Magia Record Story Scattered Flowers Melancholy Chapter

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The following is a summary posted on 4chan's /pmmm/ general by Summary Anon.

The Azalea magical girls are on the run, because Hazuki is suspected to be the culprit in a series of attacks against other Magical Girls. With Emiri, Kokoro and Ayaka being the victims, the attacks look similar to the first Azaela event.

Asuka, Sasara, Masara, Aimi and Shizuku are hunting them for answers so they are on the run for now, while searching for the answers themselves as well. Konoha has been meeting up with Yachiyo regularly to share any new information about the incidents of the first Azaela event.

Yachiyo calls out Konoha for an emergency meeting, as new attacks are happening and Hazuki is the suspect due to being the last person to speak with the victims. The victims are all asleep with no sign of waking up, there's no danger to their lives but even Mitama can't wake them up. Hazuki had left to go shopping when Konoha returns home so she's worried.

Hazuki arrives home in magical girl form so they immediately know something is going on already. Hazuki was approached by a VERY ANGRY Asuka and Sasara who wanted to talk to her. Asuka's clumsy manner and anger spooked Hazuki though so she ran home where she hears about what's going on from Konoha.

They decide to hide out in an abandoned building Konoha has scoped out for now while Yachiyo searches for the real culprit and convinces the other magical girls that the Azaleas are innocent. Nanaka decides to also hunt for the culprit because Nanaka's power makes her believe that the culprit is related to the witch her team was formed to hunt, but she believes that the culprit of these incidents is actually a magical girl.

Team Nanaka visit Mitama for information on who this magical girl who controls witches could be. Mitama heard about a magical girl who specializes in a similar magic but she's never met her outside of the girl being mentioned from Kanagi so she sends them to Kanagi because she might know. However, Kanagi's memory is clouded about this magical girl and she feels anxious because of this and asks to take over the search for this mystery magical girl and it leads her to an apartment complex.

Ayame wants to talk to Kako for more help, but Hazuki and Konoha decline. They are, however, targeted by a 'Suggestion' without noticing it and actually agree to Ayame meeting up with Kako.

Kako gets a message from Ayame to meet up so they can talk about the recent incidents. Kako of course doesn't believe the Azaleas are the culprits but due to the 'Suggestion' Ayame says that Hazuki might actually be the culprit and then Kako agrees again due to a 'Suggestion'.

This strikes discord between the friends and Nanaka intervenes due to the conversation going south. Ayame thinks that Kako has betrayed her and runs back to the abandoned building and Meiyui gives chase while Nanaka and Akira talk to Kako about what was going on.

The Daito Complex trio has heard about their friends, the Azaleas, being suspected of attacking other magical girls but they don't believe this, so they decide to help them out by finding the real culprit. They also find out that someone is looking in to the incident in Building 12, the incident of the family disappearance which was mentioned during the Daito event, in the same apartment complex where the girl, Sena Mikoto, lived.

These two rumors started at about the same time so Leila thinks that they might be related so they search for the girl who is investigating the apartment complex, Kanagi. The trio and Kanagi meet up, and with Mito's magic they look at Kanagi's memories of the suspicious magical girl, but there's actually two sets of memories there.

Mikoto has the power of suggestion and can use this to even control witches and familiars. Mikoto and the mystery magical girl were experimenting on how to use Mikoto's magic more effectively. There's a magical mist in Kanagi's memories due to the 'Suggestion' magic relating to everything about the second magical girl so she uses her power on the memory of herself and she finds out the name of the second magical girl: Sarasa Hanna.

Kanagi gets in touch with Nanaka about what she found out in the Apartment Complex but due to exhaustion she can't meet up and is going to send an envoy instead. Meiyui comes back from tracking Ayame and has found out where the Azaleas are hiding. Team Nanaka decides to meet up with Kanagi's envoy first then go to the Azaleas.

In short, Hanna's ability is copying other's magic, and she copied Mikoto's Hypnotism. She is the culprit which caused Hazuki to be suspected of assault, and making Konoha see nightmares that caused her to go crazy during the first Azalea event, Nanaka losing her family, status and dojo, Kako losing her family bookshop, Meiyui's social organization that had gone clean to be assaulted and many other cases of witches causing hell to people.

She is doing it for the fun of it most likely because she lost the rest of her sanity after discovering the truth of magical girls via the death and witch transformation of Mikoto, her partner and friend as well as all the trauma which is her life.

She is able to fight and almost kill Mito, one of the Azaleas, and heavily wounded those she fought with her fighting experience, hypnotism and provoking her enemies with their mental weakness.

She decides to ruin people's lives since she enjoys seeing people suffer and their various reactions to these events. She ruined Nanaka's life because she saw an interview on this protegee from a prestigious family and thought it would be fun to destroy her, so she hypnotized a witch to do so.

She prides herself on destroying people's lives and causing chaos, even loving how Nanaka called her a witch. She was furious however, since Nanaka refused to kill her despite all the hate and chose to crush her own soul gem to spite all of the magical girls participating in the event.

In the end, Konoha also discovered the partial truth about how soul gems are a magical girl's life, though she is tough enough to bear the truth and the guilt of making her sisters inhuman as well. It is Konoha that got close to Nanaka eventually as they are all victims of the irrational hate from Hanna.


  • This event was the last the Magia Record NA Server had before its closure.