with her. But Sayuki’s gimmick is slashing people’s hearts, so does this mean she’ll literally be slashing hearts out on her date with her sword?

The manager replies they won’t go that far, though she does like the idea for something other than swimwear. The producer agrees it’s a great idea since the fans will feel closer to Sayuki so they agree to hold on to the idea for a future project. They turn to see if Sayuki has come up with anything but Sayuki is still deep in thought and muttering to herself. The manger asks her if she’s come up with anything. Sayuki has, but she’s hesitant to say it out loud. The manger encourages her to let herself be heard.

Episode Twenty-Three

Sayuki comes up with the idea of a survival skills quiz. She can participate against fans to answer the trivia questions but they’ll write their answers down rather than compete against each other with buzzers. If you get an answer wrong you’re automatically dropped from the contest and they’ll keep going until there’s only one left. The one to survive until the end gets the sword, hence why they’ll be answering survival skill trivia. Ria thinks it’s a solid idea since Sayuki will be able to interact with her fans and it’ll be easy to follow. The producer figures they can have the participants wear their swimsuits and answer summer or Mizuna related questions. Sayuki says it’s a big problem because of the sword. She’s a sword idol so she’ll have an advantage in the competition. Mayu asks why everyone else got quiet until Sayuki apologizes. Sayuki admits she came up with the idea since she would have the advantage and would most likely win the sword herself, which she admits she really wants. She apologizes for misleading them. Ria says that’s ok since everyone except Mayu figured that’s where she was going with it. The manager agrees the quiz format is a good idea but not if the fans don’t have a chance of winning. Sayuki agrees that’s not good.

Ria asks what’s so great about this sword anyways. Mayu explains that in the world of modern swordsmiths, Kaigiri’s name stands out. Just to order one from him involves months of waiting in line. Ria asks if it’s pricey and Mayu whispers the amount into her ear. Ria jumps after hearing how expensive the sword must be. And that was just for the lowest quoted price.

They decide to think it over some more by pulling the best bits from everyone’s ideas. Mayu came up with the idea of visiting different locales and giving it a video dating feel, while Ria had the idea to have fans participate. Sayuki wanted to do a survive-to-the-end quiz show, and the managers stipulated that it have a summer feel, swimsuits, and somehow involve Mizuna ward. And finally the sword as a grand prize.

Ria throws her hands up in exasperation. They all have good ideas but there’s no way to combine them. They can’t have swimsuits if they’re going to do to different places in Mizuna ward, and it’ll be difficult to add fan participation if they make a dating style video. And although it’s easy to tie-in the sword as a prize for a quiz, it’s hard to tie-in the summer theme with a sword. Also, as Ria reminds Sayuki, she can’t just easily win the sword for herself (even if she’d be the only one who actually wants a sword as a prize).

The manager reminds them they don’t have to do all of the ideas at once. Just having it in Mizuna ward is enough since it’s a summer special. The producer reminds them they were going film the special on a deserted island originally anyways. Ria realizes that their original plan tied in a lot of things since it would be natural to have a big prize at the end of a treasure hunt. And it’s always more fun to wear a swimsuit in the summer, to tie in with the tropical island theme. Trying to cram all these ideas together is making Mayu’s head hurt. She thinks it would be better to just pick one of their ideas and work off of that rather than combine them all.

Ria suggests they go with Sayuki’s quiz idea. This way Sayuki can try to win the sword fair and square on equal footing with the other fan participants. They can pick any kind of quiz format they like since it doesn’t have to be survival. Sayuki hears the words survival and mutters something about surviving the deserted island. The producer says they can use the island if they want to since the owner of the island is a big Sayu-Sayu fan. Ria thinks a quiz show on a deserted island would make it difficult for people to participate. Mayu suggests they go with a live showing from the island, but then that would make it difficult for the fans to participate as Ria points out. Sayuki keeps muttering to herself, something about making it fair for everyone but wanting the sword and something about deserted islands. Sayuki “wakes up” from her reverie and says she doesn’t have to participate in the quiz. Mayu asks if she isn’t the main star of the show and questions her lack of participating.

Sayuki explains her idea to everyone. The manager sees what she means by not taking part in the quiz herself and the producer seems to be on board. Sayuki is overjoyed to hear it and Mayu congratulates her on solving the problem. Sayuki says it’s thanks to her two friends Mayu and Ria, thanking them both. The manager invites them to come back whenever they want since they were able to come up with good ideas that make it more fun for Sayuki as well. Sayuki welcomes them both onboard her team.

Episode Twenty-Four

(A few weeks later…) Sayuki, Ria, Mayu, her manager, and her producer all gather on the shores of the deserted island. Sayuki has already changed into her swimsuit while Ria laments not bringing her own. The producer can’t find his map of the island and thinks it might have blown away. The manager asks if he’s referring to the treasure map since she left her copy behind. It turns out the owner of the island had collaborated with the over eager staff members in coming up with the traps and mysteries of the island, all of which were left on the island. The producer shrugs and figures it won’t be a problem so long as they stay on that part of the island. They decide to start shooting so the manager tells Sayuki she can look around but not to stray far.

