Magia Record Story Sayuki Steps Up! desuu~

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

Part One

Sayuki is a famous local idol with the theme of slicing away people's troubles. Her optimism and hardworking attitude, despite being clumsy and awkward, earns her many female fans who regain energy from her optimism. Rena is a big fan of hers as well.

Her manager who adores her informs her after a successful performance that she will be starring in a drama which will sell Mizuna region's history and icons to boost tourism, frightening the girl since she knows she is bad at remembering stuff, but is still willing to try.

Mayu and Ria who seem to be her close friends volunteer to help with her rehearsal when they see her being troubled by this new challenge, and get the approval from her manager. (The manager recognized Mayu as a close friend and Ria from a magazine).

Ria notes the script is ridiculous, since it has a mascot which is a magical microphone thinking it is a katana, how the MC physically slices away people's troubles and how the mayor is a guy putting pancakes on roofs of the region's houses to get more tourists. After a while, the rehearsal begins, though Sayuki is really bad at acting and remembering the script and Mayu outperforms her very quickly.

The situation doesn't improve for several days, though Mayu and Ria agree that it is hard to leave a girl as hardworking as Sayuki in her plight despite her clumsiness and continued to offer their help.

Seeing how she is spent, the manager gives her refreshment in the form of a guerrilla gig. She attracted many fans to the gig, including Rena who burst into tears and almost fainted when shaking hands with Sayuki. Kaede thinks she's overreacting, while Momoko agrees she would be like Rena in the presence of her idol too.

Sayuri was recharged by the cheers from her fans just like they were from her performance, and decides to use her secret technique: writing to remember. She does this to prepare for her performances and exams, but it is too tiring for her and she would be spent the next day. She manages to remember the script and acts perfectly during rehearsals thereafter, surprising Mayu and Ria, but they are also happy for her.

On the actual day, her performance is perfect, and even co-actors who previously looked down on her local idol status are impressed, though Ria is pissed at their overbearing attitude even while praising. Sayuki is unsure what to think, so Mayu tells her to take it as a compliment.

Unfortunately, it rained immediately after the successful shooting of the first episode, and they all had to seek shelter in the second location, the art museum.

They were supposed to just check out the place for today, but the enthusiastic curator who was part of a troupe managed to convince the producer to shoot the second episode now.

Due to the rain which tightened the schedule, the producer agrees despite Sayuki's manager's protest, and the shooting has to begin.

Unprepared, Sayuki is unable to remember the script properly, and she is overwhelmed by the curator's performance. Her co-actors begin bad-mouthing her which anger Mayu and Ria, though Sayuki stops them from reasoning with them.

She agrees that she's upset with their remarks, but it is also true that she is clumsy and awkward.

Part Two

Ria has to go take some fresh air since she is pissed with the attitude of Sayuki's co-workers for bad mouthing her. Mayu tries to change the awkward atmosphere by reminding Sayuki how this is the museum where they first met, and how she wanted to befriend her when she noticed she was always enjoying the katana displays frequently. Sayuki shares the same sentiment, but because Mayu was always studying the exhibits. They are very happy that they have become friends.

However, Sayuki becomes crestfallen again, so Mayu comforts her and tells her not to mind the slanders. Sayuki replies that the remarks don't hurt her since she knows she is slow and dense, but she felt that she betrayed her fans' love and support for her, even thinking she is unworthy for them.

Mayu indignantly reprimands Sayuki for thinking that way and exclaims that they all know her working ethics and passion despite her problems, so she should have more confidence in herself and remember her starting point. She assures Sayuki she is worthy, and that she and Ria will help her through this crisis, and tell her to put in as much hard work as they can now as it is better than nothing, and it is how she has been getting by all the time.

This is enough to give Sayuki back her confidence, so she concentrates and begins to memorize the script enlisting Mayu's help and using her method to memorize by writing.

It is enough to perform well for the first half of the episode, impressing the director and the producer, though her co-workers still doubt her ability. Ria is about to snap at them, but Mayu holds her back so as to not distract Sayuki.

The second part was harder, but with the help of the director's nudging, Sayuki is able to ad-lib using her passion and memories for the museum and the blades to give a perfect performance, finally earning the praise and applause of everyone this time round.

The episodes are a huge success, boosting tourists visit to the region, and especially to the museum thanks to Sayuki's knowledgeable description of it. Her manager congratulates her while telling her that more offers of a similar type have come for her, and Sayuki begins working with her usual enthusiasm and hard work.

We see Rena replaying continuously the specific portion where Sayuki talks about her memories of the museum and the katanas. While Kaede thinks she is overdoing it, Momoko thinks it is fine since she would do the same for her own idol anyway.

Sayuki's hard work ethics while knowing her own limits allow her to go high, especially since she has an understanding manager. Her close friends Mayu and Ria are there to support her when she needs it, leading to success.

(The event ends with a music video of SayuSayu's song named "Kokuho High End".)