Sayuki, Mayu and Ria check out the other side of the shore but are surprised to find a giant house made of bamboo as well as signs of a campfire. They hear a rustling noise coming from the forest so the girls freeze up and listen carefully. The rustling noises intensify until a tabby kitten jumps out of the forest and approaches them, meowing in a friendly manner. They all wonder what a cat is doing on the island. Sayuki wonders if it’s feral when Kyoko comes bounding out of nowhere after the cat, trying to catch it so they don’t leave it behind. Sayuki wonders if this is a feral person while Mayu wonders if she’s one of the girls from Mitakihara. Ria recognizes her and asks her what she’s doing here of all places.

Episode Twenty-Five

In a flashback, Iroha apologizes since the helicopter wasn’t able to land on the beach so they’ll have to walk a short distance to where it’s waiting. Mitama is just glad she’s going to get rescued while Kanagi apologizes for the inconvenience of having to rescue them. The cat gets worked up and Karin tries to catch it. Kyoko wonders if maybe the cat wants to stay on the island but Ui doesn’t think so since it was acting to affectionate just a minute ago. The cat takes off running and Ui wants to chase after it but Kyoko warns her it’s dangerous.

The flashback ends and Ria understands that they got caught on the deserted island and were going to leave when the cat ran off. Kyoko says that about sums it up. Ui and Karin catch up to Kyoko and ask if she was able to catch the cat. Karin notices Sayuki and points at her, recognizing her as Sayu-Sayu. Kyoko doesn’t know what a “Sayu-Sayu” is until Sayuki introduces herself as Sayuki, the idol known as Sayu-Sayu. Kyoko recognize the name from the letter and realizes she was the Sayu-Sayu behind the supposed fallen warrior’s treasure. Karin tells Sayuki she’s a big fan of Sayu-Sayu and always watches the show. Sayuki is please to hear that a Magical Girl is a big fan and tells her they were going to shoot an episode there today based on a treasure hunt on the island. Kyoko almost calls her out on it until she remembers that Mitama told her earlier: Karin and Ui didn’t know the treasure hunt was fake. Kyoko decides to keep quiet and instead wonders if Mitama and the others are waiting for them.

Mitama, Kanagi, and Iroha show up and wonder what’s going on. Sayuki is surprised to see Mitama and greets her warmly. Telepathically, Kyoko tells Mitama they should get those two away from them since Sayuki was behind the treasure hunt. Mitama says something cryptic and tells Kyoko it’s nothing when questioned and to leave it to her.

Outwardly, Mitama tells Karin and Ui that they have to go. But they don’t want to since both of them are interested in watching an idol live at work. Mitama says they might interfere but Sayuki offers to talk to the manager for them. In exchange they just have to cheer her on to do her best. Karin and Ui light up in excitement and promise to support her as best they can while staying out of the way. Iroha thanks her and apologizes for the inconvenience. Mitama reminds them that the helicopter is waiting for them and Kanagi agrees. Ria suggests they let the helicopter go and instead the group can go back to the mainland with them on their boat since Karin and Ui are really excited to watch. Kanagi asks if that’s really ok while Mitama makes some flustered noises as she tries to come up with a good excuse for them not to stay. Kyoko thinks it might be dangerous with all the traps that are on the island but Ria promises them they’ll be staying on the shore where it’s safe.

Sayuki tells them it’s a 4-part short story special where her and the audience are stranded on a deserted island and must work together to survive. At the end of each episode they’ll end it by presenting the audience with a multiple choice question. For example, “Today’s Dinner: A) fish caught from diving B) cup noodles or C) brightly colored mushrooms. “ Then viewers can then choose one of the options and watch the next episode. If they pick the wrong choice then they’re presented with a “Bad End” which they’ll also film, where Sayuki has to be rescued. And during the episodes Sayuki will use the Kaigiri sword. So long as all the fans have fun, then Sayuki won’t have any regrets for getting to keep the sword. Karin wants to know what it’s called so Sayuki tells her it’s called “Sayu-Sayu’s Mizuna Sword Slashing Travel Summer Special Extra Edition: Sayu-Sayu’s Survival on a Deserted Island ~Can Sayu-Sayu live and return?~”.

Sayuki claims she came up with the title and content all by herself. Kyoko isn’t sure what to think but Ui and Karin are more excited than ever. The manager shows up and asks who all the kids are. Sayuki’s says she’ll explain it to her later. Mitama and Kyoko give each other a look as Mitama sadly tells her telepathically that Ui’s innocence will be lost. They wonder if they can do anything to preserve Ui’s good memories of their time there without tarnishing it with the truth. The shooting begins and they all cheer from the sidelines. Soon they’re all piled on the boat together, many of them exhausted and more than a few falling asleep.

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